MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The budget compromise reached Thursday means 22,000 state workers will have a paycheck again, lottery tickets will soon be printed, horse jockeys will be busy and beer will be on the shelves.

The Ugly Mug in downtown Minneapolis is one of the hundreds of venues around town with expired state-issued buyer’s cards, meaning there’s no way to replenish their liquor.

Several patrons at the bar told WCCO-TV they are happy to know the beer supply is no longer in jeopardy.

“The fact that Governor Dayton has actually come to the table and said, ‘Listen, we need to get people back to work’ says a lot about his character,” said Erik Forseberg, owner of the Ugly Mug.
Also soon to be out of hibernation: lottery tickets.

“That’s a lot of money that could be being made to help the economy, that’s not,” said Minneapolis resident Edward Determan.

Also, as far as business blows go, Canterbury arguably suffered one of the biggest, with a 1,000 laid off employees.

“Like most of us, they’ve been paycheck to paycheck, to go two weeks now without one, it’s going to be a great relief for them,” said Canterbury Park spokesman Jeff Maday. “Once we’re given the OK, can open the card club in probably five to six hours, and racing — we can do that in 24 hours.”

However, even though this shutdown lasted a little more than two weeks, by the time this is all said and done, several of the business owners and employees told WCCO the effects will last far longer. For many of them, this was a loss in thousands of dollars in revenue.

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  1. shrugged says:

    Can’t wait to see the final $ figure on this fiasco.

    1. Frustrated says:

      The shutdown could have easily been avoided, Dayton could have passed a lights on bill.
      Way to go Dayton, take two weeks hundreds of miles, to sign a bill you had before the shutdown.
      You failed….

      1. MIke says:

        Failed? The Republicans got their agenda forced through and it will be repeated on a national level. Will it help the common people? Will it create jobs? Will we the citizenry be better off? Of course not!

  2. dsinsavage says:

    Dayton didn’t fail. Everyone in St. Paul failed. This was nothing but sheer party politics and everyone in St. Paul should be held accountable. Until these so called legislators begin representing the PEOPLE and not their PARTY, nothing is going to change. This is the exact same situation being played out in DC – party, politics while ingnoring the people.

    1. shannon says:

      All parties in office should be held accountable! If we would act like this in our personal employments we would be fired instantly but these people get re eleceted? Whats wrong with this picture? We need to remove all in office State and Nationally and start over with fresh bodies and get rid of party titles and learn to work together to get a job done Party titles are just power trips! Special Services benefits need to be curbed not abused! They were intially started to help individuals get back on their feet not to help them coast through life on my $

  3. Brenda says:

    Remember these jokers the next time they are looking for your vote! I just dont think they had the tax payers better interest in mind when they shut down our government. Especially tight before a holiday weekend.

  4. Stacy says:

    I can not beleive that any of you could support Dayton after all of this. He kept this state shutdown for over two weeks for what? So he can sign a bill that was given to him before the shutdown. You talk about the government doing nothing but the party line, yet, all of you are doing the same. As I have saiid since the start of this, there was only only one man causing this shutdown and he proved me right yesterday. The people of Minnesota should remember who let them down and it was Dayton. You can try to color it however you want and I am sure you will but the fact is Dayton has never been a leader and he never will be.

    1. Mike says:


      Gov. Dayton led the state out of the shutdown. You can attempt to spin it your way, but the fact that Republicans held our state in limbo and forced the Gov. to capitulate will not be forgotten by voters. The consequences of the Republicans actions will be the test that leads to their undoing. Politics is about compromise. You need to understand that not supporting your party because you didn’t get everything you expected is not going to do anything, but reinforce the power of your opposition.

      1. Stacy says:

        Dayto coould not lead himself out of a wet paper bag. You can spin this however you want but the fact is Dayton did nothing but keep the state shutdown then agree on a plan that was in place before the shutdown. That is not leading just plain stupid.
        I do agree with EZ below that Aristea is a looker!

    2. Ez says:

      The fact is Stacy, every single member of the legislature along with Dayton is responsible. You can’t assign blame to one person when there were a whole group of poeple who were just as unwilling to budge from their position. Republican, Democrat… they are all the same. You by blaming only Dayton you are doing just what you accuse others of doing, playing along party lines.

      1. Flower child says:

        @Ez, Stacy. From what I can see and read the voters who voted in these people are as much to blame as the representatives. People get the government they deserve. Be careful what you wish for!

        1. Sporty says:

          Isn’t it Dayton that cut talks short to go tot he Pride Parade?? Shouldn’t he have stayed and worked on the budget?? Isn’t he the one who decides when they will sit down for more negotiations? Oh ya… How many days in the last 14 did they actually do this??? maybe 5 or 6 ot of 14????????? Dayton isn’t want we want or need here in MN

  5. Mike says:

    The best thing about this article is looking at the picture of Reporter Aristea Brady!
    Wow, she is defiantly a looker!

  6. Gloria says:

    What bothers me about the reporting which has been done during the shutdown, is the fact that the concentration seems to be on liquor, lottery tickets, and horse racing. Yes, all of these entities are very important to our economy; however, it makes us Minnesotans appear to only be interested in luxury and entertainment. Many other businesses, industries, and people have suffered and could continue to suffer due to this shutdown.

    I’ve read comments in articles during the week from people who don’t live in our state, and it sounds like they think we are quite a shallow, redneck population. I’d like to see articles about other segments who have been impacted.

  7. worryfree says:

    Dayton failed in making Minnesota’s tax structure more equitable. But in holding out he did succeed in getting ridiculous non budget issues (like gay rights and stem cell research ban) out of the budget bills. He also saved 15% of state worker jobs. But we are still on the Pawlenty brick road to fiscal ruin since we did not address the root problem- insufficient revenue to meet the needs of our citizens. This should get fixed after the 2012 elections return the Democrat majorities to both houses. We don’t have a spending problem we have a revenue problem. We were a much better state when taxes were a bit higher.