WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama will address thousands of veterans and their families at the American Legion’s national convention in Minneapolis on Aug. 30.

It will be his first time addressing the veterans’ organization in person. Obama recorded a video message that was played at the Legion’s 2009 convention.

Jimmie Foster, the American Legion’s national commander, says the group wants to hear about the administration’s vision for the economy, national security and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The war in Afghanistan is also likely to be of interest. Obama announced last month that 33,000 U.S. troops will return from Afghanistan by next summer. Ten thousand of those troops are to leave by the end of 2011. Obama said the pullout would begin this month but his commanders will decide the details.

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Comments (58)
  1. Ronald Raygun says:

    A typical comment from dirty republican filth.

    1. just sayin says:

      Typical comment from the diseased liberal low class.

    2. molly says:

      Actually, I’m a confirmed Democrat who is sick and tired of this socialist pig destroying our nation. Shove that down your raygun!

      1. Jim says:

        molly, you’re a racist regardless of political ideology. Go play in traffic.

        1. Swen says:

          Hey Jim,
          Who’s more racist? Someone who voted for Barry because he’s black or someone who didn’t vote for Barry because he’s black? Which one are you?
          Leave it to a Libturd to play the race card….

          1. Can't decide says:

            Personally I was so torn between his white half and black half that I just gave up and stayed home.

            Now I can’t decide which half I dislike more

            1. Jon says:

              lol that is a gem

            2. Jim says:

              Or maybe you could just dislike him because of his politics and not his ancestry? But I guess Republicans are more interested in leaders who look like them than they are in competence.

          2. Jim says:

            Swen, molly made a racist comment that has since been deleted. It’s not always “playing the race card” as Republicans love to say. There are, in fact, lots of racists out there, and they seem to love to post comments here.

            Who’s more racist? A person who voted for Barack Obama because the alternative was a very old and confused man and Caribou Barbie, or a person such as yourself who assumes anyone who voted for Obama only did so because of the color of his skin? THAT’s playing the race card.

            “Libturd?” How old are you?

            1. Ha, Thats rich says:

              “….because the alternative was a very old and confused man”

              Says Jim who most likely voted for dayton

              1. Jim says:

                I actually voted for Horner because Dayton and Emmer were both horrible, in my opinion. And this shutdown pretty much confirms that neither Dems nor Reps are fit for office. Don’t let the facts get in the way or your assumptions though, it’s the Republican way.

                And for the record John McCain is 11 years older than Mark Dayton and seems to be losing his mind.

                1. Jake says:

                  So you caved in and voted for NOTHING. Great choice, genius.

            2. Swen says:

              Just callin a spade a spade.

              1. Jim says:

                *wink wink* I get it Swen. The Obamas are black. Good one.

        2. Sam I am says:

          There was nary a mention of color in Molly’s post. the fact that YOU brought up color indicates you are the true racist.

  2. just sayin says:


    Molly you rock!

  3. Reasonable says:

    Hopefully we’ll have a government in place for his visit…

  4. Jim says:

    Republicans are truly stupid. As they watch the country change around them, they do all they can to alienate African Americans, gays, immigrants, etc., etc. Good strategy?

    1. Shirl Mann says:

      Jim,,,,your so right,the republican’s are doing their damnest to see President Obama is a 1 term president ,,,yet they call them selves the ” conservative christian ” republicans. I’m sorry they fall real short from my idea of a “christian”.It just sickens me,,with their hatred rascism, radicalism.

      1. USA says:

        christian….. TAKE YOUR RELIGON OUT OF POLITICS YOU LIBERAL MORON, marriage is religous, call your gay marriage, what ever you want other the marriage and it works everywhere. you demopcrats want religon in politics yet balk at anything you dont like, TAKE TAKE TAKE. and when it comes to giving, there a rich republican for that.. stupid votes for stupid. now HOPE you CHANGE your brain.

        1. Jim says:

          USA, can you try that again in English? Thanks.

