ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The blind are losing reading services. A help line for the elderly has gone silent. And poor families are scrambling after the state stopped child care subsidies.

Hours after a political impasse forced a widespread government shutdown, Minnesota’s most vulnerable residents and about 22,000 laid-off state employees began feeling the effects on Friday. With no immediate end in sight to a dispute over taxes and spending, political leaders spent the day blaming each other for their failure to pass a budget that solves the state’s $5 billion deficit.

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and GOP legislative leaders said they had no plans to talk over the holiday weekend, guaranteeing the shutdown will linger at least well into next week. Dayton said he thought lawmakers should spend time in their districts talking to constituents.

In the absence of talks, the shutdown was rippling into the lives of people like Sonya Mills, a 39-year-old mother of eight facing the loss of about $3,600 a month in state child care subsidies. Until the government closure, Mills had been focused on recovering from a May 22 tornado that displaced her from a rented home in Minneapolis. Now she’s adding a new problem to her list.

“It just starts to have a snowball effect. It’s like you are still in the wind of the tornado,” said Mills, who works at a temp agency and was allowed to take time off as she gets back on her feet — but after the shutdown also has to care for her six youngest children, ages 3 through 14, because she lost state funding for their daycare and other programs.

Minnesota is the only state to have its government shut down this year, even though nearly all states have severe budget problems and some have divided governments. Dayton was determined to raise taxes on the top earners to help erase a $5 billion deficit, while the Republican Legislature refused to go along with that — or any new spending above the amount the state is projected to collect.

Here, as in 21 other states, there’s no way to keep government operating past the end of a budget period without legislative action. Even so, only four other states — Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Tennessee — have had shutdowns in the past decade, some lasting mere hours.

The shutdown halted non-emergency road construction and closed the state zoo and Capitol. More than 40 state boards and agencies went dark, though critical functions such as state troopers, prison guards, the courts and disaster responses will continue.

On Friday, former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz started the court-appointed job of sifting through appeals from groups arguing in favor of continued government funding for particular programs.

Nonprofit groups helping the state’s poor have already been hit hard. Some closed their doors immediately, while others continued services, at least for now. Some were looking at layoffs, said Sarah Caruso, president and CEO of Greater Twin Cities United Way, which funds 400 programs serving poor people. She said the impact will depend on how long the shutdown lasts.

“If we go well beyond that two-week window, I think then we will start seeing much more significant closure of programs to support the vulnerable, and the long-term financial viability of some of these agencies will really be called into question,” she said.

So far, 30 agencies had accepted United Way’s offer of advances on their grants, seeking cash to stay up and running.

The stoppage suspended some programs for the blind and visually impaired, including a radio reading service run by volunteers and training for blind people who are learning to walk with a cane. Bonnie Elsey, director of the state’s Workforce Development Division, said a vocational rehabilitation program that places people with disabilities in jobs or school was halted.

Minnesota food pantries scurried to make sure they would still get 700,000 pounds of food — about 30 percent of their total volume — in the next two months through a federal program. Nearly a million pounds already in warehouses were also put on hold by the shutdown. Colleen Moriarty, executive director of Hunger Solutions Minnesota, said the federal program’s operation depended on a single state employee working in a data management system. Later Friday, Moriarty said the employee had been called back to work.

The shutdown also idled a state hotline set up to help seniors and their caregivers find services, housing options, help with Medicaid and Medicare insurance and more. A call to the 800 number Friday got a recording saying callers could leave a message.

The political stalemate meant instant layoffs for 22,000 state workers, including Paul Bissen, a road and bridge inspector for more than 26 years. Bissen said he cut back on spending last month. He figured he could go a couple of months without worrying, but on the first day of the shutdown, he said it looked like his washing machine had died — adding another expense.

“I want to work. I’ve got road construction projects to build, to try to make them safe and make them smooth so people can get back to forth to their work,” Bissen said.

Fearful of voter anger, both parties blasted each other for Minnesota’s second shutdown in six years.

GOP Chairman Tony Sutton called Dayton a “piece of work” and accused him of inflicting “maximum pain” for political reasons.

Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Chairman Ken Martin laid the blame on Republicans, saying they drove the state to a shutdown to protect millionaires from tax increases sought by Dayton.

The Alliance for a Better Minnesota, a left-leaning group supportive of Dayton, plans to run weekend radio ads in three popular vacation areas blaming Republicans for the impact of the shutdown, including closed state parks. The group also debuted a “shutdown shame” website.

The shutdown has been a slow-motion disaster, with a new Democratic governor and new Republican legislative majorities at odds for months over how to eliminate the state budget deficit. Dayton has been determined to raise taxes on high-earners to close the deficit, while Republicans insisted that it be closed only by cuts to state spending.

Even after the shutdown looked like a certainty, Dayton and Republicans did not soften their conflicting principles. Dayton said he campaigned and was elected on a promise not to make spending cuts to a level he called “draconian.”

Minn. Services Affected By Government Shutdown

A snapshot of Minnesota state services affected by the government shutdown, which started Friday at 12:01 a.m.


— State parks: 66 state parks and six recreation areas are closed indefinitely. Gates are shuttered and campgrounds are dark.

— State lottery: Ticket sales have ceased. People with winning tickets in hand can’t redeem them for cash.

— Hunting, fishing licenses: If you don’t have it by now, you can’t get one. But the DNR will still enforce the law.

— Highway rest stops: Most are closed. Three that partner with local agencies will stay open, including: Brainerd Lakes Welcome Center, Park Rapids Area Welcome Center and the Floodwood rest area.

— Driver’s licenses: Driving tests are not permitted, but licenses can be renewed at a driver’s license agent office.

— License tabs: State DVS offices will be closed, but deputy registrars could renew plates. City and county offices can also distribute tabs and renew plates.

— Road construction: All non-emergency projects have been stopped.

— Services for the blind: A radio reading program, training to walk with a cane and services to provide magnifiers are halted.

— Services for the deaf: Programs, such as one that provides special telephones to hearing or speech impaired, stopped.

— Minnesota Zoo: Closed to visitors, but some staff will continue to care for animals.

— Historical sites: From Fort Snelling to Split Rock Lighthouse — historical sites are closed.

— Hotline for seniors: Seniors in need of housing, help with health insurance or other options won’t be able to use the hotline.

— Child care assistance: Low-income parents aren’t getting funding to cover cost of day care.

— Tax refunds: They aren’t going out. But taxes are still being collected.

— Nurses and doctors: They can’t renew their licenses — and may be unable to see patients if their licenses expire.

— Veterans and the military: Tuition reimbursements claims stop, as do veterans’ outreach claims.

— State Capitol: Closed to the public.


— Emergency services: Employees handling homeland security and emergency response will keep working.

— State Patrol: They’ll still be on the roads.

— State prisons: Most employees stay on the job, including those dealing directly with offenders.

— Other law enforcement: Many programs stay intact, including the sex offender registry, criminal background checks, fingerprinting services, the state crime lab, and crime scene investigations.

— Education: Funding for K-12 continues; state colleges and universities stay open.

— Medical assistance programs keep running.

