MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police say a man robbed a Minneapolis bank with the hopes of being caught.

Minneapolis Police were called to a Wells Fargo Bank on 800 Park Ave. just before 6:30 p.m. on July 7.

A bank employee said the robber, Hassan Muse Farah, had walked through the front entrance and gave one of the tellers a threatening hand written note.

The teller gave him money from the register. Then Farah, 20, walked over to a chair in the business lobby and sat down to wait until police arrived and he was arrested.

Police said Farah waived his Miranda rights, admitted to robbing the bank, and has been charged with second degree aggravated robbery.

They say he robbed the bank and waited for them to arrive just so he could be sent to prison or deported.

Farah remains in custody. Bail is set at $50,000.

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  1. Interesting says:

    I suspect someone is out for him, as if he were trying to be recruited for a gang and wants out without harm. Why else would you want to be in prison (or deported)? Those are desperate measures.

    1. Sam I am says:

      I was thinking the samething. Maybe he is being recruited by a Muslim Cleric and he doesn’t want to blow himself up.

      1. EZ says:

        If that’s the case, home is the worse place he could want to go. If he went back to his home country there is no doubt that he would be dead within days. My guess is that he is broke and can’t afford to go home and is using this to do it.

    2. gummyballz says:

      I was reading thru the ignorant replies, thinking does anyone else see this guy is trying to hide for someone? ever watch prison break? I seriously doubt anyone just wants to go to jail and risk being deported…. desperate times call for desperate measures

    3. Gardoglee says:

      However, if it is a gang thing then hiding in a prison would do him no good, as the gangs have plenty of ways to get to him in prison. One thing I would wonder is whether he will be sent to a state prison or federal. That might give some clue as to why he would do this.

    4. it shows how terrible america has become, used to be people want to come here. now people will commit a felony just to get out LOL. i know im leaving this sewer of a country asap too. not via that route but intentions are the same.

      1. Caroline says:

        Thank heaven. please leave, and take all of you like minded idiots with you. Please leave the Country to those of us who care for it.

    5. Massimo Deportado says:

      This is only the beginning. As the economy falls deeper into the Oilbama Depression, more and more deadbeats will realize that in jail, they are at least eating while the millions of the rest of us will barely survive hand-to-mouth.

      All of this can be thrown at the feet of the democrat party. Their “policies” have caused permanent damage to this once great country.

      WE FINISH THE JOB 2012. Our last chance.

      1. A Concerned American says:

        You are one of the most ingnorant people to post on this site. This recession started becaus of Republican policies of GW Bush and this recession is going to last a long time. Obama saved this country from further damage. Stop the fear campaign and accept the fact that we have a great man as President

  2. keel says:

    Who cares? Good bye, Farah.

    1. Nasra Ahmed says:

      hassan muse i know him . i met him since i was young in willmar senior high school. he use live in willmar mn since . he was younger he live with aunt in willmar he was out house.. today He live in Minneapolis with him friends guys… i miss you friends hassan…. take care! Goodbye!

  3. Hmmmm says:

    It must be bad if he wants to go home..because the main headline on MSN today is
    UN: Somalia ‘worst humanitarian disaster in the world’.

    Kevin and Studbolt: Your hate for the Somali community is infuriating…at one time a member of your family was an immigrant looking for a better life in America too.

    1. Sam I am says:

      At least my ancestors worked and learned english. They did not force their religion or way of life on anyone. My ancestors did not collect welfare and lived responsibly,

      The Somali community thinks the world revovles around them and that they are entitled to the welfare benefits.

      Let them go back, their kind are not needed here.

      1. Steve says:

        Careful thereTan Pup We’ll take away your green card

      2. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

        Assimilation into society is the big difference here. Our ancestors who came from Europe looked to assimilate. Ok, Tan Pup’s ancestors were isolationist d-bags it sounds like, but I know my family wasn’t.

        Somalians have ZERO interest in assimilating into American culture and being a part of American society. They want to recreate Somalia here. That isn’t going to happen.

        1. Michele says:

          Okay, I think it’s time people started reading history again. Nobody wanted to assimilate. Even my own Irish and German ancestors didn’t. And if you live overseas for any time at all, you can witness any number of Americans who are too lazy to learn the home language and insist that the natives learn English. Fear of change, wanting to cling to our traditions and what’s familiar, that’s not Somalian. That’s HUMAN.

