MAPLE GROVE, Minn. (WCCO) — Two people are dead after a man fled the scene of a traffic stop overnight in Maple Grove.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, the man was pulled over by a Hennepin County Deputy on suspicion of drunk driving. It happened around 1:15 a.m. Sunday near 694 and County Road 81.

Officials said shortly after leaving the scene, the man ran a red light before hitting and killing a 29-year old female driver on 93rd Avenue North and County Road 81.

The Minnesota State Patrol has yet to release the name of the victim. WCCO has learned she was 29-years old from Buffalo.

On Friday, a motorcyclist fled the scene and later crashed to his death on 494. The State Patrol said it is trying to get the word out loud and clear that fleeing the scene puts yourself and the public in great danger.

“These are very preventable. A squad car turns its lights on. All you need to do is pull over,” said Lt. Eric Roeske with the Minnesota State Patrol.

In just one weekend’s time, the decision to not pull over has ended lives.

“It’s incredibly frustrating and heartbreaking to think that three lives have been lost over the course of three days because drivers decide to flee from the police,” Roeske said.

Officials said in virtually all pursuit situations, the reality is there is simply no way to guarantee a safe outcome.

“It runs a full gamut of anger over the person fleeing to concern over danger that they’re putting the public in,” Roseke said.

WCCO is learning more about the driver responsible for fleeing Sunday morning’s scene.

Jeramiah Wall, 34 of Albertville, has a criminal history that includes fleeing the scene and a previous DWI. Investigators are looking into alcohol also being involved in Sunday morning’s incident.

maple grove fatal1 2 Killed In Crash After Man Flees Police

(credit: CBS)

“The deputy who stopped the driver suspected that the driver was impaired,” Roeske said.

While it’s still unclear if the deputy chased Wall, witnesses told the State Patrol he ran a red light and struck the passenger vehicle on the driver’s side door. Both drivers were declared dead at the scene.

“The consequences of just pulling over and dealing with whatever that problem is are going to be far less than losing your life over making such a foolish and irresponsible decision by fleeing the police,” Roeske said.

Authorities said it’s too soon to be able to tell if Wall’s blood alcohol level was beyond the legal limit. As for as charges, Roeske said typically when dealing with deceased parties, there are no charges filed.

The Minnesota State Patrol said it has had a difficult time getting in touch with the victim’s family and will likely release the victim’s name Monday.

Comments (85)
  1. Charlies Angel says:

    2 vehicles
    wanna wager what they find in someones system?!

    1. Jeff says:

      That idiot drove drunk and killed my best friend. I will never see her again due to his stupid actions and have no remorse for him.

      1. Andrea says:

        Why don’t you try losing your best friend this way and see how you react??? Her friends and family will do anything to try understand this tragedy and if checking out what local people are saying about one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known on wcco bothers you – you need to get a fricken grip! Many of you don’t know how amazing she was and how devastated many people in the world are right now because of this unbelievable tragedy and the fact that we will never see those beautiful blue eyes again.

        1. anon says:

          thank you, andrea. i agree. this family has had so much tragedy in their life. my heart just breaks for them. her poor mother and sisters 😦

  2. Kat Y says:

    Liquer is quicker …. to bed or to coffin.
    I am sure you are right in some sad way.

    I avoid the roads late nowadays. I believe my odds of living or not being injured are much higher by doing so. Should it have to be this way? nope
    People just to loose with the laws and so little respect for others.
    The New America

  3. st paul says:

    How bout the woman who was hit and killed? Are you going to judge her before you hear the facts? My thoughts are with this womans family and friends.

  4. Charlies Angel says:

    There was ZERO info on the facts which have since been modified. The initial post was only that 2 had died at approx 1am and the comment I made inferred that alcohol or a chmical would be somehow involved.
    The facts now known and quite sadly my assumption and comment held true. Again at that.
    I’ll wager 80% of the stuff that occurs on the roads after midnight is do to use. Simple as that. And I am anti-booze in case you don’t know.
    My prayers go out to the deceased(s) family and loved ones and maybe a tinge bit more to hers as she by all accounts was as innocent as one can be.