— Food stamps, welfare benefits, payments under the MinnesotaCare health insurance program, unemployment payments will continue.

— Workers compensation claims and benefits will still be processed.

— Veterans homes and programs to help veterans.

— Health and safety inspections of health care facilities.

— Child protection services, refugee assistance and state payments to cities and counties will continue.

— Nursing homes and treatment centers.

— Court system: The courts keep running at all levels.

— Marriage Licenses will still be available at county service centers.

— Metro Transit: Buses and rail lines keep on running.

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Comments (180)
  1. Joe Hanson says:

    Sorry folks, Governor Mark Dayton deemed you nonessential.

    1. CHESTER says:

      Sorry Joe Hanson but your the nonessential you must be one who has nothing better to do that sit on you computer! the judge deemed some of us state employees nonessential and I would suggest that you ask people if we state employees are essential and I would bet most think we are unless the live in a cave !

      1. Joe Hanson says:

        Chester, here’s the story –

        “The administration is still preparing lists of employees it will ask a court to declare essential, but it appears likely that delivery of most state services — from licensing to road construction projects to state park operations — will be interrupted.”

      2. stubby says:

        the repubs offered a bill to keep the lights on and keep working on the budget but your mononic gov. said no…shut it down

        1. Les Johnson says:

          You don’t wonder why though, right?

          You have your mind made up that it’s because he’s a cold-hearted, millionaire buffoon who is out to destroy Minnesota, right?

          Because that’s what the Republicans told you to think isn’t it…

          No need to answer…

          1. Joe Hanson says:

            Les, here’s the story –


            “They said the two sides were closer than he admitted, and they criticized his refusal to call a special session so lawmakers could pass a “lights on” budget bill to keep government running. Dayton refused, saying he’s been clear for months that he would only agree to a total budget approach.”

            1. Michele says:

              Yes, so people with money would still feel comfortable. They can still get their hunting licenses, they can still camp, they can still do anything they want to do. Never mind the government employees who have served their lives, and now have to worry about how they’re going to pay their housing costs. Those who squawk about “too much government” need to know what it FEELS like not to have that government.

              Governor Dayton, I support you one hundred percent.

      3. GN says:

        Well folks it basically boils down to some very simple logic, the union owned politicians against the aristocracy owned politicians and working class folks caught in the middle. If everyone would STOP!!! listening to news reporters and do research on who controls whom. People could do a much better job of making choices that count rather than knee jerk, I like that one or that one because of the worthless media coverage and who has the most money to spend on a campaign.

    2. Rachel Johnson says:

      The Republicans have deemed Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, the sick and the disabled nonessential. They will cut the budget just to say they could. They do not care how it affects the less powerful people in society. Now let Govenor Dayton cut the Republicans salaries. I bet all of a sudden there is more money in the budget then they thought. As long as we are on the subject, why don’t the Republicans cut their own salaries. It is ok to do it to everyone. Until it hurts them.

  2. Tony says:

    Kinda funny how the Mark Dayton getting elected on a fluke makes liberals claim the GOP should be fired. Turns out GOP voters split between the Emmer and Horner. Had Horner voters known we would’ve gotten this nut job they surely would have voted for emmer. Then we would have had all GOP control, with no shutdown.

    1. Ronald Raygun says:

      Oh I see, uh huh.

      1. Les Johnson says:

        It’s just me and grandma here. I was out choppin wood. I hear the phone and I come runnin.

    2. Cache says:

      Flawed logic on your part. Dayton received more votes than the totals for the gop legislative seats. You need a source that you will never find to say that more votes cast for horner would have went to emmer. Perhaps had the gop had a moderate candidate you could claim that.

    3. Patricia says:

      Something I can agree with. Tom Emmer would have been a much better choice. Mark Dayton is so full of himself. I have been a democrat my entire life (and that’s a very long time) – no more. We can’t spend what we don’t have. I have. My husband and I have both been unemployed for 2 1/2 years – we’re making do with what we have and getting by. We don’t have healthcare, we can’t afford to go out, but we are paying our mortgage and getting enough to eat! Others should try doing without for awhile!

      1. Michele says:

        What do ANY of your problems have to do with Mark Dayton?

      2. Lori says:

        I agree we finally got permenant work after seven years of temp work here or there. People need to do with out what they can’t afford.

  3. Rico Suave says:

    Some of us are even worse than that. Sometimes I wish I cared how liberals think of me, then I think, they’ll never be be happy, so whatever. I’m totally over liberals not liking me. I’d be be more worried if they did. It’s like being admired by Ted Bundy.

    1. bill says:

      Well said! Adukts do not need the approval of children.

      1. bill says:

        Adults. Spelling oops

    2. Rico keeps it real says:

      I like you Rico. Minnesota has too many of those metro-sexual types of guys. Mother of 8. Funny, no mention of 8 sperm donors.

    3. Jack Anderson says:

      Lorie – that’s exactly what the ABETTER.MN crowd is attempting to pull off. Utterly disgusting!

    4. What? says:

      No, I’m Sorry Rico. I like you. I’m an independent that wants justice for all–fairly. Not Ted bundy, not Jesus, just a friend in need a friend in deed. Get it right is all I care.

  4. whats in raygun's pot says:

    pair of choppers

  5. Dennis from Elk River says:

    This entire situation is disgusting! Grown men and women who were elected to represent us. Pass a budget and lets move on. I will not blame either party in this. Compromise is a must.

    The thing I find most disgusting is that they have all gone home. Get the h_ _ l back to the Capital and get it done or step down and let someone a little better prepared take charge. THAT MEANS EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!!!!

    1. Chris says:

      No, let’s stop compromiising and make some decent cuts already…

      This PROPOSED budget is already 10 – 20% higher than last year’s?

      That does not sound like a cut or cost savings to me, so no compromising!

      1. Kathy says:






      2. Dave Campbell says:

        Chris, do you realize that this budget includes the deficit left by Pawlenty’s smoke and mirrors magic act? The delayed payments to schools and and all the other B.S. that he cut through his unallotments that never got paid even after the courts ruled the illegal.

    2. Sam says:

      Comments like your are just hot offensive and putrid gas.

  6. Lou Ann says:

    And what did people do before we had all these programs they can’t live without. Our parents and grandparents took care of their own problems with the help of family and friends and “sucked it up”.

    1. Charlie says:

      Good point!

      Thank you!

      1. bill says:

        Churches helped alot (now they are not alowed}

        1. Slim says:

          What do you mean by that…

          Catholic Charities and the others are bigger operations than they have ever been…

          Just check out Mary Jo’s Caring and Sharing hands… taking in hundreds of families…

          We do not get your point.

    2. Les Johnson says:

      You mean like state parks? Should we just let them go to ruin since they’ve been deemed non-essential, Lou Ann? Just curious…

    3. Kathy says:

      That is right. People all helped each other without bias or second thought.

      My parents lived through the depression and when someone needed for anything, the word spread and people were there.

      Barn raising days are over because too many, like yourself, are self rightous in their opinion, until something reminds them how vulnerable life really is.

