MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On this holiday weekend, many families are feeling the mounting pressure of the state government shutdown.

During the final hours of negotiations both sides made some compromises, but not enough to reach a deal.

There are no official talks scheduled between Gov. Mark Dayton and top Republican lawmakers, but rumor has it that they will likely sit down to talk on Tuesday.

For many families, however, that’s not soon enough.

Many state employees are concerned about the Minnesotans they serve. One out-of-work state employee is trying to bring attention to their plight.

That man is Chris Lapakko, a 28-year-old recently laid-off state worker. He now spends his free time sitting on the Capitol lawn.

“I just putz around all day and get nothing accomplished. Kind of like what they’re doing,” Lapakko said.

Lapakko said he would rather be working.

“I’m one of 22,000 people that is out of work right now because we can’t raise taxes on millionaires,” he said.

With his keyboard and Frisbees on hand, Lapakko plans to stay on the lawn until lawmakers return to the Capitol to hammer out a budget and end the shutdown.

“I don’t really have any options,” he said. “I can’t go camping anywhere else — all the state parks are closed. They’re cutting my money back, so I can’t like go anywhere cool.”

His hand painted signs show his stance on the situation. One reads: Unemployed State Worker.

As Lapakko sits with his signs, some passers-by offer support, while others blast his point of view.

“I say good for him, I think it’s important,” said Audrey Fischer, another out-of-work state employee.

“A lot of places have been shut down. Places are hurting right now. A lot more will be hurting,” she said.

Lawmakers took the holiday weekend to regroup.

There’s been some give and take in the struggle to come up with a budget, but the biggest sticking point appears to be whether or not to raise taxes on the richest Minnesotans.

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  1. TwinsRAwesome says:

    Saw this story on “CCO tonight. Nice one-sided story regarding the shutdown. To blame only the Republican is just ridiculous. Why not give both opinions “CCO or none at all!!!!

    1. Chris says:

      Why don’t you come camp out on the lawn with me and talk about how you think the tax system in Minnesota is just fine? I’m sure someone will interview you.

      1. tim boston says:

        Maybe your out of work because too many lazy people are dependent on the system.

        1. Jake says:

          LOL. I remember in 1998, being on strike for a privately owned company. I knew it was going to happen, so I prepared myself. Found a job that paid cash in 2 days. Did a good job, didn’t make a lot of money, but sure learned a lot about the car repair business. I also know of a few people who have been laid off within the past 2 years, and have FOUND JOBS, and in some cases, have found jobs that pay MORE than their previous employers have. Too bad that ‘cco hasn’t reported any stories like that in this economy. Too bad that ‘cco doesn’t accurately present the MASSIVE DAMAGE that has been done here and across the country by ignoring the ILLEGAL ALIEN PROBLEM.

          1. Just Cause says:

            @Jake What was the unemployment rate in 1998, I think it was in the 2.6%. What is it now 6.6? Wow, great comparison. What place is going to hire you in this market, not knowing how many days you’ll work or if you’ll even work based on the fact they know exactly what your work situation is? Get real!!

            1. Harold says:

              6.6 is not a bad unemployment number. I doubt it was much lower in 98. The national is 9.1 which is bad.

              1. Just Cause says:

                @Harold you can doubt it, but you’d be wrong
                1998 it ranged from 2.6 to 2.9 http://www.bls.gov/lau/

                1. Citizen says:

                  Clinton was president and the economy was doing well and he left office with a surplus in the U.S. Treasury and budget. By the way, Jake, it is illegal for an employer to pay someone cash off the books. The Department of Labor would like to know who your cash-paying employer was.

                2. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:


                  The unreported income in America each year is greater than the total GNP of Canada. We would have deployed our economic fairness squads and never have tolerated this type of hidden capitalism during our time. Violators could have faced prison or execution. The proletariat must be looked after and taken care of at all costs.

                  Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

            2. Citizen says:

              Comrades. What you say is true, and EVEN MORE REASON for the U.S. Government to go after this unreported income to balance the budget. If you have solid information about who is violating DOL law, it is your patriotic duty to report it. Unless, of course, you are still loyal to Russia. In which case, it will be ‘CCO’s duty to report YOU!

              1. techman says:

                Going after the unreported income is as good of an idea – in theory – as Marx’s Communist Manifesto. It only works on paper, believe me I actually lived behind “the iron curtain” for 25 years.
                I would suggest for you to take a 5 year vacation to Cuba and see how things go. You might have different views if you ever come back.
                Here is another example for you, now thyat we are on the subject: GREECE.
                I actually lived in GREECE for 2 years during the late 80s and I speek Greek as a third language.
                60% or more of the Greek economy is on the black market. The reason is that the upper income tax for people making about 45,000 Euros/year or more is about 65%.
                The more you TAX the more people will try to bypass the system so it comes back to an equilibrium (phisics law 🙂 )
                By the way the so called “milionairs” are the less likelly to cheat because their income is easily tracked. All the cheating comes from small mama’s and papa’s stores who hire people without reporting their income, that way they pay them less, they do not pay social security of medicair.
                What do you think we should do to the small businesses so they report their income?

