ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is planning to visit Japan in September, following in the flight path of his predecessors.

Dayton spokeswoman Katie Tinucci confirmed the trip Friday after it was first reported by Forum Communications.

Previous Minnesota Govs. Tim Pawlenty, Jesse Ventura, Arne Carlson and Rudy Perpich all made the trek to Japan, a major trade partner for the state.

The Forum reported that Dayton’s trip will also include a visit to South Korea.

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Comments (54)
  1. Mike Hunt says:

    Same story, differant poser. He’s selling out Americans for big $$$$.

    1. gus says:

      Great, now those people in Japan who can’t travel to America are really going to have a good impression of us.
      “Wose amewicans aw soo stupid, and they have googly eyes”

  2. BS says:


    1. MNSportsFan says:

      I hope that he does. Mr. Tim Takeplenty sure thought it was ok for us to pay!!

    2. All Aboard! says:

      Who cares, we are probably saving money sending him on vacation, just like when 0bama takes his weekly trips

  3. MNSportsFan says:

    I better hear that the Vikings are staying in Minnesota and that the stadium bill is finalized before he leaves on this trip!

    1. MARK says:

      I hope to hear the Viking are on their way to LA before he leaves. When’s that going to happen?

    2. WE says:

      Get your checkbook out.

    3. A Voter says:

      GO Vikings, and take the Twins with you.

  4. All Aboard! says:

    The Dayton fail express is going overseas!!

    Just follow captain google-eyes

    1. Dave Campbell says:

      He would have taken Miss Piggy Koch
      and Kurt Zealot along but the plane would not have gotten off the ground!

  5. Chuck says:

    Gee, seems as if Gov. Dayton goes on a trip, he should pay for it himself, but when Gov. Palenty went it was fine for the state to pay. Come on people THINK A LITTLE BIT AND LET THE PARTISIAN STUFF GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

    1. frozenrunner says:

      You ask the impossible of these people (think)

      1. waste says:

        He did it so I can wahh, wahh, wahh…. Are these people children on a playground?

        These to posts don’t make any sense. If the state is hurting, stop spending.

        Does anyone understand that? Who cares if a thousand predecessors did it!

        If Dayton does not have a good reason for going, which this article left out, then he should not go.

        This is plain and simple people.

  6. Kevin says:

    If he decides to go to Laos….he can just drive through Maplewood………

    1. Laos has nice people! says:

      Nice. I can’t wait to go. Laos is nice. Great people.

      1. Kevin says:

        Why wait…head down to Maplewood Mall….or as the police call it ….the war zone….you will meet ALOT of those nice people from Laos…..enjoy your visit…

  7. How about this... says:

    Can we call a special session and vote on who gets to pay for this trip?

  8. Chad says:

    This moron cant balance a budget and now is going to spend our money to go to Japan… Idiot

    1. louis says:

      Don’t forget that because he shut down the state for political gain, it cost Minnesotans millions of dollars, he could have just signed the bill before the shutdown.

    2. Cut spending now. says:

      Drunken idiot.

      But, he did prove the point for us. Government was shut down for 3 weeks and barely anyone noticed. Instead of increasing the budget by 15%, why aren’t we cutting it by 15%?

  9. Kevin says:

    I think he was passing a can around taking donations while he was marching with the Gays in that big fluffy Gay parade…..or was that KY??????

  10. Tompkins says:

    HAHAHA! He needed to get that pesky government shut down out of the way so he could get the money approved to leave the country! Hopefully he can learn something from the relative conservative liberals if he has a layover in CA.

  11. Norge says:

    Monkey see….monkey do

  12. sid says:

    I hope they take him on a tour of the nuclear reactors and leave him there for a while.

  13. Darn says:

    so that is why he wanted to tax the rich, he needs them to pay for his trips…….Why didn’t I think of that.,

  14. kevin says:


    1. Geithner & OBumbles Cheats says:


  15. The future of america says:

    Maybe he can convince them to open a factory in Minnesota that would employ uneducated, uninformed, myopic “conservatives” in jobs that would have no health benefits, no dental benefits, no paid vacation, no sick leave, no maternity or paternity leave, unsafe working conditions, 60 hour work weeks at $10 an hour and NO UNIONS!

    The conservative elite like the Koch Brothers would love it!! How ’bout you Tea Party knuckleheads?

    1. Kevin says:

      Hey…I am a Tea Party Knucklehead….and your just a big meanie! Saying all those bad things…..I bet you were a bully in school……and they dont need to employ conservatives…..they already have hundreds of thousands of illegal Mexicans to use and abuse…..thanks to those silly liberals allowing them to flood across the border…….so they can drive down your “union” salary…….too stupid to get real life….but intelligent enough to spell myopic……conservatives and liberals are both money sucking garbage……

      1. The future of america says:

        Congratulations Kevin. Enjoy serfdom under the GOP. Lots of vegetable picking jobs in California now that crossings by illegals is at its lowest in over 20 years. As a retiree who poured a huge percentage of income into the market, IRAs and etc., I’m sitting pretty.

        Tea Party dopes will work until 70 with no safety net. Perhaps I’ll hire them to wash my car.

        1. Kevin says:

          Oh my …..”serfdom”….my my my…..say your not a retired union teacher are you? You know…the ones that pay 10,000 into a retirement plan then suck 3 to 4 milliion out of it are you???? Oh my…it all makes sense now…I have to get to work now…to pay your retirement…I will have to work until I am dead…so you can retire at 55……..You indeed are the future of America…

          1. The future of america says:

            56 actually. Let me now where you work so I can come and set up a lawn chair, bring a cooler of beer and my AARP magazine and watch you. I’ve always been fascinated by Slurpee machines.

