ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — One of Michele Bachmann’s closest advisers during her rapid political rise was her husband, Marcus. He also was one of the least visible, happy to stand in his wife’s shadow even as her career took her to Washington.

These days, both Bachmanns are finding there’s no escape from the scrutiny that follows a candidate who rockets into the top tier of Republican presidential hopefuls, and Marcus Bachmann has been forced to defend his Christian counseling business from claims its therapies include “curing” people of being gay.

In an interview with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune published Friday, Marcus Bachmann did not deny he and other counselors at Bachmann and Associates Inc. have attempted to convert gay patients. But he said it’s not a special interest of the practice and would only be attempted if a client requested it.

“Will I address it? Certainly we’ll talk about it,” Bachmann told the newspaper, in response to a question about an undercover investigation by a gay activist that showed a counselor at the clinic offering the therapy. “Is it a remedy form that I typically would use? … It is at the client’s discretion.”

Bachmann’s campaign this week turned down multiple Associated Press requests to interview Marcus and Michele Bachmann. The campaign also did not respond to an emailed list of basic biographical questions about Marcus Bachmann.

The Bachmanns and people who know them describe a couple who connected in college in southeastern Minnesota, brought together in part by their deep Christian faith. Over time they raised five children, fostered 23 others, and built separate careers. She was a tax attorney, a school board candidate, a state legislator and a congresswoman; he built the counseling business they now own together.

As his wife’s star rose, Marcus Bachmann increasingly balanced his two suburban Twin Cities clinics with growing responsibilities at the family’s suburban St. Paul home.

“Without him, she couldn’t be doing what she’s doing,” said JoAnne Hood, a former neighbor who said she’s still close to the family. “He would leave notes on the kitchen island to each of the kids with a list of their chores for the day. He’ll buy the flowers in the spring and plant them in the planter boxes. He runs the whole show.”

Marcus Bachmann is one of three sons of a Swiss couple who upon their marriage in 1950 emigrated to the U.S. and bought a dairy farm in southwestern Wisconsin that the family still owns. Hood described him as “just a farm boy — he’s jovial, he’s genuine, he’s all about family, just an all-around good guy.”

He met Michele Amble when they were undergraduates at Winona State University in 1976.

“And then the Lord led me to this man …” Michele Bachmann recalled during a 2006 speech at Living Word Christian Center near Minneapolis. “Led me to him, and showed me that this was also part of my calling. That my calling was to marry this man.”

They married in 1978, around the time they switched their political allegiance from the Democratic to the Republican Party.

Marcus Bachmann, now 55, is often at wife’s side while she campaigns. Tall and burly where she is short and petite, friends say Marcus Bachmann sometimes acts as a bodyguard of sorts as his wife draws larger crowds.

Former aides and associates say Marcus Bachmann appears to be his wife’s closest adviser. But he rarely speaks on her behalf in a political setting, and even longtime allies of Michele Bachmann say they don’t know him well; the most frequent impression is of a quiet and good-natured man, amiable and laid-back in contrast to his wife’s perky charisma.

“He’s her closest confidante,” said Warren Limmer, a Republican state senator in Minnesota who teamed with Michele Bachmann during her crusade for a state constitutional gay marriage ban in 2005 and 2006.

While avoiding his wife’s political spotlight, Marcus Bachmann has been a regular guest on Christian and inspirational radio programs — sometimes making comments that have resurfaced amid his wife’s presidential bid.

In one frequently cited interview with the Point of View radio show in May 2010, Bachmann seemed to suggest gay people were “barbarians” to a question about how Christian parents should respond if their children come out. A clip on YouTube includes the statement:

“But again, it is as if we have to understand: Barbarians need to be educated, they need to be disciplined, and just because someone feels it or thinks it doesn’t mean that we’re supposed to go down that road. That’s what’s called a sinful nature. And we have a responsibility as parents and as authority figures not to encourage such thoughts and feelings to move into the action steps,” the clip shows Bachmann saying.

In the Star Tribune interview, Marcus Bachmann said that interview clip was doctored and that he would never call gay people barbarians. “That’s not my mindset. That’s not my belief system,” he told the newspaper.

The original interview was not available on the Point of View website, and the company was unable to provide a copy of it Friday.

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  1. James Stout says:

    Why is the government supporting religion-based counseling? Before Bush-43, there was separation of church and state. When will people acknowledge that organized religion is the root of much of the world’s evil?

    1. Jane says:

      Religion in government started with Reagan and it has gone on too long. I totally agree with the your statement about organized religion.

      I do not understand why certain religious beliefs are suppose to dictate to everyone. Different religions have different belief system. Religion does not belong in government, schools, science etc. Your belief system is your beliefs not mine or my neighbors and no one should be forced to follow them. Unfortunately this is not the case in today’s political environment.

      1. Give me liberty says:


        Religion in government started with Reagan? Really, evidently you have not read the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence.

        Nobody is forcing you to follow anything. There is something called free will that allows all individuals to make their own decisions.

        Liberals are such hypocrites. They want to remove all references to religion in government, except for Islam, Kwanza, etc…. to celebrate diversity.

