COLUMBUS, Minn. (AP) — A Twin Cities-area horse racing park is running radio ads statewide encouraging Minnesota lawmakers to consider expanded horse-track gambling as a source of new tax revenue that could help end the state’s government shutdown.

The ads by Running Aces Harness Park in Columbus started running Monday on several Twin Cities stations and will begin Tuesday in Brainerd, Fergus Falls, Mankato, Marshall, Rochester and Willmar. The ads note that both Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and GOP House Speaker Kurt Zellers have said gambling tax revenue could be part of a budget deal.

The ads running in Greater Minnesota names specific lawmakers and urges listeners to contact them in support of the racino. Both Running Aces and Canterbury Park in Shakopee have been seeking to add video slot machines at their establishments.

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  1. Middle of the road says:

    We already have so many gambling problems related to the Indian casino’s, could more gambling that actually pours money into the state do anymore damage than the Indians already have? BTW, I am not Anti Indian as I am 1/4 Mdewakanton. Why not open it all the way up A.K.A Las Vegas style with Provate Casinos? “Bring Don Laughlin home”

  2. john saint paul says:

    to easy, the Governor has no clue, he already shut down things that make money, the lottery,DNR that holds its own, drivers license that pretty much holds its own too. Do you really think he will let a Racino in Minnesota, hes clueless look at is face you will get the answer, he already vetoed a bill on that already. If they wont do that make the Indians pay taxes on their money they make on the casino’s, that’s right they get government help and they don’t get to pay taxes even on their cigarettes. its always the tax payers that pay everything and that includes the rich. they pay their share and they give to the needy. but that’s never enough for the democrats on till they take our whole pay check. then it still wont be enough. will it MARK DAYTON ?

    1. Diane says:

      Includes the rich? Are you nuts?!!! You must be rich! Someone who doesn’t have to pay taxes on your private jet, or your limo & driver. Warren buffet pays less taxes than his secretary. Is that right? I am for racino. I’ve heard all that “no expantion of gambling”, & yet every Indian casino expands every year. I would also like to know what bill Governer Dayton vetoed. As well as I remember he was for expanding gambling with racino or a casino in Bloomington or downtown Minneapolis. I believe it’s never enough for the republicans. They want the rich to create jobs with tax cuts. Well, that worked real well with the Bush tax cuts didn’t it. The greedy got greedier. If someone is going to take all our pay checks, it’s the republicans, a 2 class society, rich & poor.

  3. Wu says:

    There is no legitimate reason to oppose this. The only opposition comes from Native American tribes and the massive amounts of dollars they are able to use to “lobby” politicians due to the fact that they have a monopoly on this type of gambling. The idea that it would create more gambling problems is ridiculous. If you are the type of person that is going to have problems with gambling, there are already many opportunities for you to do so.

    1. Wu says:

      What the hell? Why is there a link on the word “idea” to an ad for Intel? Seriously, you’re selling ad space on people’s comments now? Unbelievable!

  4. VOTER VERN says:

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… why does this state depend on business and yet insist on securing there hands behind them.

    This is a joke we have one of the wealthiness casinos in the country and as they make token gestures to the state politicians they gleefully flaunt there excess by running lights for UFO visitors to find wasting energy.

    Then they spend millions for silly windmills to add insult to injury… how would the native people of yesterday view this treatment of the land and greed?

    Open the door and allow money spent by Minnesotans to go back into our great state.

    Like the other person said… there is no legitimate reason to say no.

    Voter Vern

  5. common sence says:

    I say it’s time for a new Treaty to be wrote up. The Mondern Indaian has had to good for to long. What happen 150 to 200 years ago should have nothing to do with what is going on now.. Rip the the treaty and put everybody on the same level with a flat tax.

  6. Middle of the road says:

    We legally can not open up the “compacts” with the tribes and renegotiate them, but those compacts do not stop that state from openign up more forms of gambling. Competition appearas to be godo for everyone except the Idians and government. Are you starting to see a common thread yet? Again, I am 1/4 Mdewakanton, so call someone else predjudice if you must.

  7. Jim Saporito says:

    Short term thinking got us into this mess; more short term thinking ought to solve the problem. Oh, and I don’t at all expect shills for gambling to come here and post pro gambling comments ohhhhh noooooo!

    Infinite, into the sky and forever and ever growth is unsustainable, but those on top aren’t going to be told until every resource beneath them has been bled dry. First, lay off factory workers, those at the bottom of the totem pole. Then “rescue” banks with tax money. Then raise debt ceilings. Then raise taxes. Then, out of desperation, legalize drugs and gambling and prostitution, much to the delight of the village idiots. Then extend the work week. Then cut everyone’s pay, no vacation time… Every piece of wood that can be found will be tossed onto the fire to keep the good thing those who are “doing well” still have. Since a lot of us in the land of milk and honey are doing well… well, should be interesting times for our great grand children and their children.

    Have a nice day. 😉

  8. Alfred says:

    There is a legitimate reason to oppose this.

    The government is too big. Giving it MORE money will only worsen all the budget problems.

  9. Unexicle says:

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