MANKATO, Minn. (WCCO) — The Minnesota Vikings have cut left tackle Bryant McKinnie from the roster.

The Vikings reported the move on the team’s official blog, saying it marked “the end of an era.”

“This decision, while not an easy one, is in the best interests of our football team as we move forward preparing for the season,” said head coach Leslie Frazier. “We appreciate Bryant’s contributions to the Vikings and we wish him the best in the future.”

McKinnie has been a member of the team for nine years. He was released following what the blog cited as “suspect play over the past two seasons.” He had been placed on the non-football injury list earlier this week.

The blog also cited “ancillary issues.” Just today, Sports Illustrated reported McKinnie arrived at training camp in Mankato “well north of his listed 335 pounds and out of shape.”

Earlier Tuesday, McKinnie tweeted, “Its been fun.”

The Vikings said they may fill in the gap left by McKinnie with offensive tackle Charlie Johnson, who has been with the Indianapolis Colts for five seasons after being drafted in 2006.

Photo Gallery: “Vikings 2011 Training Camp Begins”

Comments (14)
  1. JP says:


    1. Brian says:

      True that.

      “The Vikings reported the move on the team’s official blog, saying it marked ‘the end of an era,’.” Yeah, an era of missed blocks, holding calls, and false starts. Maybe he’ll take his roller skates somewhere else. Better yet, maybe Loadholt will go with him

  2. coolbreeze says:

    “Well north of his listed 335 pounds and out of shape.” Read: Fat, lazy.

  3. Little Tin God says:

    Uhhh, when was he any good anyway? “Mountain” should have been gone after his rookie year.

  4. tailgunner says:

    An empty garbage can would be a better obstacle than that Fat Lazy Excuse of an Human Being…Cows move faster than he ever has…Good Ridance

  5. The Honey Badger says:

    As always, the joke’s on “us.” He’s a prime example of why there should be a rookie salary – the same for anyone (drafted, undrafted, etc). Until an athlete has proven himself (or herself) to be capable of play at the professional level, they shouldn’t be rewarded with multi-million dollar contracts.

    Personally, I believe in “pay for performance” when it comes to professional sports. There should be a minimum salary based on years in the league and bonuses for performance. $50K a touchdown. $50K per 100yd + rushing/receiving. $1K per catch. $10K per tackle – $25k per clean QB sack.

    I think a lot of the laziness would go away. Or the “I’ll play when I wanna play” attitude (not exclusive to Randy Moss, though he’s one of the only ones dumb enough to admit it). Probably no hold-outs from training camp either.

    Oh – and definitely deductions for penalties. I think our little friends on the O-Line would improve their pay dramatically if it cost them. I’m talking to you, Herrera!!!!

    1. The Honey Badger says:

      Oops. I meant the O-Line would improve their pLay.

  6. sb someday says:

    Man our opponents are going to be disappointed!

  7. v says:

    Typical Vikings move….. eight years later than common sense.

  8. Nellie Bly says:

    I wonder if Jerry Ball is available? 🙂

  9. Kelly Hannasch says:

    What can Mcnabb do for the Viking he’s washed up

  10. das says:

    Much better writing than anything you can find on startribune and thanks for letting us share our opinions. I’ve noticed if you say anything pro stadium or calling them out on how they deliberately push their agenda at that “mckinnie” type operation over there they will not post your comments. Even if you have another opinion that’s more than censorship it’s communist.

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