        Telling me I can’t believe in God is forcing your beliefs on me.

        God is on our money, in our pledge, and is foundation of what this country was built on. Feel free to leave at anytime, no one is forcing you to stay.

        1. Jane says:

          @ Give Me Liberty

          Watch JFK’s speech when he was running for president. Reagan courted the religious right to win the election.

          I am not telling you not to believe in your god, but you and your kind seem to be telling me I have to follow your beliefs. Every hear about Creation being taught in public schools? Not exactly accepted science. This is just one example. What about the prayer that starts the city council meetings where I live?

          God was put on money and in pledge during 1950’s because of Communism.

          This country was founded on religious freedom and no state religion, not on Christianity. Many of the founding fathers (the real ones, not Bachmann version) were not religious.

          Before the right spouts off, perhaps they should actually take a comprehensive history course and learn what happened. I understand history is not taught as it is not on the test to graduate, but I think correct background would be advised.

        2. curly_racks says:

          Genius, Kwaanza is not a religous holdiay. It is based on African principles. Sorry that you didn’t get to rob all of the culture.

        3. kellbell says:

          THANK YOU! Well said! So because Bachman is a Christian he should be able to accept Medicaid payments from those on it? They really are such hypocrites.

          1. Chris says:

            @kell… what do you mean by that???
            So you don’t think they should receive Medicaid payments?
            Because they are Christian or what?
            Give us a break already, that is the lamest comment….

        4. jim says:

          liberals aren’t hypocites. no one is even remotely trying to get you to believe their way. all references to religion INCLUDING “islam, kwanza, etc” in government is not welcome on government.


          god is NOT what this country was built on. try using facts. you’ll look less stupid.

          1. Charlie says:

            @ Jim… what an inappropriate comment!
            This country is based on God… so get with the program!

            1. frozenrunner says:

              God yes, specific religion no. A distinction most people cannot grasp as religions tend to cast other religions as bad.

        5. Shelly says:

          No one is telling you that you can’t believe in god, or allah, or your dog for that matter. You are free to believe whatever you want to believe. However, our government is not just yours, and it is not allowed to impose upon me, or upon you any particular belief system. There is already so much intrusion into our spiritual lives by our government, in violation of the constitution, that it sickens me. Your erroneous conclusion that our country was founded on god is arrogant, narrow-minded, and dismissive. You are completely missing the point of this county, which was founded on freedom from any government intrusion into your religion, or lack thereof. All citizens have the right to live here, and to not have your religious beliefs forced upon them.

      2. Rico Suave says:

        Jane, you must be a product of public schooling. “Religion in government started with Reagan”. Why not crack a history book some time? Maybe read a few George Washinton quotes, or some of the other founding fathers. I know that it’s an inconvenient truth for some that everything about our country is rooted deeply in strong religious faith, and notions of right and wrong from the reason the Pilgrims came here, to our revolt from England. Here’s a quote from the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independance “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with one another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitles them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

        Your silly, inaccurate view that religion wasn’t integral to America from the start is typical liberal tripe. If religion was as much a part of todays culture as it was a couple hundred years ago, your little irreligious head would probably explode.

        1. Jane says:

          @Rico Sauve

          You are correct. My undergraduate degrees are from the U of MN, a land grant school, so I am a product of public education.

          If you research history you will find that the Pilgrims feared government interference with their religion.

          Somehow I also missed that the “Colonies” split from England was for religious reasons. Must not have been covered in any history class I attended.

          1. DarkHorse says:

            Thats because they went to a Religious school where they dont learn about real history. The learn Religious Right history. Right Wing religion is continuously trying to rewrite history to make this a christian nation, when Thomas Jefferson clearly stated that We are NOT a christian nation in the treaty of Tripoli, which was published and lightly debated in congress. Thomas Payne one of the founding fathers has been buried by the religious right. The constitution also states very clearly. There shall be separation of church and state to protect everyones right to believe what they wish.

            1. Jane says:

              I have looked for a site that did an analysis of Michele Bachmann’s beliefs and I cannot find it. I was directed to it by an article on WCCO (in the section below item and before comments). It seems that she follows someone who claims to be a “bible scholar” and is rewriting it to fit his views. It reminded me of the concept of the Book of Mormon. Does anyone remember this reference? It did help explain where MB gets her extreme ideas. Different colored sky in this world.

              WCCO any help with this for a reference?

              1. laurie says:

                Please check your understanding of the Book of Mormon. It is not a rewrite of the Bible. The subtitle of the Book of Mormon is “Another Testament of Jesus Christ.” I encourage you to find out for yourself what the Book of Mormon is about.

            2. Brian E. Jensen says:

              Sorry, the Constitution clearly satates the the Congress of the United States shall not enact any laws that create or outlaw any religion. There was no massive government funding at that time. The founders would not have approved, I believe, any any government funding of religion. But this concept or “Separation of Church and State” was created later..

          2. kellbell says:

            @Jane – I hope your degree isn’t in History; maybe you read a little more carefully. The pilgrims came here because they didn’t like certain things about the way the Church of England was teaching, not the government. Additionally, they just wanted to practice Christianity differently than the Church of England. America was founded on Christian principals by Christians whether you like it or not.

