MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota Vikings are ready to move forward with a stadium plan when lawmakers return for a special session to end the state government shutdown.

Vikings vice president Lester Bagley tells The Associated Press the team has been “respectful” and “patient” during budget talks. But now that Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and GOP leaders have agreed to end the budget impasse, Bagley says “we’re ready to move forward with the stadium issue.”

Bagley says the team is “very close” to an agreement with the governor’s office and the bill’s author.

The proposed stadium would be built in suburban Arden Hills.

The Vikings’ lease at the Metrodome expires after the 2011 season.

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Comments (58)
  1. Angus says:

    We do not have enough money for schools, health and welfare, the aged, the infirm but we have a plan so the rich white boys can have their toys in a new stadium. By the way, the poor and the middle class will be paying for it. It will provide jobs, according to the Vikings. Yep, minimum wage, part time, no benefits, working in the new stadium. Meanwhile the rich go to church on Sunday, sing the hymns, and clainm to be good Christians. No wonder Bachmann is popular with elements of the population

    1. Rick says:

      What a perfect example of ‘poor me’ liberal garbage right here. It’s everyone else’s fault that you’re broke and we should help you becuase you’re too lazy to put yourself in a good financial position? What a joke. The ‘rich’ have money becuase they’re smart and make good life decisions…..you should try that and see what happens instead of sitting around feeling sorry for youself.

      1. jon says:

        I agree with him about the schools. Dayton did the same thing Pawlenty did with school funding yet they complain about the state of our kids education. The rich don’t care about school funding because they send their kids to private schools.

      2. Mark says:

        If the rich have so much money, and I assume that Mr. Wilf is rich monetarily speaking, then why does he have to come to the state and request funding for his palace?

        Just an example, if you owned a Dairy Queen restaurant, but felt if you had a larger facility you could have the best DQ in the state, and you went to the state for the money to build a new store, and if they didn’t give it to you, you would leave, how much laughter from the legislators do you think there would be?

        I can only imagine how wonderful the poor and elderly who might be in need of some assisstance for heat shelter or food will feel because the Vikings got a new house to play in. Or if you end up out of work and lose your home, how glad you’ll be in your cardboard box (or if you’re lucky enough to gain access to a shelter) that the vikings got their new house.

        It is about priorities and principles. When celebrities and athletes become more important than the well being of people and communities, it is truly a sad commentary on the human condition.

        1. Mike says:

          Well I do see companies in my city doing that each year, from deffering taxes, TIF’s or building in job z locations. Local businesses do it every day in every city. If the city wants to keep that tax base, local jobs, and other benefits from that business, they have to work it out with them.

          The state would loose out in lost income taxes from the players, workers, sales tax from merch, and ticket sales tax. The state needs that tax base to help assist those “poor and elderly people”

      3. Katie says:

        I also see no reason why we should pay for a Vikings stadium for less than 10 games per year when we are pulling money from the schools to “balance” our budget. If we want to spend over half a billion dollars to create jobs, there are hundreds of other projects we could spend that money on. Or perhaps job training to help unemployeed workers improve their job skills so they CAN get off unemployment.

        Also, I resent your implication that Angus is broke and a drain on society. Just because someone is liberal doesn’t mean that they are financially unstable and living off the government. My entire family is liberal because we know that a rising tide raises all boats. We are all well-off financially and have worked hard our entire lives – my father even started in poverty, self-funded his own education by starting work when he was 14 and retired early with enough money to travel, fly his own airplane and golf whenever he wants. Yet, he cares a lot about other less-fortunate members of society because he knows how hard it is to rise from those disadvantages.

        The truth is that the American workplace is not the same as it was 60 years ago. Jobs aren’t secure – in fact middle-aged professional men have been hit extremely hard by job loss and have few prospects – despite working hard their entire lives. My own uncle – who was the top salesperson at his company – lost his job because a competitor bought his company and shut it down. It’s taking him years to get back on his feet – despite very hard work on his part. If it’s that hard for a successful, educated professional to get a decent job, can you imagine how hard it is for people with less education and work experience?

        Recent college grads, for example, are having an atroxious time finding jobs.

        So, respectfully, I ask you to take a look at the true demographics of people out of work in this country before you accuse them all of being losers. Yes, there are lazy people who won’t look for a job. But there are also a lot of professionals, college grads and many other willing workers who cannot find jobs.

        Something as simple as a company deciding your job is redundant can toss years of hard work in the trash. And that can hit everyone – even you, Rick. Remember: there but for the Grace of God go I.

