Minnesota’s state government shutdown that started July 1 will have economic ripples statewide and the only thing that’s certain is that the longer it goes, the wider they’ll spread.

The shutdown means no work for 22,000 state employees who will be reluctant to make discretionary purchases. And those employees are scattered in communities throughout the state.

We want to know how you have been affected by a possible shutdown. Are you one of the people out of a job and a paycheck or is there a specific state service that is now gone? Send us an email to tips@wcco.com or feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Dennis from Elk River says:

    I am so releived that “OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES” get to take a few days off from the stress of doing absolutley nothing over the past several months!
    How would they behave if they actually had to act responsible like adults.
    They should all be banned from taking part in any and all 4th celebrations. I would hate to see the stress return!
    BOTH SIDES IN THIS GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dean says:

    This is just a taste to what will happen if the states and federal government do not get their runaway spending under control. Better to realize this now before its too late!

  3. Alfred says:

    The Republicans passed a balanced budget that increased spending by two billion dollars.

    This is all on Dayton.

    Let him know how you feel here:


    1. What? says:

      This is the same as saying Dayton offered his plan for the budget and the republicans refued so it is all on the republicans. Get a clue. They are all at fault!

      1. Mark says:

        That’s faulty information……Dayton has never offered a plan, just refused to sign the one that was passed by our congress.

    2. Michael says:

      Unfortunately, the increase they propose only replaces some of the money that has been cut in the past years. This is not an increase, it is only getting back to where it should have been four years ago. Our system has so many problems, but it normally works. A few people do take advantage and abuse the system like food stamps. But most people just need the system to help them get on their feet. Now, most of the safety net is gone.

    3. northern minnesotan and red lake member says:

      wake up and smell the coffee,. if you are payingattention. look at what is happening nationaly with the republilcans.. who are they trying to protect. it is certainlyl not the people of this state. here in northern minnesota the wages are nto the same as the metro area but the cost of living is equal.. i work with young couples to move them from wlefare to work and it requires both the parents wo work. and a vast amjority of these couple have been able to make it on their own with out cash assistance but would get some help with child care. now guess what. one of the parenst have to leave their jobs because the chilc care providers are turning them away. and some will need to return to assistance to feed their families.. unless you actually work in the field you have no idea what some people are facing. whar happened the previous 8 yrs. 100’s of thousands of jobs wernt over sees and those business were given pbreaks for that . look at when our last governor was in we had a surplus and basicaly over night went to a deficit….now medical companies can in essence take away everything a sr american has worked all their life for because of medical bills… so let me ask who really runs this country. it not gov’t it’s who has the money. i am not just talking wal-street (the real high roller gamblers), what aobut professional atheletes, musicians,,oil and insurance companies. what about the drug cartels and the highly organized gangs. if you watch news from other parts of the world they see us as a crumbling nation. i’d like to put this put there. for the extremely wealthy. only you can help by giving back to your country or in this case your state. just like the young men an women serving minnesota and the usa in the armed forces. like a lot of us in mn htat have served this st and country for over 20 years./// but no i cannot even return to work to move people form wlelfare to work because our workforce centers are closed. look beyond the headlines people

  4. person says:

    The state must be saving us some money with not having to pay 22,000 for wages right now. I know that also means they are not getting taxes from that money. But i would think the state is still coming ahead with being shut down. I wonder how long they would need to stay shut to make up what we are short. Just a thought.

    1. Anon says:

      The state is losing millions each day. Just a fact.

      1. person says:

        How are they losing millions per day?

        1. Edgar says:

          Lost revenue from the lottery, state parks, the zoo. The latter two which still need money to operate as there are expenses. Independent business that need state inspectors to continue their work are shut down. Lost wages at places like Canterbury and road construction. No one will be able to be hired in health care as there are no criminal background checks being done. Are you really that sheltered that you could think of anything?

          1. person says:

            you should reread your post. It should have stated. Couldn’t you think of anything. Nope guess i couldn’t think of anything that didn’t really matter to me. Them people will all have there jobs back once the shut down is over.

            1. Edgar says:

              Lost revenue is lost revenue. You were the one asking how. If you can not figure out that lost revenue has to be made up somewhere like more taxes and fees, then you really ought to reconsider you thinking skills

              1. Guy says:

                Maybe we should get the state OUT of all of that. Let the zoo & parks survive on user fees/admissions. Get rid of most goverment inspectors – they certainly did
                a really wonderful job on the old 35W bridge didn’t they? Let the health care companies use private credit/background checks….

                1. Dale says:

                  Your lack of knowledge is what is. There have been plenty of reports that it was not on the bridge inspectors. Keep up the good work of posting what you know little about.

            2. Mary says:

              You are mistaken. State employees may have their jobs back once the shut down is over, but once employees return to their jobs they could face layoffs.

          2. Pete says:

            Don’t forget that the state is self insured – 12 million a week for unemployment and an additional 30 million a month for insurance (yes – the state will continue to provide insurance for state employees). The shutdown will, in fact, cost way more than it will save. One little fact is ignored in all this – The republicans have never explained how not taxing the top 1.9 % of Minnesotans creates any jobs or helps the economy. I can tell you how it hurts the economy a number of different ways. At least the republicans number one priority of protecting the wealthy at all costs is out in the open. Don’t believe me – the first republican passed tax increase in Wisconsin was on the people with the lowest incomes. The republicans eliminated almost all the low income credits. The new motto – tax the poor and save the wealthy.

            1. Michael says:

              Have to agree with you. All the comments about new taxes on health care – what was it going to cost the wealth? If I hear right about $2,200 a year. Yet, all the reports said that the wealth would have to lay people off, or not hire new employees over $2200 a year? If you were talking about $40,000 a year, maybe employers would not hire one employee. Even one employee making $14.00 an hour costs an employer about $4350.00 a month when you include unemployment insurance, Social Security, Medicare, taxes, etc. I know, I have a part time business that is taxed to death. Unless I charge more than $40.00 an hour for my employees working, I do not make any money.

    2. collecting unemployment needlessly says:

      um…..there’s more than just state workers affected…..both racing tracks are down…..which the MRC (Minnesota racing commission) was already paid BY the tracks…..just because they are a minnesota comission they felt the need to shut them down and put thousands out of work…If anyone has any idea how I can sue the state for my lost wages….let me know….It’s time they are held accountable for their foolish posturing and arrogant acts….BOTH SIDES ARE TO BLAME AND NIETHER FEEL THE EFFECTS OF ALL MINNESOTA/AMERICAN PEOPLE

    3. northern minnesotan and red lake member says:

      what kind of perks do your congress pople get its a lot more than those 2200 aformentioned state employees. does it save. for the state emplyees layed off the state has to pay them severance plus sick leave and they will beeligible for unemployment benes after that. for the employees of non-profits (who get paid less especially the younger staff it’s going to be devestating. although it may save in the long run it doens’t immediately.

  5. Keep it closed says:

    Who’s going to check my lottery tickets?

  6. Ken Newoften says:

    This is great!!! Expenses should be down – fewer salaries, fewer utilities, no one spending the money. The budget should balance by itself under these conditions. KEEP it UP!!

  7. mn resident says:

    Dear MN Lawmakers, Last year I mismanaged my funds and this year my spouse and I cannot decide on a budget. Until we have come to a unified decision that fits all of our needs and interests, we will have to shut down our checkbook and will no longer be able to pay our taxes. I’m sure you’ll understand. Thank you very much for setting an example we can all follow.

    1. Darren says:

      That is awesome!

      1. Michael says:

        Right on the mark!!!

  8. Steve says:

    Dayton is all about class warfare. Hold out for spending cuts.

    1. Mary Rogers says:

      The class warfare also includes protecting the uber rich at the sacrifice of the little guy – hold out for fair, proportionate taxation!