            1. The Architect says:

              That does not mean Americans need to all follow the christians’ version of law, kellbell. That’s the point.

            2. Willburr says:

              True, they were pursuing religious freedom. The point that is being communicated. Therefore it was written into the bill of rights that individuals have this freedom. The state should therefore remain neutral to any reference of religion. Reference to God, in my opinion, is not a reference to religion – every religion has their God so any reference to God can be assumed by any religion that it mean their God. But no law should be based on a religious belief, otherwise we have become our version of Islamic nation and will therefore become what we hate.

            3. What!?! says:

              “Christian principals” Are you kidding me!?! Slaughtering natives, robbing, stealing, killing, raping, enslaving… do I need to go on .. America was founded on GREED.. pure and simple.. And if these so call “Christian” values are being referenced as the foundation of this country then I spit on it. If they are also a true representation of your GOD then I spit on him\her\it as well…. I would like to think that we have evolved over the last 235 years for the better.. but day and day again I am reminded that not much has changed..

            4. TJ says:

              I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent.

              Thomas Jefferson, letter to Francis Hopkinson, March 13, 1789

        2. jim says:

          you seem to think that those three letters … “g”, “o”, “d” … refer to the christian one. there is no … i repeat … NO … proof that christian dogma was intended in any way, shape, or form. please come up with some other facts … if you can find any.

    2. th says:

      If the Repubs wouldn’t be trying to push their out landish beliefs onto everyone else we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in.

      What happen to separation church and state? No matter what it is budget or something else the Repubs stick something about their beliefs into the bill. If it is budget just vote on budget and nothing else in the bill.

    3. jeff says:

      you should go work for bach….she could always use another conservative freak to make her look even more nuts to the general public. with your help she doesn’t stand a chance! 🙂

    4. Reasonable says:

      Gay plants? Like Ferns?

      If the clinics aren’t anti-gay, are they just pro-straight?

      Also, regarding the nonsense that we were founded on Christian beliefs because the word “god” shows up in the constitution/DoI/on money/etc… Hopefully you’ll do the tiniest bit of background research and realize that a majority of our “founders” were Masons who were deists but of no particular brand of faith. In their eyes the Catholic version of God is equal to any and all other Gods such as Zeus and Buddha. Personally I prefer Odin. The reason they separated from England after settling here was because of taxation without representation and that the Crown and the Church (which were basically one and the same at the time) were enforcing a specific brand of faith on the colonies which didn’t sit well with the expanding immigrant population.

      For further information on the nonsense that has somehow or another gotten into the heads of religious people, see The Apotheosis of Washington in which George Washington is deified. Given your commandment of no false idols and bearing witness to other gods or whatever, seems to me that if anything our 1st president was basically anti-catholic…

      Facts, they’re fun!

    5. v says:

      Spoken like a true Christian. Jesus couldn’t have spewed that venom any better.

    6. come on liberty says:

      I’d buy into this IF they didn’t practice the bullchit about entitlements, grants, Federal spending, etc
      But she’s running on that platform while continuing to pick the fruit from the tree …. so that makes her a BS’er and a H Y P O C R I T E.
      yep – she’s co-owner of the business so drop it Give me liberty. I suspect you slepping with the Bachmann beliefs and party and can’t see the facts and truth in her/his/their lives of BS the American people until caught.

      Mitt – trounce this person into another world please

    7. Jim says:

      “Enjoy eternity in hell.”

      Is that what Jesus would say? LOL.

    8. v says:

      Did you just say, in the same sentence, that this is a FREE country and it’s a PRIVATE business… yet their REQUIRED to accept Medicare and Medicaid patients? Read that back to yourself just so you can realize how ignorant you are.

      Please describe what an Atheist (correct spelling, by the way) is.
      What imaginary friend’s book do Atheists want to legislate from?

      In addition… You think it’s LIBERALS who worry about everyone else?
      What color is the sky in your world?

    9. Tom says:

      @Give me liberty

      Yes you are correct it is upto the the patient on which provider they want to see but that is all you are correct on. Where do you get your info from that gay people are athiest? Gay people do go to church! And I don’t know where you are getting your info from that is the Liberals who worry about what others are doing in their lives? That is the GOP / Social Conservatives who are trying to ban abortion, gay marriage, etc. Which party do you see in IA signing those pledges from that social conservatives group? Do you see liberals signing those pledges? It is your side the GOP / Tea party / Social Conservatives who are the biggest HYPROCRITS!

      1. JMJ says:


        Your hypocrisy amuses me. Some of what you say about SOME conservatives is true. I am pro life, but don’t think abortion should be illegal. But i could not tolerate being around someone who thinks it is ok to kill their child. I am fine with gay marriage as long as you can’t sue someone who doesn’t want to perform the ceremony. When people want to sue they are infringing upon others rights.

        I would like you to explain to me though why liberals think it is ok to act like Robin Hood and try to steal from the rich to give to the so called poor. Call it taxes if you want, but it is really theft. Taxes were meant to run our government. Not to support a good portion of the population.

