ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — An organization impacted by the government shutdown has deiced to protest the shutdown by having their employees grow mustaches.

Brian Miller and Dorian Hasselmann work for a non-profit organization and usually, they hold employee training at a state park. But the shutdown has closed the parks and now they’re growing mustaches to show their dissatisfaction.

“During that training we always take a photo and we have a tradition of wearing funny mustaches for the photo. This year we decided to put those mustaches to a different use,” said Miller.

Miller and Hasselmann quickly put together a facebook page called, “Staches Against the Shutdown.” As of late Friday afternoon they had 129 followers.

Female co-workers have decided to join in by not shaving their legs.

“I would say it’s about an even split,” said Miller. “The idea for women to not shave their legs came from a woman who wanted to participate in some way. She didn’t have the ability to grow a facial hair, so (laughs).”

Miller said the shutdown has already had some major impacts on their programs. Their non-profit group contracts with the state and the shutdown could impact close to 400 people they work with closely.

“Most of the people we work with are in job training,” said Miller. “They’re between the ages of 15 and 25 and they’re trying to get skills to go out and work.”

Miller and Hasselmann said they hope more people will join their hairy protest.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s John Hines Reports

Comments (10)
  1. Jake says:

    Oh boy, this will really get the attention of our politicians in St. Paul. (wink, wink)
    Haven’t heard of anything this original since they invented sliced bread.

    1. ME says:

      It is to babd you didn’t have no one to love you when you were a BABY JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rico Suave says:

    Looks like these maggot infested, dope smokers quit grooming long before the shut down.

  3. snerdly says:

    boy they are sure going to show the politicians! bet the unshaved legs are on women that no one would look at anyway

    1. Jake says:

      ROTFLOL. They probably live in a commune and grow ALL of their own food TOO.

  4. Dish says:

    If you’re going to show such harsh judgment, what are YOU doing to show your disgust with the shutdown, if you have any? It’s a visual effect on their part and I support any form of intolerance to this political showdown in which innocent people are losing their paychecks.

    1. Guy says:

      What am -I- going to do? APPLAUD LOUDLY. Shut it down. Shut it ALL down & keep it shut down. We don’t need most of these liberal leeches anyway

  5. Dish says:

    On another note…better dig up your herb containers and gardens before people think you’re living off the land and becoming “hippies”….ooooohhh noooo!!!! Not those dirty hippies!!!!

  6. No News is Good News says:

    Wow CCO this hard up for news to write this kind of story? Guess they have to keep the attention on the shutdown some how since the political leaders aren’t doing anything. Next we’ll get a reality tv show to follow Dayton, Zeller, and Koch around 24/7?

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