MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Part of the Hiawatha Light Rail Line will be closed this weekend, but commuters won’t be left walking.

Metro Transit will shut down the south part of the light rail line starting Friday at 11:30 p.m.

Crews will be doing routine testing, inspection and maintenance work. They’ll also do an emergency preparedness exercise, which is a full-scale simulation that involves police and fire crews.

During that time, the stops between the Airport’s Terminal 2 station and the Mall of America station will uses buses instead of train cars.

Metro Transit said the bus trips take longer than the light rail, so riders should allow for more time to get to their destinations.

The train line will be back to normal at noon Saturday.

Comments (5)
  1. Chaseme says:

    ….fortunately only eleven people will be effected…

    1. Hah says:

      I take the light rail to work every day. Go take a trip on it during rush hour and then tell me that only eleven people use it.

      Fortunately their closure time will only affect a small amount of people in the twelve hours they’re down.

  2. Brian says:

    @Chaseme, apparently you didn’t see that ridership levels are near-record highs, with the light rail line being the most popular and heavily used route — ever been to a Twins game???

    According to 2011statistics through June 30, there were nearly 220,000 rides per day on Metro Transit (39.6 million rides from Jan 1 – June 30, a 180 day period). If you assume these riders went round trip (so 110,000 round trip rides), this means roughly 5.5% of the nearly 2 million residents in Metro Transit’s service area are riding on public transit.

    1. Chasme says:

      Actually, I have been to a Twins game before. I drove and parked in the 7th St garage and only took minutes to get into the field. Contrary to what I presumed parking was fairly priced.

      For me, it was much more convenient to drive there. I suppose if I both lived and worked within a few blocks of the lightrail I would consider riding. But that’s about it.

      And could it be that those numbers are a bit skewed with outliers based on the traffic going to games and other large events?

    2. Foul Ball says:

      I have not gone to a Twins game, and I will never, ever go to a Twins game until
      they build a new stadium with a retractable roof.

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