MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — While many of Minnesota’s more than 22,000 laid-off workers are excited to hear they’ll soon be returning to work, not all of them are happy about the way they would return to work.

“When you are talking taxes, just even it out. Even it out and I will shut up. But if it’s not even, it’s not fair,” said Terry Alvarado.

Alvarado has spent the past two weeks at home, laid-off from her job with the Minnesota Department of Education. It is a job she’s held for 32 years. She is eager to return to work, but not so excited about the proposal that would send her back.

“My first thought was that it actually brought tears to my eyes. Because I really believe what he has stood for,” said Alvarado.

Alvarado wanted to see Gov. Mark Dayton stick by his plan to tax the richest Minnesotans, but Dayton has agreed to the GOP plan that doesn’t involve taxing the rich. That means staying with a tax plan that Alvarado believes still favors the state’s top earners.

“We need to serve the needs of Minnesota. We are just fundamentally going in the wrong direction,” said Alvarado.

On another side of town there is more tempered enthusiasm that a deal could be reached.

“This system has been turned off for maintenance,” said Jerry Riege.

That’s the message Riege sees when he tries to process a new fishing license. He’s the manager of Capra’s Outdoors in Blaine. He says no fishing license, means no fishing trip in Minnesota. And that means gas stations, resorts, and sporting goods stores are losing out. The new deal puts an end to that, but it can’t replace the past two weeks.

“It just drives me nuts that all the money we have lost in 14 days could have been half of what they are fighting about. Our state has a lot of tourism and people are going to go to South Dakota or other places, have a good time, and not come back if this isn’t fixed,” said Riege.

Riege told us that fishing licenses won’t make or break his store, but the loss of fishing equipment sales adds up when they can’t sell a license.

Riege is glad a budget agreement has been reached, because he doesn’t want to think about what would happen if somehow the shutdown carried into the hunting season.

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  1. Stockhom Steve says:

    So $20 Billion of $34 Billion paid by the top 2% is not enough? Are people that crazy? If 2.2% additional taxes on “the rich” amounts to $4 Billion, that means that they are paying in approximately $20 Billion now with their 9.8%. It’s simple math, folks. Our own Governor did not pay 1 cent of state tax last year, as his “estate” was moved to S. Dakota. Wake up. Class war only hurts everyone.

    1. Eric says:

      Let’s just balance everything on the backs of the middle class,but wait the middle class is pretty much gone. I have a question for you steve, what will we do when the middle class portion is lets say, 2% because we are disapearing pretty fast, what will the Elite pay here or will they just leave with the millions and billions they made?

      1. Leroy says:

        @Eric, You mean move to S.D. Just like Dayton did?

      2. steverc says:

        Yes, lets balance it on the back of Terry Alavarez. She sick and tired of paying more than her fair share of taxes…with the money they take from me, but she (I) can always give a little more.

    2. jimmy says:

      Republicans trade dead babies for money. Well I guess all things have a Republican price. When dead babies interfer with no new taxes on the rich something has to give. Sorry dead babies.

      1. jimmy says:

        Republicans win their no new tax pledge against Governor Dayton. ONLY COST DEAD BABIES.

        1. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

          No, Jimmy the would be the Democrats who wanted another $1.5B to fund the like of Planned Parenthood – so they could have the pleasure

          1. jimmy says:


            “No, Jimmy the would be the Democrats who wanted another $1.5B”

            Yea yea that’s what I’m talking about the GOP sold the lives of those poor babies so the rich could save 1.5 billion.
            We do know that at least the GOP will bury the poor babies in a mass grave. Unless of course the rich would have to pay more taxes to accomplish that. Then they’ll just let them stink in the ditches.

            1. Sam I am says:

              Isnt it time for you to take your meds.

      2. Valerie says:

        Yes, cause dead babies are no benefit for their cause (be in the house) and money can… simple as that

    3. frozenrunner says:

      don’t believe your 20/34 ratio. Per the tax incidence studies numbers that would also mean that the top 2% earned about 200 billion

    4. Cynthia says:

      Steve-It’s not about which class is paying the most money –it’s about everyone should be paying the same rate. If I pay 12.5 on my income why should you pay any less? The Governor will be paying taxes this next year since he is a resident in MN.