          1. USA says:

            LMAO JIM TROLL goodbye, idk why i was on a CBS board anyways full of ignorance.

            1. Jim says:

              Back to the echo chamber for “USA.” Buh-bye.

              1. USA says:

                keep trolling, your last word always wins in your brain.

    2. USA says:

      jim, is it the first of the month??

        1. USA says:

          JIM my guess 40-60,c white male. still living with his mother and listens to the bealtes… am i right.

          1. Jim says:

            USA, I still don’t get what the date has to do with anything. Do you have anything to add other than personal attacks and bad grammar? White male is the only part you got right. But again, I don’t see what that has to do with anything, and I have no interest in guessing your gender, weight or age.

      1. Tammy Two Tones says:

        LMAO I know why. Ha ha ha ha. Love you USA.

    3. dan says:


      What article are you reading? the one above is about Obama visiting an American Legion. I know some of you are delusional, but my gosh, read the article before spewing your garbage and proving how stupid you really are.

      1. Jim says:

        dan, my comment above was directed at a racist remark that has since been deleted. And I think it’s a valid question. Republicans seem to be trying hard to alienate every group other than white people, and I’m wondering if this is a good strategy. Look at that pledge in Iowa that T-Paw just refused to sign, for example.

        1. USA says:

          JIM you sir are the only one thinking this because you ONLY READ CNN ABC CBS. grow up and get outside. stupid is as stupid does – forest gump

          1. Jim says:

            USA, you know what I read? LOL. You’re obviously a political genius. So tell me why T-Paw and Romney have refused to sign the pledge in Iowa that Bachmann signed. (Here’s a hint: they’re smart enough to realize that alienating every minority and single parent in this country is NOT a winning strategy.)

            1. USA says:

              lmao, if these little things are what keeps you up at night, i understand why you are a democrat. LMFAO. people like you are the reason american idol and teen mom are popular, please follow the rest of your lemmings of the cliff.
              she signed it because she wanted to. the garbage your read has no importance thats why cbs cnn and abc give it to you. so you only look at the road not the area you are driving in. for all you know it could be a cliff. yet the sign said the highway was good for 25 miles. use your brain big guy.

              1. Jim says:

                So you have no answer. CBS and CNN did not tell Romney not to sign the pledge. T-Paw didn’t ask ABC what they thought before he didn’t sign. So continue to ignore the question and deflect, it’s what I expect.

            2. USA says:

              and for the record the first of the month is when the checks come in. lmao democrats are so easy to prove ignorant

              1. Jim says:

                What checks are you talking about? I get paid twice a month, and never on the first. Hello?

                1. USA says:

                  jim ignorance is truley bliss for you isn;t it.

                2. Jim says:

                  USA, I’m not on welfare. You think anyone that disagrees with you is on welfare and then call ME ignorant? Wow.

        2. dan says:

          So he refuses to sign a pledge that denounces porn, same sex marriage and certain forms of Islamic law and you have a problem with that? I cant imagine what you would have said if he did sign it. What a double standard world you live in.
          I am sure you are screaming for Repubs to compromise and raise taxes but in the same breathe you will rip them apart next election for not keeping a promise.
          Good luck collecting your welfare check in Aug when everything shuts down

          1. USA says:

            ohhhh its the first of the month!!!!!!

          2. Jim says:

            dan, read my posts again. I applaud T-Paw and Romney for not signing this pledge. My point is that there is an element of the Republican party that seems bent on alienating as many people as possible, such as the gay people and Muslims you mention above. I think Bachmann was wrong to sign it.

            I am screaming for BOTH SIDES to compromise. Higher taxes AND lower spending is the answer. I’m not even a Democrat. I voted for Obama, but I also voted for George Bush (once) and Horner for governor.

            Ah, the old welfare check line from a Republican. Well done. Totally unexpected.

