ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A man has survived a fall of about 55 feet from a bridge in downtown St. Paul.

Police say 20-year-old Stefon Banks was crossing the bridge with friends and hopped over a railing he thought had a landing on the other side. Instead Banks fell to Raspberry Island below.

Authorities say Banks was conscious when police and paramedics arrived. He was taken to Regions Hospital where he was listed in critical condition Thursday, but improved to fair condition on Friday.

St. Paul public works spokeswoman Shannon Tyree tells the Pioneer Press Banks was crossing the bridge on driving lanes that are not for pedestrians.

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Comments (12)
  1. St. Paul says:

    Thank God he’s alive. But what an IDIOT!

  2. liam Gilmorasy says:

    I hope to God the working person’s tax dollars don’t have to be used to pay for this idiot POS medical bills….
    If that is the case I’d rather my hours of work and labor not be used for this person’s care. Not a bit.
    Otherwise …. well otherwise…..

    1. Mark Lavalla says:

      Thank God you don’t have a choice.

    2. tax payer says:

      so selfish. im sure you could move to a non-developing country where there is no government and not worry about any of that 🙂 but then again, you probably wouldn’t feel too safe. What if it was your son?

      Just saying – no one is perfect.

    3. Lets not cut our emergency response budget. says:

      Liam, This was an accident on this kid’s part, Every one of us has made similar errors of judgment and I wouldn’t be so critical on him. That God we have a medical system to take care of him and for the quick response of the emergency responders who are facing lay offs because of State budget cuts. Who knows when you find yourself injured let’s hope the city has adequately funded these people so they will arrive on time to provide emergency care to you.

    1. MR. WE IS A COWARD. says:

      Mr. We, your lack of sensitivity is appalling. To make a value judgement like this shows your lack of compassion. Even you Mr. We are capable of making errors in judgement. Thank God for our emergency responders who were able to provide emergency care before getting him to nearby Regions. I think you should identify yourself using your real name so the world will know what a jerk you are for making that statement. then again, you are probably a COWARD.

      1. Another coward says:

        And what is your real name id iot.

  3. tom says:

    hopped over a railing he thought had a landing on the other side. All i can say is what a dumb f–k for not looking before jumping.

  4. THE BURNER says:


  5. Q says:

    I say you are the COWARD what is your real name GOD you are also a MORON go jump off a bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Karen Banks says:

      This is my nephew, and he grew up in Chicago. He has only been in Minnesota for several months. This was just an unfortunate accident. He is no angel, but he is a good kid and was not under the influence of anything when this happened. He is hurt pretty bad, and is looking at a long road to recovery. Please don’t say mean things. And please pray for him? Thank you.

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