          1. Grandson of a German War Bride says:

            You don’t speak for everybody, Michele. My family WANTED to assimilate, just as millions of others did. They learned the language before even coming over the pond. There was no fear of change. It was an embraced change from oppression to freedom. There was no attempt to cling to anything familiar. Don’t pretend to speak for everybody, when you quite clearly don’t at all.

            1. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

              @grandson of a German War Bride,
              I am the granddaughter of a German War Bride who barely knew English and was fluent within 1 year. She did everything she could to lose her German accent, but never really did. My grandmother lived under Hitler and lost 60% of her family to mass murder. You are correct: they wanted change from oppresion and wanted freedom. She wanted nothing to do with Germany and other European countries who only fought Hitler because of land occupation.

          2. Reality says:

            So far as I’m aware, the Somalis in the USA (virtually ALL of them, ANYwhere, here) were BROUGHT here by the U.S. government as a ‘resettlement’ effort to ‘get them out of harm’s way.’

            That’s one sheer, FAR cry from OUR ancestors, who came here of their own initiative, sweat and sacrifice to start a better life.

          3. Caroline says:

            i think it’s time YOU start reading history! I am a history major, specializing in 19th and 20th Century American History, with a minor in Social Science. People coming to this Country in the two centuries I studied DID want to assimilate QUICKLY, and in fact, they were ashamed of their backgrounds, quite often, and proud of their children quickly picking up the English language and culture. Often the parents learned English from their children in the evenings.

            1. vik says:

              I came here at 6 and would have to agree.. we came from Russia for a better life… sadly, we are now becoming Russia..

              1. W says:

                Wow and its only been a couple of hours!

          4. vik says:

            michele you are a whack and ungrateful .. I do not take my freedom for granted and would suggest someone who dislikes America so much like yourself should spend some time in a country with like minded people… good luck, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out 🙂

          5. Colin Bryce says:

            You sir (or ma’am – can’t tell with such an immigrant-style spelling of your name)… are dead wrong.

            Every true American is born that way, whether on pure pristine American soil or some skanky foreign country. English is the lingua franca (that means “only language you should speak” in some other dead language). When Americans are overseas (all 4 of them who have passports), they speak English as a favor to the heathens to enlighten and educate them.

            1. YourMom says:

              you sir, are an idiot. ‘Merican intellects pales in comparison to the rest of the world’s. Every other country’s residents know multiple languages. Are you that stupid or willfully ignorant? Please stay in America, someone of your caliber would only receive a Darwin award if you were forced to survive somewhere else.

        2. Applepie says:

          Assimilation is a word of the past. Today we keep hearing “diversity.’ That is from the word ‘diverse’ which means separate, apart, unlike, according to Webster’s. Diversity sucks! USA needs UNITY, not diversity, which brings ghettos–where outsiders are not welcome.
          Yes, assimilation is, sadly, frowned up. There’s no patriotism. I hate seeing foreign flags hanging from house windows and on car hoods. It sickens me. Maybe if young students again sang “God Bless America” daily in school, we could revive PATRIOTISM!

      3. Gardoglee says:

        Lot’s of earlier immigrants did not learn English, particularly the Germans, of which there are so many in Minnesota, but also Scandinavians among others. And all of the immigrant waves were looked at as lazy, shiftless, dishonet boozers by the immigrants who came before them. As to not forcing religion or way of life on someone else, unless you are Native American you really cannot make that claim, can you.

        1. vik says:

          I am russian and agree… English is taught in schools all over the world ( was)… it is the world language

          1. Colin Bryce says:

            @Gardoglee is right… in my own background, English took 2 generations to stick, and the old language was kept alive side-by-side.

            This country is built on the backs and brains of immigrants. And it’s the job of each new wave of descendants of immigrants to ridicule and hate the next wave.

      4. John Wayne says:

        What about the stolen land from the Native Americans Sam I am amiego????

        1. 2manyusernames says:

          Except not a single square inch was “stolen”. That is silly. We took it by right of conquest just as the various native american tribes did – just as did every single other group of people on the planet.

