ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Now that a budget deal has been reached, you might be surprised to find out that reopening after the shutdown is, in some cases, much harder than you might think.

The shutdown, of course, threw 22,000 state workers out of a job, but it also meant layoffs of more than 1,000 workers at Canterbury Park.

Construction projects on state highways came to a halt and state parks have not been open for three weeks.

But when everything will reopen is in some cases still up in the air.

One place that could give a definite reopening timeline is Canterbury Park. Their card room will reopen Thursday morning and the first race is Thursday night.

“We are certainly relieved,” said Canterbury’s CEO Randy Sampson. “This has been incredibly frustrating. I would never have believed we could lose the whole month of July.”

Canterbury lost more than $3 million during the shutdown.

Owners like Mark LaCount said its been hard to foot the bill for caring for his grey mare and another horse he owns without the chance to win prize money.

“It’s been a 20 tough days,” he said.

For some state agencies, it’s not just a matter of unlocking the gates. Take state parks — a combination of bad weather, vandalism and a lack of daily maintenance will lead to delays.

So many trees are down at St. Croix State Park near Taylors Falls that the park won’t reopen for weeks. Afton is also a question mark because vandals trashed cabins during the shutdown.

The DNR said at the earliest, state parks will reopen Friday for day trips, and Saturday for overnight camping. They advise checking the website, staring Thursday.

As for other services like fishing licenses at the Prior Lake bait shop, officials said they weren’t available yet.

But when we tried, WCCO photographer Brad Earley was one of the first to secure a post-shutdown license.

As for those rest stops on highways — MnDOT said it will depend on inspections Thursday to see when they will be reopened.

Road construction projects, including the big ones like Interstate 94, will begin whenever contractors can get their equipment and workers back on the job.

And the lottery will begin selling tickets Thursday morning.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Driver and Vehicle Services division will offer most services beginning Thursday. All people with a road test scheduled for July 21 and beyond will be able to take their test at the scheduled time.

Those that had a test scheduled during the government shutdown should call, beginning Thursday, to reschedule their test. Knowledge tests will be available Thursday.

Esme Murphy

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  1. Leroy says:

    Way to go Dayton, your incompetence continues to cost Minnesotans money.

    Hope you gained enough politically from the shutdown so you can sleep at night.

    1. Char says:

      Pyrrhic victory.

    2. frozenrunner says:

      The whole legislative process let the State down. The sooner the right wing people understand the legislative process and take responsibility for their contribution to it the better off this state will be.

    3. Tony Johnson says:

      I do not believe what is happening in Minnesota the State is being flooded with
      SOMALIANS and they are receiveing the best State Aid that’s Available. The best Public Houseing, the best Medical Care, the best Family Aid, the best Education, if you don’t believe me check it out see what the State is giveing them while it make cuts in everyone else. Where are they comming from? and what do they give us in return.?

      1. Nothing new says:

        The term is Somalis, Einstein.

        In US history, the same alarmist rhetoric was used concerning Catholics, the Irish, Italians, Chinese, Japanese, Poles, Jews, etc., etc.

        An Ojibwe friend of mine suggests that ALL non-Indian people should go back where they came from. Apparently you agree with him.

      2. Kris Johnson says:

        If you cannot even use the correct term when making a statement like this, why would anyone listen to you? Our country was founded on the principles of free education, contributions to society for the greater good, equality of Americans regardless of race or religion. Are you anti-American? It is history 101…your racial generalizations are outdated and it is obvious in the way you wrote this post that ignorance is in the foreground.

    4. Tony Johnson says:

      Victory What Pre-School Dropout?

  2. trl the alligator says:

    its NOT Daytons fault…he is just the middleman between Republican idiots and democrat idiots……BOTH parties should be outlawed.

    1. King says:

      The Repubicans have to have it there way and thats it, they don,t know how to run a government. Dayton did as good as he could with those idiots.
      We need to tax the income tax on the rich at the percent as us hard workers are
      paying or we will see our real estate tax will keep going up , like its been doing
      for the last eight years.

      1. Char says:

        WHO pays the income taxes? Man alive, these Progressives have done a good job with you. They’ve got you right where they want you .. hating anyone with an ounce of success and feeling the victim because of it. Pity party, anyone?
        Here are the facts. Please, for the sake of your loved ones and yourself .. Wise UP!

        1. frozenrunner says:

          King is talking about all the taxes paid by the middle class and rich. The adjustment that one can make to level the tax paying field is to increase the income tax. Do you need it broken down further than that to understand? Perhaps it is you who needs to wise up.

      2. Waste says:

        That is an idiotic response. Why does the state need more money?
        I have see them waste it time and time again on frivolous spending.
        I work too hard for 37 years to give them any more, from anyone.
        Quit demonizing people, that is a political ploy.

      3. storm says:

        yep. the conservatives….hope they get what they deserve next election. shuffle some money around and increase the debt tomorrow. No one will remember, probably. At least Dayton tried to get things right.

    2. Bob says:

      Way to go. If the office was a one man band, who needs the legislature? Frankly, I’m so disgusted that I don’t care if the shut down continued. All of them seem to have their own welfare

  3. P SMITH says:

    leroy get real Koch ad Zellars are a JOKE they need to explain Why they force feed this budget bill down our throats they need to be recalled ! these two are more incompatant than blind man taking an eye exam I don’t see them getting reelected maybe we should send them to Mississippi since thats what they want us to like THROW OUT EVERY LAST REPUBLICAN !

  4. me says:

    “They advise checking the website, STARING Thursday…..”