    5. paul says:

      Stockholm Steve:

      Do you have an unbiased citation for your claim that the richest 2% pay 20 billion of the 34 billion in Minnesota State income taxes? Do you have a citation to the claim that Dayton, personally, did not pay any Minnesota income taxes? If not, I don’t think you should make those claims. And Newsmax doesn’t count. I’m not sure what you are referring to when you say “estate.” Estates are a holding vehicle for the financial resources of dead people. Dayton is alive and would pay taxes under his own name.

      In any event, I preferred the plan announced by the task force of Carlson, Mondale, and Durenberger to the fix suggested by Dayton anyway. Although the richest 2% have had a lot better time of it these past dozen years than the lower 98%, there is something called citizenship and true citizenship requires some sharing of burdens.

      1. the_troll01 says:

        So Paul, since you are such a huge proponent of “sharing the burdens”, I assume you will be turning over 25% of your income to the state treasury?

        ….or are you exempt?

        1. ztank says:

          Noone anywhere is proposing a 25% state income tax. How you get to that number is beyond logic troll.

          1. the_troll01 says:

            You are totally missing the point. Paul, like most liberals, including the little street agitator living at 1600 Penn. Ave, are constantly lecturing the rest of us that in order to prove their citizenship, the job creators of this country MUST be willing to give up more of the fruits of their labor to folks like Paul.

            Since he is the arbitrator of what it takes to be a true citizen, I assume he would be more than willing to go the “extra mile” and lead by example, and show the rest of us how it is done.

            My apologies for exceeding you limited logic.

            1. DTM says:

              Actually, you should apologize for your misleading statement. Unless you can come up with the source for your inflated figure.
              But, I suppose you are just one of those sheep that ingest whatever Fox News tells you. Hey, troll, there’s a big world out here. Take off your blinders….baa…baa

              1. the_troll01 says:

                …and just what “misleading” statement would you be referring to, dtm

                What inflated figure are you referring to?

                Are you even sure what you are talking about???

                1. DTM says:

                  That would be the 25% you referred to… Maybe read back a bit before responding next time, genius.

                2. the_troll01 says:


                  (That would be the 25% you referred to… Maybe read back a bit before responding next time, genius.)

                  The 25% I referred to, was just a suggestion I used as an example of what the fellow I was talking about, paul, may be willing to pay, to demonstrate to the rest of us, the value he places on citizenship, and the need to “share the burdens” he values so highly.

                  Sorry it was just too much for liberal skulls full of mush, such as yourself, to comprehend. intellectual giant!

                3. DTM says:


                  Ummm, ok. It didn’t appear to be a suggestion as you stated “I assume you will be turning over 25% of your income to the state treasury?” Ok, Now read this very slowly so it doesn’t go right past you. And mayber re-read a few times…See, if you throw out exact numbers like, oh, 25%, people are going to wonder where you came up with that. Sometimes it is better to keep one’s mouth shut and just appear a fool, rather than open it and remove all doubt…

                  “intellectual giant”…ooh, you really got me there troll. Well played.

              2. the_troll01 says:

                Good to see the comprehension bulb come on for you! The first step in curing a problem is admitting you have one. Congratulations, your well on your way. Good Luck

                1. DTM says:

                  You really are that stupid, aren’t you? That is sad.

              3. the_troll01 says:


        2. Valerie says:

          And that is why you name is The Troll

          1. the_troll01 says:

            Thank You, Valli-girl, for your very well-thought-out, exceedingly enlightening insight.

    6. Joe Frederick says:

      wrong, it hurts the poor!!!!
      I wonder what 7770 Minnesotan Millionaires could do? They’ve been pretty quiet. Can they hope to have the other 5.2 million of us continually deflected and preoccupied with the middle class fears of the poor? Ferrante stated, “At the other end of the continuuum are those who live in a state of extreme wealth, the most excessive form of wealth in which a very small minority of people (perhaps as few as the richest 400) possess enough money, material possessions, and resources such that a 4 percent levy on that wealth could provide adequate food, safe water, sanitation, and basic health care for the 1.2 billion poorest people on the planet.” (Joan Ferrante, professor of sociology at Northern Kentucky University)
      I wonder what 7770 Minnesotan Millionaires could do?

    7. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

      Aside from the “income envy” and class warfare that drives many in this state, we wouldn’t even be debating this issue if MN govt just lived within it’s means, like the private sector does.

      1. Methinks says:

        The private sector does NOT live within its means. Where did you get that idea? Ever hear of the Bank bailout? GM and Chrysler “bankruptcy”? All the foreclosures? The average amount of debt carried by the private sector?