        2. Zorki1c says:

          What about the land the Normans stole from the Britains? Give the stolen land bit a break. It’s been happening since the beginning of time.

      5. John Wayne says:

        Transformers yo!

    2. Morgangray says:

      Perhaps, but a goodly portion of *my* family had to learn the language, and they didn’t “come here”. They were *already here*!
      So, does that mean I have the right to grouse about *ALL* of you immigrants who came here, refusing to learn the language, imposing your ways on those who already had their own ways, and so on?
      The truth of the matter is: America was once “the great melting pot”. Now we’re “the great ice cube tray”. Every culture wants its own customs, language, and in the case of the muslims, their own laws and courts and punishments.

      This is America. The language is English. Learn it, love it — or leave it.

      Am I a racist?

      Yes – my race is human. Skin color doesn’t matter a tinker’s damn to me. I judge by actions. The actions of those who want their own culture in the midst of the American culture are offensive to *my* sensibilities.

      Or, do I not have a say, just because I’m Irish / Scots / Welsh and Seneca?

  4. BruceC says:

    Fine, go ahead, deport him! Just tell him he has to SWIM home!

  5. Jean says:

    Can you say Megamind? These Somali’s and their gangs are infuriating! We have to pay to send him home. Where’s his money? Why doesn’t he pay his own way home? If he’s in prision…we pay for that too. What leaches!

    1. Caroline says:

      He can’t pay is way home…we are paying for his SNAP card, rent subsidy, satellite tv and cell phone. He has no money.

  6. Wayne says:

    Thats tell alot about this country in so many ways!

  7. Kevin says:

    Actually. if he was homeless, going to jail would be a step up. A place to sleep, food/shelter, a place to work out. Maybe he also couldn’t afford a ticket back home. Seems like hes working the system pretty well if thats the case

  8. The Bishop says:

    You could show a movie on that forehead!

  9. cindy says:

    ACLU will have him out by mecca.

    1. JeddMcHead says:

      Er… cindy… Mecca is a city in Saudi Arabia and considered a holy site by Muslims. Perhaps you meant Ramadan, a religious observance, which begins Aug. 1 (this year).

      As for the Somalian bank robber — I hope they deport using a catapolt.

    2. Colin Bryce says:

      friggin ACLU. they think the constitution is some kind of guaranteed right or something. when will they realize that the constitution is just a piece of paper, and it’s our tea party that gets to make the laws. to quote George Washington, “we don’t need no stinkin’ bill of rights”

  10. dareisay says:

    I’ll chip in too!

    Now we are ending up supporting him with 3 meals a day, prison basketball, etc.

  11. Penny Pincher says:

    Recently there was a man who robbed a bank in order to get free health care.
    I think there will be more and more of this kind of thing, people robbing banks to get caught on purpose, for 3 hots and a cot, or health care, or a ticket home.

    Immigration detention centers are no fun: they are run by CCA, owned by Jeb Bush. They are NOT comfortable places. The lighting is a weird orange that gets to people psychologically, and they keep it freezing cold in there and then charge for sweatshirts. They charge for everything there. If you’re broke you’re SOL, they even want money for a toothbrush.

    These prisons were built by a subsidiary of Haliburton. So are the FEMA prison camps that are now standing empty and ready for the coming unrest when the dollar crashes.

    1. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

      And all he had to do was go to the clinic where he would have been treated instead. What a maroon!

      1. 2manyusernames says:

        or more likely he didn’t rob the bank just to get medical treatment for some alleged and non-detailed illness. Refusing to go to a clinic or taking help from your family means you really didn’t need the medical care

    2. Massimo Deportado says:

      Nice ad for your website.

      Go sit at the kids table….there, your evil haliburton stories may get SOME traction….

      1. Caroline says:

        I, for one, am so grateful that Bill Clinton gave Haliburton a no-bid contract, same as Bush…isn’t it wonderful they both thought alike with that situation?

  12. Dan_o says:

    Good luck with that. Don’t you know the president is counting on your vote next year? You can’t be deported. You are the ‘We’ in ‘Yes We Can’!

  13. Tyrone says:

    Dude why do you want to leave you could be president just like obama, this is the black mans land of opportunity.

  14. critterville says:

    liberals view of a great American.