      A child born with multiple defect happens to the unprepared everyday. Every morning when we wake up, no person knows how the day will end.

      We can’t rely on each other anymore. Watch how fast people run when someone is in need, hurting or in trouble. A few may be there for a certain period of time, but you can be certain that they will leave when they don’t see anything in it for them. That is a promise.

      Be cautious about what you ask for, because it may not serve your best interest in the end.

      1. Charlie says:

        Kathy, That is really too bad that you have such a negative opinion regarding others… Why don’t we start by having you raise your expectations and see how it truely is… I witness help and caring of folks every day, no different than your vision of “the good old days”!

    4. scott says:

      i agree lou ann and im thinking if 2200 people are out of work we need to cut some jobs in the state level to

  7. Brittany says:

    BOTH parties are at fault here. Pawlenty started this mess; do people honestly expect Dayton to have fixed the problem in such a short period of time? And keep in mind, the Republicans have a majority now…Dayton isn’t the only one running the show here; while he may have the final say they’ve contributed to the problem clearly as they are obviously involved in the process. Dayton, on the other hand, does have a lot of work to do, and while I do not fully support him, I think his solution is what we need now.

    Of course, not all those who are in the “elite rich” as some call them are frivolously spending their money on boats and vacation homes and actually do allocate a large portion of their income to their children’s education and such, but the fact of the matter is out of all of the levels of income, they are the ones who are the most able to spare spending more taxes as a generalization, and they do not currently (though maybe they did earlier in life) need to utilize the resources that low-income individuals NEED to survive.

    As a professional in the mental health field, I work with a large number of clients and families that utilize these services…it isn’t just MA and support services; think of those that hold jobs (or contracted jobs) through agencies that are state run and are now out of a vital paycheck. Think of those that cannot get food because food shelf distribution and stocking is down. Closing investigations into child abuse and maltreatment of vulnerable adults? Laughable. Even something as simple as closing down background checks means potential jobs are put on a back burner until those can be completed. Throw in limited child care, that allows even less opportunities to work.

    All of this stress on those in need will likely increase the amount of crises that appear, and lo and behold, many crisis centers and facilitlies will be shut down because of this. Emergency rooms will fill up faster, and these people will not get the support and help they need. This is going to be one massive snowball effect that shall surely turn into quite the avalance.

    Needless to say, BOTH parties need to “grow up” and reach an agreement. The Democrats need to realize what they’re up against and make SOME compromises soon; the longer this goes on the longer these people will be without vital services. The Republicans need to relinquish control and realize that yes, we ALL hate tax hikes, but sometimes an unsavory solution is necessary to get us where we need to be. We’re in a mess right now, and both parties have the power to come to a solution. It should not be a matter of sides anymore, it should be a matter of creating a unified solution to get us out of this mess and get things back on track. Get it together, Minnesota. Don’t fail us now.

    1. John says:

      Brittany, Answer one question.

      When did it become the so called rich peoples job to support everyone else? People need to support themselves. and no i am not one of those ‘SO’ called rich people don’t even come close to making half. But i take care of my own & I am not jealous of others.

      1. Bill says:

        John – you need to be exposed to some reality. There is a small group in our population that cannot ‘take care of their own’. This includes people with severe mental illnesses and/or severe physical issues. I see these people frequently — many are homeless. There is a humanitarian (some might say religious) reason to care for these people.
        As important…many in this population – if not assisted – are great drains on public resources. Assistance to help them locate housing, receive proper medical treatment, and find employment is LESS EXPENSIVE than to deal with the problems of vagrancy, emergency care for untreated chronic conditions, and other law enforcement problems.
        Is taxing the highest earners in our society to help fund these programs unfair? Not if you look at income distribution data over the past 30 – 40 years. Those top earners have garnered the bulk of income growth during those years, while the lowest earners have fallen back. I am not in favor of a socialist system…but I do know that our democracy works best when there is a strong middle class and some sense of security among our citizens.
        Are there freeloaders among us?…no doubt and policies need to provide incentives to everyone to take care of themselves and their own.

        1. Me says:

          Bill – Agreed. We also can’t expect people to take responsibility for themselves, like not having kids they can’t support. Tax the rich, apparently it’s their responsibility to pay for everyone else.

        2. Mark Too says:

          I’m in agreement with you that there are a small percentage of Minnesotan’s who are truly dependant on the state and I have no problem with the state supporting them. However, there are far too many who are capable of supporting themselves but choose to milk the system.

          How do we raise the revenue to pay for this? I’d urge you to go to the following link
          Granted this is at the federal level, but the last three paragraphs give us a waning we should not blow off:

          “”As the number [of nonpayers] becomes larger, we have to question whether we’ll make good decisions about how to allocate resources,” economist George Zodrow, a professor at Rice University. “Most people don’t understand how skewed the tax distribution is.”
          Experts say that to pay for all the things on the country’s growing tab, the money can’t just come from a shrunken pool of taxpayers.
          “Over the long run, you’ll have to have a broader base,” Zodrow said. “

          The tax distribution is skewed, very few are paying most of the taxes. Far too many are paying little to no taxes. I was raised with the simple notion that if you use a service you should pay (or help pay) for it.

          1. Mark says:

            The tax distribution federally is much MUCH different than the tax distribution locally. We can agree that federally, it would help to bring into the fold more income earners, and the best way to do this is to start fading away deductions and credits. Overall though, when the top 10 percent owns more than 70 percent of the WEALTH in this country, it doesn’t bother a smidgen that they pay the lions share of taxes as well. And think about the service aspect more broadly. Those 10 percent with all of the weatlh wouldn’t have two dimes to rub together if it wasn’t for the political and economic support and stability that our government provides.

            1. Mark Too says:

              Let’s look at it from a different angle with another saying that I was raised with. “Never bite the hand that feeds you”. It may be true that the top 10 percent wouldn’t have two dimes to rub together without the stability that our government provides. But the remaining 90% wouldn’t have two nickels to rub together if it were not for the jobs and opportunities the top 10% provide.

              That leaves me with two thoughts: First, I have no interest in biting the hand that feeds me (employs me). I like my job, life is good, and I intend to keep it that way. Second, I believe it is morally wrong to take something and not pay for it. As such it is wrong to utilize government services and expect someone else to provide all of revenue for those services. If revenues really needs to be raised, then everyone who uses the government’s services should contribute, not just the top 2% (or 10%).

        3. Southern MN Mom says:


          Our society has an ample safety net and we definitely need it. I think the question these days is this safety net meant to support everyone who wants to jump in it forever?

          Southern MN Mom

    2. Rachel says:

      The only thing I would add to your great comment is, I think all people should realize that it takes revenue to run a government. Just as families need revenue to survive. Taxes are not the enemy. Political parties are not the enemy. The enemy is the apathy towards others. The goal to win at any cost. What happened to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” or “There but for the grace of God goes I.” Human decency is not something that should go out of style. We should all spend more time trying to do what is right and decent. What will make our state and our lives a credit. I would gladly pay for a tax increase if it would enhance our lives. Americans have rights, many privileges and along with that come responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to pay taxes. So as you said. We need to stick together to make a better place for all of us to live. Get back on track. We need to get the State workers back to work. We need to start thinking of the common good of all.