              2. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:

                Comrade Citizen-

                Good to see there is still plenty of support for our Socialist, Marxist and hopefully someday, Communist ideals here in the land of lakes and high taxes. We like your idea about reporting your neighbor for not reporting all their income. Paranoia and mistrust always worked well for us. “Did you know you are being watched” and “Your attitude is being noticed you know” were a couple of the phrases we used to make people squirm and turn pale!

                Since Minnesota became the “State of Welfare” some 30 years ago, It seems everyone has become obsessed with hiding their wealth. Did you know many of our poorest socialist comrades actually vote for Democrats, but work for cash and do not report it? THEY WANT TO NOT HAVE ANY INCOME TO REPORT SO THEY CAN KEEP THEIR GOVERNMENT WELFARE PAYMENTS COMING IN!

                In the last 30 years many of the Republican “Capitalist Pig” business owners have even gone so far as to move their businesses out of this wonderful “State of Welfare.” WE SHOULD HUNT THESE “CAPITALIST DOGS” DOWN AND EXECUTE THEM ON THE SPOT!

                We are excited that you had the courage to go public with your Marxist beliefs Comrade Citizen. Power to the people! Socialism Rules! Capitalism drools!!

                Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

            3. Jason says:

              @ just cause, so because you THINK ti was an easier job market in 98 that now it must be so much more difficult. I dont think the unemployment percentage really means much to the person out of work.

              1. Just Cause says:

                @Jason “I dont think the unemployment percentage really means much to the person out of work.” and what does that have to do with this thread?

                And did I say the number made a difference to the actual unemployed? But seeing as you brought it up, I bet it does, a lower unemployment rate should give a person more hope and a better chance of finding a new job. Not true 100% of the time but better overall…

        2. Chrs says:

          Maybe YOU”RE illiterate. How many LAZY millionaires do you know and how many LAZY people do you know on subsidies besides Michele Bachmann?

      2. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

        Why dont you stop the spending!!!

    2. mark@mntaxwaste.com says:

      well said, WCCO is so one sided in their reporting!

    3. Just Cause says:

      The Republicans in the middle of a contentious budget battle included amendments on limiting abortions, bans on some stem cell research and voter IDs. Did they try to cause the shutdown?

      To me including this in the “lights on bill” is just asking for a shutdown. But maybe the story was wrong… I’ve googled it repeatedly but I’ve found no denials from Republican reps.

      1. James Carson says:

        Minnesota government shut down because the Governor broke his promise not to shut down government for the sake of a tax increase. It is that simple.

    4. Ronny Reagan says:

      @Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

      Congratulation Chairman Mao on leading a communist country that is totally kicking the USA’s economic ass these days. If only we could learn from you.

      1. techman says:

        As a person to actually grew up in Communism – not just read about it – I do not think that Chairman Mao should get too much credit when it comes to the current economic success of China. Mao killed milions of Chinese during the so called “people’s revolution” and that is about all I remeber about him. The new generation of communists got much smarter and figured out that you can still have political power if you allow people to get rich. Like for example in China there is NO CAPITAL gains tax on gains made in the stock market. There is of course no way to deduct losses either, and I think that is how it should be given that the stck market is a big gambling aparatus. Maybe we should copy this model rather then trying to add more taxes to the long term capital gains.
        Another thing that the Chinese government does is they do NOT allow strikes by any kind of employees, government or non government. Do you think we should copy that at least with our so called “public servents”?
        How about the fact that there is no welfare in China? I am all for that for sure.
        I have to go to work now, but I am looking forward to your answers….

      2. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:

        Thanks Comrade Ronny-

        I will tell you something in strict confidence Comrade Ronny. Don’t tell anyone, but we had to pretty much do away with most elements of socialism and allow almost complete capitalism to, as your Larry the Cable Guy says, “Get Er Dun–

        Many of us laugh over our drinks each night about the irony of world business today. It seems our beloved Red China has become a capitalist country and America has become communist in so many ways!

        Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

    5. TheTruthIsOutThere says:

      “Why not give both sides of a story” ?

      ummm…is this your first time watching mass media news ?
      These boot lickers tremble at the thought of running a story that
      may offend their bosses ideals.

  2. Common Man says:

    In a few years the state workers will go on strike…then a government shut down will be OK. Anyway they all get back pay once this is resolved. You state workers are not fooling anybody. We know you will strike and shut down the government or schools… that will be a good thing then if will be all about you and making things fair your your greedy little wants.. Just remember….you will strike in the future and will you remember this shut down and how you all whined? We will.

    1. TwinsRAwesome says:

      A bit harsh, but true. Remember back in early 2000’s when we were held hostage by state workers!

      1. Jason says:

        @ common man, Right on many cant see this comming down the pike.

    2. GN says:

      I don’t know where the term government or state worker came from. The terms tend to be oxymorons. Government employee or state employee, yes.

      1. chris says:

        Hey GN….. Come on down to the capitol tomorrow and tell me I’m not a “worker”.

    3. CHESTER says:

      maybe we will or maybe we won’t but hopefully we will get BACK some of our pay and benefits that we LOST under the communist t-paw administration!

    4. Chris says:

      HEY DUDE….WE DONT GET BACK PAY! I’M COLLECTING UNEMPLOYMENT! Do you get your facts from Fox or talk radio? We agreed (to save the state money) NOT to get paid out once the shutdown is over. That would have bankrupted the state. So, I basically agreed to a tax increase, time for millionaires to do the same.

