MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If the perennials in your yard have stopped blooming, maybe it’s time to dig them up.

Susie Bachman from Bachman’s suggests dividing a plant, like hostas, in half and replanting them to give it new life.

She said it can help them grow and bloom again instead of remaining an overgrown clump.

Bachman said it’s easy to do if you follow some simple tips.

First, she said divide perennials when they’re not blooming. If the plant blooms early, divide it late and if it blooms late, divide it early.

Bachman said for best results, split the plant up on a cool, cloudy day. This will minimize the stress on the plant. It will also help if it has rained earlier, otherwise water the plant a couple of days ahead of time.

Next, be sure and dig up the entire plant and use a sharp knife or garden spade to cut the plant into smaller parts.

When you replant the smaller plants, Bachman suggests adding compost, another organic material or a plant starter, and lots of water.

Comments (7)
  1. LMC says:

    I am shocked that a garden center is suggesting that Hostas be split at this time of year. If they are split now they will never round out. They need to be split in spring or fall in order for they to form their noted round shape.

    1. littlesuzieq says:

      Quoted from the article…
      “First, she said divide perennials when they’re not blooming. If the plant blooms early, divide it late and if it blooms late, divide it early.”

      She’s not suggesting that you do it RIGHT NOW.

  2. Halla Nursery Chaska says:

    Halla Nursery
    It is to hot to split any plants, unless you have the perfect conditions which are not now. Split in the fall when temps drop, the plants are starting to go dormant and the sun will not burn the feeder roots off. To suggest to split them now makes no sense.
    What you should be doing is giving them a feeding Osmocote works well and Miricle Grow is ok but washes off with the next rain or watering.

    1. Huxley says:

      Right. As the article and the post above you have already stated. I got plants at halla nursery and they all had mites and spread fungus to my other plants.

  3. randy says:

    I grow 20+ varieties of hostas in my N Mpls gardens and have split them at all times of the growing season without any problem ……………….. just like the FDA food pyramid changing over the years, a lot of the plant “rules” out parents used to use have changed as well ………………… we’re closer to zone 5 these days than zone 4, we can grow perennials that our parents never could, etc, etc …
    Happy gardening

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