  8. The Blizz says:

    Right on Dennis!

  9. Slim says:

    Sarcasm, right?

  10. Charlie says:

    And you are being sarcastic too, right?

  11. thgir says:

    This is a great time to review each program, put it to the “google test” and find a private company or non profit to fill the gap. If another provider is found then funding should not be returned to the state group.

  12. The Blizz says:

    Right on Brittany!

  13. mark says:

    Our government has failed us. We can’t hold the Red or Blue accountable, they are BOTH accountable. I am disgusted, dumbfounded and humiliated. Shall we consider not paying state taxes during this time? Can anyone give a good reason as to why not?

    1. Chuck says:

      That is right… and to expect us not to drive cars and boats without tabs that they refuse to sell to us? I think NOT!

  14. Southern MN Mom says:

    Dear Ronald Raygun-

    Tell me true now- Are you really GOPSUX writing under a new and kinder name? The length of your deep and thoughtful writings remains very similar to GOPSUX.

    Just wondering out loud!

    Southern MN Mom

  15. Republicans says:

    want America to die.

  16. Chris says:

    Most of these entitlement supporters are guilty of “terminal unigueness”…

    Thinking that their situation is so special and cannot fathom being part of the crowd that is no longer catered to!

    They need to do some clear thinking, take charge of their lives, and get their business in order…

  17. Earl Grey for me please says:

    Not a year in office and Dayton runs our government into the ground. How can we get this guy into the White House and start seeing some real savings?

    1. Les Johnson says:

      And the Republicans drove it into the ground too. The difference is they’re planning for a takeover of the governor’s mansion, not planning for the well-being of the citizens of MN. They don’t even know you’re alive, buddy, nor do they give a rat’s monkey’s patoot if you aren’t.

  18. John says:

    The other day one of the TV channels here showed that we the tax payers are paying $1500 per day for a sick child. Where are his or her parents?

  19. jergeez says:

    People, its RED HERRING at its worse! The GOP are just protecting the RICH.
    And If you believe the GOP you have been hook-winked and bamboozled!
    The people that make more than 250,000 per year need to pay their share of taxes!
    I hope Governor Dayton stands his ground. Power to the Real People!

    1. WorkIsA4LetterWord says:

      Yeah, and how many of you on here don’t pay any taxes or get all of your money back in a refund?

      IF YOU DO NOT PAY TAXES, PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT!!!! You have not earned it.
      If you are capable of commenting on here, you are capable of getting a job.

      1. scott says:

        i agree all the so called unemployment and i ant find help to work for me? something wrong with this picture

    2. Chuck says:

      Quit drinking Dayton’s Kool-Aid and let him pay his fair share first!

      Don’t you understand that you are defending the biggest hypocrite of them all?

      What is wrong with a picture of him having enough personal wealth to easily close our budget “gap”?

      With that said, this is no big deal and a game to him… no skin in the game!

    3. Mark "Fail" Dayton says:

      Governor Dayton did stand his ground…how’s that working for you? We have a government shutdown…rejoice and be happy…stop complaining! Go Power to the Real People!!! People are out of work now due to the government shutdown….Go Power to the Real People! More people are suffering…Go Power to the People! Your Governor has stood his ground….you got what you wanted….Go Power to the Real People!

      Dear governor,
      Thank you for standing your ground and not giving in. Thank you for the government shutdown. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Go Power to us Real People!
      your loyal supporter



    1. Les Johnson says:

      Good humor.

      Totally false, but I got a chuckle out of it anyway.

  21. John says:

    Referring to my own comments above. Like our Michelle B who despises increasing taxes so much, is being paid by the tax payers and her farm has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the tax payers. All politicians are god-damned hypocrites, dirty and greedy. Never believe again that they work for the PEOPLE. Not a tiny bit for the PEOPLE.

    1. Chris says:

      @ John… Give it a rest already… that is the weakest argument yet!

      She is trying to do away with the programs, but until then they have to accept the funds to be competitive with the others…

      When Gov is reduced, they will all be playing by the same rules…

      And stop calling GOP liars, it really takes away from your credibility.

  22. onething says:

    I hope Governor Dayton stands his ground. Power to the Real People!
    We will all survive,
    We are in this position because of the GOP!
    Remember? Three Old GOP retired US Senators got the regulations removed between the the banks,Credit Card Companies and Mortgage Companies and it almost destroyed us! Its time the people with incomes of 250,000 or more pay their fair share! And the GOP stop these freshman RED-HERRING Tactics that confuse the average person! It is done to distract you!

    1. DrinkTheCoolAid says:

      The republicans have started out:
      • Demanding a cut in government
      • then to holding the line
      • to now a 5.6% increase

      Dayton and the Democrats:
      • 15% increase for 6 months now.
      • 15% increase for 6 months now.
      • 15% increase for 6 months now.
      Yeah, its the Republicans who are to blame… Yep you betcha…

  23. Alfred says:

    The Republicans introduced a balanced budget that INCREASED spending.

    Mark Dayton wants to tax the rich and also wants to give hundreds of millions of dollars to billionaire Zygi Wilf. The man is not rational.

    1. Dave Campbell says:

      Alfred, it’s the GOP the is sponsoring the stadium bills! Not the DFL

  24. Jerry says:

    Wake Up Wake Up its The GOP!

    1. Dennis from Elk River says:

      Why the GOP?

  25. Steve says:

    It’s not that the Republicans are “protecting” the Rich. The answer isn’t always “just tax the rich and problem solved”. I’m certainly not rich, but Democrats think that’s the ticket for every problem. Some programs and projects that are funded by the government just need to be cut. You are going to make some people upset, but you can’t please everyone.

    1. Paul Solinger says:

      Steve, the Democrats have always supported raising taxes on the wealthy with spending cuts. They believe in a balanced approach. Republicans only believe in cutting spending that affects the poor and middle class without raising any revenue. They are protecting the millionaires at the expense of the poor.

      1. Carry says:

        Sorry Paul your argument doesn’t hold up. The Democrats spend like crazy and then blame the Repulicans.

  26. Murph says:

    The wealthiest 2% are not affected by the shut down so what’s the big deal? You all act like it harms you personally! Taxes are not optional during a shut down ,so you still have to pay them.Tax breaks are not optional during a shut down and so the 2% still get them.Nothing has changed you guys are still pulling a heavy load.But you probably have no money left over to go anywhere,anyway! Enjoy not having to drive this weekend and let the 2% party by themselves.Geez,it’s always me,me ,me! Let the wealthy enjoy the fruits of the times.Once everyone else is too poor to pay up, maybe the rich will learn a lesson in economics beyond their worst conservative nightmares! They feel like they are winning,but they will lose in the end! Two people living within a mile of me have tried and failed to commit suicide in the past couple weeks.No doubt many others have been successful! But making it look accidental at least gave their families some cash to carry on living with.That is a sad reality in many places during this nightmare scene being thrust upon us! Peace be with you folks!

    1. Whitey Fjord says:

      When did the needs of recipients outweigh the rights of the providers?