    I don’t know where you get off on my “judging” anyone st paul as I never did. I stated my belief of alcohol….that was it. Read my post again and then take a valium and nap

  5. Joey says:

    1:15am. She probably just got off the night shift. Or she could just be a night person. I’m out and about at 1 all the time, I don’t drink or do drugs.

    1. Crusty Rusty on OT again says:

      I don’t when it comes to me but everytime I read of these things I agree – it way way way way to often alcohol or drugs involved in some manner with one of the cars.
      Matter of fact _ other than someone falling asleep behind the wheel I can’t think of another one that didn’t have one or the other either DWI/DUI or running from a drug deal or such.
      Not much good happens outside after 11-12 so IMO it’s not worth the downside.

      just my .02 based on the last 10-15 years of reading. I feel for the victim family and for the perps too. He made a fatal drunk decision and it cost dearly

  6. Bill says:

    Who cares why she was out. He got off easy by dying in the accident. He should have lived to know what he did and live with that the rest of his life.

    1. Angie says:

      He lived a hellish life his ENTIRE life! He is finally at peace!!!

  7. JustSayin says:

    Nobody seems to want to point the finger the other direction either so I will do it. Why are high speed chases happening by law enforcement when they have been shown to do nothing but cause bodily harm? They aren’t more likely to apprehend the person, just more likely to kill other people. TWO ended up dead because law enforcement was trying to catch ONE.

    1. Boston Southie says:

      So, what EXACTLY, are the police supposed to do?? If they don’t go after him and something happens, then people come out in droves claiming the police were not doing their job of keeping drunk drivers off the streets. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
      Bottom line is it IS NOT the police’s fault!!!! It is NOT their fault some immature buffoon who thinks it will “never happen to him” decides to get drunk and then drive. The laws are meant to protect us, and we need people to ENFORCE them.
      Mr. Wall KILLED an innocent, beautiful person simply because he was selfish and stupid. The police are NOT to blame!!!

      1. Sarge says:

        Thank you, Boston Southie! We are sworn to uphold the law. Part of our job is to make traffic stops on suspected impaired drivers. I listened to this unfold on the radio last night while I was working. The Deputy had made the traffic stop, but while AT the stop, the driver took off. It was a fairly short chase in length…maybe a couple miles. We are trained to P.I.T. to end a chase as soon as possible. Not sure if the agencies involved last night are PIT trained or not. In any case, the chase ended in a crash, which was unfortunate. But it was the DRIVER’S choice to flee. He made that decision, and the Deputy was only doing his job to try to stop him again. The officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel have to deal with that crash scene in their minds for the rest of their lives. It was a cowardly thing that Mr. Wall did.

        1. @dorkSarge says:

          We don’t need any fake pigs on here acting like they’re cops, you say you were listening and not sure if they are pit trained, the chase was less than a mile. Go back to moms and listen to your scanner dork, Burger king appreciates your service.

          1. Kate says:

            Been arrested much? A little bit of hard feelings? Normally those that complain the most about police are the ones that need to be watched the most by them.

            The person ran from a stop. It is their fault the accident happened.

        2. Boston Southie says:

          No problem Sarge. While not in law enforcement myself, I do understand that it can be a thankless job sometimes, and a difficult one at that. What is sad is that some people only care to place blame, and fail to see the underlying problem(s).
          Mr. Wall was ignorant, selfish, and from the looks of things, not new to trouble. A dangerous combination alone, but when you add alcohol, it’s lethal. As a result, 2 lives are snuffed out way, way too young. While I feel for Mr. Walls family, my heart aches for the innocent 29 year old woman from Buffalo, her family and friends. God Bless them!!! I know it’s a cliche, but it really is senseless, tragic and most of all PREVENTABLE!!!
          Thank you for your service Sarge. I can only imagine what you and your colleagues have to go through on a daily basis. I, for one, am VERY grateful for the men and women in the public service capacities.

          1. Guy says:

            I only have sympathy for ONE family here. Wall chose to drive drunk & kill someone – good riddence. If his family cared about him they should have taken his keys away. My only sympathy goes to the person whose only mistake was being in the wrong place at the same time as the duchbag.

            1. Jen says:

              ” If his family cared about him they should have taken his keys away.”

