CROSSLAKE, Minn. (WCCO) — Summer vacation plans have recently been snatched from a few Minnesota families.

Victims claim they paid a hefty deposit to the Big Wolf Lake Resort near Cass Lake, and just before packing up the car to head to the resort, they found out it’s closed.

The resort property is located in the middle of Lakes Country in Cass County. Mela and Vicki Krick started planning their vacation to the resort last winter and are now out of luck.

“A few years ago we decided we didn’t want Christmas gifts or Birthday gifts, so this was the gift, to spend time together as a family,” said Mela.

They found the Big Wolf Lake Resort online. The web site is still up today, but the phone number listed has been disconnected.

The family sent Christopher Dunker, the man who claimed to be managing the resort, a check.

“He said if we sent in the whole amount for the week, we would get a discount,” said Mela.

The Hubbard County Attorney said his office has received close to 10 complaints, but it’s investigation is still ongoing. The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota is investigating three complaints.

“I’m out about $2,500,” says Vicki Krick.

The resort is closed and the Hubbard County Attorney’s Office said the bank currently owns the property.

Before you book with anyone, the Better Business Bureau said the best thing to do is to get recommendations. Whether it’s friends, family or calling the local Chamber of Commerce. They know the businesses in the area and can give you up to date information on its standing.

Comments (8)
  1. S. E. Cooper says:

    Crosslake and Cass Lake are 2 different town miles apart. The story has nothing to do with Crosslake.

  2. JAMES B says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    If this is the same Chris dunker I know I used to work with this guy and he is good with his words and can be very convincing. But he is also supposedly an (ex)meth junkie and is a convicted felon!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think this should have been news under Crime not Consumer?

  5. Abby says:

    I stayed here in february and the place was gorgeous. I wanted to book again for the following year but was told the owner lied and did not pay for the property taxes or something which was not Mr. Dunker. He was just operating the resort until they took it from underneath him.

  6. anonymous says:

    I also forgot to mention I called the cass lake chamber of commerce and they told me about the resort. It was all straight up so I’m confused as to how this got so out of hand.

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