  27. Carol McCullough says:

    It seems as if most of the rich who claim they work so hard either have time to sit here and comment or pay someone else to do it for them. The Republicans only represent the rich who give them campaign money. At least Governor Dayton is trying to represent the middle class and the poor. The rich are really a very small minority.

    1. Chuck says:

      Carol, Carol, Carol….

      You poor, misgiuded thing….

      What color is the sky in your world?

  28. Dennis from Elk River says:

    Again as stated BOTH PARTIES ARE TO BLAME!
    Why would you call a special session for “temporary funding”?
    After that runs out do another temp.
    No way both parties face the music and get the job done!

  29. Dennis from Elk River says:

    Good post. I am suprised you have the skill set to post, spell, think……..

    1. Dennis from Elk River says:

      Not intended for bill was directed at Paul W. Sorry

  30. Lostin Debt says:

    Why has this become an argument of saving the “rich”? I see it more as reigning in government spending. When my check book says “Whoa there” it means it. I can not go to my “better off” neighbor and demand them to pay my bills.

  31. Sam says:

    PAWLENTY GOVERNOR FOR 8 YEARS, left our state 6 billion dollars in debt not because of increased spending; he reduced the tax revenue flow from corporatio ns and the millionair es. The the Republican solution is to raise taxes on wage earners and people who make less than 250,000 per year. You can thank Republican policies for your current woes.

    If we had a single payer system your Healthcare costs would be much lower. The Republican s lie shamelessl y and our corporate media report their lies without challenge. My work gave me the opportunit y to live in several foreign countries and thus direct experience with their Universal Health care systems. Our private system does not compare to what the single payer system is able to deliver in terms of care and cost containmen t.

    In “The Wealth of Nations” John Adams wrote in 1776: ” The subject of every state ought to contribute towards the support of government , as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities. That is in proportion to the revenue which they respective ly enjoy under the protection of the state.” For the last 50 years working wage earning Americans have had to carry an exponentia lly increasing part of the costs of running a country while more than 65% of our tax revenue is spent on the provision of corporate welfare at home and abroad and a disproport ionate exemption from civic responsibi lity for the very wealthy.

  32. SAM says:

    More than 65 % of government revenue goes to support big business. Why doesn’t big business and the wealthy stop whining! Big business was built with taxpayer money and productive AMERICAN WORKERS. PAWLENTY GOVERNOR FOR 8 YEARS, left our state 6 billion dollars in debt not because of increased spending; he reduced the tax revenue flow from corporatio ns and the millionair es. The the Republican solution is to raise taxes on wage earners and people who make less than 250,000 per year.

    If we had a single payer system your Healthcare costs would be much lower. The Republican s lie shamelessl y and our corporate media report their lies without challenge. My work gave me the opportunit y to live in several foreign countries and thus direct experience with their Universal Health care systems. Our private system does not compare to what the single payer system is able to deliver in terms of care and cost containmen t.

    In “The Wealth of Nations” John Adams wrote in 1776: ” The subject of every state ought to contribute towards the support of government , as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities. That is in proportion to the revenue which they respective ly enjoy under the protection of the state.” For the last 50 years working wage earning Americans have had to carry an exponentia lly increasing part of the costs of running a country while more than 65% of our tax revenue is spent on the provision of corporate welfare at home and abroad and a disproport ionate exemption from civic responsibi lity for the very wealthy.

    1. me says:

      “If we had a single payer system your Healthcare costs would be much lower” Yeah and our quality of care would be much lower as well. But that’s not something you libs like to discuss.

    2. Whitey Fjord says:

      I doubt you’ve ever traveled to a foreign country and seen their Universal Health care systems. If they’re so good, then why to the rich people and politicians from those counties come to the US for treatment? Your costs might be less with UHC, but your quality of treatment will drop dramatically. I’ve had to endure government run healthcare. It’s called the VA and it’s HORRIBLE. It makes the DMV look like a model of efficiency. But keep spouting those DNC talking points about Obamacare, if you keep telling a lie long enough, it becomes the truth right?

    3. Joe says:

      Just remember Sam, socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money.

    4. Louey says:

      Sorry Sam, big business was not built with taxpayer money, it was built with private investors money. Thats how the system works in this country. After reading your post you would like business to be built by government and have our country renamed East Germany.

      1. Meh says:

        That’s not entirely true, and I think you know that. Taxpayer money has been supporting private enterprise for a long, long time.

    5. Mark says:

      This whole quality suffers with single payer healthcare argument is bogus, unless you count quality of healthcare in terms of how many unnecessary tests we get pushed into instead of how long our lives are. Single payer healthcare cuts costs immediately by doing two things – we no longer have to support the profit margins of United Healthcare and company which is around 20 percent, and instead of a 20 percent overhead cost of health insurers, we get the three percent overhead cost of administering medicare. And very few wealthy of other countries come here for medical care outside of the Saudi family. I would bet that more people here go to INDIA for health care (just because it is cheaper) than people come here for health care.

  33. Sam says:

    Not only fired but prosecuted and jailed! Their hostage taking and crisis creating measures totally in self service need to be outlawed! We have to take our government out of the hand of ideological fanatics! Their indentured servitude to corporate greed and the interest of the wealthy are putting not just our State but also our country at great risk!

    1. Chris says:

      That is a great description of Mark Dayton…

      Protecting the wealthy (himself and friends)…

      Totally disconnected with “real life” challenges…

      And throws others under the bus instead of taking responsibility!

      1. Pat says:

        Dayton wants to tax the wealthiest 2% of MN like himself. It is the Republicans that refuse to tax the very wealthiest that have no regard for the middle class state workers they’ve laid off. If you have to go to work, the GOP doesn’t care about you ….

        1. Coolaid says:

          I believe the GOP wanted to keep the government running. It was Dayton who blindly said all or nothing. Get your facts straight.

    2. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:

      Comrade Sam-

      Great ideas and they sound so familiar to us! Capitalism is EVIL. The rich achieved their wealth by the labor of the poor proletariat. As Comrade Karl was fond of saying, “Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains.”

      All the EVIL Republicans should be executed immediately and intellectually superior Socialists, Marxists and Communists such as yourself should be elevated from being poor and broken to positions of power in Minnesota government alongside Comrade Dayton!

      You make us proud Comrade Sam!

      Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

  34. Kman says:

    Wow Hope your enjoying your T-Paw no new Taxes how is that working for you now.try Balancing your Check Book by cutting how much Put in it.we Tried it the Republican way and we ended up with Defered Maint on road ways and a Bridge Killing People..Goggle Socialistic before spouting off about it it makes you look like we wasted all them Tax Dollars on your Schooling

    1. Johnathon says:

      right on comrade. Those evil capitalist should give us unions more money.

    2. What is a goggle says:

      What’s with the capital letters?

    3. middle of the road says:

      Kman, civics 101, the legislature makes laws, the governor can only approve or veto them. So it was the past 38 years of democrats in control of the legislature that agreed to no new taxes, over rode t-paws veto to cause this mess, and set dfundign for bridge inspection and mdot that caused the 35w bridge to collapse and kill 13 people injuring dozens. The dollars spent on educating you was obviously a waste as well.

