Jessica and Craig Porter of Somerset, Wis. have their newly adopted baby’s room all ready, but the shutdown is forcing their new son to sleep in a playpen across the river in Minnesota.

The family is stuck at a hotel until lawmakers strike a budget deal and the state shutdown passes.

“We’re just so happy to be with him. We’ll probably go through anything to bring him home,” said Jessica Porter.

Her baby boy, Ezra, is only 5 days old. He and his parents are living in a Stillwater hotel room, because they can’t go home to Wisconsin until his adoption paperwork is done. They went through HOPE Adoption and Family Services Int’l, Inc. in Oak Park Heights, Minn. for their adoption, but With Minnesota’s government shutdown, papers don’t get signed off and sent to Wisconsin for approval.

The family doesn’t know how long they’ll live in the hotel room. They’re living out of suitcases, and baby stuff is stashed wherever it will fit.

“We have his temporary crib/changing table,” Jessica Porter said, as she pointed to the hotel room desk. “All being together in the close confines of this room. Little tight, needless to say.”

She and her husband said being new parents is all they could have imagined, but it’s also turning out to be so much more. They weren’t prepared for a state shutdown, they said.

“Everybody gets to come home from the hospital and go about life and make their plans, and we’re just more limited,” Craig Porter said.

There’s not a convenient dishwasher to rinse Ezra’s baby bottles, so they do it in the bathroom. It’s not what she ever imagined her first days of motherhood would be like.

Jessica is dreaming about feeding her son in the middle of the night on the couch while Craig sleeps in the other room. She has plans for taking Ezra to church and enjoying time with family.

It’s these newborn moments that these new parents don’t know when they’ll get to experience.

They said they’ve waited seven years to welcome a child into their arms, but know they’ll have to wait longer to bring him where he belongs — home.

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  1. jimmy says:

    Tell the GOP to pass the Balanced budget that Dayton gave to them.
    Tell the GOP to drop the pledges that they signed with the economic terrorist group called the tax payers league.

    1. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

      Dayton could have prevented this if he had accepted interim spending offer.

      Just remember, Dayton’s spurious “compromise” is the same as me saying is like me saying you owe me $1,000,000,000 but I’ll take half – Just as stupid. Its not about how much more we should spend, but whether we should keep MN government in parallel with private sector

      1. Indy says:

        The state isn’t spending now. How does it feel. I hope you are on SS and the Feds keep your check if they shut down. Republicans need to wake up and come down to reality.

        1. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

          Republicans came to the reality that the private sector (who fund the government BTW) has slowed down, and people have lost their jobs. Hence the shutdown, Republicans want to align govt with the “realities” of the private sector economy, Dems want “tax, spend and growth as usual

        2. Rico Suave rides! says:

          But I’m not riding in the wagon. I’m one of the few left pulling it. So I guess it’s not bothering me. Actually the wagon feels lighter during the shutdown. Cheers.

      2. ME says:

        .It has nothing to do with spending. It has to do with rich controlling the RICHPUBLICANS.

    2. Joe Hanson says:

      Governor Dayton didn’t produce a balanced budget, just an outline of proposals.

      Tell Governor Dayton that he serves all Minnesotans, not just the special interests that filled his election coffer.

      1. P SMITH says:

        same as all repugs serve the whole state not just BIG business and the wealthy

    3. Jimmy is a bad boy says:

      At it again Jimmy. Be a good boy and take your meds and then take a nap. You will be more rational when you wake up. And remember don’t fondle yourself.

  2. Can you see beyond your nose? says:

    How stupid is this situation? I haven’t seen boarder guards or a checkpoint between MN and WI in years now.

    Any why pretend there’s a news story here because there isn’t.

    1. How dumb are they? says:

      Yeah, why don’t they get in their car and toodle home? Pretty simple. Who’s stopping them? And so what if they’re “caught?” What’s a judge gonna do to them … fine them a pacifier?

      Get real. Get a brain. Use it.

      Border guards. Indeed.

      1. Obviously says:

        Obviously, no one here understands the consequences of leaving the state without proper paperwork. If they do get caught across state lines they child could be taken away. Why deal with that if they don’t have to?

