MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/AP) — An independent panel will try to solve Minnesota’s budget crisis and end the government shutdown. Former Vice President Walter Mondale — a Democrat — announced the formation of a blue ribbon committee.

“We hope (it) will have the power and strength to move this process off dead-center,” said Mondale.

Former Republican Gov. Arne Carlson joined Mondale in creating the six-member panel consisting of former lawmakers, business executives and two former state finance commissioners.

“To the best of my knowledge, Minnesota has never gone through this kind of a broad shutdown,” Carlson said. “And there isn’t any one of us here that can predict when that shutdown will come to to an end.”

Carlson and Mondale won’t serve on the panel themselves. They say it will be co-chaired by Republican former state Sen. Stephen Dille and Democratic former state Rep. Wayne Simoneau. The commission will also include Gov. Mark Dayton’s budget commissioner, Jim Schowalter.

“Like you, I love Minnesota,” Mondale said. “I think we are special. I think that this state has always been a little bit different, and as far as I’m concerned, better than other states.”

Other members include budget experts chosen for their bipartisan records.

“This would put before the people of Minnesota — and before the governor and the legislature — a third approach,” said Carlson.

Carlson says the panel begins work Wednesday and hopes to have budget recommendations by the end of the week.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

Skeptical Republicans called Carlson a big spender and Mondale a national economic failure.

“We learned terms like misery index, stagflation and took the country into a period of economic turmoil really unprecedented since the Depression,” said Republican Sen. Dave Thompson.

Meanwhile, Republican leaders resumed budget talks with Gov. Dayton but both sides seemed not to have moved much.

“Road construction projects should be going. Parks should and could be open,” said Sen. Amy Koch. “There’s only one thing standing in the way of that.”

Dayton said he’s standing firm.

“They made it very, very, very clear they are willing to shut down state government rather than agree to taxing people who make over a million dollars a year,” he said.

The governor and Republican leaders will meet again Wednesday. Both sides will take on the biggest roadblock: human services funding.

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  1. Looking for Leaders says:

    Tax rates that have been

    google “Historical Top Tax Rate”

  2. Frank says:

    So a group of former politicians will get together, talk with cool heads and come up with a proposal. The house leadership will reject it because it is not their proposal and another week has gone by

    1. Rodney says:

      Or the house can come up with any budget that isn’t exactly like MD wants it. VETO!

  3. Looking for Leaders says:

    Time to get business out of election, so the power moves back to the people.

    google “We the corporations Move to Amend”

  4. Joe Hanson says:

    This idea screams “Governor Mark Dayton, too incompetent to negotiate, too incompetent to lead”

    1. MET says:

      Why is it all Dayton’s fault? The Legislature apparently can’t negotiate either!!! Takes two to tango, ya know!

      1. StraycatStrut says:

        @Met…… one just needs open eyes in order to see. One person…one person alone is holding up the whole state budget process that has been adjusted with increases to be the largest budget ever in MN. That would be Dayton. Spelled out ok for you to read….???

        1. Les Johnson says:

          Spelled out ok, but completely ignorant of reality. Minor detail to consider…

          1. Dayton the "All or Nothing" man = broadest shutdown ever! says:

            @ Les
            Reality is Dayton wants “all or nothing” does he not. No partial shutdown…the broadest shutdown ever! That’s reality checkmate!

      2. Dayton's Fault Facevalue! says:

        While it does take two to tango…only one wants “All or Nothing” and the broadest shutdown ever! That fault lies only on Dayton because he’s the one who hasn’t moved off his “All or Nothing” position!

    2. Jerry says:

      What it says is that we need cooler heads trying to deal with some of this. Those who post on here don’t even respect each other enough to have discussions without namecalling and shouting (caps), elder-bashing, many other prejudicial insults, so it’s too much to expect that there will be any respect for elder statesmen trying to help either.

      So this is Minnesota Nice?

  5. Rico Suave says:

    Too funny. Two liberals getting together to solve a problem. Gee, I wonder if they’ll propose a tax increase on the rich?

