MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A state hotline that helps seniors is one of many casualties in Minnesota’s state government shutdown.

The Senior Linkage Line is a resource for older people and their caregivers on things like finding housing options and untangling health insurance and drug plans. But callers now get a recording that invites them to leave a message but warns there’s no telling when it will be returned.

Dawn Simonson, director of the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging, says it’s a popular service that helped about 30,000 people and their caregivers last year. She said the agency was hustling to publicize a local number, but would get fewer calls.

Simonson’s agency is also laying off three specialists who help seniors transition back home after temporary stays in nursing homes.

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Comments (6)
  1. Terry says:

    Perhaps seniors should call the Nursing Homes they were in or their doctors for advice until the shutdown is lifted.

  2. Reasonable says:

    How is this possible? I was led to believe that the only people to be affected were the poor and black who would have their handout interupted! I’m outraged!

    Oh well, this is the true cost of politicians playing their power game. Welcome to the civility of the new modern era.

    1. Jeff "Gangsta" J says:

      OH NO MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!

      The “poor and the blacks” got their welfare checks yesterday!!!!

      So these seniors who paid taxes their whole lives go without while lazy welfare-collecting “baby-machines” get their money to buy drugs and go out drinking at Karma.

      Real fair, isn’t it?

  3. Shirl Mann says:

    we’ll get through this people. there’s a lesson to be learned here on both sides.

  4. Lucifer says:

    This shut down of MN government is purely Mark Dayton’s fault. This has been his plan from the beginning of his term. He takes his marching orders from the democratic stratigists and advisors like george soros (the puke that makes big money by bringing down governments and currencies.

    I was disgusted to learn that the republicans offered Dayton $1 Billion in new revenues by raising taxes on the 7000 people living in MN that earn more than $1 Million per year. Dayton turned it down even though this offer gave him more than half of the $1.8 Billion he was asking for. Republicans need to maintain their No new Taxes pledge even if government stays shut down until the 2012 elections. We are in a civil war. This time its between private sector employed citizens and the unions and government workers. Our differences may not be settled until we take up arms against these greedy thugs that think they are entitled to enslave you so they can live an elite lifestyle till they croak.

    The shutdown is also exposing all of the leaches that have attached themselves to our wallets. MN has way too many “non-profits” that couldn’t survive without government (your) money. They can’t get enough suckers to donate to them so they convince their liberal politicians to force you to give to them through your taxes. We got along just fine for hundreds of years before all of these “non-profits” came along and we will do just fine once again when they are all gone.

    1. Reasonable says:

      Previous administrations also gave to these non-profits that you seem to fear. This is nothing new.

      Can you cite your source for that taxes on people earning more than 7 figures please? I haven’t seen or heard that.

      But hey, if you think they’re taking too much of your money in taxes, just go make more money so you don’t have to worry about “what you don’t have”. Seems perfectly reasonable.