    Proofread!!! It’s not difficult!!!!!!

  5. rick says:

    really the state could have been running while the budget debate was going on but dayton got on his high horse and took his ball and went home. It seems the republicans are the only ones who want to reduce spending and if that doesn’t happen we will be back here next year.

    1. Char says:

      That’s it, exactly. Why is this so difficult for some to comprehend? It’s simple math. When you continue to exceed the max on the credit card, bad things happen. Add to that a diminished cash flow and really bad things happen. If you ain’t got it to spend .. you can’t spend it.

      1. frozenrunner says:

        @ Char and Rick
        Could you explain then the differences between the budget passed by the GOP the first time, what the budget would have been under the proposed lights out bill, and what the final version. Global sense the big differences.
        I really don’t think either of you can so it is pointless to try to educate you.

        1. Citizen says:

          @Char and Rick (and frozenrunner–you’re right, they probably won’t understand). Here is the Dismal Political Economist’s view on the government actually using the same accounting system as a business which would show the government is in good shape and a good investment! While he may speak to the federal budget, the same is true for Minnesota’s budget and any other state.
          “….If one were to account for Federal spending like a business, it would show that most Federal spending is investment, and those costs would be spread over decades. It would also show a balance sheet for the Feds (assuming current value accounting) that had enormous assets.

          A correct study would surely show a very healthy and strong Federal government, as financial markets have already recognized. The U. S. Federal government is the most credit worthy borrower in the world.

          So The Dismal Political Economist agrees that governments should report financial statements like a business, but if it is done correctly he doubts if Conservatives will be so anxious to see the results.”

  6. Leroy says:

    What did Dayton do?

    1. Char says:

      He played politics … much like Obama … to impress his base a huge cost to everyone! That’s not a leader. That’s just plain and simple stupid!

    2. storm says:

      He actually cared about paying the debt that Pawlenty (Paw man) left behind. very much like the debt Bush left behind….and Obama has to deal with. And in both cases, the conservatives want to leave it and disown it….to win more elections

      1. Waste says:

        You still dod not answer the question, why should the state receive any more taxes?
        And quit on Pawlenty, the dems had the hose and the senate. They owned it just as much as he did.

        1. storm says:

          whatever. I am not an answering machine for “What did Dayton do?”. I mean, who cares. Conservatives just like muddying up the waters….it is what they do best, because they are snakes. And as snakes, they will be caught over and over, until they voted out. Some places will never vote them out, but Not every suburb is Minnetonka

        2. storm says:

          actually, the wikipedia page about pawlenty was very interesting. Thanks.

      2. Brett says:

        whine whine whine. Stop whining about yesterday and do your (Dayton’s) job. If Dayton was a leader, he would have avoided this shutdown (and probably gotten more of his pets).

        1. storm says:

          You’re free to be…um…yourself. No whining, you just want things your way…and it will just be worse when you have to step up to the plate, is all. I am indifferent

  7. Bryson Powers says:

    The tea party and the religious kooks were the ones that wanted this shut down.

  8. Waste says:

    What study are you referring too?  The one that lumped all the non tax payers in with the middle class to make It look like they paid a higher percentage of their income?
    Distorted studies produce distorted comments.
    Even if you don’t look any further into the stats, and you use the distorted 10%, there are still 26% of Minnesotans that have none or negative tax liability.
    Let’s get everyone to pay, then let’s see if you free loaders complain that the budget wasn’t high enough.

  9. Unions best friend says:

    Finally Tom Dooher can come out of hiding.

  10. George Washington says:

    I hope WCCO does an article in a week or so on how state wrokers got back pay and now are working all the overtime they want.

    This article is already making excuses why the so-called needed state workers may not get their jobs done quickly. It’s starting again, right where we left off. The bloated state will rise again

  11. Rico Suave says:

    Dayton proved to be spineless sissy in the end. Never bluff when you have no cajones. He should have just popped a couple of Pamprin and signed the GOP budget last month and avoided being a big drama queen. He grew up with a silver spoon in his pie hole, so he wasn’t used to hearing the word no. Personally, the shutdown didn’t inconvenience me at all. But apparently a whole lot of liberals were seriously inconvenienced. Which was fine by me. I probably won’t show up for the next shutdown either.

  12. Rico Suave says:

    A shutdown is about the only time government doesn’t suck. I’m kinda sad to see the government open back up. Government is to sucking what Jack Prescott is to bankruptcy. It’s all they do and they do it well.

    1. Citizen says:

      @Rico. I seriously think if it weren’t for government’s law enforcement, people like you would be out rampaging and pillaging the weaker citizens. You sound like an opportunist and snake oil salesman of the lowest caliber–everything for you, about you, and YOU. An exploiter of people you consider “lesser” than yourself. Mafia don comes to mind, as does Idi Amin. YOU and people like you with your self-aggrandizing attitude are why government exists–TO PROTECT PEOPLE.

      1. Rico Suave says:

        So you’re so saying it’s over between us? Please don’t un-friend me. I’ll be good, I promise. Reading your comment gave me a tingle up my leg like Chris Mathews gets whenever Obama gives a speech. BTW – sweatshops??? Please! You’re living in a different century. I work at a place with some union employees, and I promise you, none are in any danger of breaking a sweat. I’ve seen more animated statues. When the break whistle blows they’re like greased lightning. If unions had anything to do with eliminating sweatshops, it was a a half century ago. Now they’re they’re the problem.

  13. kevin says:

    Citizen, your saying the same thing to Rico that I say about you. It’s all about me,me ,and more me. And by the way your nose is still up in the air.