    1. Dumb says:

      @Rico Suave read first, then write, they aren’t on the commission

      1. Rico Suave says:

        Don’t care. We don’t need a “blue ribbon” commission. We just need a governor. And if Arne Carlson is involved in any way, I promise it will have the stench of liberalism on it. He’s just another big tax and spend liberal the GOP never got around to throwing out of the party. Kind of like Schwarzenegger. An embarrassment. Makes republicans look liberal.

    2. Sticks and Stones!!!! says:

      Whoa let the name calling begin????? Why is he a “spick idiot” rupert, because he is telling the truth? Truth hurts, huh?

      1. Dumb says:

        @Sticks and Stones!!!! don’t you read either, @Rico Suave is wrong.
        He didn’t even read the article

        1. Sticks and Stones!!!! says:

          Dumb yes I read it and just because they aren’t “listed” on the panel don’t mean they don’t have influence over it. Hello they are creating the panel; you don’t think they are going to put people they want on it? They have no business creating a panel anyway they are not an elected MN official at this time. If they want to help then they should run otherwise keep their nose out of it.

          1. Dumb says:

            @Sticks and Stones!!!! are you a fascist? I assume not, then they have every right to form a commission of private citizens to form recommendation to give to the government . It not like anyone has to listen to what they say

            “Hello they are creating the panel; you don’t think they are going to put people they want on it?” No, if they are trying to give alternatives no I don’t think they will

            1. Sticks and Stones says:

              Ok then let’s see what they come up with. Oh by the way I am creating a public panel as well, does anyone want to join me? My guess is though “my” public panel won’t get on the news.

              1. Reasonable says:

                Well that’s because you’re just some loser from the internet with no name recognition.

                1. Sticks and Stones!!! :) says:

                  @ Reasonable 🙁 You hurt my feelings!!!!!! Now I am going to cry so we rich have to pay more money because you “loser” can’t support yourself…… BooooHoooo!!!! Come on cry me a river why don’t Reasonable. I want more free stuff, I want more free stuff!!! I want more free stuff and you rich folks should have to pay for it to because we should spread the wealth, there should be no rich people in America. Spread the wealth, spread the wealth, spread the wealth!!!!!

    3. kman says:

      T-Paw one Republican to Create the Problem and he won’t even own up

      1. Sticks and Stones says:

        It is so funny here how everyone blames the former Republicans for the debt problem including Bush. What everyone seems to forget in MN and as far the US debt go is Democrats controlled both the house and senate. So why is it just one man? Did anyone ever consider that the reason the US economy went into the tank is because Obama was getting elected? Maybe they knew the government spending was going to get out of control so everyone jumped ship? I do understand the economy started to go into the tank before the actual election but everyone knew who was going to win just by looking at the polls. I know this gets a little off course but I seem to remember my 401K a whole lot larger before there was a President election. Just saying!!

        1. Les Johnson says:

          “Did anyone ever consider that the reason the US economy went into the tank is because Obama was getting elected?”

          That isn’t how economics work, sir. Something to consider before saying such a goober comment.

          1. StraycatStrut says:

            @Les ……Economy has been in the tank ever since BO went to Washington. Consider that Reed / Pelosi respectively were “in charge” with Barny Frank & comission overseeing Freddy and Fannie as all this was happening. I guess in essence…. the Democrats did not lead, could not see and had no part take at all. Funny your vision. Les….. is it one eye open one eye shut?

            1. TRUE AMERICAN says:

              obviiously youwern’t around when a guy named Bush was in the presidents office the economy was heading south before Obama was even elected so I’m sorry HE IS NOT TO BLAME…………………………GEORGE BUSH IS TO BLAME

        2. MET says:

          Did you really think that through before you posted it? For one thing, why was it NOT just one man’s problem when it was a Republican governor and a Democratic Legislature, but it IS one man’s problem when we have a Democratic governor and a Republican Legislature? Think about it!!
          Remember there was a government shutdown when Tpaw was governor too…Oh, but that’s right,…it was a Democratic Legislature!! My bad!!
          What I’m trying to say is one is just as much to blame as the other. They are all fighting for what they believe is the best for the state, but in the end, there has to be compromise by both parties!

