ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Two people have been arrested and are currently being held in the Hennepin County Jail, accused of breaking into and stealing from a Minneapolis FBI Special Agent’s vehicle.

According to a federal complaint filed Wednesday, Tania Marie Thompson, 34, and Milton Carlton Rucker, Jr., 38, both from Minneapolis, stole government property, committed bank fraud and committed identification theft.

On July 22, they allegedly broke into a Ford Explorer owned by a FBI Special Agent. The agent’s duty pistol, badge, credentials, personal credit cards, a watch and other items were stolen from a duffel bag located in the vehicle.

The agent reported the stolen credit cards immediately to his financial institution, which soon after told the agent that one of the stolen cards was used at a gas station and an attempt was made to use the credit card at a Target store in Brooklyn Park.

After an investigation and reviewing video surveillance, the same woman appeared to be using the credit card at both locations. The license plate number of the 1999 tan Buick she was using was traced to another Minneapolis woman, identified as Ashely Nicole Bastin. The Buick was also connected to other break-ins and attempted break-ins.

Bastin told police that Rucker was using the Buick, but she was not involved.

On the evening of July 22, the Buick was observed in the driveway of an apartment building on 140 Cedar Lake Road in Minneapolis. After investigators knocked on the front door, Thompson, who matched the description of the woman in the video surveillance footage, came to the door. She was placed under arrest by Minneapolis Police.

Investigators then called into the apartment building, and a man, identified as Rucker, came out from apartment No. 2. He was also arrested.

According to authorities, Thompson admitted to the theft of the Agent’s vehicle, as well as five to eight other thefts from vehicles in the past five months.

Thompson provided information to investigators that led to the recovery of the agent’s credentials in a garbage can in Minneapolis. Bastin was also interviewed on July 25 and she said she registered the Buick in her name at Rucker’s request.

The agent’s duty pistol was recovered early Wednesday by the Brooklyn Park Police Department, but the agent’s badge remains missing.

Thompson will have a preliminary/detention hearing on Thursday and Rucker’s preliminary/detention hearing is on Friday.

Comments (20)
  1. Jim S. says:

    Maury Povitch still loves you.

  2. Jake says:

    Nice. Tania Thompson’s rap sheet includes theft by check, giving a false name to a police officer (multiple occassions), DWI (multiple occassions), check forgery, and Milton Rucker has receiving stolen property (hard to imagine that), and credit card fraud (surprise!!), What a great pair of citizens we have running loose around here.

  3. TwinsRAwesome says:

    Ain’t stereotypes great when they aren’t!!!!!!

  4. user says:

    What will happen to the special (needs?) agent? Why are his credit cards, gun, badge etc in a duffell bag in the car?

    1. em0886 says:

      Maybe because he wasn’t actually working at the time and just left his stuff in the car…..why does that matter?? Haven’t you ever left your wallet or anything in the car? Maybe he was at the gym and didn’t want to bring his stuff in…you just never know!

  5. Undercover says:

    “Thompson admitted to the theft of the Agent’s vehicle, as well as five to eight other thefts from vehicles in the past five months.”

    Too bad the police don’t put the same effort into solving a crime against an ordinary citizen as they do for an FBI agent.

  6. Chris says:

    You really want to see FBI agents tracking down every two-bit criminal?

    1. Undercover says:

      I would like to see someone trying to track them down.
      They are CRIMINALS

  7. tania loves milton says:

    Sounds like a KQ bit in the making.

  8. just sayin says:

    Good job catching these low life, welfare collecting, EBT using, ugly, dirtball, losers, garbage possible liberal voting pieces of s…’s!

  9. em0886 says:

    How do you know they are on welfare??? Did you call the county to see?! I am on EBT as well because I am a single mama, working and going to school, I get no child support so I really need this money to help us while I complete school so that I can get off of the assistance…if you saw me you would never guess that I get assistance…I think everyone should stop judging each other and making rude, hateful comments. I agree that what they did was insanely wrong and I doubt they even vote….you need a hobby or something rather than passing judgment on everyone else

    1. love your stuff says:

      You are just a hoot lady. Love your posts.

    2. Me-too says:

      Very hurtful
      I feel debilitated –…
      Where do I sign Up! Hell, I’ll even go out and have a kid if it’ll help get me on the teet!

    3. me again says:

      Oh I have plenty of hobbies.

      How old are you em? At what age did you have your kid and become a “mama”?
      I am a dude, but like heck would I ever knock up some gal without being married first. There are consequences – and that is something everyone learns.

  10. em0886 says:

    Just guessing they don’t vote since they have a lengthy history of criminal behavior…they wouldn’t have the time.

  11. em0886 says:

    My baby’s daddy is currently incarcerated,he will be required to pay child support when he is released in 2019..Then I will be graduated from Vo-Tech & won’t need EBT..I have 4 children & I’m a good Mom.

    1. love your stuff says:

      4 kids and sperm donor in jail! Good luck on that child support. You are quite a piece of work lady.

  12. Buggy says:

    Em: You never answered his question on how old you are. How many tax payers dollars have you collected so far in your pursuit of VoTech — I’d be willing to place a bet that that’s never gonna happen (you graduating) and all we have to look forward to is your four kids repeating the same viscious cycle. Your baby’s daddy — who the hell talks like that — how many daddy’s are there? What’s he in prison for?

  13. Janice says:

    em0886 YOU shouldn’t be on welfare either & put yourself thru college by working if that’s what you want – if you were a good mom you’d be working for your kids like the rest of us that won’t stop our low paying job so others can put us thru school !

  14. Janice says:

    You decided to have the kids so take care of them like you should be

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