MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he’s confident Wisconsin and Minnesota will have a new tax reciprocity agreement in the next two months.

Walker says revenue officials from both states have been working on an agreement since January. A major hurdle on a new agreement was cleared this week when Wisconsin made its final tax reciprocity payment of nearly $60 million to Minnesota. The last agreement was terminated when Wisconsin’s payment was delayed.

Gov. Dayton has said he believes both states would benefit from a new agreement “that provides prompt payments to both states.” Wisconsin revenue Secretary Richard Chandler says both states have been working together to determine how many people cross the state border to work and what kind of payment should be made.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press says Walker made his comments during a stop in Hudson Wednesday.

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Comments (14)
  1. ed says:

    What is wrong with dayton? He is running around the country while Minnesota is being destroyed with his shutdown? What in the world is dayton thinking?

    1. pmh49 says:

      Jeez ed – What is wrong with Walker. Running around the country while his state is in disarray with recall elections? Walker in Hudson, Dayton in Rochester. What are they thinking? Bunch of idiots!

      Go back to sleep ed.

      1. larry says:

        Recall elections and a state being shut down by a whiny little trust fund baby are two different things.
        Walker did his job, now he can travel.
        Dayton did not do his job and is running away…

        “Wahh, Wahh, Wahh, those bad republicans….”

        Instead of doing his job and passing a “Lights on bill”, he decided to hold all state employees hostage, he decided to disrupt Minnesota services, HE DECIDED TO SHUT IT DOWN.
        The state legislator stayed until midnight the day before the shutdown to try and get a “Lights on bill”.
        Dayton went home and packed his booze for the Fourth of July weekend.

        Now he is travelling around the state,

        “Wahh, Wahh, Wahh, those bad republicans….” in St Cloud
        “Wahh, Wahh, Wahh, those bad republicans….” in Rochester
        “Wahh, Wahh, Wahh, those bad republicans….” all the way home.

        1. Reasonable says:

          Do you know what a “lights on bill” means? I’m just curious because it seems you don’t.

          Your (R) buddies can present as many “balanced” budgets as they want. What isn’t addressed in them is how to pay the debt created by the last guy when he deffered payments to create his “balanced” budget. If you just decide to not pay your mortgage one month because you’re $800 short, have you balanced your budget? Yeah, not really.

  2. Ronald says:

    What are the GOP thinking? Oh I forgot they can’t.. They said it’s their way or the highway, and I guess it’s the highway!

  3. David J. Conklin says:

    He isn’t running around the country. He is taking is message to the people of the state–part of his duties.

  4. leroy says:

    You meain the people of this state can’t read a paper, so they need Dayton to read it to them?
    How stupid do you think Minnesotan’s are?
    Oh, wait, I see Ronald and David’s posts. I hope Dayton reads reeeeaaalll sllloooowww……

  5. Me says:

    That’s right Dayton is working it is the GOP not doing there jobs and if they don’t put something dayton’s desk there will be no special session.

  6. waste says:

    This is getting sickening with you leaches.

    87% of Minnesotans surveyed did not want a tax increase.
    87% of Minnesotans wanted at least a 4% cut in spending.

    Only 8% want an increase in taxes.
    Dayton is representing 8% of Minnesotans by raising taxes.

    1. Me says:

      So only 8% of people voted for Dayton?

      1. waste says:

        No, 43.6% voted for Dayton, 56.4% did not.
        And, you are assuming they voted for Dayton to raise taxes.
        Could it be possible, Me, and try to think here, even though it may hurt a little, that some of those 43.6% voted for a democrat vs a republican???
        I know this may be way over your head, but give it a shot.

        1. Common sense says:

          I think in your original you should have posted that 87% didn’t want THEIR taxes to increase! LOL! I’m thinking that the majority of those 87% wouldn’t truly mind if the Top 2% took a hit. You forgot what kind of a world we live in……it’s me me me and me.

          We’ve entered the age where Survivor and Big Brother teach us that it’s ok to screw your friends and neighbors. Rich, middle class or poor are all doing it now! And you can say it’s only strategy!

        2. Me says:

          @waste Sorry but must be one the ones that voted for that loser emmer?? better luck next time.

    2. Common sense says:

      Usually I don’t respond to these types of posts, because it’s difficult to talk sense with such raw emotion (“leaches”).

      I think you’ve generalized here. 87% of Miinesotans didn’t want THEIR taxes to go up!

      I’m in that group and can tell you that I don’t want my taxes to go up, but really the Top 2%? Since I’m not in that group, what the hay.

      And lets face it, if the richest 2% don’t get taxed, then it’s placed on the middle and lower class to fill the void (whether by cuts or taxes).

      So this does, in the end come down to whether you take from the rich, or take from the poor (or middle-class).

      Personally, I’d rather not see problems down-the-road come to a head just because a few thousand rich people didn’t want to give a little more.

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