ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Because of Minnesota’s government shutdown, an Arizona man will never know if his monster muskie broke a state record from 1957.

John Gergen of Phoenix, Ariz., caught it July 1 on Lake Sallie. Gergen says he practices catch-and-release, but it died after five hours of revival attempts.

Gergen says it measured 57.5 inches and weighed 54 pounds on a home scale. The record was 54 pounds and 56 inches.

But because of the shutdown, the local DNR office was closed so he couldn’t get the catch verified and nobody told him to get it weighed on a certified scale before he took it to a taxidermist.

Gergen says he isn’t sore the fish won’t make the record books. Many anglers believe the record has been broken several times by muskies that were caught and released.

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Comments (7)
  1. la de da says:

    Boooooooo! It stands as a fine fish to me!

  2. Fish story says:

    Funny, the original story on this clearly stated that he never attempted to have it weighed on a certified scale, and unless I miss my guess there are certified scales in places other than DNR “offices” (I am not sure where there is a DNR office other than St. Paul, so if you think you have a record fish you cought in Elly you better burn rubber). And considering Lake Sallie is by Detroit Lakes it would have been tough for him to get it to St. Paul.

    The only thing that impresses me about this story is the John spent several hours trying to revive his trophy fish, which also tells me he would have releases it which again would not have been weighed on a certified scale.

    Great job John!!, and I will go one step further and say awesone fish, I would guess you will rember your catch long after you would have remered being entered in some record book.

    Another great example of the liberal media twisting a story to mislead us about the government “shutdown”. The only people I have hear complaining about it are the people that aren’t getting their free money.

  3. Another fish story says:

    Based on this I retract my comments.

    Anyone with a brain knows that a fish exhausted from a fight would not survive more than a couple of minutes out of the water. Another nice job of twisting the story saying it died after 5 hours of revival attempts, according to this story she died after a few minutes of revival attemps, dumped in warm shallow water, and watched by his family for hours (sounds like a bunch of hooyey to me).

    If John was a true sportsman he would have returned her to the water, slapped himself in the head for leaving the camera on the dock (so, your cell phones don’t have cameras?) and moved on.

    I have cought several fish that may have broken the records, including a walleye that was about 18 lbs on the old Zebco lier, long before cell phones and digital cameras, but I let him or her go for someone else to catch.

    Imagine the number of offspring that she could have produced, if John had not needed to take her hack to the dock, get a picture, and magically the media picks up the story (guess John remebered the TV station phone number).

    And again thanks to the liberal media for convincing people that yiou are right.

  4. Redneck Purist says:

    Catch and release my eye. FYI if I ever catch something that big, I’m not throwing it back. Couldn’t care less what mister catch and release purist thinks of that. These guys are bigger bores than Harley guys and vegetarians. All preachy pants and altruistic about their fishing etiquette. If they want to throw it back goody for them. But I’m keeping mine and if they don’t like it they can kick rocks and kiss my arse.

    1. Chris says:

      Your opinion is strange, but even if you look at it objectively…
      Why keep it? Are you going to eat it?
      and by the way, the replicas are much nicer than the real thing anyway…
      I will never mount a real fish again as they dry, crack, and fade…
      But, you are probably going to do what you are going to do anyway…
      and what about that crack about people who DO catch and release?
      Is that really a fair statement? I think not… so save it already!

  5. Redneck Purist says:

    Whether they dry crack or fade is beside the point. A replica is well, – a replica. Go ahead and put a fake up on the wall. It’s your money. My crack about the catch and release nazis is that they have a moral superiority complex that is annoying. It’s like listening to preachy people talk about recycling. They actually think they’re doing something really important. Whereas i do not.

  6. The Architect says:

    The dumb government of MN wanted to debate whether gays were evil or good, so they shut down and that means this fish isn’t 58 inches long afterall? Come on. What a joke. Apparently none of the records should be taken seriously. Why have a record book kept at all if it isn’t accurate?

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