    4. John Peterson says:

      wasnt the bridge tied to faulty design?

  35. Upset Mom says:

    Dear Gov. Dayton, Thanks for ruining our 4th of July weekend.
    As a state park camper, who books a year in advance every year, I am sure you won’t mind if we camp out in your back yard, since you destroyed our kids celebration of freedom!

    1. Upset Mom 2 says:

      Gov. Dayton did not ruin your 4th of July, The GOP are the ones that don’t want to compromise, Gov.Dayton has compromised a lot more than he should have.
      If you want to camp go to a national park. You can afford it because camping at a state park costs money too and their are a lot of people that do not have a house to come back to because of the GOP and their greed to keep the rich richer.
      They don’t even have a back yard to camp in.

    2. Rachel says:

      If that is all you have to worry about, count yourself very very lucky!

  36. Joe L says:

    How many BMW”s do the rich need anyway?

    Greeedy Republicans . Vote them out.

    1. Charlie says:

      Oh settle down,,, do you think you are Robin Hood?

  37. steve says:

    Shame on all the lawmakers. It’s ridiculous that budget conversations had to get intertwined with party agendas, social programs, and more. Deal with the very simple issue-we have this much money and this many programs. 5% cut across the board? 1% tax increase temporarily? Everyone benefits directly or indirectly and everyone should pay or endure some pain. I feel for those who through no choice of their own depend on the government as my father did. But simple solutions exist to this “crises” but everyone is blind and serving their “party” agendas instead….shame.

  38. Norge says:

    Good Lord I love the sound of whinning crying public teat-feeding liberals screaming their posionous hatered all over the forums on the web…..sounds like….VICTORY!!

  39. Seriously says:

    This country has become way too dependent on the government anyway.

  40. Norge says:

    God Lord I love the sound of the liberal public-trough feeders screaming their hatred all over the web, all the self-righteous phony indignation, all the whinning and kicking and screaming sounds like….VICTORY!!

  41. Norman says:

    all state test that students need for licenses are also on hold. Way to go minnesota, stop education…

    1. scott says:

      what does student driving have to do with education?

  42. Larry says:

    Wow, listen to all of you who get something from the Government. My question is who should you be thanking? DEMS, GOP, Gov?
    Or all the hard working people in Minnesota?
    Only one of the above make it possible to you to get aid, housing, medication, treatment, etc.
    How about a BIG THANK YOU to all the hard working people of Minnesota who work hard for their money. Who are away from their children 12 hours a day. Who get home exhausted, tired, worn out, and then have to figure out how to make ends meet because 30 % of their income is stolen by the State.
    We are speaking on here, please listen. Now it is the top percent they want to rob, next year it will be more, and then more.
    If one thing is true, Government finds a way to spend more then what they collect. I think the politicians think it’s their job to spend as much as they can.
    One more question: Does anyone know where the 34 Billion is being spent? I mean really being spent? Look it up, and if you work as hard as I do for my dollar, you will be frustrated as well.
    NO MORE TAXES. Work to better use what we give you.
    And Shame on you Dayton for not keeping things running over the 4th of July just for political gains… That is criminal.

    1. noah says:

      Dayton looked extremely unstable last night and today he is not talking. Maybe time for a recall.

  43. Susan says:

    pitchforks & torches, my friends, pitchforks & torches.

  44. Debra Erickson says:

    Check this out go Dayton… Stick to your guns

    If the top 400 [individuals] of 2007 paid as much of their incomes in personal income tax as the top 400 of 1955, the federal treasury would have collected $47.7 billion more in revenue from just these 400 taxpayers.

    “In 2007, if the top 0.1 percent of taxpayers—Americans with incomes that averaged $7,126,395—had paid total federal taxes at the same rate as the top 0.1 percent paid these taxes in 1960, the federal treasury would have collected an additional $281.2 billion in revenue.”

    From a study called “Shifting Responsibility: How 50 Years of Tax Cuts Benefited the Wealthiest Americans.” Released on April 12, 2010 by the group Wealth for the Common Good.

  45. ya ya says:

    Ha, Pawlenty told republicans to hold your ground , blah blah, ect ect… Hey why that’s why your not running this state anymore because you have no idea what you are doing or talking about and your trying to be president… ha, ha best laugh i have had in a very long time. Idiot giving advice.Sorry, but you well never be presdient!!

  46. Hoping for a resolution says:

    Return to the old tax codes from the 1950s when the CEOs made 30 times its lowest paid worker made unlke today where they make 350 times what the lowest paid worker earns. With increases in wages over time the CEO would still be plenty wealthy while the worker made enough to live, raise a family and retire. The amount of taxes that the wealthy paid 50 years ago is what allowed for prosperity, as the gap became wider and the wealthiest were allowed to rule over politicians, banks and so on we now see the results. Without a strong middle class our economy will only become worse as more and more people neede services to make ends meet, whether it be food support, healthcare, daycare assistance and so on.

    I think most people fall in the middle and just want everyone to have the affordable opportunity for higher education, housing, and a life without needing government services. Many of us are one layoff away from needing government services. Not everyone has a family member or friend who can take in an entire family while times are hard. So before we demonize the working poor, unemployed, disabled, union worker, fellow citizen, remember none of us are immuned from needing help, and with the way the government has been kissing the wealthiest peoples butts for so long we all may need more help in the future as the wealthiest have slowly over the past 3-4 decades not been paying their fair share.

    1. Responsible says:

      If I do lose my job, I will find another. Even if I have to move, take a lower job, or a factory job. I will earn my way, not look for a hand out.
      What happened to Pride in this country? There are plenty of jobs. Just not a job you elites would be proud of working at.
      Grow up, you’re an adult, why are you living paycheck to paycheck? At one time I bet you lived on a lot less than you do now. Your decisions from then to now, to pay higher rent, mortgage, car loan, credit card, etc., is the problem. Why should responsible people pay for your mistakes?
      Change your situation, put some money in savings.
      Leave the money collected by the state for the truly needy, instead of for irresponsible people like you.
      Sorry to go off on you, you may have a reason for being destitute. But this had to be said.

      1. Hoping for a resolution says:

        I am not destitute, nor am I looking for a handout.

        Every situation is different. What surprises me is how easy it is for you to assume people are looking for a handout rather then a job. There are not enough jobs for the amount of people looking, that is one issue. Also, what my main point is, to have a healthy economy you have to have people of all incomes, but when the majority is middle class your economy does better over all. So to tax at a rate that is similar to the 1950s or to make sure those in high positions are not hoarding their money, sending it overseas or moving their jobs overseas would do our country a whole lot of good. We need to invest in our country and our citizens, we have let years of millionaire politicians and their investors control our country instead of the regular every day people who work hard and want to take care of their family.

