MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If the NFL lockout gets resolved soon, training camps would begin at the end of the month.

And if seasons past are an indicator, you know that means: a certain quarterback may be getting “the itch” to play.

There’s a report from NFL.com’s Gil Brandt that Brett Favre might be considering a comeback for a 21st season.

Brandt said Favre may be interested, because of the lockout situation.

The problem is there isn’t a team that’s expressed interest in having him.

Minnesota Vikings fans shouldn’t expect the team to persuade Favre to come back. The Vikes now have first-round draft pick Christian Ponder, who is considered the quarterback of the future.

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  1. od says:

    Say it’s not true, please

    1. BaseballSux says:

      Only thing that could be worse is having to sit through a baseball game. How boring can this be???

      1. YoSoBoring says:

        By whom? I think you meant ‘Your’ not ‘You-are’…I assume you are a french immigrant, transplanted from the bad lands of Algiers! Baseball is so boring, I wouldn’t go with a free ticket. My 50 year old sister could beat any of the stick-swinger is a 41 yard dash! Auto…what? Your mother was a hampster…

  2. stace34 says:

    Mn Viking fans don’t want him to come back. For the love of God man just stay retired.

  3. Johnny Rain Cloud says:

    Yes! Bring him back so we have an experienced QB. Favre is healthy and can still play the game! Be honest with yourself and admit he is the best option at QB until we can try to sign a free agent or trade for Carson Palmer or McNabb.

    1. K. says:

      Are you kidding me? Experience is one thing but it takes ability to do the job and I am afraid that Favre no longer has the ability. He’s just too old!

    2. Brett says:

      They line sucked so bad last year he got killed. McKinney is a pig – how many times did he get burned?

  4. Phid says:

    Favre should try playing in the CFL. He could bring a level of popularity to that league that it has never experienced, and he might do very well there. I was going to say that he could play Arena Football, but I think that game is too different for his type of play.

    1. Denny says:

      How about little league!

  5. jack says:

    I think Cleveland re unite with Holmgren

  6. Annie says:

    He should stay retired and enjoy his family!! If he wants to get back into football, I think he should become a coach or a commentator.

  7. Skol says:

    If it was for the pure joy of being able to read this headline–I wouldn’t be LMAO. Just gossip people, just gossip.

    1. franco@marco.com says:

      Skol Cowboys!!! The queens will s-u-c-k forever. What a bunch of purple nannies this shate has!! No problem cuz there won’t be a season this year….the year of grandstanding, lockout, state shutdowns, gridlock in the beltway…time to start it all over!

      1. Franco-marcolovers says:

        Will the Cowboys be favorites again this year then do nothing like for the last 15 years.

        1. CowboysRule says:

          Sez the man with 4 super-bowl titles…

  8. RJM says:

    Here we go again. He just needs to stay retired. Brett, maybe consider coaching to stay in the game but not as a player.

  9. Sam says:

    I say . go for it… if ya’ love the game play until you can’t anymore…I know some people say he can’t anymore , but he’s still better than other younger quarter backs out there ! .I know he keeps saying he’s done, maybe he should keep quiet and say’ I don’t know ; maybe;’ but he doesn’t , why do people get so upset over this , we all know he mght do this ! just let it go and let him play if someone wants to take him,. he loves the game, it is his life.

  10. Mealnie says:

    C’mon Back Brett! We love you!

  11. Corey Wootton says:

    I want to see old # 4 back in a Vikings uniform….

  12. AA says:

    Just whan I was starting to enjoy summer, along comes yet another “will he or won’t he” about the biggest ego in pro football.

  13. BigD says:

    People who don’t want Favre back don’t know football.

    You clowns are actually delusional enough to think Christian Ponder would win more games in 2011 for the Vikes than Brett Favre? Please.

    Last year was so bad in terms of injuries and bad luck. If Sid Rice and Percy are healthy, Favre is still good enough to lead this offense if he gets protection.

    If that O-line is bad, Ponder is not going to fair any better than Favre, idiots.

  14. Mandy says:

    pfft, he should try taking a year off first. Maybe discover what retirement could be like. Just don’t cry too much, ok?

  15. justaxnspend says:

    We love you Brett !! Please come back…..We might even build you a new stadium.

  16. Simple says:

    anybody who thinks the queens aren’t paying this clown to keep interest in a new stadium is d-lusion-all. MN citizens are just dumb enough to fall for it too!! Go Greenbay Fudge-packers!

  17. Poo says:

    SI just ranked the quarterbacks in the league and guess what. C.Ponder got listed as the 35th best qb in football. Never taken a snap. yada yada…..

    I’d take Favre in a heartbeat but not anywhere near the 13 million he got last year. Give him 14 million in incentives if he reaches the SB.

    1. sad but true says:

      Shoot, I’d give him $15 million in bonuses as long as he doesn’t require a catheter or a colonastomy bag!

  18. Tony says:

    At least Favre has a million dollar smile.

  19. jason says:

    he should come back as the vikings qb coach

  20. hate the system says:

    hire him as the quarterbacks coach

  21. Farewell Favre says:

    He can come back as their mascot. Gawd we don’t need Blubbering Brett back in MN.
    Family must be tired of him already and want him out of their hair.
    We have enough drama queens in MN, we don’t need him back too.

  22. jordanj says:

    Hope he can keep his “junk” in his pants.

  23. Gloria says:

    Favre could be a coach or a commentator, but I don’t think he can play anymore; he’s had it as a player, I’m sure. I cannot imagine any team wanting Brett Favre at this point.

  24. gm says:

    After that last hit of the season on the hard turf, I think Brett’s brain is mush. Stay home, Brett, for your own good.

  25. Steven Lancer says:

    Unless Favre had some major surgery (and I don’t believe he has) this is all BS…take it for what it’s worth