        3. Frank says:

          The housing market started to collapse in 2006. The banking system was faltering in early 2007. So the economy started going in the tank then. Obama did not clinch the nomination until June 2008 As late as September of 2008 there were polls that showed McCain ahead of Obama. So what happened in 2006 and 2007 is Obama’s fault?
          George Bush was the one who signed off on the budget. That is why he gets the blame. Harry S Truman “The buck stops here” If Governor Dayton had signed off on the GOP budget and everything that needed to work for the budget to be balanced did not resulting in another shortfall are the people going to blame Dayton or the GOP legislature?

      2. Jake says:

        If dayton had a dfl majority in the legislature, you would be seeing a $38 BILLION dollar budget, with massive tax increases on everybody earning more than $40K a year, especially single taxpayers. Employers would be running across state or national borders, and the economy would TANK.

    4. Did you read the article says:

      it has a repbulican and democrate, so you are saying the republican is a liberal?

      1. Middle of the road says:

        If you serious consider Arne Carlson a conservative, well then you really do need help. He does where a Republican label pin, but in name only, not in action. That all being said, he was one of the best governors we have had in recent history, he knows how to compromise and negotiate, unlike Dayton or Pawlenty.

        1. Jake says:

          Ah, no, this rockefeller republican can wear any pin he wants to on his lapel, but he is not only a social liberal, he is a FISCAL liberal. as well. NO THANKS. He just wants to get his name out in the media, he really doesn’t care about the taxPAYERS in this state. Maybe he is bored to death and wants a new, well-paying GOVERNMENT JOB.

      2. today's the day says:

        I think it’s bizarre, that in 2011, a lot of people here just assume subscription to a 2 party system. Not everyone is an either/or here. “Right-wing nut job or bleeding heart—what are ya?” If a moderate, independent, etc. speaks up, the immediate presumption/consensus seems to be that the person is a member of the (C) party. Translation: confused. Middle dwellers, outliers, or independents tend to vote person, not party. Anyone can vote party—one has to educate themselves to vote person.

      3. bob douglas says:

        Any one who is not a right wing nutjob is a liberal, if you can think you are a liberal.

    5. TRUE AMERICAN says:

      Maybe thy will do more than you moron rebublican leaders, they haven’t done anything in 6 plus months

  6. Former is the key word!!! says:

    Seriously former politicians? What in the hec do they have to do with the current government that was elected by the people? Hello they are no longer in office and should stay out of stuff they have no business in. If they want to help then run for office. I think they are 2 that just want to be in the spotlight. Keep your nose out of where it doesn’t belong!!!! Why is it that former politicians think they need to be involved with things they have no business in? They are former for a reason, wither they retired or got voted out and therefore should stay away.

    1. TRUE AMERICAN says:


      1. Buckly says:

        “True American” your caps lock is stuck on, you mad bro? I don’t think George Washington and the other Founding Fathers had the idea of taxing people without representation. If they want to tax certain groups of people then those groups should get extra representation. All you urban trash need to wise up and realize people don’t condone you milking the cow dry with the expectation you deserve it.

  7. sporty007 says:

    Just increasing taxes on the rich will NOT solve the long term problem – we also need to slash the budget – we can not keep the out of control spending that is currently happening. We have become a state of entitlements – people actually believe that it is there right not to work and for the government to provide them with food, shelter and a paycheck.

    1. zulukop says:

      Sporty07- I could not agree with you more. This state is providing far too much for those who expect things handed to them with nothing given in return. Most reasonable people have an income that they try to live within. They have checkbooks to balance. There is little that can be done to get larger income. Not like the politicians who can just vote for more income and spending. WE NEED to send a message loud and clear, CUT SPENDING and live with in your budget. Especially when it is the largest budget in history.

  8. Going down says:

    I see a bunch of anarchists. “Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society, or anarchy.”