              So you’ve NEVER been away from your family long enough to do something stupid? Or done something you know you’re not supposed to? Please. He wasn’t necessarily with a family member or friend who could have taken them from him.

              1. Angie says:

                Thank you Jen!

      2. po says:

        police can take picture and get back to the drunk later, and charge him. no need to chase him like that. it could have been your daughter who got killed. police does a lot of harm than good.

        1. Kate says:

          No, they can’t. Have you ever tried to take a picture of a car speeding away from you – and be able to tell who is driving? And how do you know they won’t hurt someone in the mean time. How are they supposed to catch up to him later and prove he was drunk a few hours earlier?

    2. RetroDude says:

      You are an idiot. You suggest that we reduce law enforcement to the point where the bad guy has to simply drive away to avoid apprehension? Again, JustSayin, you are an idiot.

    3. kim says:

      Except it wasn’t a high speed chase. The person took off from a traffic stop. He was already stopped at the side of the road and took off. Maybe if the person would just pull over and stay there people wouldn’t get hurt.

      Do you really think it is a good idea to let people run and not try to stop them? Where do you draw the line, when do you stop trying to catch the criminals?

      1. Danielle says:

        At the point where innocent people are at risk of their lives clearly. How would you feel if they chased someone into your husband? Child? Parents? Coworker? Honestly anyone you know? Many people could have prevented this tragedy, the only one who couldn’t have predicted the outcome was the victim. My heart goes out to her family and all of her friends. It’s so upsetting that such an innocent, beautiful life is ruin because of other people’s decisions.

        1. Josh says:

          she could of looked before going!

        2. Kim says:

          Where do you draw the line? The guy was already endangering lives. Stopping him would have prevented the harm. It isn’t the police’s fault the guy decided to drive drunk and kill someone. They were trying to stop him. Would you prefer they let the drunk be allowed to drive areound and run into someone? Like say the aunt of mine that was killed when she was 17? Don’t assume I haven’t already lost someone close to drunk driving. I wish he had been caught before he killed my aunt, but he wasn’t.

        3. Les Johnson says:

          And how would you feel if, after leaving the traffic stop and not being chased, he went and killed someone else anyway?

          I don’t understand how anybody can suggest letting people leave traffic stops.

          Why bother stopping anybody to begin with? Isn’t that what you’re REALLY suggesting here?

  8. Larry Sr in Stillwater says:

    Why’s pretty simple IMO – because the guy likely would have taken out someone regardless.
    Come on – why was he stopped in the first place? duh
    Why did he take off ? duh
    And the pic above may even lead one to think it’s a previous mug shot – albeit that is an educated guess on my part.

    There’s no reason to point the finger the other way – the first minute you let all run off , BY POLICY, do you think for a second that they all won’t laugh and hit the gas ?!!!!!!
    This isn’t some dream world we live in, it’s real. And the bastids need to be taken OFF the streets

  9. Jake says:

    Notice the 3 words directly beneath the photo? My guess is that he’s had more than a couple of speeding tickets.

  10. anon says:

    I know the sister of the girl who was killed. Keep your awful comments to yourself. They are grieving. Show some respect.

    1. markH says:

      Your knowing someone who is related to the innocent victim in the tragedy is absolutely irrelevant. And which “awful” comments are you referring to? Someone died who was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time. The REAL problem is that our lawmakers do not take the 34,000 annual US deaths on our roadways as a crime. We always get updates on the number of US casualties in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (and these are quite serious and not to be taken lightly) yet vastly more die each year on our highways due to drunk driving than have occurred in nearly 10 years of warfare. Alcohol is a socially accepted drug. Alcohol alters the mind and impairs to judgment of those who drink. We know this and there is a mountain of evidence to support it. Yet we routinely give drunken drivers light sentences because alcohol is so inextricably linked to our cultural attitudes about it. Should first-time offenders receive a sentence of 6 months in jail and revocation for 2 years, I guarantee that sober people would think twice before getting behind the wheel after drinking. Peace.