        Also, no CEO in the world is worth 600 to 900 times more in compensation than the average compensation of the rest of the employees in his/her company. And I’m talking compensation, not personal investment returns.

        1. Shelly says:

          Excellent response!

        2. the_troll01 says:

          You do know, I assume, that the GM and Chrysler bailouts actually were bailouts of under-funded union pensions and health insurance funds, don’t you? Our little street agitator refused to allow the companies to file for bankruptcy, which is what should have been done.
          If it had been, the unions would have been at the bottom of the totem pole as far as who would have been paid in any reorganization of those companies.
          So, Obama bailed out his union buddies, at the expense of the bond holders. People like you parents or grandparents, perhaps, who depending on the dividends from those investment to live on.

          And who are you to decide what the CEO of a company should or should not make? Did tongues of fire descend from the heavens, and infuse you with God-like wisdom to make that determination? Do YOU have any of YOUR hard-earned money invested in any of these corporations that you so despise?

    8. truth hurts says:

      He earned a wage in Minnesota thus would have paid a tax. Your rhetoric is blinding you.

    9. ztank says:

      Stockhom Steve. Heres the scoop…the base tax rate is just that…the BASE tax rate. That doesnt include deductions. Therefore, the base 9.8% probably produces MUCH LESS than 20 billion because. The ‘rich’ dont get additional write-offs when they pay more, so the addition of 2.2% generates more than the base 9.8%.

      Sorry to burst your bubble there Steve. But your math doesnt account for deductions and that is CLEARLY wrong.

    10. Samantha 2005 Dodge Grand caravan says:

      Steve, this is random. I believe I bought my van from you and I have been trying to get in contact with you regarding a mistake made. Please reply back if this is you. Thanks!


    11. Shelly says:

      It does. And this class war waged upon the middle class by the corporations and those with the money to buy their politicians needs to end. It’s time that we get rid of the all of the tax write-offs and loopholes for the rich and the corporations, and they start paying taxes like the rest of us.

    12. DTM says:

      @Stevie….His “estate” was not moved to South Dakota. Get your facts straight. His family opened a Trust in South Dakota many, many years ago.

      Oh, and what was the Gov’s salary? Remember?

  2. Chris says:

    And taking MORE money away from the schools doesn’t hurt everyone! MN has the lowest tax rate for the richest in the nation…..they can pay a little more to ensure the future of our state.

    1. Eric says:

      What did you expect the republicans just pass the burden down the road to everyone in its paths

      1. jimmy says:

        Don’t forget the GOP sold out dead babies to keep their no new tax pledge.

        1. GN says:

          Yup, while the state employees were enjoying 5 and 6% pay increases in the past, those of us in the private sector were lucky if we received 1% across the board — whine baby whine. The best that could happen is 50% of state employees loose their jobs so the private sector could get the economy up and going again. Who was killing the babies!!!!

          1. Cynthia says:

            Wow-check your facts before you write them. When did state employees receive a 5-6% raise? I’ve been with the state for 21 years and I’ve never seen that kind of raise–it fact i’ve seen wage freezes. I hear alot of trash talk about state employees. The state workforce is the same as the private sector, there are a few bad apples in both.

            1. :) says:

              We can tell your a state union employee by your responses, you didn’t even have to tell us.

              1. Cynthia says:

                Like I said I am a state employee, I don’t always agree with the union. But thank god for unions because if we didn’t have them most people would be working for pennies–why do you think Republicians want to break the UNIONS?? I’ve also worked in the private sector, it just happens I found a job that I liked better with the state. Sorry for being a state employee and liking my job!

          2. Badger says:

            What state employees is that? My husband works for the state and hasn’t seen a raise in three years, his health insurance is a LOT worse that mine, and I work in the private sector – he has such a huge deductable that we basically pay 100% of the bill for a doctor’s appointment. I’m not complaining…we are both very grateful for what we have and it could be a lot worse. But exactly which state employees are getting 5% and 6% raises? Do you know that for a fact?

          3. DTM says:

            Hey GN, care to provide evidence for that ludicrous claim?

            Yeah, I ddn’t think you could. Better get back to the tv, Glenn Beck is almost on.
            You should really try thinking for yourself sometime.

    2. Chris hasnobrain says:

      Get your facts right. MANY states have NO state income tax AND lower sales and realestate taxes. Also, NO schools are loosing any funding. Read the agreement again you idiot!

