The Twins played a 3-game series in what may be the National League’s finest ballpark — AT&T Park in San Francisco.

attpark1 Twins Blog: Whose Ballpark is Better?

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After being there for one of those games, several people have asked me how it compares to Target Field. It definitely has an unbeatable location in the San Francisco Bay, surrounded by palm trees, seagulls and gardens — and easily accessible by public transit.

attparktrolley2 Twins Blog: Whose Ballpark is Better?

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It features some nice local accents including a retired cable car in right field (with a sign that reads “No Dodgers fans allowed”), and several seafood restaurants next to a nice dining area in left field with tables, chairs and umbrellas.

attpark3 Twins Blog: Whose Ballpark is Better?

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But in the main concourses, you start to see some of the issues that Target Field definitely improved on.

attparkconcources4 Twins Blog: Whose Ballpark is Better?

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The concession areas at AT&T Park are much narrower and fans do not have a clear view of the field as they walk to their seats.

attparkconcources5 Twins Blog: Whose Ballpark is Better?

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In fact, to enter the stadium, you have to follow the crowd through a series of dark ramps before you get to the seating areas, as opposed to Target Field where you go through the gate and you have an instant view of the ballpark.

attparkstadium6 Twins Blog: Whose Ballpark is Better?

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Target Field’s designers also created a lot more seats on the lowest level, with fewer seats in each row — so you don’t have to step over so many people on your way to get a beer.

attparkscoreboard7 Twins Blog: Whose Ballpark is Better?

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I also like that Target Field has fewer ads in the outfield, a larger video board and a more modern style than AT&T Park.

Both stadiums are beautiful, but I honestly prefer the one on Twins Way.

Comments (8)
  1. KeepItReal says:

    The better ball park is the one with no baseball being player…most boring game on the planet!

    1. Umpire says:

      Dear KeepItReal-

      “Baseball is Like Church. Many attend but very few understand.”

      I am forever glad this glorious morning that you do not understand and attend. All you would do would be block my sight lines and keep getting up and asking me to move during the game!


    2. go away says:

      keepitreal – to0 bad the theater doesn’t count as a sport huh

  2. KeepItEnglish says:

    WHICH is the better ball park.

  3. Bo knows stadiums says:

    Brewers fans tried to tell me last night that Miller Park is way better than Target Field. I just about choked. No comparison!! I told them even Kauffman Stadium was better than their castle with a pansy little roof.

  4. Foul Ball says:

    No one ballpark is right for every location, or personal needs.
    Target field is a fine ballpark, but not for Minnesota weather. Young people love it, but it sucks if you’re a senior with disabilities. Minnesotans traded off comfort for a pie of stone, and glass.

  5. Troy says:

    only issue with Target field is its minniGhettoApolis location, San Fran incorporated some nature to the surrounding area

  6. csj says:

    The only way they could have improved Target Field is to put it on the river, so that long home runs can land in the water. Actually, the weather here during summer is easier to deal with than SF. Not so cold after the sun goes down..

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