  3. eric says:

    Hang in there Chris — the tax system does suck. at least you have a good reliable job when the government is not shut down. Now you’re in the same boat of the majority of us private sector schlubs. government workers have democrats to get their back and rich people have the republicans to get their back. most of the rest of us are f@#$%d. but, i don’t resent you and don’t need to tear you down. I just need the democrats and unions to work harder for us all. And, people need to start voting against their economic best interest.

    1. Chris says:

      AFSCME Union members in MN havent had a raise in 5 years. How is that for the Dems having my back?

  4. Sara says:

    I want to work too! Welcome to the world of unemployment that too many of us have been scraping by in for far too long.

  5. Gregg Richardson says:

    To ALL who do not have a job – Live with it – have at least a six(6) month cash reserve fund – eliminate either your land-line or cell phone; drop those 1000 channels of cabel TV you don’t watch anyway; say away from first run movies; and grow a garden – quit complaining – you’re just like the people that come to you at your “service” job – no ambition to do it themselves too many “gimme, gimme, gimme’s” out there – Lean to look our for yourself & your family – MOVE TO NORTH DAKOTA….they need you there – and don’t forget to turn out the lights when you leave –

    1. What a joke says:

      Learn how to Spell!!

    2. B says:

      This is just sad, why say something negative to prove your point? I’m sure, actually I know, you know someone who has been affected by this shutdown and it makes me sad that you can be this disconnected and critical of people who didn’t ask for this to happen. Perhaps you should point the finger at our lovely politicians instead of people and families that are suffering because of it.

      1. GN says:

        I agree there are some good people getting hurt over this. However, the largest problem we face as a nation and not only a state is that there are too many laws that have driven us to this point that need to be repealed, to many government programs we don’t need, and too many government employees administering these programs. The private sector has suffered dramatically due to the offshoring caused by the laws and programs. Maybe the threat of government employee jobs going offshore to reduce the costs will wake up the other side of the fence. India and Argentina can easily take over many of the clerical jobs that are currently being done, or should I say not being done efficiently and cost effectively. Pension plans, early retirement, and health care benefits in the private sector are, for the most part, a thing of the past. Internation competition and goof ball laws determined the loss of these benefits to the private sector.

        1. Citizen says:

          So, losing more jobs is going to help–how?

          1. techman says:

            GN was not talking about getting rid of PRODUCTIVE jobs – like manufacturing – he was talking about government clerical jobs that could be sent to India or China in order to save cost. I think the better way to do this is hire fewer people and scale down the scope of the government, which even you will admint that it outpaced the growth of the economy (state or federal) by a very large percentage over the last 20 years.
            You also need to reform government emplyee pension plans (which are more or less gone from the private industry) and have these so called “public servants” contribute to their health care insurance like we all do.
            Then put in place tax incentives for the small to medium size PRIVATE companies to hopefully bring back the back bone of America, manufacturing.
            Do you disagree with any of my statements, and if so please elaborate with more then one line.

            1. Mark says:

              Techman – Your post is right on point, good job!

            2. Chris says:

              If I have to pay more into my health insurance do I get a raise ? Or do we say that it is fine to tax poor people by making them pay more but not millionaires? Pick one.

    3. HUH!? says:

      wow you have got to be the most jealous hillbilly fool I have ever read on this site.. lol
      Not everyone that is out of a job because of these fools works directly for the POS state we live in.. GET A CLUE YOU FOOL all I can say is wow.. I feel sorry for you lol

    4. Jason says:

      I like it. Someone with critical thinking skills, you dont see this often. Sometimes you have to make choices that are uncomfortable.

    5. Citizen the Populist says:

      Well said Gregg – A little common sense, and a little planning ahead is what every American needs to do. Enough of this, it’s not my fault that I made bad decisions . . . someone else has to support me now crap.

      1. Chris says:

        What decision did I make? PS, I live paycheck to paycheck, kinda hard to save. Do you guys think I make like 75k a year or something?

    6. sunny says:

      If i move to North Dakota should I just let my house go into foreclosure.

  6. We don't need most of them says:

    So he sits on the lawn and does nothing. Probably what he does all day when he is suppose to be working. Typical state worker. I hope they lay off half the work force.

    1. King says:

      It doesn’t take to much time for a couple of arrogant republicans to show up to cut someone down.

      1. Ann says:

        This guys a dumb a** He wouldn’t be working anyway it’s a holiday weekend. Poor guy can’t even ” go camping”..really? Just like a liberal. Wishing the hardworkers( Republicans) to pay his way through life.

        1. Charlie T says:

          Yet another post by a republican to be a name caller. Chris has done no evil deeds., yet you feel the need to call him names. If only republicans were hard working than less than 30% of the country would be that. What causes the need to be hateful Ann?

          1. Ann says:

            Not hateful, just honest. Chris’s statement is he lost his job because republicans won’t tax millionaires., Well, I am not a millionaire, but I am smart enough to know that most of the millionaires are the ones who provide jobs to the rest of us schlubs so taxing them more only means more unemployment for Minnesotans. Those millionaires will leave the state and quit doing business here. I wish Liberals didn’t feel like rich people are evil. They are the ones who employ people, donate big money to charity and usually are rich because they have worked darn hard at what they do. Why is this a bad thing? Why should we punish them?