        Also ALL policiticians need to QUIT spending

    10. Dave Campbell says:

      Ouch! I fell off my chair laughing when I watched this! Sad part is these two idiots actually believe this stuff. The folks at second city have out done themselves!

      1. Jake says:

        Dave probably should stay away from “knock, knock” jokes. If he falls off a chair from this video, he’d probably need surgery to put back the gut he busted after “Dwayne the bathtub, I’m dwowning . . . . “

    11. Jake says:

      O.k., that could have been much funnier. Really. A twenty second “we don’t really find each other attractive” kiss scene? Are the left wing comedy writers on strike or something?

    12. Iconoclast says:

      @Jake – It’s 90 seconds long and pretty damn funny. Did someone steal your attention span or do you just prefer a tool like Dane Cook. The video also raises some real questions in a humorous way. Marcus Bachman seems to be a very repressed gay man doing damage to others as he wages his own battle against himself.

    13. decaying tuna free da Bomb says:

      peed in my pants almost ….. pretty dang good.
      If the Clown and her Chump were to win can you imagine the 4 years worth of laughs we’d have ! lol
      Of course we also would likely be shooting our neighbors too and maybe even be living underground since they dropped a nuke on our heads when she threatened them …. ah MB. You’d dang near be worth it for the laughs

    14. Mike says:

      That is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. Thank you from making my day!!!

        1. we says:

          RIGHT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. See BS says:

      “Seperation of Church and State” doesn’t even exist in the Constitution. 1st Amendment says “religious freedom”, and the right to religious expression.

      It says the Government is not allowed to pass laws respecting a religion. Forcing people to pay taxes to a church, or punishing people for not attending a church.

      The Fascist corporate run media does not approve Michelle Bachmann that’s all.

      1. Wilburr says:

        I personally do not know if it is explicitly stated somewhere in the constitution, but isn’t what you are saying essentially the meaning of separation of church and state? I think it is exactly that and I completely agree with the idea of separation of church and state.

        1. See BS says:

          “Seperation of Church and State” is being used to censor people in public and private places.

          I suppose this story is suppose to be worse than that kid catching ACORN aiding and abetting human trafficking.

      2. S says:

        I agree with Wilburr. The phrasing is “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” which is quite clearly delineating the separation of church and state, and that is how the courts interpret it as well when it comes to violations of this clause. Ms. Bachmann has explicitly stated that she believes we need to “return” to the nation’s “Christian principles” including in government. This is indeed a call to violate the law, and no matter how you sugar coat it, that is her intention.

        1. See BS says:

          Can you explain the “Religious Freedom” and “Freedom of Religious Expression” part in the 1st Amendment? Or do you just skip over those two parts?

      3. Shelly says:

        Exactly! The government is not allowed to pass laws respecting religion. Yet, in the 1954 they did pass a law doing just that, by adding “under god” to the Pledge of Allegiance. How offensive, and incorrect, is that. It’s so offensive to have that followed by “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” when adding that was most certainly divisive, and excludes so many, as if the “justice” is only for chrisitans.

        1. See BS says:

          But you don’t get punished at all if you say “Under God” during the pledge, you can choose not to say it, or replace it with what ever you want.

          I think liberals are Ditzy, while migrants from El Salvador are being subject to major human rights violations in Mexico, dumb liberals are complaining about the pledge in Minnesota.

          1. The Architect says:

            We live in the U.S. I don’t give a rat’s apple what happens in Mexico. Want to worry about Mexicans? Move to Mexico.

      4. M B says:

        It always surprised me when I reread that amendment and then I realize that we have a lot of laws that are church related here in MN. I’m surprised no one has challenged their constitutionality. I agree that people need to keep religion out of government, but since the Republicans treat their political party LIKE a religion, with the same flaming hate and retort every time someone questions their doctrine, I guess it shouldn’t surprise me much that they keep trying to introduce it into law.

        Let’s see… 1) No off sale of liquor on Sunday. Why? Because the churches didn’t want drunks in the pews.
        2) No car sales on Sunday. Must have the “Day of rest” outlined in the bible. It’s convenient for the dealerships because then they actually get a day off unlike other retail.

        Those are the two most prominent. Anyone else got more?

  2. Greg Laden says:

    Nicely done! Totally uncritical review of a denial coupled with definitive headline. Wouldn’t want any actual JOURNALISM going on here at WCCO, now, would we?

    1. v says:

      … and yet, here you are.

    2. Wilburr says:

      I have to agree with v. Why are you here?

      1. Albert Hall says:

        Religion should never – – – NEVER – – – be mentioned or used in political decisions. They are beliefs, not policy.

        America is a young country and has a lot to learn. People will continue to leave America in droves for the same reason the Brits left England to create the U.S.

  3. Totally nuts says:

    So we can all practice this counseling in MInnesota WITHOUT any licensure ???? UNBELIEVABLE
    You are messing with peoples heads and they have no regulations!!!
    They regulate everything under the sun in MN and something like this that should be they don’t — wow.
    I’m gonna get a shingle today from Inty Prints, hire my kids as counselors, and grab all the Federal Medicare freebie cash I can too. I won’t discriminate either – come on over and toss up your feet on my couch ya’ll

    1. Mark on west side says:

      think there may be 23-24-101 foster gals in need of your services when you open the doors. just sayin’

    2. Chuck says:

      Sure.. go for it if you can land any clients…
      He must be good at it to be so successful…
      And you cannot hold that against him, so move on already…
      Lots of jealosy here from those who wish they had their own private firm like they do!

