DES MOINES, Iowa — Authorities say a Des Moines woman has been assaulted with a bratwurst at her home.

Des Moines television station KCCI reports that the incident occurred Monday night.

Connie Jones, 63, told police that she got into an argument with Tajuana Banks, 31.

Jones says Banks yelled profanities at her, then picked up a bratwurst and threw it at Jones. It struck her chest. A police report says there were grease marks on Jones’ clothing.

A Des Moines phone number listed for Banks is incorrect. Online court records don’t yet list the case.

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Comments (51)
  1. TW says:

    If she had assaulted her with a polish sausage then it could be charged out as a federal hate crime. Just saying.

  2. jan says:

    This is news? Anyway, being hit by a bratwurst is better than being hit by a brat.

  3. Swamp Rat says:

    WHO CARES???????????

  4. Denver Don says:

    Slow news day? Wiener wars coming to a kitchen near you.

  5. Mark says:

    Lol, Whut? Local news reports, Bird Poos on Car, film at 11.

  6. Anita notherpun says:

    It looks like things quickly went from bad to wurst.

    But at least she wasn’t assulted with a Weiner.

  7. Anita notherpun says:

    I’m surprised the cops were able to link her to the crime

  8. March113 says:

    What nut jub calls the cops for having a brat thrown at you?

    1. March113 says:

      I know I misspelled Job. so please dont comment on that, 🙂

      1. Noah Webster says:

        I liked “jub” better.

  9. oscarmeyer says:

    Wouldn’t that be “assault with a deadly weiner”?

    1. Anita notherpun says:

      If she was assaulted with a kill-basa; then yes

      1. Me says:

        I wish CCO had “like” buttons.

  10. quentin says:

    These are the folks we trust to greatly influence the selection of presidential candidates.

  11. JamieinMN says:

    I’m sorry I can’t help but just laugh. The dispatcher must’ve been pretty amused too. People need to quit calling 911 for these instances, they’re NOT emergencies. I’m pretty sure that brat did no damage.

    1. TW says:

      This would be a case for Judge Wapner if he were still presiding over The People’s Court.

  12. zztop says:

    Was she doin the tube steak boogie?

  13. The Outdoorsman says:

    Tajuana Banks…
    Telephone number not correct.
    Involved in an act of violence against a senior citizen while acting disorderly.

    I can draw some reasonable conclusions from just this information alone.

    1. one never knows says:

      You ever been around a goofy old woman? They sometimes don’t need a reason to call 911 – they just mentally messed up. Who knows – she coulda had it fall outta her mouth taking a bite and needed an excuse

  14. MARK says:

    Oh no, grease marks!?!?!?! The humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Amy says:

    My first reaction was along the lines of all the previous posters, that this was a hilarious story and a colossal waste of time for the police.

    But after I thought about it for a little while, perhaps this isn’t the first time Ms. Banks has screamed obscenities, thrown objects, or acted in an otherwise threatening manner toward Ms. Jones. Perhaps Ms. Jones thought if she made public record of the abuse, it would either stop – or would allow her the opportunity to try to follow up with a restraining order if the behavior persists.

    I do know that there are a lot of people out there who suffer severe verbal abuse, but believe that since it doesn’t become physical, they just have to endure the onslaught. This may or may not be the case in this situation, but it’s at least worth thinking about it.

  16. Scott says:

    Some people will call the cops for anything now a days.

  17. Scott says:

    They will probaly try to get money out of the lady who threw the brat for a new shirt.

  18. choo says:

    Amy – that is a good point. i work with vulnerable adults – and as bad as they can have it, those people can also dish out the verbal and physical abuse. The bottom line is: that aside from the humorous potential of the article, there may be more need for an investigation. Then again, I did find much humor in the article. It may be all there is to the story.

  19. JacgueatYA says:

    Funniest storyto come out of Iowa since Michelle announced for the presidency.

    1. Anita Mann says:

      Like button, “CCO! Like button!

  20. Headline news all right. Yup, headline news. says:

    I hear Al Sharpton is headed there to be offended. And Jesse Jackson is organizing a protest riot. Gloria Allred is headed there too but so far it’s inconclusive which party she intends to represent.

    Westboro Baptist Church members are investigating to see if there’s any kind of a gay connection to this incident.

    And finally, there’s talk that Oprah may want to interview the parties for her comeback show in September.

    Oh, and Casey Anthony has been retained as an expert witness, in the event one of the parties wakes up dead in the woods with duct tape holding her jaw on.

  21. Mr. Johnsonville says:

    Everyone knows you should never chuck a wiener in anger.

  22. TW says:

    Those who live by the bratwurst, die by the bratwurst. At least that is what we thought the man who was choking on his last bite at the picnic said, we could have been wrong. Or Wong if this is at all connected to a story from last week of other crazy summer behavior.

  23. Old Saying says:

    When wieners are outlawed …. only outlaws will have wieners

  24. royrogers says:

    Will we have to get a permit to carry a weiner? Will it have to be concealed?

  25. Jim S. says:

    It’s battery, which is ginst the law. You can charge someone with laying a finger on you. You don’t have a right to touch someone without their permission. Sorry. It can even be a felony in a wurst case scenario.

    1. very sad says:

      and Jim – ya just confirmed to all here that we are one fricked up country with laws against everything. The Land of No-No’s

      1. Jim S. says:

        Been in some kind of trouble, have ya, very sad?

  26. Me says:

    Big deal. I get hit with a weiner in the chest nearly every night. I just tell him I’m too tired.

    1. at me says:

      LOL – small wiener he packing huh.
      Try a new brand called Man Meat

      1. Me says:

        Well, his name is Vienna Sausauge. Somebody had to marry him.

  27. Me says:

    All kidding aside, I can see why the victim called the cops. If the perp was cooking brats then she probably had cutlery nearby. Nobody wants it to escalate to meatfork in the chest.

  28. Zing says:

    This is a pretty common story. I’ve often noticed that when a Brat gets thrown on a ladies chest a stain is the usual result.

    1. Me says:

      Sometimes. Sometimes not. Not enough prepping is done.

      Are we all sober or was this a beer brat?

      We sign McNabbit yet?

  29. Fire_em_up says:

    Them injunbroads are nasty.

  30. we says:

    You have got to be kidding , and this is news?

  31. Slip a somali a brat. says:

    It beats hearing about the somalis again.

  32. Paul Bostrom says:

    SRSLY??????????? I just wasted 30 seconds of my life that i can never get back reading pointless BS how pathetic. NO ONE CARES!

  33. Les says:

    She took the bratwurst in the bathroom and taught it a lesson

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