            1. Charlie T says:

              Most jobs are through small business and they are not millionaires. Citizen the populist has pointed this out many times. Using derogatory terms is hatehul, not honest

              1. James Carson says:

                Charlie, you know less about business than my dog.

              2. Citizen the Populist says:

                But Citizen the populist also realizes that many small business owners are also millionaires. I know this because both my father and father-in-law are truly small business owners who through a lot of hard work have become millionaires. By continuing to increase their tax burden, it only discourages them to grow their business more and prevents them from hiring more employees.

            2. chris says:

              You’re smart enough to know that millionaires create jobs huh? Well, where are the jobs they have created? You want to cut services to poor people which is essentially a tax increase on poor people. By the way, the bottom 98% are the people buying things that millionaires “make” so if you keep cutting the bottom 98% we wont have any millionaires. Have you ever been to a 3rd world country?

    2. Sarah K says:

      Actually, he’s speaking out against the people who forced him to lose his job. He didn’t make any demands, he didn’t want this to happen. He simply wants to earn a living just like the rest of us and unfortunately, his job has been cut due to politicians who can’t figure out how to do their jobs and HELP MN! I say GO CHRIS and to all the state workers, hang in there!!

      1. Norge says:

        Sarah,,he made a specific reference to a uber-liberal decietful Dayton/DFL mantra of taxing those with income over a million…there-by playing the deceptive class-warfare card, and politics…he is fair game for his lies! Did you miss this because you’re spending to much time with your bong…or are you another one of the DFL paid goons who are supposed to watch trends on forums and comment in an effort to skew the numbers or mis-direct the trend of sentiment?… A little FACTUAL research will show that there are lots of business people with over a million in income and they take home less then 50,000 a year. Thats a lot of risk to be your own boss….and here comes the uber-liberals saying they are rich, give them half. Change your bong-water before the brain-damage is pemenant! TANSTAAFL

        1. jimmy says:


          ” A little FACTUAL research will show that there are lots of business people with over a million in income and they take home less then 50,000 a year.”

          Then 50,000 is what they pay taxes on, you don’t pay taxes on your gross

          Thanks for making my point, that business owners can write most of iot down.

        2. chris says:

          “Change your bong-water before the brain-damage is pemenant! ”

          Learn how to spell before you make fun of someone else and I’d like to see these statistics of millionaires that make less than 50k a year. I doubt it….Let’s see a link.

      2. James Carson says:

        Why don’t you berate Governor Dayton for breaking his promise not to shut down government for the sake of a tax increase?

  7. Taffy says:

    One Word – Casino – It’s a no brainer. It would produce many jobs for the state and bring in much needed revenue. There would be no need to raise anyone”s taxes. Have you been to Mystic Lake lately? It’s packed with people! Have you tried getting a room at the Grand Casino’s? It’s always full, any day of the week.
    The Indian Tribes are paying our lawmakers big money under the table to keep a state run Casino from happening. If you can’t get the bill passed maybe you should let the people of Minnesota voice there opinion with a vote next election. I will not be voting for any lawmaker next election with the word ” incumbent” after their name.

  8. Jake says:

    Earth to Chris — you KNEW that this was probably going to happen. You had 6 months to prepare yourself in case DAYTON vetoed the budget. So don’t blame a guy like me, JOE TAXPAYER. You don’t say SQUAT about slashing WELFARE, which consumes, in a very inefficient way, over a third of our state’s entire budget. As a private sector UNION worker, I have a really hard time sympathizing with YOU.

    1. Chris says:

      Do I pay taxes? Pretty sure I do. Come down and talk to me tomorrow Jake…..If you’re in a union and make 350k a year or a million a year, I wanna be in that union.

  9. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

    Stop the excess spending, this should have nothing to do with taxes.

  10. Lion Heart says:

    This is ridiculous! Why the hell are all the state POLITICIANS still getting paid every last one of them REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS are still getting paid with state money and not one of them is doing any thing. While all the rest of the workers don’t get to go to work. Every politician should be voted out of office for refusing to negotiate. All I have to say is I hope that all your political careers are ruined and tarnished and that you truly be humbled and realize how much grief and suffering you are causing to hardworking people. Here is an excellent quote from a famous Radical republican “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it.”
    — Abraham Lincoln, 4 April 1861

    1. jordanj says:

      It’s called ENTITLEMENT.

  11. purplefox says:

    I love the tax the rich line. If Democrats were serious about taxing the rich, they would propose a 25% wealth tax on everyone with over a million dollars in assets. That tax would hit Mark Dayton and a lot of Democrat donors where it hurts the most, their bank accounts. Instead they want an income tax that will hurt small business owners who would have used their profits to reinvest and grow their businesses and hire more private sector employees. Democrats love to play class warfare, as long as it is the private sector that gets hurts.

    1. jimmy says:

      A income tax on people making 1 million in taxable income dose not hit small business owners. That is just a flat lie told by Republicans. The people that would hit are the greedy CEO,s of major corporations in Minnesota. The pigs that are filling their pockets while running their companies into the ground.

