WATERVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — While lawmakers continue to battle the budget at the Capitol, the shutdown is taking its toll away from St. Paul.

In the resort town of Waterville, its appeal is written into its very name.

“This is how we thrive,” said Pat Scholljegerdes, owner of the Sakatah Bay Resort.

It was the perfect spot for Scholljegerdes to open a small resort that tailors to the fishing community.

“I depend on fishing to come. I really do,” said Scholljegerdes.

July is typically her busiest month of the year, but the Sakatah Bay Resort is dealing with cancellations in the 10-unit resort.

“We lost two customers due to not having fishing licenses from out of state,” she said.

The ripple effect of the shutdown in Minnesota is even having an impact on people from Iowa. One customer screamed at Scholljegerdes when he found out he couldn’t buy a fishing license.

“I will never come back to Minnesota, that’s what they told me.  They said, you just ruined my vacation,” said Scholljegerdes, as she recapped a conversation she had with an angry customer.

Many of Waterville’s tourists come from out of state, unaware they won’t be able to buy their license.

“I will lose probably about $2,000 next week,” she said.

It’s not just the loss of fishing business. Waterville sits near Sakatah State Park, a big draw for bikers.

“With that being closed, we’ll be losing customers to that,” Scholljegerdes said.

While she’s is taking a hit now, her biggest concern is how it’ll affect the future.

“If they don’t come here this year, they’ll go someplace else and then they’ll probably not come back here,” Scholljegerdes said.

Seven days into a government shutdown, but the real damage could be felt for years.

When the resorts in Waterville suffer, so do other businesses in town. The restaurants, gas stations and bait shops miss out on the tourist business because of resort cancellations.

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  1. Looking for Leaders says:

    Get big business out of elections, so this doesn’t happen again!!!

    google “We the corporations move to amend”

  2. grizzley man says:

    This article is written from the point of view that our elected officials actually care about us citizens. Wake up. They couldn’t care less.

  3. john f says:

    All business owners have ups and downs. The small guy gets hit harder but this is what you signed up for. We have a govenor that had more votes agains than for in the election. The voters voted in all those Republicans because they want this state to change. Over 53% pf the elections said no to Dayton’s agenda. This guy needs to get off his crown and stop the ridiculous spending

    1. jimmy says:

      Take all the republicans that got elected to the house and add their votes together. Dayton got more, mandate Dayton.

      1. john f says:

        Sorry jimmy, you just don’t have a grasp of the argument. The only statewide vote was for govenor. At least put up a coherent argument. More vote were cast for someone other than dayton. His percentage iin a runoff would have stayed the same. He has no mandate. Thanks the 3rd party clown for our government shut down

        1. Math 101 says:

          @john f what jimmy is saying makes perfect sense, you may not want to understand it, but it’s true

          if you need help I’ll break it down for you

  4. Barney says:

    So what’s the big deal? If you can’t buy a license, who is going to be around to check on it? The Wardens are out of business.

  5. Alfred says:

    Why don’t they tell Dayton that they are suffering and he should stop acting like a big turd.

    After all, he really cares about people.

  6. RaoulDuke says:

    Horner, “the third party clown”, was really just a garden variety Republican. He had to run as a third party candidate because the GOP ran a radical in Emmer. Emmer had no appeal to independants and cost the GOP tired governorship to a pretty weak candidate. Thats primary politics for you.

  7. Bs says:

    I went fishing this weekend without a license but I still followed the rules. Lock me up

    1. DNR says:

      We know how to find you, oh I better log off now I am not supposed to be here.

  8. AG says:


    We counted on our Minnesota legislators to do their jobs and solve the state’s budget crisis. But instead, the Republican majority has dug in their heels and insisted on a budget that hurts middle-class families. and businesses all around the state.

    Now, the Republicans have gone too far—shutting down state services and programs, costing us thousands of jobs, halting needed construction projects and even closing state parks.

    There is a better way. Gov. Dayton’s compromise plan protects the middle class and asks the rich to pay their fair share. Under Gov. Dayton’s plan, 99 percent of Minnesotans will see no tax increase.

    House Speaker Kurt Zellers, Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch and Minnesota Republicans need to get back to work, compromise with Gov. Dayton and stop protecting millionaires and billionaires.

    So I signed a petition to Rep. Kurt Zellers (MN-32B), Sen. Amy Koch (MN-19), The Minnesota State House and The Minnesota State Senate, which says:

    “It’s time for Minnesota Republicans to get back to work and compromise with Gov. Mark Dayton instead of protecting millionaires and billionaires.”

    Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:



    1. Sue says:

      Thank-you for this information, I have just signed your petition and think that is a great idea.

    2. tired of the BS says:

      The republicans have done their job and have compromised as much as they are going to. It is now up to Dayton to quit wanting to raise taxes on anything and everything. We voted the republicans in to stop this nonsense of tax and spend. It is time to live within our means. I hope a sight comes up where I can put my name to impeach Dayton because that is the one I will be signing.

    3. tax, tax, tax ENOUGH says:

      I hope you work for one of them millionaires or billionaires and they take their jobs and leave this State and leave you without a job. Oh but that won’t hurt you will it, you will just stand in line for all the free handouts that this wonderful welfare state has to offer.