      1. Sarge says:

        Thank you, MarkH! I totally agree with you. As a cop of 17+ years, I have seen our DWI laws get tougher (.10 down to a .08, and the introduction of felony level driving laws), but what we DO need is for that FIRST one to sting. Hit them where it hurts…in the pocketbook! Unfortunately, we don’t have the room in our jails to house first-time offenders. But maybe second-time offenders? Also starting soon, there will be ignition interlocks installed on multiple offenders. The laws are changing! That’s good! Now, we just need people to pull over and stop for us, rather than pulling a Mr. Wall stunt and trying to outrun a cop. Guess what? We always win! We have multiple agencies out there looking, we have traffic cams, and we have the State Patrol helicopter in the sky.

        1. @sludge says:

          Parents basement dwellar stop. your making my stomach hurt, you’re nobody.

        2. Jake says:

          Sarge, you had me going wth you until you said that a first time DWI doesn’t sting hard enough. IT does, usually. What I think sucks are all of the idiots out there driving without a valid license or insurance because of a DUI, and you guys don’t catch enough of them. We also need stronger penalties for those who drive without a license or ins.

          1. Guy says:

            Simple – DUI without a drivers license – put them up against a wall and SHOOT THEM. DEAD! Surefire cure for recidivism. Get them before they take someone with them.

          2. Les Johnson says:

            In Wisconsin, a first time DUI isn’t even a crime.

            1. Sue says:

              Wrong. It is a crime in WI, they do enforce and there are penalties levied.

        3. markH says:

          Sarge- I agree with you that jail space would be a problem; I didn’t think through the logistics of that suggestion. One thing that stands out to me as a possible (though not perfect) solution is to remove the BAC requirement and have a “zero” BAC level mandate. As things stand now (in every state) people are judging their own level of sobriety while they are already under the influence. Iagree with your comment about trying to outrun a cop-what the hell are these people thinking? I can see (though not condone) the rare suspect who may be wanted for capital murder or something like that), but most of those I read about are simply fleeing a misdemeanor charge!

          1. Jake says:

            Jail space is NOT a problem. I recently read an article in the Strib that our prisons are operating at only HALF CAPACITY. Could this be a JUDGE problem?? Next election, take your judgeship votes SERIOUSLY.

      2. anon says:

        sorry. me knowing the sister of the deceased is NOT completely irrelevant. i am pretty sure, like the rest of you, i am allowed to say whatever comment i want. i guarantee you, markH, that if you lost someone in your life that was an innocent, you wouldnt want to come on WCCO and see all these BS comments, wondering why this innocent girl was out at 1am. not everyone who is out that late is looking for trouble. unless you dont have a soul. which i am sure most of these people commenting on here do not. just remember, one day you might lose a loved one, and maybe that loved one will be at fault. just try and remember the way you would want to be treated if you had a horrible tragedy happen in YOUR family.

  11. jds says:

    Well it took a little over an hour for the first fool to blame the police. One person decided to drink then drive. One person decided to flee the police. One person decided to continue to flee and then run a red light. ONE PERSON KILLED AN INNOCENT PERSON. Dont blame the police. Blame the one person that decided to doo all of this.

  12. does my name matter? says:

    While all of you sit here and pint fingers, why don’t you remember the facts. A woman was killed, and why you sit here and try to guess why she was out at 1 am, try and remember that she has a family thatis grieving! And even though he caused the accident, he still may have family that is grieving him, and his family will now barer the burden of his actions! Is it so hard to let this woman rest in peace and let her family morn her loss with out everyone point fingers?
    My thoughts and prayers go out to this womans family!

    1. @doesmyname says:

      Im mourning the education system that taught you, my 6 year old could type your paragraph better, shame on you for breathing.

      1. Kate says:

        Why are you trolling so hard? Don’t you have a life of your own? Or are you a drunk driver that doesn’t have a license so has nothing better to do than go around insulting people instead of contributing to a discussion?

  13. markH says:

    In using the word “Accident”, the title to this story is a glaring example of the ignorance that perpetuates drunken driving deaths.Everyone should call WCCO and enlighten their writing staff that any vehicular incident that results in death, injury, or property damage is NOT an accident.

    1. Sarge says:

      We call them “crashes”. Again, markH, I agree with you! There is no such thing as an accident. Ultimately, SOMEONE was at fault.

    2. Kim says:

      It was an accident from her family’s perspective. She didn’t do anything to contribute.