  15. Elmo says:

    The Feds won’t deport him until he serves his time. Then they deport them. People think the feds work fast. They drag their feet for years, spend a bunch of money. He will work in prison for 12 cents per hour for years making furniture for the Court system. Welcome to reality.

  16. Frankenstu says:

    If he rally wanted to be deported he should rob a bank in Mexico where they have real imigration laws.

  17. Fat Jeff says:

    I bet TSA would let him walk thru with no problems and then body cavity search the next 8 year old or grandmother

  18. jimsplace says:

    Obama will pardon him out in time for 2012 election time.

  19. Tan pup says:

    I’d rather pay a $1,000 for a ticket home vs. $89,000 a year to incarcerate him. If that is all it takes to send lazy people back to their home of ancestry, I think it’s time to make reservations for the MN state legislators who are holding the entire state hostage instead of sending them home (lazy people) with a taxpayer paycheck of $31,000 per year for 16 weeks of employment.

  20. SG says:

    This sounds like a desperate cry for help.

    1. Massimo Deportado says:

      Looks like you’ve been fooled AGAIN.

      Do you believe EVERYTHING the MSM spews?

      1. SG says:

        If someone commits a crime with the intent of getting caught so they can be incarcirated or deported, there is clearly something not working.

        I don’t claim to know if he lost his job or is homeless or whatever but that isn’t the point here.

        This looks to me like a side effect of the bigger problem our country is facing in general. People are losing jobs and the economy is failing.

        I’m not saying what he did was right but it may have been the only way he could think of to survive.

        IF he had been from somewhere other than Somalia would your reactions be any different? What if he had been a 10th generation American that fell on hard times? Desparate times, desparate measures.

        Race isn’t the issue here. Our system is failing and needs to be fixed.

  21. Karl says:

    How much would it cost to send 8000 plus home.

    1. junior says:

      A lot less than keeping them here.

  22. JOSE says:


    1. Colin Bryce says:

      Imagine what the cost would be if we also had to write about it in lowercase letters!

  23. JOSE says:


    1. Hassan Farah says:

      Your name sounds illegal immigrant. You should departed too.

  24. Ryan Mouk says:

    Most Americans want Illegal Aliens out anyway. I ay if they ask to be deported lets do it. And if they dont want to be deported, do it anyway.

  25. Applepie says:

    Diversity is Perversity. All too often I see Muslim women in stores with their entire faces–except their eyes– covered. Hey, if you come to my country, you should dress as Americans and the high majority of women do dress, in America. The long black dresses of these all-covered women drag on the floor, and most likely bring into their homes all kinds of diseases and dog poop!!! Ugh!

    1. Knucklehead says:

      I saw a woman, at least I think it was a woman, driving on the highway. Her head was completely covered by a black head cover only her eyes were showing. It looked like Lord Vader’s mistress was at the wheel. I’m going to guess that in her native land, she would not even be allowed out without either her husband, father or brother accompanying her and she most certainly would not be allowed to drive.

      But in the US, we are now supposed to let women drive on the highway while wearing bags over their heads.

      1. 82nd Airborne says:

        To add to that story, I saw a woman on Lexington Ave and University with her cell phone stuck inside her head wrap thing-a-ma-bob to use it as a hands-free.

        I pulled out my celly telly and snapped a picture of her out my passenger window. Boy was she mad!!!!!!

        1. Colin Bryce says:

          I saw this nun driving – not only was her head covered, but she had that hood thing billowing behind her, likely obscuring her view from the rear-view mirror.

          I wasn’t scared, though, since she was only out to persecute gays and abortionists.

  26. Yep says:

    He looks like an alien to me. You know, from space?

  27. Pete says:

    Hey Hassan, good luck waiting for ICE to deport you. Chances are you will have served your time and long since been released from custody before they get around to looking at your case.

  28. Reality says:

    As I said earlier, the Somalis (and not just by race, culture and assimilation-capability — though those are all big issues with them, too) differ completely with eariler immigrant groups because they were BROUGHT here by the U.S. government under some typical, multi-culti, p.c., hare-brained ‘resettlement’ policy to ‘get them out of harm’s way.’

