MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Saturday morning downpour caused a parking lot at a New Brighton apartment complex to flood, and the water damaged dozens of vehicles and storage units.

When water surrounded Dayle Washington’s Pontiac, it damaged more than just her car. It took her home, because she basically lived out of her car.

“I couldn’t cry,” Washington said. “Nothing I could do.”

Washington was staying in her friend’s apartment, but kept all of her belongings in her car. Now her clothes are soaked in oily water.

The overnight rain flooded the apartment’s lower parking lot, and many residents didn’t realize the extent of the damage until Saturday morning.

The water’s reach stretched beyond the cars. Storage units weren’t spared from the flood, and neither were Jennifer Giroux’s memories.

“I want to cry, but I’m past that now,” Giroux said. “It’s my childhood round here; can’t replace that.”

On a hot summer day most people look for any excuse to be near water, but a flooded parking lot may be the one exception.

“This ain’t the water you want to be in,” Washington said.

Residents said the area is prone to flooding, because it’s surrounded by a lake, a creek and a pond.

Management did not return calls to answer if they had plans to address the problem.

Overnight tropical-like rains also caused a section of Interstate 35W to close, many other metro streets and basements to flood, and a washed-out bridge in Fridley to buckle and cause a train derailment.

Comments (8)
  1. Mark says:

    Uhh….Rachel Slavik….that car being loaded on the flatbed…..not a pontiac….maybe you should make sure the vehicle at least matches the story.

    1. SpellChecker says:

      The black girl’s name is Pontiac. Her half Russian sister is Buicka. Read the story fully before you complain mister.

  2. Sam I am says:

    Either way if its a pontiac or buick it was under water.

  3. Greg says:

    OMG. Get a life.

  4. pay attention says:

    Mark has a point. Reporters are professionals who are payed to report accurately.
    If someone just happened to pick your look alike vehicle in a committed crime and you were blamed for something you didn’t do, then it would matter, wouldn’t it? Little things, do matter.

    1. curious minds says:

      Question for ‘pay attention,’ are you obese?

      1. pay attention says:

        No sir I am just big boned. I should get off the internet and shake off some of this fat though. You are correct.

  5. MAX POWER says:

    Why don’t we all step outside & you goofballs can scratch, pull hair, & kick til you get this hard hitting issue settled. After all…whether or not the car in the video is a Pontiac or not, IS the core of the story.

    BTW, it’s a Chrysler LHS.

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