  14. Jeffery Gauss says:

    You should learn how to report a story! First this was NO ACCIDENT! It is one moron who should have never been driving in the first place. Second, you can’t charge a dead person with a crime! Third, you said this moron HAS, a record of fleeing police and DWI, it should read HAD! If you are going to be a reporter Ms. Brady, check your grammar!

    1. Tea Pots steaming says:

      Beg to differ on the accident comment.
      An accident is an un-planned event. You dumb enough to think he went out planning to kill this poor gal?? God help you if you do.

      Take a valium Jeffery before you blow a gasket

      1. Guy says:

        Yes; drinking, driving & killing someone should equate to PREMEDITATED murder. Nobody put a gun to that idiot’s head & forced him behind the wheel.. HE made that CHOCE – premeditation.

        1. Les Johnson says:

          Premeditated murder is planning a murder and following through with it. While this idiot’s drunk driving was a lot of things, it wasn’t premeditated murder. Premeditated drinking and driving, but what drinking and driving isn’t premeditated by the time the ignition is turned?

          1. Guy says:

            I consider getting behind a wheel while drunk AS the planning … and drinking & driving withOUT killing someone = premeditated ATTEMPED murder (of everyone else on the highway). Hit the idiots HARD. FIRST dui – year in jail & then yank their license for a year after. 2nd dui = 10 years & PERMANENT revocation. 3rd = EXECUTE. There will be no 4th, 5th.. 20th (rediculous)

            1. Kenneth2 says:

              What blithering, idiotic “logic.” Time for your meds, “Guy.”

  15. Bryson Powers says:

    Alcohol impairs your ability to drive but it also impairs your desicion making process. Warning future drunk drivers to pull over for police is as futile as telling them not to swerve when they are driving.

  16. Kat says:

    I just want to extend my condolences to BOTH families. An innocent woman was killed, Walls family lost him but also have to know that their family member caused the death of another even if he didn’t intend to do so.

    1. jen says:

      I can assure you they will never forget.

  17. jake says:

    Walls is a worthless excuse for a human who got what he deserved.

  18. Varm says:

    Everyone should drop all contact with the Walls family. Make them pay for what their stupid kid, brother son etc did. If others see how everyone hates them then they will think about gettiing their son, kid, brother help before it happens to their family.. Do not say it is not their fault…IT IS!!!

    1. Grey Matters says:

      Seriously? So we should blame your family for your lack of compassion and ignorance?

      1. Jen says:

        Wow now that is uncalled for.

    2. Mel says:

      You have a lot to learn in life.. Its not the families fault.. Its called being responsible for your own actions.. don’t blame the family in this matter. You must be one that blames everyone in your life for things that go wrong, but won’t look in the mirror. Your comment was completely uncalled for. GROW UP…

  19. Anonymous says:

    She was out because she was helping a friend pack who is moving. The world lost an amazing person and my heart breaks for all those who lost her.

  20. Jake says:

    To all of you, I would like to offer a genuine piece of advice. We all think that we have the ‘right of way’, which insures our safety on the roads. That’s a bunch of HOOEY. If I believed that nonsense, I would have been killed twice over by now.
    When you are at an intersection, don’t assume ANYTHING. Look twice, THINK twice. You never know what kind of idiot might not care about blowing a red light or stop sign. Slow down if you see a car coming from the left or right, especially late at night. Tell it to your younger family drivers as well. I live my the mantra, “You NEVER have the RIGHT OF WAY.”

    1. Josh says:

      Couldn’t of said it better myself…I too would of had a couple bad wrecks if i had not stopped an extra couple seconds and looked both ways before leaving the intersection. So many people just assume other people are going to stop. God bless the woman that was hit in this tragic accident!!

      1. Jake says:

        About 15 years ago, I was leaving work after a night shift. I was on a motorcycle, and pulled up to a 4 way stop sign. I stopped, looked left and right, and saw a bakery van coming from my left at 40 mph, and I just knew that he wasn’t going to stop for HIS stop sign, as was about to make a left turn directly in front of him. I stayed put, and watch him roll across the intersection, no brakes applied. Had I ‘exercised’ my ‘right of way’, I would have been dead a long time ago, and it would have been characterized as an ‘accident’. BS. Most accidents are anything but, that’s why the lawyers are doing so well these days. Nobody want’s to throw people in prison these days, so the lawyers are out to sue the perps.. I don’t agree with it one bit, since the perps rareley pay restitution. The lawyers are the only ones who win. Git rid of ‘no fault’ insurance in Minnesota.