    That’s totally different than COMING here of your OWN initiative and self-sacrifice, because you actually WANT to be here and ASSIMILATE.

    And as this guy demonstrates, they don’t even WANT to be here…so, why are they here?

    And another thing…why, whenever the government does something stupid like this, do they settle these people in areas of the country as UNlike them as possible…culturally, racially…you name it?

    It’s like there’s this silly, politically-correct CONTEST going on in the beaurocratic cubicles where this stuff’s decided (from city people who THEMSELVES are cluless about anything beyond big city life), to see just how sheer, utterly ODD a place they can park these people in…and hence, you get Somali’s in Minnesota, Iraqi’s in Tennessee, etc.

    ‘See? People of ANY race can be ANYwhere!’

    When in reality (and this is all of human nature and history backing me up), NO…THEY…CAN’T.

    The Brits (with the same mindset) tried this same stuff when they placed a bunch of Eastern European gypsies in Norther Ireland.

    They got chased out of there by mobs.

    We’re far too passive, if you ask me.

    1. Colin Bryce says:

      Amen. This guy is clearly the standard by which his entire village, country, and ethnicity should be judged, not to mention everybody with the same first and last initials or t-shirt size.

      One bad apple represents the entire bunch, that’s what I say. Thank goodness none of us not-recently-immigrated Americans ever commits a crime, or bombs a building, or bankrupts a company.

  29. Ron says:

    Lets just deport them ALL! It will be cheaper than keeping them here. If ya mis your mud hut go back to wence you came!!

  30. CONNECTICUT SSN 042-68-4425 says:

    Why does the number above belong to Barry?

  31. Chris says:

    I bet he did it becuase it was getting a little hard to survive in MPLS.

    In jail, you are fed, have a bed, get showers, and might get lucky.

    Deported back to his native nation, he will be in the ethnic majority, will easily communicate with the locals, would have familiar foods, culture, and some other things. Maybe they do not have a stanard of living as high as here, but it’s warm and cheap living.

    I guess we will know if you follow this through the court process.

  32. JC says:


    Nah thats another .20 cent worker for the private prisons.

  33. JMWinPR says:

    How far will 200 kg of fuel take them?

    1. Poolshark says:

      All the way to the scene of the crash

  34. Jake says:

    My grandfather was a German immigrant. He spoke english OK, but mostly spoke german when around the house. I never heard of him asking for anything from our government. He didn’t rob banks, didn’t import dope, raised 9 kids with his wife, most of his sons served in the military, and none of them were ever on welfare. They grew most of their own food. I NEVER saw a German flag flown on their property, or stuck on their cars. They PAID their TAXES, stayed out of jail, and helped their neighbor. A far cry from what I now see these days, no wonder this country is going down the drain. So sad that so many cannot see that, and why.

  35. Bob K says:

    Give the guy credit for being able to see what’s coming down the pike here in the US. He’ll have to endure a grope down at the airport, but if he can get to Somalia, it will be worth it.

  36. kickdemout says:

    Can I get deported to Canada if I rob?

  37. Jake says:

    I know what to do……Let’s offer a lavish caribbean cruise for these people, only once they get on the boat, it’s a ONE WAY trip back to their homeland, where they can act and behave just like they want to, and they won’t ever have to worry about what I might think or say. They can build their utopia just the way they like it, without any outside interference. Works for me.

  38. J says:

    He likely is part of a criminal enterprise and, fearing his own demise for some indiscretion, sought flight back to Somalia courtesy of the US taxpayers.

  39. ED357 says:

    I wonder if OBAMA can keep this up……..

    Maybe in a few more years we can rid ourselves of our Somali infestation…….

    I would certainly thank the zer0 for that.

    ; – >

  40. SpringerRider says:

    I was hoping this was Obama.

  41. Colin Bryce says:

    Prisoners should work for their food. If they can’t be self-sufficient, they get less food, and the weaker ones starve. Then burn the bodies for fuel to heat the others. If they are weak, do medical experiments on them to benefit us true Americans.

    When you run out of prisoners, find some more – don’t be too picky, just any non-Americans. You’ll know them when you see them, but just in case, we’ll mark them with a crescent moon emblem on their sleeve.

    Wait… haven’t I seen this genocide before?.

  42. Helen Hevener says: