ST. PAUL (WCCO/AP) — Before the shutdown became official on July 1, a Minnesota judge issued a bare-bones list of services that must be maintained when the state government shuts down.

Below is a snapshot of Minnesota state government services that are continuing, or not, under a government shutdown:


Forty-six state boards and agencies, with minimal staffing at 29 others. Departments with the most staff kept on duty would include Human Services, Corrections, Public Safety and Veterans Affairs.

State funding for many nonprofits including some child care assistance programs. A court-appointed referee will decide whether some social service programs will continue.

Most highway and other state-funded construction projects. Private contracts may have to lay off workers. Emergency highway repairs will continue.

— State parks
— State lottery
— State tourism office
— Many licensing boards for occupations from physical therapy to private detectives
— Various state licensing offices, such as for new driver’s licenses and car registration
— Knowledge driving tests and road tests not available
— State fire marshal
— Traffic management cameras through MnDOT
— Minnesota WorkForce Center; Minnesota’s Online Job Bank
— State-maintained highway rest stops


— State emergency/disaster agencies
— State Patrol
— State court system
— Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigations, BCA lab and crime scene teams
— State prisons and regional treatment centers
— State tax collections
— Federally-mandated services such as medical assistance or food stamps
— Payments under the MinnesotaCare health insurance program
— Unemployment payments
— Workers compensation claims and benefits would still be processed
— Veterans homes and programs to help veterans, though claims services would be limited
— Health and safety inspections of health care facilities
— Food safety work
— Workplace safety enforcement for high-risk employers
— State payments to cities, counties and schools
— Skeleton staffing in governor’s office
— Funding for Legislature, including a special session
— Security at state buildings
— Deputy registrars and driver’s license agents will be able to renew tabs and take license renewal applications
— Health care, cash and food benefits, child support, adoption assistance, service for people with disabilities and the Minnesota Sex Offender Program will continue, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.
— Minnesota Zoo, after receiving ruling from judge that they could stay open with their own funding.
— July 11 update: A petition for continued funding for the State Nutrition Support Service fund was approved.

Click here to view the complete list and executive findings. To see a list of the agencies that were recommended to close, click here.

Comments (13)
  1. patrick says:

    enjoy it, for once people can get out to the parks without being charged a fee for whats belings to everyone. you can still drive if your license expired, cant get a new one but you shouldnt have to pay to own a car, to drive anyway. me personally if i lived their would think its a blessing to get out in the parks and woods without the fess thought. stupid that ive readbpeople saying they cant go to the parks because no one is tjere to charge them…. idiots. hunting and fishingh licenses, who vares go anyway we ahouldnt have to pay yo get food from nature. tyhats a fees for survival andvis bs. sty about mispelling this site doesnt show mevas i type and android spellcheck doesnt work on it

    1. To patrick says:

      Hi Patrick. As one of the people who can’t get to the parks, it’s not so much there’s no one there to charge me, it’s the big iron gats blocking access, and the associated jail time for tresspassing if I climb over. Jackwagon.

  2. Common Man says:

    OK, funny but that’s enough.
    Why do we shut down the parks, lottery, race tracks. Do not these make money. How backwards is this State government? Can some one tell me why things that make money are closed? And do not make stuff up. How about a real answer that makes sense.

  3. Jason Kieffer says:

    its the government its not supposed to make sense

    1. Common Man says:

      Thanks, I forgot about that… because if it works, if it is good, if people like it…the government has to mess it up and try to control it and then make sure it becomes totally FUBB.

      1. Mike says:

        Yeah, anyone mention the fact that the state parks are closed on the 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND. It’s the busiest time for the parks with people making reservations a year in advance… The state parks generate over a million dollars of revenue in ONE WEEKEND. So, the idea of shutting it down seems pretty stupid at that point.

  4. A Voter says:

    They won’t allow public access to their meetings, but want to pressure the public into making their decisions for them.

  5. quienten terry says:

    is probation still up and running?

  6. Homer says:

    UM and state universities are open, based on statuatory regulations and budget carry-over.

    If they were closed down, you’d see state government open. and fast, since these entities are DFL strongholds.

    Maybe a compromise: keep the universities open but close their restroom facilities so that the employees share the motorists experience of traveling but having no access to the rest area facilities (that they’ve already paid for).

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