      1. jennifer says:

        Chris you are incorrect about schools losing funding. Please recheck your sources.

      2. ztank says:

        Yes, that may be true, but they make up for it in other areas. NO state has low taxes across the board. There are states that have tradeoffs that make certain people retire in certain areas of the country…but nowhere are there states with zero income tax and lower taxes across the board like what you are implying.

      3. Monica says:

        yes, schools will be losing SOME funding.

      4. DTM says:

        So Chris, it’s simple:
        1.Go back and read the agreement.
        2. Realize you were wrong and there will be school districts that lose funding
        3. Come back and keep spewing the GOP line even knowing you are wrong. It’s just your way.

  3. Very pleased state worker says:

    I am so glad to be going back. I need a place to slow down and relax. Just not possible here in the ‘real world.’

    1. Cynthia says:

      What kind of state job do you have-you can slow down and relax?

      1. GN says:

        All state jobs. When if comes to inefficiency and maximum waste, study a government employee, they have it mastered.

        1. Cynthia says:

          I’ve been a state employee for 21 years. I’ve been in four different positions and I’ve never been able to slow down and relax. I’d like to find out that kind of position “very pleased state worker” has-maybe she needs a new supervisor or maybe she is a manager!

          1. Cynthia says:

            Wow-I really can’t believe your comment. You should probably visit a church next Sunday.

            1. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

              Cynthia, I cant say I’m on your side – but good comeback

          2. Very pleased State worker says:

            I think you work for me Cynthia. Seriously. Remember our conversation about your weight and personal grooming? Yup it’s me.

            1. Cynthia says:

              Sorry I don’t work for you because I’ve never had a discussion about my weight or grooming with any state worker. In fact my supervisors are very happy with my work and we don’t discuss my personal weight because it doesn’t affect my work performance. I have a lot of contact with the public so I always try to “look good” since I am representing the state and thank my mama for what she gave me! We need to have more positive comments about each other.

              1. Cynthia is the best says:

                Sooory Cynthia, I thought you were “Tubby Lipinski” in 3b. Are you typing this from a state computer? Carry on.

                1. DTM says:

                  GN: A typical GOP backer…no real tools to debate so reverts back to grade-school tactics. How sad.

                  But good for you GN! You made a funny! Hey everybody, GN did it! Yahoo!

                2. Cynthia says:

                  Sorry but I’m not typing this from a state computer–I’m laid off. Would you please respond with correct english and spelling- what’s 3b??

            2. Badger says:

              That’s just plain mean! WOW, just wow!

        2. P SMITH says:

          gn not ALL state employees are inefficient and a waste your welcome to come and try to keep up with me I’m sure your sorry a$$ wouldn’t be able too!

          1. Street sweeper wannabee says:

            P Smith,
            Yeah man but you’ve had so much practice with that mop it wouldn’t be fair.

      2. read between the lines... says:

        Cynthia…..I think they meant it as a joke…….

  4. Dave Seavy says:

    Taxation has never been an equal proposition between the wealthy and the non-wealthy. Wealthy people have opportunities to shelter their money in ways we common folk do have. It’s unfortunate, but it’s reality. To believe that – even with taxing the rich harder, our budget will somehow become balanced is a myth. Truth is – once the government gets its greedy paws on money, they spend it as fast as they can, And in most cases, if the government takes in a dime, they spend $20.00. Much of it on themselves.

  5. Murph says:

    He will be selling a lot of amunition soon enough! If the GOP wants class warfare as their slogan.They better saddle up and ride into battle.People have had just about enough of their pick on the little guy scheme.The GOP starts wars and the Democrats fight them.This happens all over the world.They now want to try it here?,on us???The result will be the same as always.We defeat our enemys no matter how many,how near or far! The GOP just don’t have the common sense to stop bullying poor people,people who know how to fight.We’ll fight them,we’ll beat them and let our dogs eat them if it teaches the world another lesson. America will never be the home of the slave! The GOP needs an atitude adjustment and soon!

    1. Just me says:

      @ Murph

      Great post

    2. iirish@yahoo.com says:

      Nice spelling and punctuation dummy. Obama has us in 2 new wars. Whos’ picking on you? The poor pay ZERO taxes! You really need to start thinking. You have a victims mentality. POOR YOU!!!

