MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Vikings and Redskins are engaged in trade discussions that would bring quarterback Donovan McNabb to Minnesota.

A person with knowledge of the discussions told the Associated Press on Wednesday that no deal has been completed, but that both sides were working to try to make it happen.

McNabb would have to agree to restructure the deal he signed with the Redskins.

McNabb would give the Vikings a veteran quarterback while they groom first-round draft pick Christian Ponder, who has already tweeted that he welcomes McNabb to the team but also plans to fight for the starting job.

Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier talked with WCCO’s Sid Hartman about the possible addition this morning. Frazier says it’d be nice to have a veteran signal-caller.

“Just to have one around to kind of show the other guys what it’s like to play in the National Football League, the be able to be in meetings with them, to take them through practices,” he said.

The Vikings selected Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder with their first pick in this year’s NFL draft, and they also have Joe Webb, who saw some action when Brett Favre was injured late last season.

But not all fans are happy about the possible move.

“He’s terrible. He’s old. He’s always had seniority around him he’s always had great receivers around him. When he was with the Eagles and Washington, he sucked. He’s done,” said Tammy Wills, who was touring the Metrodome Wednesday morning.

“Donovan is a washed up quarterback with emotional problems and we don’t need him here, just like we didn’t need Brett Favre,” said another fan.

Others said they understand how he could be an asset to the team.

“It’s a reasonably decent option for us until we get the others up to speed,” said another fan.

The trade for McNabb has yet to be confirmed by the Vikings.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

Comments (35)
  1. Swamp Rat says:

    Enough of the sports malarkey. Bring McNabb here to help the team and get ready to play football. Unless miracles happen the Vikes are not going to the Super Bowl this year but they will have a good year. Meanwhile, stop the sports and political BS over Arden Hills and the new proposed venue. Build the stadium complex, fill it with fans, and let’s play football. Otherwise don’t go crying over your brewskis and lattes if the Vikings head to greener pastures!

  2. regnilo says:

    Minnesota does not want to win! stop bringing these old guys here. Arizona is where they should go to retire. i guess there is always next year to count on.

  3. RJM says:

    Bad move to bring McNabb here to MN. The team needs to do whatever it takes to keep Rice from getting picked up by Seatle. Let’s give Ponder a chance to get groomed without the need of bringing in another veteran QB to just create more problems.

    1. Carwood Lipton says:

      So you think a rookie QB can just come in and “do his best” and come out roses, eh?

      That has NEVER happened in the NFL. Quarterbacks NEED a mentor and that mentor should be a veteran QB.

      No rookie quarterback just “gets groomed” by himself and with coaching.

      1. Swamp Rat says:

        Finally someone who is talking good old fashion horse sense on football. I agree with you. Enough said folks and let’s play some football!!!

      2. Never happend, EH???? says:

        Never happened eh? I agree with you that most quarterbacks that come in right away and succeed are few and far between but to make a statement that it has never happened just look at Manning. No not the younger one Peyton. He didn’t win right away but has had a career that is probably going to get him into the HOF someday. I would say 98% of all rookie quarterbacks that start right out of college never end up being a star.

        1. Ryan Leaf says:

          I beg to differ!

      3. Johnny Rain Cloud says:


        You need to watch a little more football before stating your so called facts. Matt Ryan led the falcons to a division title his rookie year as well as Mark Sanchez led the Jets to back to back AFC title games as a rookie and in his 2nd year. A rookie QB can come in a be very good in the NFL. The only QB in college football who could have come in and competed was Andrew Luck of Stanford. He opted for another year of college.

        1. Carwood Lipton says:

          Perhaps I overstated the importance of a mentor QB, given the examples you provided. There are definitely exceptions to that rule.

          I’ve watched pro football my whole life. The first Superbowl I remember watching on TV was the 49ers vs. Cincinnati. The great quarterbacks of the 80s like Montana, Young, Elway, Marino and Simms faltered in their early seasons and lost a lot of games before finding their stride and maturity as a pro quarterback.

          The game has obviously changed a lot since then.

          Thanks for the reminder, and good job with calling me out on the rookie QBs.

  4. Paul Bunyan says:

    Go Gophers!

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Nice thought but wrong story!!!

  5. Mike says:

    Yeah, we wouldn’t want Mike Vick. The one guy that can single handedly win a football game for you. I don’t know too many guys in the NFL you can say that about.

    1. Me says:

      Oh please! Who handed Vick his jersey to eat in a game last year? The Vikings.

  6. Me says:

    Bringing in McNabb seems a very Childress kind of move. Ah well, there’s always next year. Yay Ponder!

  7. SoccerRules says:

    Just another reason why it isn’t worth a split penny to waste time on pro junkball. Stay with your neighbor games and see a better quality game or watch a soccer match and see what real football is.

    1. travis says:

      ha… yeah ok.

    2. Wayne Rooney says:

      I agree, mate.


    3. seriously? says:

      uh… okay… sure thing….

  8. Dork-a-licous says:

    McNabb has been a proven winner in this league although he has not been able to win the big game when it counts but would defineatly be an asset to the Vikings organization. Let’s sign him and let him groom the young guns and get this season underway.