    1. Stanley says:

      I see a bunch of communists. “Communism is a system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party.” It’s hard to argue that the Left isn’t a self-perpetuating political party that despises diversity in the political spectrum. Only wish they could be more open minded to math.

      1. Going down says:

        @Stanley hard to take the math comment serious based on you not knowing what “single” and “all” mean.

  9. equality for all says:

    People like Sticks & Stones are what’s wrong with this state, the country for that matter. I agree there needs to be some long range intelligent spending cuts but you just don’t cut 5 billion and let the chips fall where they may just because you’ve got yours. Those chips would come back and bite us all one way or another.

    Lets all face it, the current fight is a draw and neither side is happy. Both sides have proved they are just as pig headed as the other. They have played the game of chickin and neither side blinked. Now that we have had the head-on collision it’s time for compermise, meet in the middle and get things moving. If it takes an outside panel to broker a deal, so be it.

    If the republican leadership were smart they would conceed half way as Dayton has already agreed to do, get all the republican members to vote yes so they provide a unified front, and fight this out in the next set of elections. Both sides can spin it any way they want to but at the end of the day, the people (all of the people) should be served and pay an equal percentage of income tax.

  10. Dayton in hiding says:

    How embarassing for Dayton. Two old geezers have to speak for him.

    1. TRUE AMERICAN says:

      NO they are speaking for MINNESOTA how imbarassing to be a rebublican legislator refusing to nagotiate in GOOD FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Rico Suave says:

        I was going to count the misspellings in your post but it was quicker to count the correct ones. I’m surprised you can read the name on your welfare check.

        1. TRUE AMERICAN says:

          SORRY STUPID BUT I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A WELFARE CHECK . I WORK HARD FOR WHAT I GET UNLIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Rico Suave says:

            Turn off the Caps Lock. It doesn’t make your point more convincing. It just makes you look like an ignorant hick.

          2. Dayton in hiding says:

            TRUE AMERICAN-You are stupid. Work a little harder. People on welfare depend on you!!

            1. TRUE AMERICAN says:

              Well maybe you should go back to school and finish the 2nd grade ! maybe you should also get off your deadbeat ass and work or maybe get an education besides who walked out of the meeting today after 1hour the whinny a– rebublicans NOT THE GOVENOR

  11. ron says:

    “Carlson says the panel begins work Wednesday and hopes to have budget recommendations by the end of the week.”

    Please don’t waste our time with a panel.

    The legislature came up with several budgets. Dayton refused to get involved with the budget process. Dayton then shut the government down, thinking he will win the public relations battle that will ensue.

    As long as the legislature holds firm, Dayton will loose the public relations battle. If the legislature blinks, Dayton wins, and the legislature looses.

    We elected the legislature to cut spending in Minnesota, NOT increase spending in Minnesota. Hold firm, legislature, and don’t give in to Dayton.

    1. TRUE AMERICAN says:

      we also elected the people to do what is best for the STATE OF MINNESOTA i can honestly say they a not managing our state in the best intrest of ALL MINNESOTANS

      1. Jake says:

        Guess you never heard the phrase, ” You can’t please all of the people, all of the time.” Liberals have had their way most of the past 45 years or so, and the chickens have finally come home to roost. So get ready to give up many of your entitlements, because the money JUST ISN’T THERE, understand? Too many people getting paid for doing NOTHING, and less and less people NOT getting paid for doing ALL OF THE WORK. The difference between the two sides is way out of balance, and it will be a struggle to make things right. BUT,
        thank Bill Clinton for signing NAFTA and FREE TRADE WITH CHINA for starting this American catastrophe of exporting well paying manufacturing jobs, and substituting them with overpaid government jobs and underpaid service sector jobs. I did a google on Bill’s net worth — over $200 Million, and hilary is worth a paltry $34 Million. Not bad for a couple of hicks from Arkansas, eh?

        1. TRUE AMERICAN says:

          Thats because your rebublican gov timmy( my way or the highway) pawlenty did smoke and mirror to balance the budget by shifting payments to the next generations

          1. Jake says:

            What does Pawlenty’s actions have to do with the Clinton’s obscene wealth?