      1. northern minnesotan and red lake member says:

        that’s exactly right. it effects the working class not the rich or poor

  9. KED says:

    The shutdown is saving me a few bucks on the Lottery; thanks Gov. P.S. Dayton, you were not elected with a mandate. You were elected by a third party spoiler, the Republicans were elected with a huge mandate to cut spending taking power for the first time in decades in a democratic state.

    1. Pete says:

      The republicans were not elected with a hugh mandate to cut spending – they were elected in close elections because the only thing they talked about was creating jobs. So far the only bills they passed eliminate jobs. They even wasted taxpayers dollars on hiring a private firm to support their financial stance because the non-partisan tax research office produced numbers showing the budget the republicans proposed would do more damage than good. And – just for the record – their budget would proceed the largest property tax increase in the history of Minnesota. No matter what anyone says, the republicans have produced no good arguement for their holdout and every single poll on this issue says raise the taxes on the wealthiest 2%.

      1. Jason says:

        Pete, speaking for myself I voted republican to cut spending. Tired of nanny state government. I Need more freedom for myself and my family, and im not going to give that up for some crummy government handout.

        1. Citizen says:

          @Jason. Yet the social engineering projects on the GOP agenda (which they worked on exclusively instead of the budget for most of the session), would have cost many millions in taxpayer dollars and increased the presence of Minnesota state government in your life. Less freedom, Jason, not more. Bigger government, not less. Contrary to what the GOP told you… Their proposals actually created a bigger nanny state with MORE regulation. The picture ID bill alone would have cost $14 to $20 million dollars PER YEAR to implement, required more election judges at the polls, and more election equipment purchased and maintained. And so it goes with the GOP hypocrisy.

          1. legal immigrant says:

            I am sorry to tell you, but the picture ID bill is necessary… If it also creates some jobs, that’s great! 🙂

      2. legal immigrant says:

        Of course. There are way more people that want a handout than people who make a lot of money. That doesn’t make it right….

  10. Rico Suave says:

    I couldn’t care less. I’m not riding in the wagon so I’m not worried. I’m one of the decreasing number who are pulling it. If anything, our life will be easier for a while. At least until the liberal mob errupts and starts doing damage like they did when they didn’t get their way at the ballot box in Wisconsin and did millions in damage there. Then we’ll see who elected Dayton.

    1. Jake says:

      No kidding. I think it’s time to start traveling to WI and IA to buy some of those taxable goods that MN LOVES TO TAX TO DEATH (wink, wink). Time to starve the beast. No gov’t, no taxes.

  11. Ironic? says:

    The Dislocated Worker’s programs are considered ‘Non-essential” during the shutdown. Receiving unemployment is not the same as having access to the support that thousands of unemployed Minnesotan’s have now lost access to. This is not just about state employees. This impacts taxpayers who were previously employed by the private sector and have been in search of employment for weeks/months due to layoffs. The trickle-down effect continues with the taxpayers who have been working and providing these support services via non-profits.

    1. Michael says:

      Now it is more like years before a laid-off worker can find work. I know, I have been there. Two years to get a job, and that is making 50% of what I was making before. If you include the underemployed like me or the unemployed who have run out of unemployment, the unemployment figure is more like 17%, not 9% like the government would have you believe. Our government shutdown and soon the federal government shut down. What do you think that will do to our economy. Take a look at Greece. We are heading in that direction now.

  12. REENIE says:


    1. Michael says:

      I have a good solution. Lock them all in three rooms. One room for the talks, and the other two rooms – one for the Democrats and one for the Republicans. When they need to leave the talks, they go to their respective room and receive a beating. That would get the talks moving.

  13. Greg says:

    A little detour here, no renewed license there, no biggie right?

  14. fmf says:

    i am so happy i came from houston tx to camp and fish in mn you will never see any of my money ever again thanks dayton

    1. person says:

      please go back to Texas!

      1. Dayton... losing! says:

        Oh shut up and count your food stamps, loser.

      2. northern minnesotan and red lake member says:


  15. Guy says:

    Huh ??? Shutdown you say?? Oh my … oh NO!!! … We’re DOOOOOMMMMEEED!!
    However shal we survive without someone from the goverment to watch over us and wipe our noses … and but ts.