      1. Lesley says:

        wrong…..wrong….wrong you really dont know what you are talking about.

        1. Sean says:

          A small business owner making a million a year is not a small business. At a 5% profit margin that would be a $50000000.00 a year business. That would not be a small business.

          1. Kingsley says:

            You don’t have any idea what your talking about so please don’t comment and show your ignorance on this subject.

            1. Sean says:

              @ Kingsley. Prove me wrong. I ran a small construction business in the 1980’s I was earning about $70.000 a year. To make a million in the construction business I would have to be building over 200 houses a year. The million is not a gross, it is a net profit.

              1. Kingsley says:

                I don’t have enough space to educate you but maybe thats why you don’t have a small business anymore.

                1. Sean says:

                  Went on to do other things. Again you write of things you have no clue of, follow your own advice and quit showing people all that you know nothing of.

            2. jimmy says:

              Kingsley quote

              “You don’t have any idea what your talking about so please don’t comment and show your ignorance on this subject.”

              Please by all means show your intelligence on the subject.

        2. jimmy says:

          Think about it Small Business owners can write off much of their income to their business. Greedy CEO’s are W2 wage earners they can’t write nothing down. They spend a few years as CEO or top execitive, steal as much as they can.

          1. Kingsley says:

            See above, it applys to you to.

            1. Charlie T says:

              If you have nothing to back your point perhaps you ought to follow your own advice

      2. Norge says:

        I love it when the Dems show their dangerous lack of knowledge and out-right ignorance on the most important subjects about the government, It shows just how ill-equiped they are to govern and how dangerous they are to democracy. The instant transmission of their ignorance across the internet for the millions of previously uninterested ‘middle’ America has galvanized a movement that should stick a fork in the liberal-elitist ruling-class of the uber-liberal DFL in 2012. Ignorance plus arrogance are two traits the DFL have in spades, and the danger to the country could not be more clear. TANSTAAFL

        1. Dirk says:

          Ignorance like your unprovable claim ceo only taking home 50000 when they make a million

      3. Geronimo says:

        This tax also hits my son, daughter-in-law and grandson who earn far under a million dollars. I’m retired and found out that Minnesota is the second most expensive states for retirees to live. in.

        If you think others are not affected by Dayton’s budget, think again.

        There was a dramatic shift of power as a result of the last election. Do you the voters tossed the Dems out to raise taxes or to reduce spending?

        Denial shouldn’t be hanging on this long.

    2. Jason B says:

      I agree, there is a reason they have money….they are smart. You can try and take their money away but you will fail. NY is now repealling the ‘millionare tax’ because the result was a loss in revenue. Obama can try and redistribute wealth but short of a revolution he will fail. What he will do is ruin the economy and ultimately push the middle class into poverty. Our system works because most people felt it was a fair taxation system, the rich payed more but all people contributed. When you start targeting people they will find a way to beat the system and you have economic chaos.

    3. Sam I am says:

      It wont ever hit Mark Dayton for 2 reasons 1. His money is in South Dakota and 2. its from an established trust fund which is not taxable.

      The tax the rich is on people and small business overs. Not the already rich like Dayton or the Rockefellers.

  12. DARREN says:

    Hey, THere are private campgrounds that could use the money too!!!! OR maybe try camping at a family members farm or something, I used to do that. It was alot of fun.
    When I was unemployed I got all of my home projects done. Cleaned out files, fixed my computer, painted some rooms, etc.

    Always work to be done, even if its not for pay.

  13. argo says:

    “I’m one of 22,000 people that is out of work right now because we can’t raise taxes on millionaires,” he said.

    We need more state workers, just like him.

    1. Norge says:

      AMEN brother AMEN!!

  14. Mary says:

    What a idiot. Its a four day weekend. He wouldn’t be working anyway. Odds are the shutdown will end tuesday or wednesday. Pitch a tent in your backyard and have a hot dog and chill out.

    1. Chris "What a idiot" says:

      I think you mean, “What AN idiot”. And it is a four day weekend? Really? I wasn’t supposed to work on Friday? Am I getting my regular pay or did Republican raise my taxes by making me go on UI? MARY IS AN IDIOT! Come talk to me tomorrow at the capitol if you wanna call me names.

  15. Jennifer says:

    This is stupid, the guys been out of work how long? One day? How about all the people in this states private sector who have been out of work up to a year or longer?Because of the policies of this liberal govn’t. Please. WCCO is obviously another liberal media outlet with one sided reporting. It’s hard to even believe this story since the guy probably wouldn’t have been working Saturday, Sunday or Independence day anyway. He can’t even go camping? Really? I can’t even believe you would report that. It is the dumbest story I have ever read!

  16. Jame says:

    Public employee’s have a good gig going with their guaranteed pensions and overpaid wages. I am sure that they will receive back pay for their time off. I have no sympathy for them ! Most of them would have a difficult time keeping employed in the private sector.

    1. Charlie T says:

      What is your proof they couldn’t hold a private sector job? Running down people you don’t even know or have worked with. Try reading and remembering what you read. Numerous news stories have posted there will be no back pay.