      1. jimmy says:


        Obama? what does that have to do with the with the GOP murdering babies?

    3. GN says:

      Sorry there Murph, but the group that is most responsible for driving the country into poverty is the unionist Dems — you need to study the laws that have been passed by the Dems and correlate to who is the most resourceful in stripping who. You will find the both are bad but the Dems take the prize. To many government programs — sponsored by Dems >> To many government employees mandated by the Dems >>> To many benefits for government employees mandated by the Dems when in power >>> Everyone one should get what they want and pay nothing motto of the Dems. Stop writing if you do not do any research on the programs brought in by the Dems that brought us down.

    4. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:

      Spoken like a true communist Comrade Murph!

      You give us hope for the future. Even though the party suffered a terrible defeat today, the war to defeat the EVIL GOP Capitalists will never end!

      We are both so proud of you comrade. POWER TO THE PROLETARIATt!

      Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

      1. Bourgeoisie says:

        The class of envy are leading the revolt and the populous will rise when they realize the sham that has been used to pushed down their gullets. Will the common be better off now that upper class has stepped away from their obligations? Will the country be better off and heading further into acrimony and hardship by repeating inane policies of reducing taxes in the likes perpetrated by George Bush and his cronies and using the lie that jobs will be created? Will the people who need medical care have a chance to realistically participate in system that moves with the cost of inflation versus having no real wage increases since the 70’s? The lies are going to catch up with the policies of Republicans, it is a matter of time……………..

        1. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:

          Comrade B or C

          It is wonderful to see yet another Communist come completely out of the Populist closet! Welcome to the party comrade. Your writing is pure genius!

          “Will the common be better off now that upper class has stepped away from their obligations?”

          “The class of envy are leading the revolt and the populous will rise–”

          Brilliant writing such as this would make Comrade Marx proud! Your thoughts also allows us to rest in peace knowing the party and coming communist revolution are in capable hands.

          Try not to let Comrade Dayton’s treasonous surrender to the EVIL GOP yesterday bother you too much. The future triumph of Marxism over Capitalism is on the horizon and you will be needed more than ever comrade. In the very near future you will be elevated by the party to the position of leadership your genius demands.


          Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

          1. ztank says:

            Yes, clearly in the past history of the USA we were certainly Communists. Right Comrade Lenin?

            Whats that? The facts say that higher taxation rates do not equal communism and communism is completely different that simply an adjustment of tax rates?

            Weird. I guess facts just dont get in your way though, do they Comrade Lenin.

            Hence why I can easily and guilt-free call you a f#$king moron.

            1. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:

              Comrade Ztinky-

              Your obvious anger over yesterdays defeat of Marxism/Socialism in Minnesota is understandable, but do not let this setback shake you and your superior intellect from your goal of making Minnesota totally Socialist sometime in your lifetime.

              We understand your despair with what has been going on with government both in St. Paul and in Washington, but please avoid criticizing us. Your mouth could put you in a Gulag or reeducation camp sharing a bed of straw with a frisky Minnesota Republican thug named Sven, Ole or a transplanted Mississippian named Bubba.

              As for your comment, “I guess facts just dont get in your way though, do they Comrade Lenin.”

              Congratulations Comrade Ztinky, “You are a f#$king genius! This sentence shows you DO really understand what we are trying to do worldwide.

              Power to the proletariat!

              Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

              1. Leon Trotsky says:

                Workers of the world, unite!

                Thanks for a good laugh, Comrade.

              2. DTM says:

                Comrade Lenin and Chairman Moa…Oh I get it, if they disagree with the GOP they are socialist…You clever guy. Good to see you’re back with the same old tired schtick…

                Here’s a hint, try originality, it won’t hurt.

                1. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:

                  Genius Comrade DTM-

                  It is Chairman Mao! M-A-O
                  So much for the constant Democratic angle of intellectual superiority-

                  Yesterday must have been a real downer for you. All that writing. All that time.

                  Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

                2. DTM says:

                  So you’re also Nazi Grammar police?

                  I guess when you have nothing of value to type…

          2. Mike says:

            Collecting my dividend check today and paying my 15% tax rate. What a wonderful life while the little people run off to work. I will be sitting by the pool, eating caviar, smoking my $100 cigars, drinking my $350 bottle of wine and scheduling my next cosmetic makeover! Isn’t life grand? Thank you Republicans…..

    5. turf says:

      And you need an English class….