  4. Wendy says:

    Have you heard this mans voice the way he speaks and see him dance? If he’s not gay nobody is! Can’t believe they have 5 children he must have pretended Michelle is a boy or a tool

    oh wait she is.

    1. Tom says:

      @ Wendy

      I have heard his voice and I totally agree with you!

    2. Mike says:

      WCCO or ABC NEWS or better yet, CNN … DATELINE should do interviews with the history of all the Foster Kids the Bachmanns had on “The Farm”. Where are the Foster Kid interviews??? Anyone have any links?

      1. MN Resident says:


        Bachmann often says she has “raised” 23 foster children. That may be a bit of a stretch. According to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Bachmann’s license, which she had for 7 1/2 years, allowed her to care for up to three children at a time. According to Kris Harvieux, a former senior social worker in the foster care system in Bachmann’s county, some placements were almost certainly short term. “Some of them you have for a week. Some of them you have for three years, some you have for six months,” says Harvieux, who also served as a foster parent herself. “She makes it sound like she got them at birth and raised them to adulthood, but that’s not true.”

        Yet Bachmann clearly had some of her foster children long enough to enroll them in local schools, and it was through them that she got involved in school politics. While she taught her own children at home before sending them to private Christian schools, state law required foster kids to go to public school. Seeing their curriculum, she became convinced that “politically correct attitudes, values, and beliefs” had supplanted objective education. She helped found a charter school but soon left the board amid allegations that she was trying to inject Christianity into the curriculum. Then, in 1999, she decided to run for the local school board.

        Read more at;

        1. Mike says:

          Thanks for the info!

          FOSTER KID INTERVIEWS PLEASE!!! C’mon WCCO, work your magic. (wink)

    3. Wilburr says:

      That’s funny Wendy… it could be that he prefer’s to live a lie. There are plenty that do, which I would suspect he believes is a cure.

    4. Chris says:

      @ wendy…
      These comments have really gone into the ditch!
      What the heck does your voice sound like?!
      Judging someone in that way is so hypocritical, we can’t believe it…
      A lame shot from someone who hides behind these postings!

  5. Alfred says:

    Drive by liberal media at work. Sickening aren’t they?

    1. Matt says:

      your blindness is sickening

    2. Wilburr says:

      I’m not liberal but your use of the word liberal as though it’s some sort of bad thing is idiotic. Frankly, I appreciate alternative views – it’s how things remain in balance. Oh, but with respect to the article, I think your attempting to say the article sucks… hmmm, not the best written but I’ve seen worse from the conservative media at work. 🙂

  6. Smoking gun says:

    The Bachmann’s are sickening – and the smoking gun blew up in their face

    1. Wilburr says:

      I personally hope she stays in the race a long time, especially if Palin doesn’t run. The comedy will be gut wrenching again!

      1. Albert Hall says:

        I could not agree more with both comments. It is fun to watch people who think they are smart run for office.

        Besides, Marcus Bachmann looks and sounds gay. The real life Cameron Tucker from “Modern Family.”

    2. Charlie says:

      Oh give us a break…. your comments are meaningless.

  7. lefty says:

    and how much did this company contribute to reelecting this idiot. then come up with a ridiculous story like this

  8. Robert Delle says:

    Take your expensive R.V. and go on a permanent vacation. We don’t want you anywhere!!

  9. crazy says:

    Fed grants. Medicare-Medicaid money. Farm subsidizy. The freebies from the party and brainwashed villiage idiots. Taxpayer money for serving in office (lol-say what)
    Yep – smaller government. Control waste and spending. Practice what ya preach – not.

    1. jebus says:

      It’s okay when it’s the Bachmann’s on the receiving end. Guess some people are more equal than others. Go figure.

    2. Chris says:

      You are the most hypocritical…
      Of course they should accept the compensation…
      That is how the sytem is setup and would make them uncompetitive if they declined…
      The difference is that they want to change it so that we are not all supporting so many programs!!!

      Why do you all miss the point here?

  10. Goofy stuff says:

    If we only had the Bachmann’s running Iran now … we could watch the country self destruct too. lmao

  11. FreddieBaby says:

    Why do the Bachmann’s lie all of the time? They definitely are hiding something from the rest of us.

  12. Dave Campbell says:

    If Bachmann were elected, would Marcus be called the First Idiot?

  13. meow says:

    The B’s are PATHOLOGICAL LIARS and SCAM ARTISTS !!! Go with Romney… I know, he is Mormon (Cult) but at least he’s more tolerable in many ways.

    1. Ventura says:

      Michelle’s clinic may not be “anti-gay”–but Michell IS anti-gay–and she’s such a twit-knock she can’t even figure out why.

