APPLE VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) — There are new penguins at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley — and this breed likes the warmth.

The Zoo is opening its new exhibit 3M Penguins of the African Coast on Saturday.

It will feature 18 penguins native of the South African coast. They don’t live in the cold like other penguins; instead they’re accustomed to warmer air temperatures.

Guests will be able to experience the birds up close — above and below the water.

The exhibit will feature a replica of their wild habitat on South Africa’s Boulder’s Beach.

The Minnesota Zoo said they have plans to breed the birds in the future.

Comments (4)
  1. STIL-H2O says:

    3M Penguins? They have to have an officially sponsored title too? They’re not just penguins? What a joke.

    And now, it’s time for the AT&T Halftime show, brought to you by Coca-Cola. The Burger King Orioles brought to you by Wal-Mart are in the Jiffy Lube lead by 3 Verizon runs here at Comcast stadium, brought to you by Pepsi over the Arby’s Giants presented by Apple on a Ford Tough Homerun by Alex Rodriguez, presented by the Minnesota Dairy Farmers Association on this fine Thursday, brought to you by Dodge.

    1. Huxley says:

      Maybe Perfluorochemical Penguins? PFC Penguins for short. It would be more appropriate, in honor of the tainted ground water compliments of 3M.

      1. Jim says:

        I like this trend. It makes stuff cheaper for the public. If the Twins were sponsored by, say, Hormel, and wore Hormel logos on their uniforms, maybe they could lower the cost of a beer from $7 or whatever it is, or lower their ridiculously high ticket prices.

    2. coolbreeze says:

      Hey penguin idiot. 3M is pumping big money into a penguin house. What kind of clown has a problem with that? Do you think the penguins will be as short-sighted as you? It’s 2011 pal…

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