        1. Mark says:

          Bravo for your insightful comment Katie.

          Many of us seem top forget that without the New Deal, WPA, CCC, and other programs brought forth during and following the great depression, our nation would not have recovered to the prosporous nation we became. True, World War II did produce a strong economy with manufacturing, but it was many of the programs of the new deal that saved us from the economic abyss.

          Also it helped that the nation quit the greed mentality of the roaring 20’s and helped each other so all could prosper.

          1. Mark says:

            Wrong! The new deal did not save the econemy from the great depression, the great dression had no bussiness lasting 12 years, if those progams worked it would have been substancally shorter. WW II is what brought the econonny back, not liberal goverment run “jobs programs ” Let me know when you get a clue.

      4. frozenrunner says:

        My family qualifies as upper middle class. I think that you are not terribly aware of the world. And angus is correct. Find a study where a stadium has shown that it is more than worth the investment in the tax dollars. None since the Metrodome

      5. Jim says:

        Like Paris Hilton and Mark Dayton, pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. Paris is rich because she isn’t “too lazy to put [her]self in a good financial position.” She’s smart and made good “life decisions.” LOL

        1. Rick says:

          Hey Jim, get a clue. Obviously I wasn’t referencing Paris Hilton. I guarantee Angus here has about 4 or 5 kids and didn’t go to college. Go out and make something of yourself and show some restraint and maybe you wouldn’t be ‘poor’ as you put it.

          The point here no one is under any obligation to financially support anyone else. It’s hilarious to sit here and read you people defend people like Angus even though he made his own bed. Now sleep in it and shut you mouth quit whining. I suppose it’s the banks fault that all these people didn’t pay their loans right? LOL. It’s called responsibility……look into it. Once you get a clue then feel free to respond. Until then I’m sure you sleep really well knowing that me and other people who work hard are paying your bills.

  2. gotta start somewhere says:

    It’s the construction jobs we’re looking at. Just make sure the Vikings pay their fair share and football supporters pay the rest. It may only add low pay jobs when done, but a lot of people survive on low pay jobs. It would be nice if MINNESOTA CONSTUCTION WORKERS>>>>got these jobs. The taxes from this will help pay for Minnestas 10,000,000 programs that help the poor and middle class !!!!!!

  3. Angus says:

    I noticed you said survive. Not live. Big difference, particularly if you are the one hoping to survive. How about using construction money to build homes, rebuild North Minneapolis, provide jobs in education, health care, assistance for the disabled? Sounds better than Toys for the Rich.

    You should try being really poor, not just having to drive a 2 year old car. It isn’t fun and is a destroyer of families

    1. werkerb says:

      I tried the being being poor thing and didn’t care for it much. I worked hard until it went away and still work hard to keep it away. I will help anyone willing to HELP THEMSELVES but I don’t care for the people who think they are owed by society for whatever reason. WILF should pay for his own workplace like the rest of the business owners do. Some tax incentives would be fine but stay out of my pocketbook before I move it to SD like Dayton does.

  4. OffWithTheHeads says:

    Why is it that states with NFL teams are broke and having budget issues and those without pro sports have balanced budgets?
    If you want this costly stadium YOU pay for it! I’m going to see the real players on the high school fields.

    1. Pat says:

      Also the states without NFL, NBA, and NHL teams have no state income tax like South Dakota & Nevada.

      1. QualityOfLife says:

        How’s the quality of life over there in SD? MN quality of life is much better than it is in SD, and the majority of the other states for that matter, and it’s a proven fact. I want my Vikings to stay, yet I am not at all interested in paying for the stadium. Ideally, Wilf would pay for all of it himself, but that is not a reality and is simply not how stadium agreements work in any state. Local governments and municipalities always have to kick in for stadiums. Personally, I think Wilf needs to fund at least 50%, but that won’t happen. For those that say ‘make the users, aka sports fans pay for all of it’, that’d be fine by me, except I am not into the ‘arts’ at all, yet do not complain that my tax dollars are going towards ‘the arts’.

  5. gotta start somewhere says:

    Sounds like more Welfare money to me. The Vikes do not build homes. The people that build , construction workers need these jobs. They pay taxes that provide jobs in ed,health care, help for diabled, etc. Construction workers can build staiums, or they can sit home and collect unemployment- till that runs out! I don’t need to try being poor. I’m there!! I live on social security- Haven’t worked for four years- wasn’t able to get unemployment. You don’t have to explain poor to me! Thank God for family!!