  6. Milli says:

    Ah! What a relief to know I’ll be able to afford my next trip to Europe and that gorgeous diamond.

    1. jimmy says:


      “Ah! What a relief to know I’ll be able to afford my next trip to Europe and that gorgeous diamond.”

      Yes and all it cost is a few dead babies. Good thing you got those people to sign that no new tax pledge.

      1. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:

        Comrade Jimmy-

        Try and stay calm. Your anger about today’s stunning defeat at the hands of the EVIL GOP Capitalists is clouding your thinking and your usually brilliant writing! Stay calm and organize resistance. Keep your genius of a brain thinking of ways to get even with the hated and uncaring rich capitalist pigs.

        Plot your revenge, but please keep your mouth shut. You must be careful to not give away any of your intellectually superior ideas and strategy for the coming “Minnesota Civil War.”

        Soon there will be no more poor and no more rich. Only workers in a workers state! The party desperately need a man of your obvious intelligence and qualifications. You are no good to us comrade if you have a mental breakdown over todays unexpected setback.


        Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

  7. Jeff "Gangsta" J says:

    How does the GOP bully poor people? They want to spend less and tax less. How is that bullying? The DFL are the ones who do the bullying. They want (or rather FORCE) us to pay into a Welfare Society that only encourages people to be dependent of the Government while they on their a$$es all day long.

    If the GOP is “bullying” people into getting their a$$es of the porch and away from the TV and learning a trade or getting an education rather than sucking off the system, then I’m all for the bullying then……

    1. mayhem says:

      another clueless repube

      1. Richard says:

        Old Saying: If you are twenty, and not a democrat, you have no heart; if you are fifty, and not a republican, you have no brain!

    2. jimmy says:

      Jeff “Gangsta” J “How does the GOP bully poor people?”

      Haven’t you heard the GOP are murdering the poor’s babies and selling the remains for stem cell research.

      1. Tommy Two Tones says:

        Now you are definately wrong. Republicans are against Stem cell research. Its the Democrats who are for using stem cells from aborted babies.

        Nice try. But you are and will always be WRONG.

    3. ztank says:

      The GOP wants to end programs that give equal access to quality education. They want to end programs that help kids in poor households get quality food.
      They want to end programs that help the poor get to work (public transportation).

      Shall I go on?

      I’m not defending welfare programs. I think the GOP is right in that we need to spend less on them. The problem I have is that the GOP wants to end them or dramatically defund them instead of forcing them to produce positive results and be more efficient.

  8. mayhem says:


  9. Waste says:

    Money and better a education for our children does not go hand in hand.
    Parents having more money from paying less taxes, allows that parent to take a larger part in their child’s education.
    A dollar is not magic, we tried to throw more money at education. Scores did not go up, however, teachers salaries and benefits did.

    1. ztank says:

      If the reduction of waste and setting positive effect goals was what the GOP was doing instead of simply defunding programs then I would 100% back it.

  10. I'm Sick People Demanding Handouts says:

    Just love all the name calling, nobody knows all the facts but everyone has the answers & isn’t afraid to belittle others about things they don’t know anything about. If the middle class is geting soaked with taxes, don’t blame the rich, blame the entitlement group (the poor that don’t want to work)

    1. ztank says:

      My sister in law, a staunch republican, lives in small town MN and pays zero federal income tax due to her low income.

      What pre-set category would you put her in? The entitlement group that are poor and dont want to work? The middle class being “soaked with taxes”?

      She didn’t ask to pay no federal income tax. Them’s the rules and she is playing by them. So, would you still insult her (which I find funny because you rant about belittling others and then go off and belittle the poor ‘entitlement group’)

  11. hemmay says:

    mayhem, it is time for you to move out of the basment and support yourself. Gee then you might notice that life is not fair…

  12. diemnguyen says:

    Pay tax and then what…I don’t see any tax money help here,,,beside road, snow remove, park,,,the rest send to Pakistan, India, Afganistan….pay tax for what when tonado hit Minneapolis then does not approve for federal disater because…tonado not damaged a lot..what you what F5 hit Minneapolis….and then oh,,,you are qualify now…fuking dumb..your brain has shiit in there or what???.

  13. mayhem says:

    I know I am just a freeloader that can only name call. i have no real insite into anything …sorryg

  14. mayhem says:

    …I just I had a real job…only in my dreams. I will never be one of the big people just a littlle guy who can only name call..