        1. scott says:

          thats not so true i run a add in a town of over 6000 people and i got 3 aps filled out no body wants to work is the problem

          1. Hoping for a resolution says:

            I am not sure what the job is that you have posted, but I do hope more people apply. I agree that I think Human Services needs an overhaul on how you can qualify and to what degree you can qualify for services. I think you should be allowed 6 months to find work to qualify for services, if you have not located a job by that time you should be cut off from services. If you have no work history, no GED or diploma then you are sent to a work for hire program where you receive apprenticeship style experience while preparing and taking the GED test and then referred to a job in need of workers.

            We need incomes of all in society, from low to very high, and this helps the economy move along, we need the poorest of the poor to work the labor, the service and the low wage jobs, we the middle class to work their jobs and we need the wealthy to work their positions, and this is at a cost to all through taxes, programs, services and responsibility. We need everyone to do the part they can do. But if we need this, then the poorest of the working poor need services to live a stable life even if this means my taxes pay for their food stamps, healthcare, daycare and so on because when I need someone to ring up my groceries, clean my office building, and stack the shelves at Target I want these people to be respected even if they are serving their community by doing the lowest paid job.

            1. Hoping for a resolution says:

              Oh and I really do believe that if wages were consistent with the cost of living we wouldnt have as many people in need of services. The cost of gas, daycare, housing, food have not been consistent with wages. There was a time where a person could work a service or labor job and not need government help because they were able to still afford healthcare, daycare, and transportation costs.

  47. Mark "F" Dayton says:

    Why are DFLers complaining? Your governor said that a government shutdown would be better than bowing to the republican demands or compromising and passing what both sides agree upon. True statement? So there you have it…THIS GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN IS BETTER! If you don’t think so…talk to you governor…Mark “Fail” Dayton. Complain, complain, complain, but you said stick to you guns Dayton…and he did…so why complain about what you wanted your governor to do??? DFLers got what they wanted their governor to do and yet we still hear nothing but complaints. All or nothing is what governor Dayton wanted. He gave you nothing and you’re complaining? At least a baby will stop crying when they get what they want!

    Dear governor,
    Why did you listen to us and give us what we wanted?
    Sincerely, devoted DFLer

  48. BS says:

    Now the vermin crawl from under their rocks looking for the handout.

  49. Joan says:

    There was a reason Dayton was a 1 term Senator, & I hope he is a 1 term govenor as well. This blame game is getting pretty old…”If I don’t get my way, it’s the other parties fault.” This has been going on in Washington & now Minnesota. There is one word Compromise!

  50. Mark From Minnesota Tax waste says:

    Can someone tell me why the courts are running this State? I thought we had elected people to do that.

  51. Pot meet kettle says:

    Says the conservative who voted for Pawlenty who is who really got us into this mess.

    1. Dayton for president says:

      Best day of driving I’ve had this year. No lazy govenment union employees on the road to take up space. I’d say keep the shutdown going and just lay off the 22,000 people. We’d be better off.

      1. scott says:

        i agree 100% guessing we got a lot of waist at the state level if theres22000 layed off

  52. kieron says:

    May you live to rue that sentiment. Mental illness is nothing to sneer at.

  53. Jon Lindquist says:

    hey, I know


    A perfect example of why government no longer works…
    We might as well fire the governor and senate right now and bring in people with an IQ higher than 50.

  54. Gregg Richardson says:

    Sonya – Who’s your kids Daddy? ($100 says you don’t even know) Get them to pay for their offspring – You just breed the next generation of welfare recipients….and so it goes: on & on & on……..

  55. jordanj says:

    Hey John, Sounds pretty one sided…when it takes not only the one spreading her legs. Right? Give those guys credit where credit is due.

  56. kman says:

    Funny T-Paw Mr no new Taxes a Lib NOT.were in this Mess because Republicans cut Taxes hoping it will create Jobs to pay for the cut see Bush tax cuts them working well for you

    1. Umpire says:


      Are you are budding rapper or just poorly educated and unable to write clearly?


  57. THH says:

    And there is the problem with our state and partially why we are so broke.People get $3600 a month for her 8 kids. How many of those 8 will be on the system and their kids and so on and so and so on. Yep tax me more for that please. How about we cut some of that out say after 3 kids the subsidy goes down.

    And how about cutting out special health care and retirement for our politicians retroactive, Put them on the Social Security System and Medicare that we hope to have ubless we give it all away to those who don’t contribute to the system.

    1. jordanj says:

      It’s a system…when a welfare person has a child, they try to find something wrong with him/her so that baby can receive SSI. Many families have more than 1 child on SSI. I agree that all politicians shouild be on SSS and Medicare instead of the cadillac plan they have. Doesn’t it make you wonder how they could vote on a health care plan for us, but it’s not good enough for them? Entitlement!!!!

  58. THH says:

    New camain slogan

    Quit drinking and start thinking!

  59. Jeff L says:

    If the government could tax us 100% they would still be in the red. We need to cut the entitlement spending.

  60. Jack Anderson says:

    This whole situation just sickens me. If we had govenment representatives , for the governor on down, who had an ounce of sense and caring, this whole fiasco would never have happened. It is pure and simply nonstop politicing. The new ABETTERMN ads are, in my opinion, highly suspicious. More and more I find myself concluding that this whole campaiign is a storng indicatior of Dayton in bed with these people and the shutdown was all part of the plan all along. BTW, I am an Independent who has ALWAYS voted the person, not the party. Today I think there are no reasonable choices.

  61. What? says:

    Stated in the article above…39 yr. old mother of 8 (eight) @ $3,600/mo for childcare. That’s $43,200/yr in subsidy. That’s just the child care. I’m sure she’s got to feed the pack yet. I have no idea what that subsidy would amount to. What? I’m pretty sure I’m the fool for goin’ to college.

    1. THH says:

      I think all of us who work and pay taxes should shutdown for a couple of weeks and not work. How much in state tax dollars would the state be short then? Time for a taxpayers revolt!

      Thanks for shutting us down on the celebration of independence. Two of my sons worked at Canterbury and now are sitting home. Thanks for penalizing those who want to work.

      If even one of the politicians collects one dime during the shutdown they should be fired. I thought they worked for us taxpayers. Bunch of flippin losers every last one of them.

  62. dkauls says:

    I think we should be entitled to vote as to whether state government reopens. I suggest next year at the same time as the gay marriage vote.

  63. Randy says:

    Excuse me this shutdown is an inconvenient to a woman with eight kids who was getting 3500 dollars a month in assistance. Listen lady Ask the dead beat father of these kids to pay if you know who they are. Or maybe you and your one night stands are double dipping with them in prison.

    1. Sick of the BS says:

      And at 39 she can make babies for another 15 to 20 years. So far there are now 8 more that will probably be on the welfare roles for life. Makes you want to puke.

    2. @Randy the rampant says:

      Look–I’m just a taxpayer–those numbers are irresponsible. No one can deny that. If I have 1 kid-I have 8 cuz the benys increase. If you’re going to ask me to pay in…I don’t want to pay into this. I will pay in because of need not distortion. So===get a clue. RIP OFF. ABUSER. WELFARE FRAUD.

  64. James Andrews says:

    Why do taxpayers have to giver a mother of 8 children $3,600.00 a month for child care. Most taxpayers don’t make that much. Cut the spending.