      1. Jame says:

        I worked in the public sector for a number of years, and it is a joke. Unqualified workers making high wages for very little skills required. The job postings for public job requirements are overinflated with qualifications that will never be used in the position. The main criteria for employment in many cases, is being a minority to fill hiring quotas. A good many of the jobs could be outsourced, saving the the taxpayers millions of dollars in paying the pensions and other benefits these parasites receive over their lifetimes. Hire more veteran’s, they deserve a break after fighting for our country and way of life.

        1. Citizen says:

          @Jame. Then apply to the federal jobs site USAJOBS at OPM.GOV. The feds are hiring veterans IF you qualify. And can pass a background check and were dishonorably discharged, have good credit, good character, and are a loyal American. Most public jobs are pork and do reward a veteran, a particular city, or part of the country for political support. BUT, you still have to qualify for the job–and the bar is being raised because of the background investigations.

    2. Miriam says:

      I am a state employee (admittedly, not in Minnesota) and I make far less than those who do my exact same job in the public sector. However, I love my work at a teaching hospital and wouldn’t trade. You should realize not all government jobs are well paid.

  17. Lucifer says:

    Perhaps if government workers were not so greedy they would still be working now. What gives you the right to demand much higher wages, better benefits and an elite and lucrative retirement. What gives you the right to demands retirement so much earlier than the citizens that pay you?

    I shed no tears for layed off government workers for they will enjoy some extrea time off in July and probably just use up some of their personal holidays and sick pay and suffer no economic loss.

    1. Sean says:

      There are no wage demands or expressed desires to retire by this worker . t His only expressed desire is to go back to work. In regards to the rule of 90, that ended in 1989. Is it then your standard that anyone who wants to go to work is greedy?
      What part of laid off do you not understand. They can not use vacation or any other benefit because they don’t have any.

  18. Raise Taxes says:

    It’s amazing that the Founding Father were wise enough to know that people should not be taxed uniformly!!

    “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States”

    Seeing as WCCO deletes posts with links, info
    first link if you google “Taxing and Spending Clause Wikipedia”
    first link if you google “Historical Top Tax Rate”

  19. drummer says:

    Very reassuring to know that if they take more of my money it will be spent on nitwits like this.

  20. Norge says:

    This is all Cco will run as theri parent corp; CBS is raising millions for Dems and Barry. Expect nothing but the same ol ‘puff-piece’ journalism as they feverishily work to sway public opinion against the Pubs. More little tear-jerker stories cause poor little Suzy in her whell chair couldn’t go to the state park with paved trails,,,blahllblah..blah! If public workers can’t find anything to do the volunteer like thousands of us did to help clean-up the mess from the storms…they want tosit on the butt and complain…well that speaks volumes! Dude should be fired!! NO BACK PAY FOR WORKERS!! Unless Dayton forks it out of his own RICH POCKETS!! TANSTAAFL!!

  21. mark@mntaxwaste.com says:

    Fire half of them!!

  22. Rico Suave says:

    I’m guessing he’d do it for free. Looks like a flamer. Most flamers will do it for free with anyone anywhere. An alley, a doorway, a public bathroom. That’s why we don’t think gay marriage is necessary. Different partners daily is not a good model for marriage. It’s all about satisfying your urges, not relationships.

    1. jimmy says:

      Rico Suave

      Speaking from experience are you?

  23. Hey chris says:

    Chris, Welfare Wanda and her 8 kids got their welfare check on the 1st. Thats where your money goes.

    1. sherri says:

      And they call this a shutdown. All the illegal Welfare Wandas are enjoying Our Independance Day with Our tax Money. I bet their really angry they can’t enjoy our State Parks. hehe

      1. freebies galore says:

        No time to enjoy the parks. Got their Mn welfare, now have to drive to Chicago to pick up their check from Il.

        1. sherri says:

          ‘Scams Galore. Yep. They”ll also be loading up their brand new SUV”s with carts full of prime rib and chops Bought with our Tax Money!!! But they can”t barbeque in the State Parks. hehe!

          1. freebies galore says:

            They just fire up the grill on the deck of their Section 8 apt. Burn the place down.

            1. Katrinka Finkelstein says:

              OMG! I can’t believe the ignorance on here. I work for the “Welfare Dept” and the average person on “welfare” gets $219/month for food and $239/month in cash. There IS no section 8…they have about a 4 year waiting list…So tell me, how they are living high on the hog on this amount of money! This is NOT a life you want to live. 30 years ago I was on food stamps and cash assistance — my husband left, the baby had heart defects and I had to care for him 24 hours per day. When he was hospitalized at the UofM hospital and I was living in Anoka, the welfare dept told me that they couldn’t help me get to Mpls to visit him everyday…they said I should just wait until the hospital called and said he was ready to come home. Instead, I hitchhiked every day to see him and when I was late getting home my 5 year old took care of himself. When the baby died they gave him a “welfare” funeral and buried him in what looked like a styrofoam cooler. Yeah, it was a great life — At the end of the month I had to feed the kids an apple one night for dinner…because the food stamps were less than a dollar a day per person. Yeah, it was definitely a life to be jealous of!
              And now you think the state spends 75% of the budget on WELFARE? No, actually the state spends 75% of the budget on keeping YOUR GRANDMA in a Nursing Home — because, once again the rich know how to hide their assets and then Grandma qualifies for Medicaid when she can’t stay at home anymore! Pull your heads out of your collective butts and recognize that you are all just one head injury or childbirth gone wrong from needing government help every day forever.