  15. Brad Wegner says:

    just wait until you get your new property tax bill next year RINOs. The republicans cut local aid, you know, the money you paid into the state that is spos to come back to your town and county to pay for police,fire,schools, etc. they also delayed again, paying the schools to give your children a fair education like you had. keep drinking the repuke kool aid about taxes beong raised, your just to stupid to realize they raised them on you and shut the state down so their real base didnt have to pay a fair share. notice they didnt shut it down to ban gay marriage, stop abortion, keep your guns, stop the immigrants, etc.. oh yeah! them are just issues to get your vote!!!! LOL

    1. Tax Someone Else Please says:

      You must be a mayor or a city council member that when he sees cuts at the state level…says…hell no…I’ll raise your property taxes…etc. to keep government big and strong! No cuts..not going to happen!

      Hard to stop the greedy hands of government at any level with your mind set. If you don’t want property taxes raised…give em hell at city hall! Local governments need to listen to the will of their voters as well.

      Tax and spend mentality drives the wealthy to different neighborhoods. Tax and spend mentality drives the wealthy to different states to avoid the higher taxes. Tax and spend mentality has driven businesses to set up shop in foreign countries to avoid the 2nd highest corporate tax rate in the world.

      1. ztank says:

        Oh please. The local governments are not bloated. They dont have medicare, medicade, SS, and welfare payments. We are talking about county government here TSEP. Counties dont have all of those obligations.

  16. Flower child says:

    Governor Dayton has three more years in office. The legislature is up for election in one–2012. Once the DFL has a majority again, we can raise taxes on the top 2 to 5% of wealthy Minnesotans and get back on track fiscally.

    1. ItsTheSpendingStupid says:

      “Once the DFL has a majority again, we can raise taxes” I’ll go with you on that, like in 2092 when DFL win this state back..

      Pure income envy.

      1. ztank says:

        Have you actually done any research to prove to yourself that the spending in MN is bloated and that the NET tax rate that MN rich pay is unfair? Or do you just believe Republican politicians that tell you that?

        1. Wu says:

          and do you just believe Democrat politicians that tell you the opposite?

  17. john f says:

    Well Ms. Alvarado sorry to see you’re not excited about getting back to work. I know it’s nice to have other people pay for everything. Darn, those rich people only pay the majority of income taxes. Darn, those businesses only pay the highest taxes in the country. Darn, those property taxes are high for those top earners but I know it’d be better for you if they paid more.

    I hope you enjoy your job and can leave your rotten attitude at the door. Our children are too precious for this kind of negative talk.

  18. :) says:

    Yeah tax the rich , tax the rich. Up corporate taxes. How about we spend what we have and live within our means like each of us personally has to. If I wrote a check for 1.5 billion dollars more than I had, I would be serving jail time. I wish they would have held out longer and got a balanced budget passed

    1. ztank says:

      I own a home. I owe quite a bit of money on it…more than I could afford to pay off all at once.

      So are you saying that I’m not living within my means?

      1. Just a thought says:


        “I own a home. I owe quite a bit of money on it”

        How can you own it if you owe money on it…..You are PART owner…the BANK owns the rest! And if you lost your job…and defaulted on the loan….who then “owns” the home…..the bank…..hence the RISK they are taking in financing you!

        And if the “rich” bankers make money off the “risk” they have placed in you….is that a BAD thing?

        Do you gamble? Same concept! But the bank just tries to make sure they get the least risk and most “reward”.

  19. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    Complain, complain. Geez.

  20. steverc says:

    The “rich” pay their share of taxes, create jobs, and give more in charity then you “poor” people. I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a bonded servant to the democrat/liberal propaganda servant-making machine.
    Every time this class warfare thing starts, it ends very badly, for the very people your purport to serve – the poor. The last thing a society needs, if it wishes to survive, it a mob rule that confiscates the wealth of others – incentive is destroyed, and soon follows society (no productivity).

    1. P SMITH says:

      WAKE UP you total moron the only people whho are getting rich and can aford tax loopholes are CEO’s watch CNN they reported that CEO’s wages went up dy 56% since 2008 while most peoples aveaged 2.2% over the same time So would you please stop codeling the poor rich guy the BS

    2. DTM says:

      Stevie, where are those jobs anyway? Bush promised them. TPaw promised them. I don’t see them.
      But I’m sure you’ll come back and somehow blame the Dems…

  21. SHE"St a COMPLAINER says:

    My God. She’s going back to work and she’s complaining?!?! Unreal! Did she want the shutdown to continue?