  16. bill says:

    More government needs to be shut down.

  17. jan says:

    The state could cut waste. The U sent me a questionaire on how I take care of my young children and I am 80 years old. The U also sent me two mailings about lawn care, two pages each that would fit easily into an envelope with 44 cents postage but they sent it in a manilla envelope and paid $1.08 postage. It seems like a small amount but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We need to hire efficiency experts and give pink slips to those who waste our money

  18. Steve says:

    If I tell my employer that I am not going to do my job, my employer fires me and finds someone else to do it.

    This could be a simple solution to shutting down government. The elected aren’t doing their job. Fire all of them.

    Oh, and how about the fact that they still collect taxes and, just to top it off, tax refunds are what? SHUT DOWN!

  19. Darren says:

    Government shut down? Doesn’t bother me one bit. Stay that way!

  20. Rico Suave says:

    Here’s and idea: Let’s all just go on the dole, then sell our food stamps and welfare checks on the street and send the cash in to the Bachmann campaign. I know, I wouldn’t do it because I have too much self respect to be seen at the welfare office, but it’s a great fantasy isn’t it?

  21. Worried what this will do says:

    Tim & Michelle, get out of the running for Gov. of US. I wouldn’t vote for someone who’s from MN with what is going on there. Get your home state politicians to straighten up!

  22. David says:

    Why don’t you people stop blaming this person and that party. This is just what the “politicians” you seem to abhor are doing placing the blame or trying to so you people are no better than them. You could sign a petition and with enough people submit it to a judge for a recall of your politicians this is an option you know. Stop blaming and try to come up some ideas to fix this problem. I have given you one option. Anybody else?

    1. Common Man says:

      Keep the things open that make money, keep a few other thing that are really needed to support the economy and let the rest sit. See after a month or two what we really need. Ever have a family budget cut and find out …wow , we can get by with out that..etc Most government jobs do nothing to support the economy. Note: Taking money from one person to pay another does not support the economy.

  23. Kally says:

    The MN State government is so backwards that they shut down things that make money…? that is insane. Why are the things that make money not open? If some services stay open (Highway patrol etc) then there must be options for paying some people while not paying others. Some one tell me a good reason why they shut down thing that make so much money… lottery, race tracks etc…. what a bunch of stupid insane fools we have running our state. This is so sad. PS. All State Union workers will get back pay so no whining please…

    1. Ali says:

      They have to shut down things that people like and support with money. If they did not do that we would see that we could do with out most of the do nothing state public union jobs and get rid of them. See when someone says right off…Lost revenue from the lottery, state parks, the zoo, race tracks… if these were not closed, the state would make make money on them and most people would care less about the other stuff. The Public Unions must be behind the shutting down the good things that make money. Think about it….

      1. Michael says:

        Try getting a vehicle title or a driver’s license without us. Try getting the roads fixed, bridges replaced, public transportation, water, power, sewer without us. Try living in a well build safe house without us inspecting the work. Try living with the criminals running free. Or the lottery, gambling, horseracing, vehicle inspections, safe pipelines, etc. Remember the gas explosions in the twin cities? Do you think that there would be manditory inspections, digging up every faulty connection in most of Anoka County if the state workers were not there? Fat chance – it would be so what, too bad, tough luck. Your problem, not mine. Government helps, regulation helps. Wake up dude, before the money grabbers plow you under literallty.

    2. Julie says:

      All State Union workers will get back pay so no whining please…. why will they get back pay. they were all given lay off notices. So doesn’t that mean they will not get back pay???