  6. OffWithTheHeads says:

    How much more taxes are you willing to pay Gotta Start Somewhere?
    How much more do you want your employer pay to keep you employed?
    Will a new Stadium help the team play any better?
    God Bless your Family for helping each other too many depend on Government!

  7. gotta start somewhere says:

    I don’t pay taxes!! The poor do not pay TAXES!! Just think how many tax paying workers will have jobs . How much material is needed to build this. ALL of these people pay TAXES, that support this state. HOW MUCH MONEY will the state LOOSE if the VIKES LEAVE!! If they leave we can ALL sit on our ass and wonder whos gonna pay for ALL of these state programs. Ziggy is gonna have to pay for a LOT of this project. It’s only right. But he can spend it here, or somewhere else.

    1. Matt says:

      Everyone pays taxes.

      1. just sayin says:

        Hey matt, look up “earned income tax credit”.
        Not everyone does.

    2. Katie says:

      When the U of MN build their stadium, they paid 60%. Ziggy won’t even cough up that much. Besides, I doubt that the Vikings will move – a new LA stadium wouldn’t even be ready for years – and there’s no deal on the table for that. I want to see a serious LA bid.

      This is what we call good bargaining. Vikings want something big, we said no to their first offer. Now would be the point where they offer more, or start walking away. They’ve done neither – thus I believe they are just trying to exploit us for all we can give them.

      Put those construction workers to work somewhere else. I hear we have a bridge or two that could use some work…

    3. straycatStrut says:

      Correct…… the price paid would be high to lose the Vikes…. and the income tax alone will generate mucho bucks…home team / visitor team (non resident taxes) over the next 30 years plus. With all the added revenue to the pot…. put in a lib rich Governor in the state funded mansion…cry wolf to get elected, and play the same stupid lib games of not enough, lets shutdown the state over a $1 a pack cig hike (again…stupid)….. Keep the stadium deal going…it will pay off in the end as a money generator to MN rather than a yearly outflow’r.

  8. No public money for Zygi says:

    Zygi didn’t even wait until the budget deal was penned before he was back begging the taxpayers to build him a new playground so he could increase his wealth.

    Zygi needs to put his pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us do – the same with paying for his new home, he needs to buy it without being subsidized by us.

  9. what a joke says:

    They dont need a new one! just like the twins needed to get a brand new one and have lost most of the games they have ever played in it.. but i guess if the team is gonna suck they may as well have a nice place to sit to watch it i guess

    1. QualityOfLife says:

      ‘What a joke’ – You’re comments are just that. You are clueless, and spew completely inaccurate information. FACT: Twins were 53-28 at home last year, which was THE BEST HOME RECORD IN ALL OF BASEBALL.

  10. zee the reporter says:

    The vikings need to stay in minnesota if not we will have a new team in 5 years anyway!

    1. Matt says:

      I think building the stadium should give the state of minnesota ownership in the team like 50%

      1. Katie says:

        Agreed. Although I’d go with 60% ownership – that’s what they want us to pay for the stadium. I’d settle for 60% of revenue. Plus a deal that they can’t leave for 20 years.

        1. Matt says:

          if we owned them they couldn’t leave anyhow.

  11. jon says:

    Good luck with this one.

  12. Alfred says:

    Zygi has these options:

    -Play in the Dome.
    -Play at TCF Stadium.
    -Buy his own stadium.
    -Move the team.
    -Bribe and Coerce corrupt and stupid politicians into giving him hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.

    Dayton is already on board with the last option.

    1. frozenrunner says:

      Dayton is on board by the democratic way of raising new taxes, the republicans are on board by wanting others to raise taxes so they can say they have not raised taxes.

  13. Matt says:

    Alfred do you have proof that Dayton is corrupt? or are you just making idiotic statements?

  14. Ronald Raygun says:

    Don’t worry, the dirty republican filth will give the lazy slacker wilf whatever he wants. It is their way.

    1. Matt says:

      you make me sick, you think you are so better than everyone else.

  15. Thurston Howell IV says:

    Gimme, gimme gimme.

  16. just sayin says:

    The players and the NFL association should be paying for this with their own money. They make a grip of cash as the way it is.

    It’s not like they are starving!

  17. CTD says:

    I support the stadium in Arden Hills but I cannot believe that the Vikings are telling us “Hey we don’t really care about your financial issues yet we been waiting quietly. When you call a special session you need to put aside why you are calling a special session and discuss us.”

