ST. CLOUD (WCCO) — An 18-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a hit-and-run that injured a teen girl in St. Cloud.

According to police, the vehicle and driver accused in the incident were identified around 3 a.m. Wednesday. The driver has been identified as Brett Anthony Klein, of Sartell. He faces a charge of felony criminal vehicular operation.

Police say 15-year-old Rosalie Ann Post, of Clearwater, was struck by a pickup truck around 9 p.m. Monday near the intersection of 25th Street Southeast and 14 1/2 Avenue Southeast in St. Cloud.

Post’s foot was crushed in the incident and she was rushed to St. Cloud Hospital for treatment. She was released from the hospital Tuesday.

St. Cloud Police thanks all citizens who called in with information regarding this case.

Comments (6)
  1. kevinsux says:

    I wonder if kevin will rant on about the suspect’s name being diverse.

  2. The Outdoorsman says:

    I just think it’s funny they call an 18 year old a “man.”

    1. Jim Saporito says:

      I think it’s funny that before c.1934, the word “teenager” didn’t exist. By the time you were in your teens, you were a “young adult”. You were expected to behave like an adult; not like a child. I think people a hundred years ago would find it funny that young adults one hundred years later behave like 8 year olds; and that it’s expected!

      1. Carwood Lipton says:

        My 27 year old SIL is one of those people. It’s too stressful for her to have a job, so she cries there until they fire her. It’s too stressful for her to answer her phone, so she lets it go to voicemail, but then she’s too afraid to check her voicemail and has a panic attack about it.

        1. jan says:

          panic attacks are no joke. She should seek professional help. There is light at the end of the tunnel

    2. Mommy says:

      It isn’t so funny for my adopted daughter who this happened to. I certainly do not consider him a man.

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