  12. Marlena says:

    I have a message for all democrats and republicans alike. DEMOCRATS: STOP WHINING! Yes, there are disabled who cannot work in gainful employment. But the flip side of this is that there also many who could work but are too lazy and choose to receive a handout rather than a hand up. Also, many people who are on the welfore system know how to work the system so they can continue to receive benefits even though they could work in some type of employment. Also, many of our elderly cannot afford adequate health care because of their meager incomes. However, we do need welfare reform. Yes, I do agree that many of our citizens who truly cannot afford health care insurance should receive some assistance.

    REPUBLICANS: You have said you did your job when cutting off the health care benefits from the elderly and disabled. In part, that is true. However, many of our elderly have incomes from $500-$800 month. Out of that must come rent, utilities, food, clothing, etc. I doubt any of you could live on $800/mo. Yes, there are many disabled who could work at some type of gainful employment. Just by making cuts isn’t going to solve the problem. You republicans have not provided any reforms to go along with those cuts. As far as I am concerned, the republican party in general is not a solution finder but rather prefers to just make cuts in spending. I agree that the wealthy should be taxed to pay their fair share and not just the middle class and working poor. Our welfare system is badly in need of reform and repair. Instead of voting on whether the same sex marriage issue should be placed on the ballot in 2012, you should have been working on the budget as well as reforms to the welfare system you proposed to cut health care from for the elderly and disabled. After all, you had five months to complete the task. I am very sad and disappointed in the republican party and with the democratic party. No one wants to find a workable solution. Yes, cuts in spending are necessary but you folks missed the mark on attempting to pare down state agencies and making reforms for a smaller government and less government.

    Thank you.


    1. Methinks says:

      Best post yet. I’m thoroughly disgusted with both parties, but more so with the Republicans. Would have to say the Republicans have really missed the boat. They obviously don’t really want smaller gov’t, just less taxes. Sorry, but those are not one and the same thing. Rather than working on the budget, or to get rid of, or reform, any of the ridiculous, intrusive laws and rules on the books, they’ve spent the time since they were elected passing a bunch of stupid new ones. I think they were voted in to (a) get the job done, and (b) reform and eliminate some of the ridiculous laws, regulations, and mandates. As that is accomplished, less revenue would be necessary. You don’t just cut spending, while leaving all the same mandates, regulations, and requirements in place. Cut those first. But they’d rather have their names associated with “No new taxes” than with doing the hard work of proposing actual reform.
      And before everyone pegs me as a bleeding heart liberal, let me say that, while I did NOT vote for T-Paw either time, I have mostly voted Republican, and
      sometimes Independent, for the last 30+ years.

  13. Ali says:

    Why can’t Minnesota just run up a 14 trillion debt like the US government? We could have so much new stuff football staduims parks etc and have more benefits for everyone! Cut taxes or have no taxes. So what if we are in debt and can never pay it back, what’s the feds going to do, lock us all up? I say be the first state to do it before others catch on…

  14. Sammy de' Latranoe says:

    Make sure there are lots of extra “depends” ect around for this bunch. At least they can all have their own easter egg hunt…

  15. Dayton Sucks says:

    Morons elected a moron gov…….and they are seeing the effect….or lack of….enjoy the ride….

    1. TRUE AMERICAN says:


  16. md.zeke says:

    These guys are has beens!!! What the hell should we care what the two of them think!!!! Another waate of Media time or should I say a way for the Media to keep attention!!!Still B.S. but who is paying for these new committes that these two idiots think we need!!!! ZEKE

    1. Rico Suave says:

      I know. I’d be surprised if they could organize a game of checkers, let alone a blue ribbon panel. Quick, somebody wheel them back to the shuffle board court before the nurse notices they’re gone. Then wake em’ up a little later for supper.

  17. Rico Suave says:

    When did they exhume these two moldy old cadavers anyway? Drive them back to the Golden Acres home and give them some creamed corn. Then wheel em’ out during the next constitutional crisis as an example of failed government. That’s the only thing these two clowns are good for.