    4. Really? says:

      Love watching Obama implode. MN is the only state that is 10 steps behind the rest of the country. The only state to go for Dukakis will be the only state to go for Obama again!!! Can’t wait to watch the loser cry!!!

  5. MARK says:

    Stay classy, bill.

  6. lebrok says:

    Why would the Am Legion want to listen to this United States Hater??????

    1. Sam i am says:

      I was thinking the samething. BHO hates the US so why speak to the very people who put their lives on the line defending it.

      What a huge farce.

  7. Kathy says:

    I can’t believe that Bill, Just Sayin & Molly consider themselves adults or Americans! All Three of you should be ashamed of yourselves for spewing such hatred. You all sound like racist uneducated idiots. I am a TRUE AMERICAN and find it quite disgraceful, regardless of political affiliation, to speak of others in such racially and politically motivated ways. I am fourtunate enough to get to attend the convention and am very much hoping to have the opportunity to meet President Obama & The First Lady of the United States of America. (The Melting Pot) The 3 of you most likely don’t know what the melting pot means, but this country is made up of all races and people of different political views. That’s what makes us such a great nation. I truly hope that the 3 of you do not have children so that the hate can be spread thoughout another generation.

    1. bill says:

      blah, blah, blah blah

      If you do meet the first “lady” don’t mention your “Melting Pot” or she will be expecting deep-fried something

  8. USA says:

    please do not come to minnesota you pile of garbage.

    1. Tea-kee tourch says:

      Uh…USA…..please get off “our side”…..

      You do the GOP harm more than good….

      With your postings you would fit more on the DFL side…

  9. Jeffery Gauss says:

    With the State shut down he needs to stay away until we get our things in order! This is NO time for him to stop here!

  10. Tea Pea says:

    I have an idea…..

    Charge $100,000 a set to see prez obam…..and the money we raise would be used to get the STATE BACK TO WORK!!!!

    I bet Dayton wouldn’t even show up!!!!

    Did you hear they are changing the animal on Pres Obam’s Presidential seal?

    It WAS an eagle…..but it’s going to be changed to a SKUNK!

    Why a Skunk?

    it’s 1/2 black, 1/2 white, and everything it touches stinks!

  11. Give me liberty says:

    Make sure to ask him why he wants to withhold veteran’s checks if he can’t force Republicans to increase taxes?

    Even if the debt ceiling is not raised, there is still enough funds coming in to pay for debt payments and majority of government programs.

    I would think compensating our veteran’s would be one of the highest priorities. But typical politician, wanting to play politics. Shame on him.

  12. obi says:

    Wcco– these comments reflect on your station, staff and on air talent. Guess you are okay with that.

  13. Jake says:

    I hope he gets BOOED right out of the hall. He deserves it. Just because he got Bin Laden (than you very much PRESIDENT BUSH), he thinks he has all of us, no matter what race, what demographic, what age, wrapped around his little finger. Let’s not make him feel so COMFORTABLE HERE.

  14. ccdenise says:

    You know maybe I am stupid, but has anybody realized that the Republicans keep getting us in trouble. The send us to war, they run up big debts. People are in foreclosure, cannot find jobs, sleeping on the streets, our kids are going hungry. But yet nobody will admit that the Republicans started the whole mess and they expect Obama to clean it up in one term, virtually impossible. I say pull all of our troops out and bring them home, start making these large companies bring the jobs back to the United States. I don’t know how many I talk to an idiot from another country across the ocean. Make those companies bring the jobs back to the USA and quit helping all of these other countries. We happen to be one of the only countries that help people in disasters but nobody comes to our aid. I am not racist of any kind, but there has to come to a point where we stop letting other people come into our country and live on welfare, we pay them to find housing, and a lot of other things. What about the poor people that are citizens of the USA?????

  15. ccdenise says:

    Could you please let me know where the convention is? I would imagine since my father is a Korean War Vet. and we will be burying my mother at Fort Custer in Battle Creek Michigan, that I would be allowed to attend the convention?

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