  18. STD says:

    The majority of Republicans AND Democrats do not support this notion of a state supported stadium. Who cares if they threaten to leave. We have enough awful sports teams as it is. After what we just went through and will continue to go through, the governor and the legislature are truly as dumb as they look or just plain dirty if this goes through. For once, can we get back to being labeled as an “education state”.

  19. jan says:

    I never go to football games nor do I watch them on TV. I’m just not interested in that particular sport. What I am interested in is having enough money to live on and with the federal government proposed default, my income will be zilch, no social security, no bond interest income, nada. Stadium? humbug!!

  20. Take it or leave it, Wilf says:

    Wilf wants the taxpayers to have more skin in the game than he does. However, he wants the whole pie for himself when it comes to revenues.

    Yeah, I think it’s a great idea … the state of Minnesota gets an ownership percentage of the Vikings in direct proportion to the percent the taxpayers spend on a new stadium – including required infrastructure.

    Wilf can still come out with incredible additional wealth because you know he will be developing the area around the stadium, i.e. bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.

    If Wilf doesn’t like that idea he can either pay for the whole thing himself just like any other business has to or he is more than welcome to leave the state and take his begging somewhere else.

  21. MARK says:

    I hear LA is great in the fall. Check it out, Vikings.

  22. Trev says:

    Republican here and against uncessary welfare… that includes public state tax supported stadiums. If the Vikings need to leave over this then so be it. No other state has any money for them either. Cali is bankrupt as well. Good Luck Wilf.

  23. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    How can we afford this?

  24. KA says:

    Liberals make me laugh 🙂

    Thank you for this. Well, off to lunch.

  25. buttons says:

    Watch the Stadium Shuffle on you tube

  26. Hannah says:

    A stadium……??? The state went through a state shutdown for over two weeks and now Dayton is talking about a stadium after all this??? Is the stadium “deal” in the new budget? If it’s not, then how can the taxpayers afford this? If Dayton and people in Minnesota want a new stadium, then maybe they can find another way to pay for it and leave the taxpayers alone!

    1. Katie says:

      Dayton isn’t talking about it. As you can read above, the Vikings vice president is the one saying “We’re ready to move forward on a stadium deal.”

      1. Hannah says:

        IThe article says that the team is very close to making an agreement with the governor’s office!

      2. Go away Zygi says:

        Dayton has publicly made it clear that he wants a stadium although he’s waffled on exactly how much he thinks the people of MN should pay. He has been in almost daily contact with the Wilf’s for over a month. Both were waiting for the budget issue to be concluded.

        The budget deal isn’t completely finalized so the Vikings jumped the gun a little bit with that PR announcement.proclaiming their great patience in this matter.

        If the powers that be have any sense of responsibility, respectability, decency, or common sense, they will tell the Wilfs to take a hike.

  27. kevin says:

    Liberals complaining about taxes. It’s to funny. You just can’t make this stuff up.

  28. kevin says:

    Matt, no I’m actually a humble person that has work my way out of the poverty that I was brought up in.I find it funny all the bleeding hearts are now crying that there taxes are going up for the stadium. Seems like there will be less for the people that don’t deserve tax payers help.

  29. justice fleeting says:

    If our State lawmakers and insightful minds can’t see that a stadium and the Vikings create jobs and income then they might as well just stay home and come up with more ways to delay the real deficit problem and give MN taxpayers the “spin” that says everything is ok (for now).

  30. ED says:

    The Federal Highway Administration estimates 9.5 direct jobs are supported per million dollars spent on highway construction (2850 jobs).
    The Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission says a new Minnesota Vikings stadium would create approximately 13,400 jobs and an estimated economic impact of $1.35 billion. More than 8000 would be tradespeople or Construction jobs.
    You seem to not understand that we are not “giving” this money to the wealthy. We are using it to build a stadium that the state will get recurring revenue from for the next two decades, will be used year round for many events and benefits, and is a mark of a higher quality of living that all large metro areas strive for
    thanks chris… again well said!!! come on GET IT DONE!!!

  31. Pat says:

    Bye Bye you losing Vikes. Maybe if we did get a new team in 5 years, they would actually know how to play the game they are being paid for.
    Or sign a contract with them: If you(Vikes) win 100% of your games – MN pays x% of the stadium bill for that year and the % MN pays goes down with the % of games they win.

  32. zippy wilf says:

    I am a republican. I demand that the poor and working class who do all of the work to make me rich also pay my bills.

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