      •”Normalization (of gayness) through desensitization. Very effective way to do this with a bunch of second graders, is take a picture of The Lion King for instance, and a teacher might say, ‘Do you know that the music for this movie was written by a gay man?’ The message is: I’m better at what I do, because I’m gay.” — EdWatch National Education Conference in 2004

      •”We need to have profound compassion for the people who are dealing with the very real issue of sexual dysfunction in their life, and sexual identity disorders. This is a very real issue. It’s not funny, it’s sad. Any of you who have members of your family that are in the lifestyle — we have a member of our family that is. It’s part of Satan, I think, to say this is gay. It’s anything but gay.” — Lecture at 2004 National Education Leadership Conference

    2. Matt says:

      I don’t care what anyone’s religion is as long as they don’t try to force it on to me.

    3. Charlie says:

      @meow… You are so far off base that you do not deserve the truth!

  14. jon says:

    Who cares if the clinic tries to “cure” gay? People go there of their own free will. No one is forcing anyone to use the clinic.

    1. Jim says:

      We care because this bigot’s wife is running for president.

    2. jebus says:

      I think “free will” is too strong of a word in this case. When your family wants to disown you, your religion tells you that you are going to hell, and strangers harass you verbally and/or physically, some people will try to change their sexual orientation. I would hardly call this “free will” however. Then throw in the fact that there is no scientific evidence (see American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association) that shows any treatments to be successful in changing sexual orientation, and what you have left are people making money conducting bogus therapies. It’s sad how Michele Bachmann helps create an intolerant and discriminatory climate for GLBT people, and then she and her husband capitalize monetarily on it.

      1. meow says:


        It’s CONSUMER FRAUD funded by the TAX PAYER. These people need to be SHUT DOWN or better yet, PUT IN PRISON. Not run for President. They are CRIMINALS!!!

        But here we are with right-wing Repulicans actually defending the Bachmanns… pathological liars using religion as a therapy = CON ARTISTS.

        1. Chris says:

          Consider for just a second that you are wrong!

          How embarrassing for you…

    3. Worst of the bunch maybe says:

      I sure don’t – but I care MB claims to be this self rightous “person” who runs on a Government waste platform that demands reductions in spending, waste, entitlements programs, subsidy if not required, et al and then has been pulling the dollars in left and right. There – I said it. They taking them in LEFT and RIGHT.
      There is no difference between this woman and any of them.

      She takes and takes just like a typical lefty or righty but calls herself a new name to buy your vote.
      Total BS and that’s a fact.
      ROMNEY – even T-Paw. At least they are not lying deceitful sacks of doggy doo

    4. Laurie says:

      Good to know that sexual preference is something that can be cures… maybe I can cure Michelle’s sexual preference and make her to fall in love with a girl. I mean, if they claim that they can “cure Gay” the I guess we can “cure hetero”
      LMFAO.. the Bachmanns are so out of reality, they were born in the wrong century!

    5. The Architect says:

      Because there isn’t a reason to try and cure anything. If they are trying to counsel people, they should already know this and be working on counseling so they can accept their lives and move on.

    6. CC says:

      Unless the patient is underage and brought there by their parent who makes the request based upon thier own beliiefs and fears and not on what may be best for a child just trying to figure a few things out in life. I would consider that “forced” on the child’s part, though not on the parent’s.

  15. KM says:

    What no one seems to be addressing is that this “fake” client “poses as a conflicted man who wants to be converted to heterosexuality and, according to the video, is offered counseling to build his attraction to women.” The clinic OFFERED, but only AFTER this person expressed their desired treatment outcome. I don’t see anybody forcing anybody to 1. come to this clinic, 2. become heterosexual against their will and 3. there was no mention of anything even related to religion. You do not have to be religious to believe that being gay is not an alternative lifestyle. The issue has nothing to do w/whether or not this clinic accepts Medicaid or Medicare payments, nor does the article address whether this particular patient would have used these funding streams.

    1. Sue says:

      I agree 100%. They were only trying to do what he asked for. How is that bad?

    2. meow says:


      True but what it does show is that Marcus Bachmann flat out LIED about treatment that the clinic offered. It just supports and shines the light of truth on these pathological LIARS who con people by using bogus and rather dangerous religious methods for therapy. I don’t know about you but I’d rather not have my tax money go to people like this. IMO it’s a CRIME. These people are con artists… you don’t have to defend them in any way.

    3. FreddieBaby says:

      Oh, you mean its kind of like when the extreme right-wing anti-abortion group Live Action went undercover to several different Planned Parenthood clinics across the US in February and posed as “fake” clients and lied to Planned Parenthood about their reason for being there. Then the right-wing hate machine used the bogus videos made by the fake clients during their visit as a reason to have Congress pass a bill to take federal funding away from Planned Parenthood a week later. Its kind of like that, right???

  16. MN Resident says:

    Check out website with Marcus Bachmann’s questionable education background. I tried to paste a copy here, but is was not posted.

    I googled Marcus Bachmann education background. Most responses were for Michele but this one addressed him also and contains what I have read/heard at other blogs.