  9. BigcatMPLS says:

    I went to HS with McNabb and I can tell you MN would not only get a great Athlete but an outstanding citizen.

  10. mike olson says:

    How abought finding some way of giving any one of our quarterbacks a couple more seconds before they are pasted. A second or two is A life time when you have 300# of ugly coming at you and I don’t care who is quarterbacking.

  11. Doug says:

    With McNabb, Vikings finish 12-4 , without 4-12 , you do the math… Sign him and lets get this ship back on track.

    1. Sticks and Stones!!!!! says:

      12-4 boy you have high hopes or were dreaming when you posted this. Wake up!!! Your not in Green Bay there ToTo……. Go Pack Go!!!!!!!

    2. Del B. says:

      HAHAHA Thats the best laugh I had all day… Who is he going to throw it to Doug???? All he has is Harvin… Rice is gone… Shiancoe will be double teamed every game like he was last year… Teams will put 8 in the box and stuff AP at the line forcing McNabb to throw the ball to receivers who prolly need to be working the drive thru at the local Wendys… Plus the last time I checked your O-line is a joke now… Good luck keeping McNabb on his feet… or foot to be more specific since that ankle injury he suffered a few years back… He is not the same QB anymore… He doesnt have the Favre gunslinger luck that happened two years ago… Just enjoy another year with no playoffs and most likely in last place again in the division…

      1. Del B. says:

        Oh I Forgot!!!

        GO PACK GO!!! :-p

  12. StraycatStrut says:

    Forgot Brad Johnson and Jeff George.

    1. Del B. says:

      Damn your right… I guess its worst than I thought… Well ya cant teach an old dog new tricks… This is not the way to build a championship team by getting absolete players that used to be great… In McNabb’s case he has had one good year and he lost in the Super Bowl… He is done… Mark my words Vike fans… He will struggle for your team… You can take it to the bank…

  13. Norge says:

    Send Vikes to LA to join Lakers, all professional sports pretty much suck nowadays, 3 or 4 hours of commercials for 60 minutes of game time, and in football that means about a total of 13 minutes of actually playing foortball. Let them all go and good riddance….time to re-connect to our MN roots,….this fall lets go pheasent hunting and get in on the fall walleye bite.
    Let some other dupes get caught up in the intrigue of multi-billionaire owners and multi-millionaire players…I am not supporting them with one thin dime.

  14. Jay says:

    Shame the Vikings blew it again! The draft was a D at best and now McNabb. What does it take to get the Viking brain trust to go after the “needs” not “wants”. First off, the Vikes should have fixed the left side of the offensive line. Then address the needs of the secondary, and finally go after a solid quarterback like Carson Palmer or even throw a bone at the Chargers and try to reel in Phillip Rivers. It will become evident that AD will have to be traded before his career gets cut short from injury. I predict the Vikes will finish no better than last place. If they are truly serious about a stadium, they need to take a hard look internally and learn how to build a team. Nobody wants to see the Vikes leave Minnesota but then again nobody will pay to watch a loser either.

    1. Carwood Lipton says:

      Carson Palmer? Phillip Rivers?

      I don’t know what made you think those were viable options, Jay.

      Carson Palmer retired. The Bengals wouldn’t let him out of his contract to be traded, so he can’t even play for another team.

      The San Diego Chargers recently signed Philip Rivers to a 6-year, $92 million extension through 2015. $38-39 million guaranteed.

      No offense intended if you were just giving hypothetical examples and not specific ones.

  15. Just take your ball and leave Zygi. says:

    No public money for a stadium.

    There, it’s been said again. Go away Zygi!

    1. travis says:

      i’m so sick of people like you… thinking that you are the only ones that need to be listened to. I, along with many otherss, want the team to stay here. There are many options to solving this problem. If the vikings provided no gain to the state, the argument about no public money would make sense… however, that is not the case. You know who else has no publicly financed stadiums? Omaha, Des Moines, Rochester, the quad cities… If you don’t want any of your money going to a stadium, pick any one of those exciting destinations to move to.

      1. no public stadium says:

        There’s a reason Omaha, Des Moines, Rochester and the Quad Cities don’t have publicly financed stadiums and it has nothing to do with state gains. It does have a lot to do with market size and many other factors.

        I love football. I still don’t want to pay for another stadium. And if Vikes’ prices increase the way the Twins prices did at a new location (regardless of funding), I’m even more against it. Hell – $7.50 for a bottle of beer? For that price it ought to be a buxom blonde pouring it into me during a lap dance, rather than Wally the Beer Man’s replacement handing it across the aisle.

  16. Chuck says:

    you are crazy if you think Vikes have a winning season with McNabb….please go watch baseball and comment on thatbecause you have no clue about football….Vikes will finish last in their division this year….on a positive note they should get the first pick in next years draft….I cant believe they let sydney rice go and sign washed up Favre….also for the noobs on here talkin about needing to coach a rookie qb, well that doesnt happen much anymore, here are some success stories, Matt Ryan-Falcons-playoffs rookie year, Sam Bradford actually had a great year for the Rams….when you pay a guy 50 mil with 30 of it gauranteed, you expect him to play…..

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