  22. LOL says:

    She honestly believe in Dayton?!?!? HAHAHAHAHA. Oh man. She’s priceless. Wouldn’t his Senate record tell her anything?

  23. jennifer says:

    Everybody needs to quit worrying about the rich being rich and the poor being poor. Everyone in life makes decisions. If you don’t like being poor or middle class maybe you should have gotten a college education. Everyone has a chance to go to school. There are millions of scholarships, loans and aid. If you don’t like the financial class you fall into its your own fault. Its funny how people who get all types of assistance have extra money to smoke, drink (not everyone) and take their kids out to do extra curricular while us working people don’t have the money to do the extras because we buy our own groceries, we pay our own daycare and our own rents/house payments. There’s too much welfare and too many people taking advantage of it.

    1. ztank says:

      I choose to want to have a nice county where I live with good roads and well maintained parks.
      I choose to want to have good schools where i live
      I choose to want to have strong police, fire, and national defense where I live.

      All of these things cost money. I’m willing to pay my fair share, and I want others in this society that enjoy all of these great things to pay their fair share also.

      This doesnt make me a communist or socalist or marxist. It doesnt make me some crazy liberal.

      I’ve been in Mexico. I know what low quality infrastructure and schooling is like. And I demand that the US doesnt go down that path.

      1. teaform says:

        @ztank….the key part of your post…

        “I’m willing to pay my fair share”

        Fair means the SAME for everyone! So why raise the taxes on the top 2%….is that “fair”?

        I agree….I have NO problem paying taxes for roads, the schooling the state provided me, the police and fire departments, departments like the DNR!

        But I DO have a problem paying for people living off the system in MN and MORE and MORE people moving here on a daily basis to take advantage of HARD working people LIKE YOU AND ME!

        I am SICK of people thinking the harder I work, and the more I make..the MORE I should pay in! (As in a higher %) How is that fair?

        So I’m with you……

        Let’s do what’s FAIR!

  24. Bernie says:

    So, to put this deal in “regular folk” terms, we’ve maxed our credit cards and used up our 2nd mortgage, so now we’re refinancing, taking on a new credit card, and issuing an IOU for our kid’s school tuition.


    And this is the best deal Dayton will settle for? The best deal the GOP could offer?


  25. Proud American says:

    For all you people who are disappointed that the Gov didn’t get his tax increases, if you want to send more money to help out all the welfare people feel free to do it. I am sure the Democrats would be happy to accept your money. Next time you have to submit a check to the State for taxes just add what you feel your fair share should be that way you don’t have to feel bad that these “poor” people are not getting their fair share

  26. Theresa says:

    All of the talk about taxing or not taxing high income wage earners. Do they not work just as hard, if not harder for their money? I read the story above about the state worker complaining. My goodness state workers have it made and they are complaining? I say tax them the as same as we tax the high wage earners because they sure are higher than Joe public’s wages , benefits etc. So maybe they give up some of their perks to help balance the budget and stop whining

  27. kevin says:

    Jimmy, how many democrats does it take to kill a baby. I can’t remember the answer but you can look it up when the democrats and the left leaning supreme court voted to kill babies.

  28. KEVIN says:

    Let’s see, New Jersey has 9 million people and a 30 billion budget, Mn. has 5 million people and a 34 billion budget. I’m assuming there sending there welfare recipients here along with the other 48 state to take advantage of our welfare system

  29. kevin says:

    WCCO ,is there some reason you didn’t post my last comment.It was only the truth and fact.

  30. Teaform NOW! says:

    The bottom line…it’s time for REFORM. This latest shutdown is PROOF!

    The current way of doing business is NOT working! We can NOT continue to raise our taxes to make up for a budget shortfall!

    We no longer live in the 1950’s! The world has become a much more complex place! New laws have been implemented; a new “generation” is working and controlling the work place!

    Time to reform welfare!
    Time to reform Government payroll!
    Time to think about granting placed like Canterbury a full Casino License!

    Time to run a government based in the 21st century, based on 21st century issues!

    Once these issues are faced, I bet we will NO longer need to discuss raising taxes on ANY group! (As a matter of fact….maybe a FLAT TAX should be implemented!)

    Regardless of your political affiliation, this NEEDS to happen!

  31. pet care says:

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