    1. meow says:

      There are articles out on the web indicating his education background. Bottom line, he isn’t qualified to be giving any sort of therapy. His and the clinics methods are bogus. In some respects dangerous. These people are con artists in the worse form by using religion to mess with peoples heads, then get money from the government. It’s a CRIME imo.

      1. MN Resident says:

        I agree. Please everyone read the information. His educational background is as questionable as Michele’s.

      2. Charlie says:

        Give it a rest already… who are you to judge?

        1. The Architect says:

          A registered voter. That’s who.

  17. Johnsom says:

    Anyone else think Mr Bachmann will be the next Larry Craig caught up in some super gay closet scandal…

    1. Common Man says:

      This seems like it may be the logical conclusion. good call…

  18. Tim says:

    Anyone else think Mr Bachmann will be the next Larry Craig caught up in some super gay closet scandal…

    1. Derep says:

      Would not surprise me!

  19. Derep says:

    This whole Bachmann presidential campaign is based on lies. It is disgusting.

  20. Researched Educational Background says:

    Check website It gives Marcus Bachmann’s educational background. I googled Marcus Bachmann education background to find it.

    I have tried to post this comment three times now. The first time I tried to copy the article segment about Marcus Bachmann. What is the reason it is not being posted? Do others have this problem with comments?

  21. Trev says:

    The economy is in shambles and gay issues are in the forefront? Really CBS? Really? Truth wins Out’s Wayne Besen is a fraud. Do your research. This is just a distraction from the issues that are crucial…

  22. dan says:

    According to the story “a gay rights activists poses as a conflicted man who WANTS to be converted to heterosexuality…..” So offering couseling for a patients request is somehow bad? He asked for help and they provided it. Wow, a real campaign killer story here!

    1. The Architect says:

      Because what they should have told him is they would counsel him to love himself the way he is, since there is no “reversal process” for being gay, dan.

      Use your head.

      1. meow says:

        @ Architect


        Dan, this is a confirmed DANGEROUS form of bogus therapy. The fact of the matter is that Marcus Bachmann LIED about offering any form of this kind of therapy then back tracked trying to cover his LIE. These people are PATHOLOGICAL LIARS. Please, do yourself a favor and look up the meanings to the term “Pathological Liars” … you’ll see that Michele and Marcus fit the the descriptions. Michele can’t even admit when she has her facts totally wrong. It’s baffeling that she even got into MN Congress.

        THE BACHMANNS ARE DANGEROUS SCAMMERS. The truth is all coming out. America cannot afford to put people like this into power again.

      2. dan says:

        Wow Mr. Draftsman,

        You must have went to medical school and got your doctorite in 2 years also. You were proven yesterday to be a hoax.

  23. Patrick says:

    After years this is the first I have seen of Ms. Bachman’s husband. My first impression is that this explains soooooooo much. The man really does seem to be denying who he is. Very sad. These two have no business anywhere near the white house as crazy as they are.

  24. I'm a Believer says:

    Onward Christian Soldiers!

  25. @liberty says:

    Liberty is studying facts – Michelle will be back as soon as she can. ooops

  26. trl the alligator says:

    What i would like to know is ….what is their position on masturbation?…LOL….i can only imagine…..cracks me up.

    1. meow says:

      If it is while watching PORN, it will be banned. Because that law can be upheld in modern day America. (LAUGHABLE!!!)

    2. drummer says:

      I’m guessing the sitting position.

  27. waste says:

    If you want to discredit Bachmann, discredit her.


    I am disgusted what you people will do to try and discredit someone.

    If Michele Bachmann, AND ONLY MICHELE BACKMAN, is your target, leave her husband, kids, and foster kids out of your agenda….

    I am ashamed reading some of these posts.

    Slander, hearsay and witch hunts.

    1. Chris says:

      Thank you for speaking some common sense!

      1. Deep Thinker says:

        What common sense? She asks for it & when she gets it you cry babies say it’s unfair….get a clue, grow up & join society

    2. Sean says:

      Then Bachman has to leave her husband, children and former business of being a foster parent out of the picture. She has not done that.

  28. Give me liberty says:

    Moon bat alert!

    If you ever want to see how looney the left really is, just read a comment board for an article about Bachmann. They are going to drive themselves crazy with their anger.

    Riddle me this looney left. If everyone was gay, how would humanity reproduce?

    Fire away moonbats. That should keep you busy for hours.

    I hear Satan embraces good spellers.

    1. The Architect says:

      That is not a valid question. Everybody is NOT gay.

      So since you obviously believe that being gay is somehow wrong, then shouldn’t gays be punished for ACTING gay, since you believe they are acting?

      1. Mike says:

        The gays aren’t the problem here.

        The 9 BILLION of people on the planet and the lack of resources is a real problem today.

  29. JMJ says:

    Not saying i believe this would work but……. If someone want to try to change why do the gay advocates care. Maybe they should learn to respect someone decision who may want to change.

    1. Tom says:

      @ JMJ

      That depends if they are trying change for themselves or for others!

  30. Answer says:

    Things more terrible than this are done on our nickel.

    Pick a number where this woman is not committing murder:
    Keep religion out of your answer, just Minnesota law.