      1. Common Man says:

        NO, in every past government shut down the Public union employees got payed for every day they missed. It is called vote buying plain and simple. Please do not be fooled by Public union people. Remember in a few years they will go on strike and then a shut down will be a good thing and then they will also get back pay just like every other time that happened. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

        1. laid off says:

          That is not true. I’ve been involved in both shut downs, in 2005 we only received half of our pay back. In this shut down we are eligible for unemployment; we cannot get backpay and collect unemployment. If we would get backpay, which won’t happen we would have to repay unemployment. Being involved in a shutdown is stressful and time consuming. Because of the shutdown I was unable to plan any activities with my family because if your critical you had to report to work and if you were non-critical you didn’t. I was not sure of my role until the judge ruled.

          1. jordanj says:

            ! What about the one week waiting period for unemployment…who will you receive that from.

            1. laid off says:

              We will be missing one week pay like anyone else that collects unemployment benefits.

  24. lisa says:

    David. That option stinks. It would take to long. Because they would want everyone that signed it checked out to make sure they are for real and of age to sign it. Haven’t we learned enough from other recalls yet??????

  25. Ferris Lind says:

    I hope the Vikings go to LA . MN doesn’t deserve anything positive

  26. Darren says:

    DOUBLE TAX-Isn’t that what the State of Minnesota is doing by charging us to use the parks, the zoo, rest areas and any other place that we paid our taxes for in the first place?

    They should have all been left open. We already paid for them,

  27. Common Man says:

    Public union employees are behind all of this garbage where parks, zoo, race track are involved. They made sure that all happened so… I can hear the TV commericals now when they go on strike in a few years.. “tell you elected official that you do not want another shut down…remember the last one and how bad it was… no parks, no lottery, no zoo etc. give the Public Union what it wants…”
    How much you want to bet this happens….? I will bet it is already being planned…

    1. northern minnesotan and red lake member says:

      personally i’m glad i’m not union

  28. drummer says:

    How has the shutdown affected me? In the same way as the Rapture a few weeks back: had some good laughs over both. Add Michele Bachmann to the mix and it’s a great time for anyone with a sense of humor.

    1. Tad IV says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I don’t mind spending money if I get value in return. Not much value here. I figure that if the tax increase on the top 1% goes through I will have to pay the equivalent of four new wave runners (3 person) and a Skeeter ski boat. Easy decision for me. My current ones are already two years old.

  29. besmart says:

    we can do both
    tax the wealthies and cut spending..
    we elected these people to do both..
    compromise. no representative reflects the
    exact wish of all people. that is why we need
    to compromise.
    i will vote for the ones who can do this.
    good Luck,
    Dayton is a good man with noble values.
    and if he is advocating to tax the rich, well,
    he should know it will NOT hurt them.

    1. drts says:

      As a US Senator, he was drunk and on drugs a good deal of the time, canceling about half of his appointments. There are other things that I wish had come out. Forget politics, this is not a good guy.

    2. legal immigrant says:

      Nor would it hurt people to help each other without getting paid for it… Like watching someone’s children so the parent can work, or let someone who is homeless stay in their guestroom, basement, etc.. Maybe people should be generous with their own stuff (money, time, energy, space, etc) before wanting to take more from others… It would also be beneficial if people would not use assistance unless they have no other means to survive… I am yet to meet one like that. Using the financial resources in a less wasteful way should also come before taxing anyone more… The list keeps on going… Just because it will not hurt them doesn’t make it right.

  30. legal immigrant says:

    How am I affected? I keep reading pathetic examples of money wasted, services not needed, and people whining that life is not fair. That’s about it.


    Everyone is bashing ‘State workers, union etc’. Idiots this is how the system was built it would be ‘Anarchy’ if a system wasn’t in place…

    This Generation was built on lies, propaganda, conspiracies, drugs, slavery… WHITE MAN LAWS…

    1. jordanj says:

      Those laws seem to have worked for a good many years…more people want to come to America that who want to leave. Imagine that!

    2. Colors says:

      isn’t this sort of a racist comment?…

  32. CJN says:

    Haven’t we witnessed enough with each political party attacking the other. Is it really necessary to attack one another on this website? I believe it is simply time to quit focusing on the problem (blaming and pointing fingers) and get to the solution. Nobody wants this no matter which political or private party you are. I work for the state and am unemployed now. Unfortunately, the choice is not mine to make – only mine to deal with. EVERYTHING is for a reason.

