By Jason DeRusha

As the state government shutdown continues, many of the ripple effects are being felt. One of the key concerns is the lack of health inspectors to give the green light to things like — state fair food booths.

Last week we answered a question in Reply All about the State Fair, asserting that because the fair is independent from the state of Minnesota, no taxpayer money funds the fair, and thus, it’s not affected by the shutdown.

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A viewer wrote in and pointed out that state health inspectors look at every food booth to make sure it’s safe to operate.

Here’s what Lara Hughes, communications supervisor at the fair told me:

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“The State Fair has a very close working relationship with the Minnesota Department of Health, which inspects food concession operations at the State Fair. We have been in contact with them about the status of their availability and been assured the agency will have inspectors on-site.”

We also wondered about the rides — since inspectors have to certify that they’re OK.

“Amusement rides are inspected prior to and daily during the fair by a contracting ride inspection company without government ties, so they will continue as usual,” Hughes said.

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So there you have it. I’m not sure how the Minnesota Dept. of Health is positive they’ll provide inspectors — I’ll keep checking into that.

Jason DeRusha