    1. Stabs her baby in the nursery at the hospital
    2. Stabs her babe with umbilical cord attached.
    3. Stabs baby while giving birth, but part of the baby is still inside her.
    4. Stabs the baby when she starts labor pains.
    5. 8 Months
    6. 7 months
    7. 6 months
    8. 5 months
    9. 4 months
    10. 3 months
    11. 2 months
    12. 1 month
    13. Don’t know?

    1. Iconoclast says:

      Good point. As a bleeding heart liberal I’m a Vegetarian / Anti Death Penalty / and a bit queasy about abortion. I respect all life, not just unborn babies. You?

  31. Tom says:

    @ JMJ

    Abortion is a womans choice and that decision is between her and her Dr and anybody else she chooses. I see Pro-life people picket clinics and they have every right to do that. How would you feel if a group of people tried to get involved between you and your Dr regarding your medical decisons. I don’t think you would like it. That works both ways. The little guy runs the economy not the rich!

    Case in point do you remember that boy from Sleepy Eye Daniel Hauser? He is the boy that the county attorney took to court to force medical treatment. I saw supporters of his walking around with signs telling the Gov’t has no place in this private matter, but these are same people who will hold signs asking the gov’t to involved to ban abortions again they only saw it one way.

    As far as your last question goes are WE in this thing together or not? Who do you think makes these people rich especially if these rich people make it or break it based on consumer demand for their product or service. Is it just the lower /middle class people who buy things, pay property taxes, use the roads, parks,? Or do rich people do those things to? And people who don’t use any gov’t programs will argue it is a waste of money, accept of course if they are on them themselves.

  32. Pavel says:

    These people (Bachmanns) are “natural” politicieans: They talk out of both sides of their mouth at the same time.

  33. i m replikn says:

    i don no nuffin i didn go 2 skool i gots 3 teeth i marry my sister i live traylor park i wish i new sumpin bcuz i m inbred

  34. Don_J says:

    You guys have got to read this if you haven’t heard it already…

    “Michele Bachmann Thinks Glenn Beck Can Solve The Budget Deficit”

  35. Macretsam says:

    “no escape from the scrutiny that follows a candidate who rockets into the top tier of Republican presidential hopefuls” And, Barack Obama was elected without any news organization reporting that his real first name is Barry.

  36. R Wilson says:

    Let me leave another thought for you. Why is the media going after and doing a hatchet job on Michele Bachmann’s husband? Why are they trying to dig some dirt up? And really who was it that supposedly went “undercover” to discover this? Sounds to me like the media is going after and trying to destroy a political candidate that they think could defeat Barack Obama. The problem I have is that with the statements in the article about Michele and Marcus Bachmann and their background, I have found out more than I ever did about Barack Obama. Anyone ever hear of any stories about him during his college days? Any friends? Any former girlfriends? Anyone who even remembers him when he was in college? And if we really want to talk about corrupt, let’s talk about Acorn, the corrupt organization Barack Obama worked for. Why is it the media has never mentioned or dug into his past with them? Maybe they should dig into that. I’m sure if they look hard enough they will definitely find corruption there.

    1. Marlis says:

      Totally agree with you R Wilson!!. Send your comments to ALL the media talking heads in NY NBC,CBS,ABC—— they could fill their newscasts everynight on investigation reports on Obama and his cronies backgrounds. No, you won’t see that, the media liberal-bias pro-Obama will never look at the obvious with him,,,they’ll just go after conservative woman who are a threat to their liberal agendas and who absolutely could defeat B Obama. Go Michele or any conservative candidate.

  37. VVVVVernatti says:

    Send in Bruno to get un-gayed….

  38. Bruce says:

    A Wolf in Sheeps’ Clothing is still a Wolf…

  39. CT says:

    He’s obviously gay himself why hasn’t anyone questioned her about that. It’s an obvious attempt to cover it up like all the other closetted republicans. Why don’t he just come out already?

  40. TC says:

    Rightwingers only care about fetuses that are still in the womb. The second they pop out of the womb they are cast into the free market sink or swim every fetus for themselves pile.
    Has anyone added up how much in federal money the Bachmanns made raising those 25 foster kids. Or on their farm in wisconsin. Or at their phoney clinic. So much for refusing government money.

  41. Bruce says:

    Why has this become an Insult Forum?

  42. Deep Thinker says:

    Marcus Bachman is obviously hiding something. Watch his mannerisms & listen to him talk. His whole life is built around denying his own feminine tendacies. It’s so frickin’ obvious & yet no one talks about it…….Marcus & Michele Bachman are the biggest hypocrits I have ever seen. You morons that support them are really really simpletons…

  43. Julie says:

    why is there such an uproar about their practice receiving Medicaid payments?? It would be no different if he was a Medical Doctor or Surgeon…they too would get those payments. He runs a mental health clinic…if I remember right that is part of medical care is it not?? And for the record..He is NOT gay. He is a very nice man that has a passion in helping others in a Christian context. No treatment is forced upon those that go there for therapy…that would be true of ANY mental health clinic.

  44. The Sopranos says:

    Admirable article!!!

  45. каталог сайтов says:

    Exceptional post…

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