  33. LMI says:

    I get a kick how many state employee’s have went on the news saying how much this is hurting them because they were laid off and how one lady even shut her phone off because she can’t afford it anymore. Get real people. Shut down started Friday. Most of you had the weekend and Monday off anyways. Not like you are really out to much right now. Stop trying to should like it is that bad already. Now if it is still shut down in a Month the i can understand state employee’s maybe complaining.
    Another thing. If you had lived within your Means in the first place. You would have had plenty to fall back on for something like this.

    1. worried. says:

      What about those state workers who just got out of college and have to pay for rent, student loans, plus cost of living expenses? You think they were well off before getting hired to work for the state? I highly doubt it. I have several friends that are working for the state who completed college about a year ago. My boyfriend just got a job in march working for the DNR and because he hasn’t worked there for 6 months or more his unemployment that he’ll get weekly is $130. Tell me how that is supposed to pay for anything? Rent was due on the 1st of July. He will barely be making ends meet if the shut down continues.

  34. Tom says:

    It is amazing what we allow our elected officials to do to us and the State of Minnesota. The citizens of this State have the power to change this. Let’s establish term limits for any Governor, Senator or Representative who is party to a shutdown. Clearly, this would be analagous to a ‘probationary’ period. If their performance is unsatisfactory (as in not passing a balanced budget) by the statutory timelines, show them the door! We don’t need them or want them! Bring in a new crew and get the job done. Right now, instead of looking for a special session to resolve our budget issues, we shouild be holding a special election to get rid ot the losers and hire some experienced private sector folks who can deliver. You know, like workout specialists! (not a government term!!)

  35. Jacqueline says:

    I have just become unemployed, 6/20/2011, I am 71 yrs old female, I have applied for unemployment, I also HAD to appliy for Hennepin Cnty Economic assistance. resources. I have no money, and now rent is due as of 7.1.2011 Both these agencies stated they can help… BUT HOW???? when they closed both resources the very next day. Leaving me and most likely others in a hopeless situation. I have to ask What is our State doing for the aged like me. NOTHING..

    1. amy says:

      Oh Minnesota does way to much already for older people. Call 211 and i beat you will find help. I would think you get social security every month if you are 71. So please don’t act like you don’t have any money coming in.

      1. Michael says:

        Wait until your older and can not get a place to live, food to eat, medical services. Your tune will change. Or are you one of those that thinks that they should shot the elderly after they reach a certain age like 70?

  36. Karen says:

    I currently have a friends and family members who became “unemployed” because of the shut down. This is ridiculous. I wish both sides would start to see how it’s affecting the people they are working for. They should be meeting in a locked room until they reach an agreement. Republicans need to budge and so do the democrats. I’m ashamed that the people of MN would blame this all on Dayton when it is just as much the republicans. This shouldn’t be a debate about democrat vs. republican. It should be about serving the people of MN and giving them what they want and deserve. We shouldn’t have to deal with a shut down right now, and my friends and family affected by this should not have to be out of a job because of people who cannot agree. We all know democrats and republicans will never be on the same side, but for the sake of the people they are serving I wish just once that they could agree so I could feel as though financially I will be okay. The way that both sides are acting is childish and they need to collaborate and get together and figure it out.

  37. Dustin says:

    Many comments on here are all what people see and hear by others. The real information, coming from a laid off state employee, is as follows, YES, the GOP controlled legislature drafted a budget that was passed by the GOP controlled house and YES Dayton did reject it, ultimately leading to the current shutdown. However, many forget that Dayton started his “Tax the Rich” at 5%, it has since been reduced to 7,700 individuals, however, the GOP has not flinched at all. The shutdown impacts the WHOLE STATE, not just the government employees that are laid off. Consider the following, if those 23,000 laid off employees were earning a paycheck, then they would be able to spend the money in the economy, if no money is being spent, no profits are being made, causing yet another vacant building for our society, is that what we want?

