HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) – Authorities are searching for a body in the Vermillion River in Hastings Thursday night after a receiving a report of a missing person.

Hastings Police Chief Paul Schnell said a witness at the scene called 911 at about 5:15 p.m.  after seeing a person go into the Vermillion River and get swept away by the current.

A body was later spotted near Vermillion Falls, but authorities haven’t been able to recover it. Schnell said it is no longer a rescue mission but rather a recovery effort. Authorities said the Minnesota State Patrol is providing assistance in the recovery with its helicopter.

Hastings Police said the incident is still under investigation as recovery efforts continue.

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  1. cassie b says:

    Wow. Grow up! I Cant believe someone would say that like its no big deal..

  2. Resident says:

    Sad! I hope they find this person soon.

  3. Pete says:

    Seems our lakes and rivers are being over run by people that have business being in the water. Everytime I read the news some unfortunate seemingly clueless person has drown. To me, it’s easy not to drown. A little common sense has prevented that so far… As for “some” of you idiot parents out there. (Same topic different scenario) Keep an eye on your kiddies. I’m tired of reading about little ones being found face down. It’s 100% preventable. In the past three years I’ve helped two kids out of the pool where I live. Both times the mothers were yappin’ their yappers on a cell phone.

  4. The Architect says:

    Nobody goes near water in anticipation of being swept away and drowned. Someone made a tragic miscalculation and died because of it.

    Life is precious and can be gone in an instant, and all we have to do to make that happen is to not pay attention for a split second.

    1. Pete says:

      You see… “Swept” away! Common sense tells me dont swim where being “swept” away is possible.

      1. The Architect says:

        Often, a current’s strength is not easily seen from outside the water, Pete.

        Have you ever done any small stream or river fly fishing in waders?

  5. Pete says:

    Ummm, the people drowning lately haven’t been fly fishing, Architect. And again, common sense says if you’re going to “swim” and are unsure what the river is doing, stay out. Is that not safe and reasonable? Or is jumping in head first at mid-night drunk with buddies a better choice. Those are the people i’m talking about. No common sense poor choices. Fly fisherman know what they’re doing. Don’t read about them face down often.

    1. The Architect says:

      I do understand they weren’t fly fishing. I do agree that being unsure about water current should set that little warning bell off in one’s head, reminding them to be safe near water.

      I think most people entering moving water are under-experienced about its speed and power.

      I frequently fly fish the Kinnickinnic River, and even thigh-high water can knock you off your feet if you lose your balance or footing for even an instant.

      Unfortunately, losing your footing or balance is pretty easy in moving water, and by the time it happens you’re in survival mode. With the Vermillion River, that includes some deeper water, lots of rocks, and waterfalls. It’s really a poor choice for recreation, although it’s very scenic.

  6. Neighbor says:

    The current in the Vermillion River is very swift and strong right now. It is apparent just by looking at it. The water level has risen to a very high level due to the rain last weekend. All that aside, Pete you are being very critical. People make mistakes and unfortunately this mistake cost someone their life. No need to be such a jerk.

    1. MAYERS says:

      thanks you neighbor. Pete you are a big jerk. You are being very critical of that person, when don’t thing that was going on in that person life. All of us will never know. A Friend.

  7. Pete says:

    What’s jerky about wanting people to use more sense and not die? Answer that please… Promoting a little common sense and foresight is critical how? Wow!!! Thats funny… Mistakes that cause these drownings are preventable with a little thinking. (Most times) So I ask you, Neighbor… How is that being a jerk?

  8. Mourning in IA says:

    You ARE indeed being jerky and assuming many things about this person. As a family member of this person I am DISGUSTED by your comments and OFFENDED that you assume that this was mere stupidity. Shame on you. There is a FAMILY searching for their loved one here!!! Reading your statements about “promoting a little common sense and foresight” is not only hurtful, but unhelpful. If it was an accident, how dare you presume that she could’ve prevented it. If not… well… then you are merely adding insult to great injury and heartache.

    Shame on you.

    1. Mayers says:

      Good for you Mourning in Iowa. Love you all. The Friends

  9. Meyers says:

    The person missing was dearly loved by family and friends.Hope they find her soon. Pete you are a big jerk. Hope it does’nt happen to your loved one. we are praying Love you all . Mourning in Iowa we are praying for you also.

    Love her friend

  10. lisa says:

    To all of you dedicating your comments to who i believe is for lowa? i find thiis as sad as face book,!unfortunatly for the family of the beloved i find it sickening. to those who pray on other peoples pain, well only 1 thing comes from that.what comes around goes around ten fold.! Ive left a comment here because of a bazare situation. its saturday 17th sept . my male kittern went missing the night before last. looking for him i have discovered personal belongings of more than 1 young female, i am quite shackern of this discovery, contents different sizes of underwear, mobile phone charger samsung.. johnsons baby wipes , start date june 11. what apears to be size 4 stiletoes. all in and around a wicker large handbag. Do you know any femailes in and around the rock lane area of hastings who lost these items? oh you lost them on purpuse i hope so.


    dear Meyers, thankyou for your support and the support of soo many other people. We are still praying and looking for our family memver. She waa very much loved by hunderads of peope that she didn’t even realized herself. It is just to bad we always find out too late that there are so many friennds and family that care and love people who feel that they have no way out to be at peace. To have so much torment in your life and to miss someone that you lived literaly side by side for 50 years, sharing family, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. And of course many, many dear friends and a deep belief in God and what he stood for. Sometimes lifes is so overwhelming you forget how much you are loved and always will be for the good parent, grandparent,friend and confidant you have been to soo many people,I just wished you realized that even one hour sooner. I miss you desperatly and your family misses you desoeratly, we only hope you are with all your loved ones that you haven’t seen in many, many, years.. We will always remember and miss you. Till we meet again All my love and you’ll never be forgotten and missed daily. I am glad your torment and healthproblems are finally over.

    ”we will always love you and will keep your memory alive.

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