        1. Kenneth2 says:

          Your first post (above) was spot-on. However, this nation incarcerates more people, by far, than any other.
          Disgusting to read of people being nabbed for their 5th or 10th DWI, when juxtaposed with so many cases of our “justus” system trying to fine or incarcerate citizens for other superfluous or victimless offenses.

  21. Peace says:

    My heart goes out to that woman’s family. My heart also goes out to the family of the drunk who killed her. Don’t point fingers at them. If you’ve ever known a true addict, good decision making is not part of the equation.

  22. Bachmannitis is cancer of soul says:

    You cannot regulate intoxification and the judgement it impairs.

    You could regulate booze but naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It’s America and anything goes

    1. Kim says:

      Actually, by outlawing drunk driving we’re trying to regulate it. Staying home and drinking, or getting someone sober to drive you home is the responsible thing – which is what I do. If you aren’t responsible enough to not drive drunk we have laws against it and are trying hard to stop it.

  23. zee the reporter says:

    police chase again caused another death! zee reporting!

    1. Kate says:

      No, the drunk driver caused the death. It wasn’t the police chase. The police were trying to stop him from killing someone.

  24. Realist says:

    ….but the criminals can be rehabilitated! please, you killed, you’re killed plain and simple. It is not an accident but a murder. I will be happy to pull the trigger!

  25. Jen says:

    As someone who knew Mr. Wall, my heart is breaking for this poor woman and her family. I cannot imagine the pain they are going through right now. However, he also had people who loved him. He was a father, a son, a brother, an uncle, and a friend who would help anyone who needed it. Why are we not allowed to grieve too?

    Was this avoidable? Yes. Should be have been drinking and driving? No. Did he have a history? Yes. Should someone have taken his keys? Yes. But who is to say there was anyone close to him TO take them from him? No one. I can assure you he did NOT intend to kill anyone. Let’s not forget that TWO families lost their loved one in this terrible tragedy.

    1. Kenneth2 says:

      Good post, Jen. Thank you for the perspective. Fools like “Guy” who scream “execute all drunk drivers!” are neither realistic nor mentally stable.

      1. Angie says:

        I also knew Jeremiah very well and I appreciate your post. Your 100% right when you say that he did not intend to kill her. It’s saddens me to know that he caused this tragic accident- he would have NEVER meant to hurt anyone. We are all suffering and missing him so much!

  26. jan says:

    Why was he not in prison in the first place? He should have been locked up for his previous crimes. Then this senseless tragedy would never have happened.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      For life?

  27. Mel says:

    It makes me sick reading these posts of people pointing fingers.. This tragedy could have happened to anyone of you.. your friends, your family… Bad decisions were made, and because of that two lives were lost, however, MANY lives have been forever changed. Please remember that..

    Mr. Wall was a distant family member, and its not his family that made HIS decision, it was his, don’t anyone point the finger at his family! We all make our OWN decisions in life.

  28. Sue says:

    I’m not a police officer so I don’t know what the policy is, but would it be possible for police officers to have the driver hand over the keys? That way when they are checking the license or what ever, the person’s only choice would be to run off on foot. I realize some would still disobey, but maybe it would stop a few?

    1. Andrea says:

      That may be the most intelligent thing anyone has said on here so far. How simple would that be – I would be more than willing to pass my keys over if I was stopped because I don’t have anything to run from.

      1. Angie says:

        This was my first thought when I was informed of the accident. Or how about having him step out of the car? I suppose everyone is innocent until proven guilt. But, just think of how that would have changed the situation. I pray to God that society learns some valuable lessons from this. It could have been prevented in more ways than just one. I am and always have been against drinking and driving. But just think of how many people you know that has done it. Talk with your friends and family. How many of them have done it more than once and have never been pulled over. This is why “when” an officer pulls someone over on suspicion of drinking and driving they should have them step out of the car or take their keys while they check on them . Why are they left in the car with the keys????

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