  38. JimJoBillyBob says:

    Dear Dustin, If you want to blame the 7,700 who are the 2% Mr. Dyton wants to tax, think again. You tax them, they lay off their workers, which then causes a trickle down effect, they don’t work they, don’t pay taxes, they don’t spend money. Who’s to blame? the people who elected Mark Dayton. As the Republicans try to cut spending, Mr. Dayton wants to spend more. Let’s see, not everyone is working so let’s raise another billion dollars in revenue.

    Mr. Ventura actually returned money to the people, TWICE !!! I didn’t see anyone complaining then. On the other side of the coin, turn all the State services over to those 7,700 so that we actually get fine tuned State Services and maybe they would be able to pay the additional tax placed where the sun does not shine !

    1. Steve says:

      Or as in New York and other states that played this game they just plain pack up and move to a state with lower or no taxes. Still a free country to that extent,

  39. Michael says:

    When will the “politicians” wake up? Don’t they care about how much they are hurting us? I have been out of work for two years. Finally, land a job at the state, get to work for 3 1/2 weeks and am laid-off again. Now, no unemployment benefits, no income, no health insurance, no nothing. Do they care? Hell no. It is a budget necessity to raise taxes. We build more roads, more infrastructure such as bridges, but no one has planned for what it costs to maintain this. Health costs are rising. Everyone has their hand out for more money. Everything is now based on greed. Give me this, get me that, let me get this. Where is it getting us? Deeper and deeper in the hole. I will soon have to declare bankruptcy the way it is going. I’ll just pass the bill off onto big business and say the hell with it. Until now, I have always paid my way. But, how can I when they will not let us work? Get to work, do your jobs, settle the budget and remember, we will remember come election time. All of you will be out the door and the door will hit you in the backside!

  40. Dick says:

    What are some of the ways that the state could spend less?

    Is the state paying anything towards Mark’s little jaunt around the state to tell us what a great job he is doing and how those nasty lawmakers just won’t listen to his superb ideas?

  41. Mom says:

    I don’t live in MN and am truly sorry for the B.S this shutdown has done to people in MN.
    I am a single mom of an 8 yr old son. We booked a camping trip last August to a state park up by Ely and are supposed to leave this Friday, but can’t. I work hard for my money and am not on any type of assistance and am proud of that. It takes me a while to save my money to be able to do this stuff. But now, with the shutdown happening, I can’t even get my money back to pay for a camping trip elsewhere.
    I know this may be a petty complaint compared to what others are suffering through, but, its just very disappointing that we aren’t likely to go anywhere now.

  42. northern minnesotan and red lake member says:

    i need to add a comment; and that is the welfare system. it is designed to help families get on their feet and back to work and hopefully be financially stable, i agree we need more services like planned parenthood and good nutrician and things of that nature. perhaps we are too minnesota nice at time. i feel most do the best they can but a good percentage and growing are people from other states that have researched the system. and know how to manipulate the system. they have this sense of entitlement. another equally educated group are young couples coming from wealthy families. so most people think that all people on welfare abuse the system. its not true ; it’s a select few that cause the stereotyping…. educataion is another one. bottom line is this. teach the kids k-3 the fundamentals of math and how to read. this includes special education.(sp ed tends to focus on problems at home rather than educate them. you have no idea how many high school graduates i have worked with than can barely read and cannot make change for a dollar. outcome based education and no child left behind ????????. in my opnion we have a lot more to fix then money its money wasted.. its not just state employees but also we non-profits that do employment and training that need to get back to work so we can get people to work after we get them some basic education. .

  43. Non one to responde to medicals says:

    So does anyone realize that your local fire dept or medical service may have to stop responding to medicals because of the state shutdown?
    With the Emergency Medcial Services Regulatory Board “EMSRB” shutdown there is no one to issue certifications. I know of a dept that recently did their Refresher course in February/March. They didn’t receive their certification renewals from the state before the shutdown. If they continue to respond it represents a huge legal issue for their dept because according to the state they are not certified.
    Think of how this will affect your community.

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