    1. Jake says:

      GREAT POST, Rico. One of the best that I have seen in a long time.

      1. CAPS says:

        Aren’t you paying attention Jake? Don’t use CAPS on Rico!!!

      2. Rico Suave says:

        Thanks Jake. High five! Stay thirsty my friend.

    2. mark@mntaxwaste.com says:

      Great comment Rico

  18. Can You Say "NO" Compromise says:

    “To the best of my knowledge, Minnesota has never gone through this kind of a broad shutdown,” Carlson said. “And there isn’t any one of us here that can predict when that shutdown will come to to an end.”

    Why you ask? Look no further than our “All or Nothing” governor! You can blame the GOP for a partial shutdown…but this broad shutdown is all on Dayton! It can’t get much clearer than that! On the “All or Nothing” argument Dayton wins the “No Compromise” position!!!

  19. Bobby redbone says:

    Why no Racino?

  20. Connie says:

    Parents: Take care of your own children. No more subsidies. No more free lunches. No more nanny state from brith to graduation. Get them ready for school. Read to them. Have conversations. Answer their questions.

    Sports Fans, players, owners: Build your own house of worship.

    Lawmakers: Really look at the budget line by line and determine wants vs.needs. Remember you are using other peoples money and these people are struggling to make ends meet. Is each expenditure really necessary??

  21. Embarassed says:

    I would assume from these comments and the “history” of Mark Dayton that he is not doing his job as governor! So now they have to bring in the “old ammunition” and do his job for him!! I would think Mark Dayton, with his track record, would be embarassed!

  22. None of the above says:

    Get people talking politics and see their true colors. No wonder the idiots that run the government can’t come to a compromise. They’re just as stubborn and closed-minded as the people they represent. This would make a good question for a future Minnesota History Test….

    In 2011, Minnesota experienced a $5 billion deficit. What was the solution to this problem?

    a) Increase taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotans. Millionaires are a bunch of greedy crooks anyhow. They can afford to pay a little extra.

    b) Slash spending on social programs. Poor people are lazy and it’s time they learned a lesson in the real world. Only the strong survive.Time to thin the herd.

    c) Shutdown most of the government right before the 4th of July weekend to bring the people of Minnesota together. Don’t worry the Zoo is still open.

    I’m not saying that I have a brilliant solution, but I do have an open mind. I don’t like any of these solutions simply because they are completely one sided. On one side people are telling millionaires to pick up the debt because they can afford it. On the other side they say the state can’t afford these petty little programs, so they are just going to get rid of them. If they spent half as much energy developing strategies to EFFICIENTLY spend tax dollars as the energy they spend on arguing we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

  23. John says:

    This cost shifting thing has got to stop. For years underpawlenty both parties allowed cost shifts to balance a budget. This I understand it is just a promise note to make the budget look blanaced on paper. One of the areas last week was in the schoold bills as they tossed around a shift between 70/30 and 50/50. So unlike our leaders call it down the midde at 60 40. Schools pull about 40% of our say 32 billion budget or 12.8 billion. Shift 40% of that out to the end and guess what happens in the next budget cycle. You start guess what 5.1 billion behind before you even start. So GOP folks if you are going to spend what is in your checkbook I guess you need to cut schools by 5.1 billion and all will be good right. (slight Sarcasm) So everybody as they just bury this money out for two more years just get ready to have this conv ersation again. We have had every cycle since Jesse gave away our big surplus. But hey at least he had one to give away. There is that sarcasm again.

  24. hank says:

    We spend $34 Billion and there is a $5 billion deficit? Impossible.

    $34 billion is enough. No need to spend one more dime than $34 billion.

  25. Janet Williams(612)874-9184 says:

    TJ, Thank you for standing up and defending the people (especially the less fortunate) in Minnesota. When you asked often times one of our REPS (How can you let the people of MN suffer?) I was so proud of you because you did not back down and you had no stake in our grief. I am just one of those citizens that are suffering now and I am scared. I have watched you often in the past and you have gained so much respect from me after your reporting on the situation in MN. You are awesome. We need help. Again Thank you.