BROOKLYN PARK (WCCO) — The former owner of a water park and hotel that closed following an I-TEAM investigation could be in more legal trouble.

The I-TEAM learned Grand Rios Water Park owes thousands of dollars to dozens of former employees.

The Brooklyn Park hotel stopped paying its bills and the bank that held its loan foreclosed on the property last month.

Shelby Hinman, who was a lifeguard at Grand Rios, says the business still owes her about $200.

She says all of the employees are owed at least a week’s worth of pay.

“I want that paycheck it’s a big last paycheck,” said Hinman. “It’s hard to find a job right now.”

Employees are considering filing a class action lawsuit to get the money.

The former owner of the hotel did not return our calls.

Liz Collin

Comments (6)
  1. Norge says:

    There should be criminal charges against owners like that, but sadly they are seldom ever filed, and most often the judge just orders restitution but the courst never folllow up on it. The Employees can complain but generally their lawsuit will just be a waste of time as their lawyer will want to get paid up front as he knows there will be little if any collection of the debt. These are the kind of businessmen that give all others a bad name, bet his house is paid for with the money he ripped out of the business. IRS should investigate him…her…whatever.

  2. George Washington says:

    I remember when American businesses were top notch, trustworthy companies. Somewhere along the line the soul of many business owners has deteriated into a selfish, hollow farce. It’s not just greed, it’s a deeper spiritual deficiency that is troubling.
    Can’t trust many people anymore. I know a guy whose paycheck he got from his company bounced. How do you let a payroll check bounce is beyond me.

  3. Mark from Minnesota TAx Waste says:

    Its all about the greed, though I highly doubt that WCCO had anything to do with breaking this story

  4. ME says:

    Protect the rich.

  5. Greed says:

    American businesses stop caring about their product or services once the greed takes over.

  6. Hostile Apostle says:

    My paycheck from the Towing company in Hastings that I worked for bounced and then when I snapped because my rent was past due and I got charged another $75 because of it they fired me and I’m still left holding a check for $820 that’s no good.
    Thanks RB