  65. quentin says:

    I’ll bet blind campers at our state parks really had a bad day.

  66. Alfred says:

    Mark Dayton wants to give hundreds of millions of dollars to Zygi Wilf.

    Is that really worth shutting the government down for?

    Dayton is the worst. The absolute worst.

    1. What? says:

      the Vikes bring in 6 million/yr. min. Yep, worth it. Sad but true.

  67. Anthony Daniel says:

    I’m sorry but politicians who can’t come to a compromise after 9 weeks don’t deserve to be paid, nor enjoy their holiday. The 4th of July is supposed to represent independence and prosperity, but for thousands of Minnesotans it is anything but. Mother’s unable to receive assistance for child care, state workers unable to work, and for many, the 4th of July is ruined at the hands of Minnesota’s selfish politicians. Dayton, Democrats, and Republics: Go back to the capital, cut the bickering, cut the selfish grandstanding, political ploys, and just duke it out. My nieces and nephews will throw a fit, but they do as they are told eventually. You need to remember we don’t work for you, its the other way around. You don’t get to choose to just walk away because you don’t like what they propose. Cut back your spending, pass the Racino bill, and let the rest of the state recover from this fiasco you have already caused.

  68. Jason says:

    So this woman on assistance get 3600 in child care help, 43200 year. I care for my wife and 2 kids on 47000. Guess what no assistance. Mortgage, property tax, insurance all bills payed on my income. She does not need this money. Budget your finances all of them. I can no longer help support leaches any longer. Soon I will have assistance forced on me. Stop stealing from my family sonya.

    1. What? says:

      Good for you Jason…that’s the point

  69. mike says:

    I’ve been unemployed for 2 years and I think Dayton should be ashamed of himself for his political handling of the budget, the GOP had a budget so the Gov could stay open, Dayton is a selfish person who needs more medication that is currently prescribed to him, stay off the roads Dayton the State patrol will be out in force this 4th of July!!!

  70. Bob from S Minnesota says:

    Tried of it all. All these funded programs need to have a fine tooth comb put to them. Tired of hearing about all the trips that these people go on to like places like Hawaii. crusies to the Bahams. Folks we are paying for all this plus some. Some of these people have stock in oil companies and then get paid through the state of Minnesota because they are deemed valnurable. They have to much money so they have to go and do a spend down and buy new furinture weather they need it or not. (Usually not). These programs need to be looked at. The time is now to shorten the leash. Tired of listening of them all getting rent credit checks back. I fall in to a different bracket and get squat cause I make to much. (middle class). There is something wrong with these programs.

  71. Politicians blow says:

    I say we protest , Dayton is a old drunk , zellers is a complete idiot . Come on people wake up they are all crooked . Why no Racino ? I will tell you why the tribes are paying all these crooked politicians off !

    1. What? says:

      I’m awake…how ya wanna do this?

  72. CACHE says:

    Really…I’ll tell you who the real vulnerable are the TAXPAYERS. To the thieves and the non taxpayers the golden goose is out of money. We are sick of bailing out thugs and the over breeders. We are tired of being your slaves. We’re done! Shut it down and leave it shut!

  73. Joe says:

    Not sure what the logic is behind spending $3600 a month for daycare so the mother can work a job that at best pays her $1600 a month. I say make her stay home with her rugrats and take care of them herself. You know she’s already getting $2000 a month in food stamps and section 8 housing.

    If she had to stay home the kids would/should drive her crazy and then maybe she wouldn’t be spitting any more out. By the way, make it so that no additional funding will be given for any welfare recipient for any additional family additions while on assistance. We’ll help give you a hand up but not a hand out…..

    1. What? says:

      Well, she must employ some highly skilled over the top day care. The kind that makes your kid the next president.. I mean really, I want to take care of her kids for that kind of money. FREEBE

  74. nevermind says:

    I do not blame Gov Dayton at all. In fact, I think he is a hero for standing behind his word. He promised things to us regarding taxes, and he is trying like hell to deliver. This is more than any other politician has done. The republicans are trying to make him look bad…They are unwilling to compromise where dayon is. I think the republicans need to learn the art of compassion for people, and stop this corporate america BS. It’s time the repugs learn to compromise and play fair. Repugs only care about money…and the rich. They certainly don’t care about the middle class (what’s left of it) or the poor.

  75. Me says:

    I do not blame Gov Dayton at all. In fact, I think he is a hero for standing behind his word. He promised things to us regarding taxes, and he is trying like hell to deliver. This is more than any other politician has done. The republicans are trying to make him look bad…They are unwilling to compromise where dayon is. I think the republicans need to learn the art of compassion for people, and stop this corporate america BS. It’s time the repugs learn to compromise and play fair. Repugs only care about money…and the rich. They certainly don’t care about the middle class (what’s left of it) or the poor

  76. Mike says:

    I just love how the Left keeps saying the GOP is just trying to protect the wealthy. The Left is just trying to protect their union buddies who keep them in power with boatloads of political contrbutions. The truth is that neither the Left nor the unions care about you or our great state unless you are a union member!

  77. Middle of the road says:

    “a 39-year-old mother of eight facing the loss of about $3,600 a month in state child care subsidies” and that is exactly the problem. I feel bad for this woman because she has made many bad decisions, but has she never heard of self control, birth control, or any sort of responsibility for her actions? We are creating a society that teaches people to spread your legs and it all will be taken care of, by someone else. What happens when there is no “someone else?”
    Currently 10% of the people pay 74% of all taxes and baby boomers are retiring like crazy. So, the wealthiest and most mobile generation ever is leaving the work force en masse and they are not likely to stay in the currently second highest taxex state in the nation (source is Yahoo finance last weekend). So, how will we pay for these people or anything when the weathiest 10% leave? This is a serious question. With only about 50% of people paying any taxes at all, how will we continue this?

  78. middle of the road says:

    @coolaid, if you are goign to tell others to to keep their facts straight, you should live by that as well. In the beginning Governor Dayton wanted a 15% increase, the Republican legislature wanted to slash the state budget. In the middle Governor Dayton wanted a 15% increase and the Republican legislature wanted to hold the line onteh state budget. The latest proposal is that Governor Dayton wants a 15% increase niteh state budget and the republican legislature has agreed to a 5.6% increase. Facts man, while people will argue numbers, they can not dispute facts. and yes I distribute facts when the republicans are the bad guys and tell lies.

  79. James2 says:

    The GOP waited till the last minute, said NO to compromise, and got through the laundry list of social engineering, so we have a constitutional amendment to deal with. Thanks. Now, they want even more time to play chess and force Dayton’s hand to sign. This is a perfect example of everything that’s wrong with politics. And it’s nationwide. Republican’ts and Dumbocrats. The two party monopoly strangling us to death.

  80. James says:

    Hey, at least we get to constitutionally disenfranchise the gays. Now that’s worth something.

  81. John Peterson says:

    Why are we paying for Sonya Mills 8 kids?

  82. John L. says:

    Unwed mother with eight children? I don’t feel sorry for her. Why should working people pay for her and her kids? Why can’t she show some responsibility and less lust?

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