              1. Just Cause says:

                @Katrinka Finkelstein Does the state publish any of these details on welfare?

                It would be so nice to have facts instead of the rhetoric.

                1. Katrinka Finkelstin says:

                  Yes, you can find the answers to the questions about food stamps and cash assistance on the MN Dept of Human Services website at http://dhs.state.mn.us

              2. Jennifer says:

                Let me tell you,
                I work for a county hospital where I see hundreds of people every week who are on the welfare system. While I do agreee there are specific cases, such as your own Katrinka, where people are in need of assistance and who deserve to have a helping hand, there are far more who refuse to work out of pure laziness.. have more children for the purpose of collecting more state funds, who use drugs, associate with gangs and some of which are child abusers. Forgive us staunch conservatives if we get a little tired of being told we ought to pay these peoples way. Why?
                I raised 2 kids on a below poverty level income for 8 years without collecting ONE DIME from the government. You know why? I was taught by my parents that I had to work hard, endure hardships and have faith and I would make it. And they were right. I did. I never even considered going to a welfare office because I associated shame with welfare. More people should.
                Katrinka..while I do think you needed a helping hand, why do you believe it is the government s job to provide that to you?
                And why should we assume it is the millionaires in this state who should be your saftey net? Why do liberals assume the millionaires owe them a life line? They should get taxed to death instead of cutting unnecessary programs? Why? Is it jealousy that perpetuates this type of thinking? These “millionaires” are the ones who provide jobs! If we keep fiscally punishing them, they will take their jobs elsewhere and then this state will be in an even bigger world of hurt. SO liberals, start thinking with your head and stop being driven by anger and jealousy of what others have.

                1. Katrinka Finkelstein says:

                  Jennifer, you married a doctor, didn’t you? 🙂 Working in a county hospital you will always see the poorest of the poor and they don’t always have the best social skills and some of them have just been kicked once too often by mean and nasty people like you. (But then a solid 5-10% of the doctors I’ve met have no social skills either!) Having raised two kids below poverty level for 8 years…and then you married a doctor, right? I, too am a health care professional and I’m married to a nurse, but we don’t think it is ok to be so judgemental and hateful. Today, a woman in your situation with 2 kids will have to make less than $8.00 per hour to qualify for ANY assistance, even a couple of dollars in food assistance…I have a hunch you weren’t living at less than poverty wages, but go ahead and look it up.
                  Please, please quit your job at the county hospital because NO ONE deserves to have someone involved in their health care that is such a pompous judgemental and hateful person.
                  Have a nice day.

    2. Jason says:

      Thanks for the morning laugh!

  24. sherri says:

    Replace all the city workers with Illegals.

    1. the crux of the biscuit says:

      Spoken like a true Republican. “Lets break the law” seems to be a common cry from them these days…..

  25. Bob22 says:

    The CEO of the company that my wife works for makes in 1 day what my wife makes in a year. You’re telling me he will go broke if he has to fire his tax attorneys and pay the taxes he should be paying.

    The middle class believes the lies. Drink the kool-aid with your eyes closed. EVERYONE needs to pull their own weight.

    1. stubby says:

      Why don’t we start with you Bob, let’s take away your mortgage deduction, your property tax deduction, deductions for you children, your earned income deduction, any college loan deductions you may have. Yeah, let’s everybody pull their own weight, starting with you.

    2. James Carson says:

      No, Bob, he will just leave MN, and fire your wife.

  26. Robb says:

    if you want the rich to pay more taxes we need to get rid of income tax and go with a higher sales tax that way everybody is paying and the rich will pay more becouse they spend more as for the government they should not have taken a weekend off till this was settled

    1. Frank says:

      The state study showed that the rich pay less of a percent of their income in taxes than the middle class. Since their income tax is higher they would be paying less in other taxes. That would be sales tax. Increasing the sales tax thus would hurt the middle and lower class.

      1. Middle of the road says:

        yet, the “richest” 10% pay 74% of all taxes paid and 50% pay no taxes at all. So how long can we milk this cash cow before it up and leaves?

        1. Gordon says:

          Yet the richest 10% have 90% of the wealth

          1. middle of the road says:

            because overone should have evenly or according to how much they contribute? Likewise, those that contribute the most should pay the most and those that consume the most should contribute nothing? appears that in your world, hard work, dedication, and making things happen is NOT to be rewarded.

  27. the crux of the biscuit says:

    While the State is shut down, I just hope people dependent upon it for shelter, food and medical care can continue to have a roof over their heads, eat and be treated by Doctors, especialy the thousands of children and elderly, Why DO Republicans hate children and elderly so much anyhow?

    I guess when your worth millions, and you made the money off the general public, the children and elderly should just hurry up and die since they really aren’t profit centers for the rich anyhow…..

    1. Jason says:

      Crux where have you been. All food stamps, sec 8, ebt cash cards are still online. Doctors will all still be on, hospitals will still be open as will emergency rooms. This is a fake shutdown.

    2. no welfare for the workers says:

      Thats funny. I am old and crippled. No govt benefits for me. Why do Democrats hate people who worked all their lives?