  3. ME says:

    I cant wait intel the tap shouts down at bar and lacquer stores in the state no more drunken RICHPUBLICANS on the roads.

    1. The solution is before us. says:

      @ME You present yourself as a highly intelligent person with a great attitude and workable solutions for all the state’s problems. May I suggest you run for governor at the next election?

      1. Blah Blah says:

        I’m just impressed he could at least spell “I” correctly, that was about it though.

        1. just saying says:

          BWAHAHAAHA Thats hilarious!! This fool can’t write correctly! HAAHAHAHA

          WHAT A DUMBA SS.

  4. fred says:

    I wonder if any of these politicians have ever heard of compromise? or diplomacy? it`s always their way, or the highway. it`s time to get er done!

  5. Chuck says:

    just take the baby home and let them do the paperwork when they all get their collective heads out of their a$$es.

  6. little tin god says:

    Pretty sad that this is the “shutdown” story of the day. Where the hell are Dayton, Koch and Zellars? Why aren’t they at the table 24/7 until they can hash this out? Their childish behavior is doing nothing but hurting everybody in the state.

  7. Fact says:

    mark dayton hates babies

    1. Joe Hanson says:

      Not the ones that voted for him.

      1. Fact says:

        I don’t think he even likes those babies, he just needed them for a vote and then its under the bus with the rest of the state.

        mark dayton hates Minnesota and babies

        1. P SMITH says:

          fact you nothing but low-class making a statement like that when you know it is a big lie those comments are not needed here or anywhere

        2. P SMITH says:

          fact your a fountain of missinformation and these comments are not needed here you do realize those are hurtful and sick so please keep comments like that to yourself or maybe you would like to meet the Commander of the state patrol to question you about HATE CRIMES

  8. Les says:

    Classic Case of TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT

  9. Red Herring says:

    Les nailed it. And also, I don’t care about someones adoption situation. I don’t care about the Eagle scout story, I don’t care that 16 year olds can’t drive yet. We can pull out examples all day long and they are a red herring. If you take the adoption credit, you are on the dole and so you are at the whims of the gov. Maybe the bigger problem is that gov is involved at all?

    The shameful part is how 50% are so dependent on the gov and the other half doesn’t notice much different. The fact is the gov is way too involved in responsible peoples lives. The liberals or at least a creditable percehtage of them want to be told what to do and how to live and I suppost that is a casualty of any society. Until everyone feels any taxes being imposed and not just the group of producers, we are going to have this problem. It’s about time someone finally stepped up and put their foot down to tax increases regardless of who they are on. If not a flat tax that actually not theoretically affects everybody, no new taxes.

    1. RD says:

      If you don’t care then….. STFU!!!! You are a butt hole.

      1. Red Herring says:

        RD where would you like me to send your free stuff? You seem to be a lib.

  10. P SMITH says:

    unfortunatly we have to many missguided people in the state of Minnesota and they are ALL REPUBLICANS !

  11. WE says:

    Zellars and Koch need to git off that fattttttttttt ass and get to work for minnesota.

  12. BH says:

    Would the reporter please contact this family and make sure they have contacted officials in Wisconsin to see if there is anything they can do. It may require going before a judge and getting a temporary approval for bringing the child into Wisconsin so they might need the advice of a lawyer.

  13. sandy says:

    Stop complaining, at least you have a baby, mine died and I never got to hold mine. So ungrateful. Count your blessing!!

    1. Tabitha says:

      I am sorry for your loss but these parents weren’t complaining. They expressed how thankful they are! They were just pointing out that it has been difficult living in a hotel room with a new born. I suggest you get counseling because it sounds like you are having problems excepting the horrible thing that happened to you and your baby. Your over-reaction is proof you could benefit from some professional help.

  14. Shannon says:

    Other than a few comments, I am appalled at the responses to this article. Wow. So many bitter angry people. I’m so sorry that the bitterness is so deep and uncompassionate. Wow. I feel sad. And go ahead and tear me down for my feelings. I don’t care at all. This is just wrong…….

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