BRAINERD, Minn. (AP) — Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway is working Monday to clear a main track near Brainerd where 20 cars in a loaded coal train derailed.

Railroad spokeswoman Amy McBeth says four cars are on their sides, but she’s not sure how much coal spilled. One car typically carries 116 tons of coal. She says no one was injured when the 121-car train derailed Sunday afternoon.

The derailment, east of the Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport, has blocked a main track. McBeth says it will result in delays for railroad, so crews are working as quickly as possible to clear the tracks.

McBeth says the train was on its way to Superior, Wis. She says it’s too early to say what caused the derailment.

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Comments (3)
  1. nervous says:

    BNSF seams to have a lot of derailments. Could they be sending all of their money to Berkshire Hathaway instead of using the huge profits they are making to maintain their track? Or, maybe they are not training their crews?

  2. dotherightthing says:

    I don’t see any kind of trend that BNSF has had alot of derailments, imagine all the miles they travel without incident and you can bet its bettter then you would get on any highway many times over. As with any thing S88t happens 😀

  3. la de da says:

    BNSF has a great record, and they are very fast and wonderful to work with when they mess up. Point = Years back when a BNSF train caused fires from Grasston to Sandstone their rep was out at our farm checking out what the fire destroyed. They worked with the DNR , Forestry Department, and our family. We were compensated fast!

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