ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota Congressman Chip Cravaack has bucked Republican leaders and voted against a House bill to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a government default.

Cravaack, the state’s newest member of Congress, joined fellow Republican Michele Bachmann Friday in voting against the bill. The other Minnesotan Republicans in the U.S. House, John Kline and Erik Paulsen, voted for it.

In a statement, Cravaack says he could not support the bill because “the numbers simply don’t add up.”

State DFL Chair Ken Martin accused Cravaack of forcing a “game of chicken” that “could have serious consequences for Minnesotans.”

The four Democrats in Minnesota’s House delegation all voted against the bill. It passed 218-210.

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Comments (15)
  1. Angus says:

    He has military retirement pension, va benefits, wife has an excellent job, he has a good salary with benefits as a congressman, why should he worry about the poor, the middle class, the aged, the handicapped? Everything is just peachy keen in his white boy world.
    Remember how he campaigned about Mr Oberstar being iin DC too much and out of contact with the people? Now his family is living in the East and he claims he can still be in contact with the people here. Right. Every weekend he can muster, which will be few, he will show up with the old right wing sound bytes to protect the rich and privledged. Maybe he should try being poor once. If he ever was he has forgotten what it was like

    1. Julie says:

      Get a ucking clue. He is trying to save our country and our children’s future. The worst president in the history of the U S is drunk on spending. If we continue this path we will no longer be able to live a way of life that this country once offered.

      1. Matt says:

        Bush is no longer President

        1. David J. Conklin says:


      2. old nurse says:

        @ Julie
        The point was that Cravaak is part of the problem along with now being a hypocrite. Since you cannot even manage to be civil in response, how could one expect you to think through things.

    2. Angus the Hater says:

      Are you complaining about this republican who voted against the bill….or the four democrats who also voted against the bill? Sounds more like a personal attack! Would Mr. Oberstar have voted for the bill? Your comment is nothing but hate…otherwise your political view or opinion on this article is insane!

  2. Murph says:

    The GOP,all of them need an attitude adjustment and quickly! Stop punishing the poor and middle class for the sins of the rich!! It’s indecent and insane,as is Craavack!

    1. Tracey says:

      Punishing the poor? How about get a f’ing job. Stop relying on the “gub mint” to give you all of your assistance. The reason the country is broke is that the government spends twice what they bring in. If I did that, the banks and lending agencies would shut me down in a minute.

      Sins of the rich? Do you realize how many jobs the so called rich create. They may have done some shady things, but creating jobs is obviously the lesser of two evils.

      BTW, I am one of those “rich sinners”. I have 9 employees who are working as we speak. All have houses,kids,new vehicles.

      Your right, I should crucified.

      1. Quentin says:

        If anything in your statement is true than you might be lucky to be profitable as a business. The bank will look at what the money borrowed against is valued at before the income as currently earned. Secondly any business is making money off yours and others efforts. You can make more money the more work you have for people.
        No job should be created unethically. Shadiness is unethical. In the end you will rot in hell. Enjoy yourself

  3. O-done-a says:

    Tick tock, tick tock. Doesn’t help that the clock is ticking down and this guy throws his own wrench in it. But considering the bill was so horrible and didn’t have an ice cubes chance in hell to pass the senate—gotta give him the iron balls award. That is, if he didn’t sit on the sidelines, wait for it to pass– and then throw in his worthless vote. Why not report on that CCO? There’s where the story is.

  4. Mike says:

    Craavack votes against his parties interest and the people of the state of Minnesota. I guess him and Michele Bachmann can join hubby Marcus at the clinic for some therapy for narcissism when he is thrown from office and she is dismantled by the press using her own disjointed sense of expression.

    1. Please explain your comments. says:

      I genuinely do not understand your comment. Cravaack voted WITH the DFL and AGAINST the GOP plan. Clearly you’re a DFLer (an observation, not a criticism). Cravaack voted the DFL line, so why do you seem to oppose that and say he’s voting against the people of the state of Minnesota?

      I’m not taking sides or shots, just trying to understand.

  5. sensiblely says:

    it is good he voted against the bill, as the bill sucked, but probably he did it for all the wrong reasons. not to compromise but to let the country default. any friend of M. Bachmann’s is not a friend of Minnesota.

    1. Who Cares Who Cares More? says:

      So basically if you’re a republican…you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t! Pure outright hated toward about 50% of the people in America since our country has been split for the past 20 years? So now the DFL has a lock on being friends of Minnesota or America? So now the DFL has a lock on being the only party to compromise? Did you forget what the DFL did on Obamacare? Oh yea…they were the party in power and even then they had to arm twist people in their own party…cut exemption deals behind closed doors with their own members to get it passed. They didn’t have to compromise because they were the party in power? They didn’t care about all Americans because they didn’t listen to all Americans…they didn’t even listen to Americans in their own party!

      We haven’t defaulted yet! I’m glad we’re having this heated debate over the debt issue. I’m more worried about raising the debt ceiling…the debate being over…and government not changing the way they do business. All Americans are going to have to face a painful reality if our national debt keeps rising and becomes greater than our national GDP! If we continue at our current pace of spending more than we take in…nothing and I mean nothing will prevent our country from default!

      So, the DFL cares more about the poor and middle class and doesn’t care about the rich? So, the GOP cares more about the rich and doesn’t care about the poor and middle class? When the DFL and the GOP care equally about ALL AMERICANS…both rich, poor and middle class…then and only then will America again be great! Better yet…WHEN ALL AMERICANS CARE EQUALLY ABOUT ALL AMERICANS…THEN AND ONLY THEN WILL AMERICA BE GREAT!

  6. Big Man says:

    Chip For President !

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