            BTW, I’ve paid into my pension since 1979. So has my employer. You? Zippo.

        2. save the minnows; kill the vegetables says:

          Nope. The central valley had the water shut off by tree-hugger liberals wanting to save a minnow. The vegetable picking jobs aren’t in CA any longer.

    2. Riverthorne says:

      I tell you what, when one of you liberals can explain this to me…then I will never post anything here again. Explain how liberals accuse conservatives of living in the past with regards to social issues and then, in the same breath, talk about what Unions did for workers at the turn of the century and how we would all be working in sweat shops (thing of the past) or working 80 hour weeks (thing of the past..UNLESS you are a small business owner or as you like to call them, the evil rich) no health insurance (thing of the past), no paid vacation (thing of the past), no sick leave (thing of the past) yadda yadda yadda. I just want for a liberal to explain to me why it is OK to live in the past when it comes to unions, but not social issues?

    3. liberals are Jet Haters says:

      Funny. I’m a knucklehead. I could care less about the Koch Brothers (who employ a heck of a lot of people and think Obumbles isn’t doing a good job leading our country).

      Why is it ok to raise the state spending by 15%, in an economy that’s slower, where people have been laid off over the past few years and people are struggling?

      That’s like getting a $10/hour job and going to a car dealer thinking you can afford to buy a Cadillac.

      There are laws against your bad working conditions. In good economies (which we don’t have because of Obama attacking all the businesses), people can take a different job if they don’t think they’re being treated fairly.

  16. buck says:

    I can hearths liberal heads exploding

  17. The future of america says:

    Cuz empowering people is noble.

    Enslaving those who have-not by those who have excess is immoral.

    1. ??? says:

      and enslaving those to have not to the government is any better?

      1. The future of america says:

        Nice babble. Please rephrase in English.

    2. the future of america is creating jobs, not working for the government says:

      Empowering people is “noble”.

      You must work for the government. Did you ever run a company or create a job? I doubt it.

      You sound like someone who has seniority in their government job and will have a great pension when you retire. The rest of us who work for a living or who own companies, worry about paying our bills and coming up with our next payroll. But then we’re bad for creating jobs and paying lots of employees who are “enslaved” (and grateful as heck for they paycheck).

  18. gonzo says:

    Go Dayton! Sell more soybeans. Sell more pork.. Sell more Ag products and Minnesota stuff. This is executive time well spent. This is why the recession was easier on the rural Midwest. We have stuff the world wants and I’m glad Dayton is out there helping us sell it. I consider myself a conservative, but anytime the governor wants to travel to pave the way for trade, he’s the man!

  19. The future of america says:

    Whoa, Gonzo.

    You’re making too much sense!

    Dayton’s trip is costing the Tea Party bozos as much as 1 or 2 cents of their annual tax burden! (Probably less)

  20. A Voter says:

    It’s funny how the republicans want Dayton gone, but when he leaves they want him to stay.

    1. Shut down; save more money says:


      Pawlenty was boring. We need a funny politician to laugh at. We had Jesse, Franken and now Dayton.

      We still control the government so we can sit back and laugh at them.

      Dayton made the point for us. Government was “shutdown” for 3 weeks and nobody even noticed the shutdown. Proof we can cut more.

  21. Angus says:

    Pawlenty flew all over the U.S. and overseas when we were paying his salary to work in Minnesota. The conservatives thought it was wonderful. Amazing how they can change their tune.

    I have not seen such dancing since Ginger Rogers and Fred Astire retired. They obviously think whatever they do is fine but anything anyone else does is subject to vile language, character assasination, etc. And they claim to be Christians but so does the KKK

  22. bottoms up says:

    Hope his staff told the Japanese to lay on extra sake.

  23. Smaller budgets in tough times says:

    Hey Governor! Thanks for laying off 100,000 people for the past few weeks! That really helped the local economy.

    Please take your time, drink lots of Sake and stay away from Minnesota for a very long time. We could use a break from your radical attempts to waste our tax money.

    Your attempts to raise the Minnesota budget by 15% (in a struggling economy when other states with twice our population have smaller budgets) hurt lots of fine Minnesotans.

  24. Pavel says:

    Bunch of sickos on this site. Easy to be sarcastic when your elevator does not go to the top floor!

  25. Clara Carpe says:

    I’d like to know what the travel costs will be for this international jaunt — regardless of why it is taking place. How many staff are going with? How long will people be AWAY from their MN offices? Transportation costs…. meals …. hotels ….. And what exactly will Gov Dayton accomplish by making these visits? If he considers this a “get acquainted” session with industry and government leaders in those countries — he could consider Skype communication until the budget situation is under control. Oh silly me. I SO naive.

    1. sammy says:

      The liquor bill alone will be huge

      1. Clara Carpe says:

        Sammy – I LAUGHED when I read your comment. Thank you! I do get frustrated by the international “jaunts” of our elected officials (both the State and Federal levels). They play “Minnesota/US nice” when they are overseas — which I want and expect them to do as representatives of my state/country. Although I QUESTION why so MANY of them have to travel overseas on “fact finding” and “good will ambassador/trade agreement” jaunts. Then they come back to our state/country and go on local media and begin (again) lambasting their opponents and describing how awful our state/country has become. I know and YOU know that anything said “on camera” has the capacity to go viral — on a global scale. So let’s start demanding “sustainable credibility as politician/executive leader/spokesperson”. Kind of like a comedian doing stand-up comedy, lampooning a politician, then becoming a politician and expecting the individual “lampooned” to view it as “just kidding’. Yeah, right.

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