      1. Jason says:

        @No welfare, this was not directed at you. And your condition is not funny.

        1. no welfare says:

          Jason,my comment was for Crux. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

      2. Old dude says:

        That is funny that the Republicans want to kick me out of my house, take away all my money to spend on a nursing home. I didn’t ask that truck to hit me. It wasn’t my fault. Why do Republicans hate me and want to take away my services?

    3. stubby says:

      Tell us Crux, why do you feel the government has to take care of everyone who you feel is in need? Why do I have to pay for people, who through their entire lives, have made poor choices? Granted there are people who do need help, but how many of these people I’m supporting, chose to drop out of school, hang out on street corners, do drugs, work the streets, knowing full well they can go to the government for food stamps, shelter and medical care. These people are content to let the government take care of them cradle to grave. Time to fix the system, if they wnat government support, put them to work cleaning the city streets and sidewalks. Anything is better than the free ride they are getting now.

      1. Jason says:

        @ stubby. Nail meet head.

      2. Charlie T says:

        Answer this. Why did the Republican legislature not do anything about those you and many have issue with?

  28. FAKE SHUTDOWN says:

    Mexican Citizens receiving American Tax dollars via credit card or direct deposit (how conveinent for them) does not = a Shutdown ppl.

  29. Rico Suave says:

    So you want to work? What’s stopping you? Pick up a broom and get busy. The state will have to pay to clean up your mess when you’re done protesting. Do like the tea partiers always do and clean the place up when you leave. Don’t do like the Wisconsin liberals did and leave millions in damage. In short, don’t be a maggot infested, dope smoking liberal, whiner. Make yourself useful while you’re on unemployment. And for God’s sake, quit whining.

    1. Jana Riley says:

      I know this guy and he won’t leave a mess and he’s not whining. He feels he needs to stand up for the less fortunate among us. He can be out there reminding you all that your state representatives have failed you. The single mom who is out of work from the state, she can’t protest, she HAS to take a temporary job to survive this shutdown.

      By the way: he’s the guy who gets in the car with your nervous teen and gives him the road test. He also gives the road test to your 90 year old mom that you are afraid take the keys from, you count on him to handle it. And he does. He gets in the car and risks his life as your teen or elderly parent drives around the course, turning the wrong way at a one way street and/or driving through a red light. Then when he tells them that they have failed and they swear a blue streak at him, he smiles and tells them to have a nice day!

  30. Dayton got what he wanted...a shutdown says:

    I see CCO is doing it’s best to deflect any responsibilty away from Dayton. He could have called a session so they could keep the lights on, but he didn’t.

    1. James Carson says:

      Dayton promised not to shut down government for the sake of a tax increase. See how much his promises are worth?

  31. purplefox says:

    “The people that would hit are the greedy CEO,s of major corporations in Minnesota. The pigs that are filling their pockets while running their companies into the ground.”

    That’s even worse. Major corporations account for tens of thousands of jobs, so what you want is for large corporations to move to tax friendly states! Private sector employees that vote for Democrats must be either ignorant or hoping to win the lottery; because they sure don’t seem to care about keeping their jobs.

  32. Kirby says:

    Republicans like their populace to be dumb and controlled. Nice story about an independent minded young man.

    Also, the middle class in MN is supporting the tax loopholes and tax breaks for the rich with thousandaires having an effective tax rate of 12.3% while millionaires and billionaires get taxed at 10.3%. The middle class has no representation in govt. when republicans have control….if any republicans can read:


    1. Cache says:

      You have got to add how the rich are getting richer

      Presented with facts the righties still won’t believe the statistics

    2. James Carson says:

      Minnesota already has one of the most highly progressive income taxes in the country AND is already in the top ten for taxes on high income earners.

      1. Kirby says:

        James, proof?

  33. Alfred says:

    Taxing the rich more than they already are is insane.

    The government would take the money and get bigger. Next year we would have the same problem only bigger. Duh.

    All non-essential government services should be terminated.

  34. Ban Unions now... says:

    Why should they start working now. Not impressed with the unions rhetoric.

  35. Tim says:

    Taxpayer’s watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8qFvo2qJOU
    It just might change the way that you vote. This is a solution to the public employee issue!

    1. lenny w says:

      Why won’t this work in Minnesota, or Nationwide. Appears to be a viable solution ?
      Great video.

      1. nicole says:

        It will not work until we get rid of the liberal democrats and the public sector unions that protect these parasitic public employees.

        1. Looking for Leaders says:

          Yes, it work so well under Bush-Cheney, where we outsourced things to Haliburton and Blackwater, we then end up paying their employees 2x-3x what the government pays it’s employees (soldiers) plus the company overhead.

          Businesses would never lie to the public and manipulate the data to line their pockets (sarcasm). Let’s go back to those wonderful days of where businesses ran the police (sarcasm).. Insane!!!!

  36. Looking for Leaders says:

    Why are people so unpatriotic these days, wishing bad of the government is just wrong.

    The more I read the rhetoric the more I see anarchist. “Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society, or anarchy.”

    Government isn’t bad, it actually necessary for a strong robust economy that has a civil society. What ruins government is corruption!!!

  37. We the corporations says:

    Get big business out of elections!!!

    google “We the corporations move to amend”

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