MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police in Minneapolis said a man who allegedly broke into a business last week, fell off a roof and broke his pelvis.

Officers got a call about a burglary at a business in the 2900 block of Hennepin Ave. South.

A witness said they saw a man on top of the roof of a business. He was using a large cement brick to break out a window.

He went inside the building then left about a minute later.

As he was crawling across the roof, the witness yelled up and asked him what he was doing up there.

The burglar said he was coming down, but instead lost his balance and fell 20 feet to the ground.

Police arrived and found the man lying on the ground. He was brought to Hennepin County Medical Center to be treated for a fractured pelvis.

Police said the man was released pending complaint due to his serious injury.

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  1. rj says:

    To bad is was not his neck.

  2. roofus says:

    Why wasn’t he just left to rot and ants skeletonize him?

    1. Guy says:

      Causes disease. Shoot him & throw him in the nearest dumpster for proper garbage disposal.

      1. TGSCJunkie says:

        Hey Jerks, You ever think that maybe the news over exaggerated this story? Well it did! He was never breaking into th ebuilding, nor was he staeling anything. He was sitting on the billboard and becasue of his intoxication, slipped and fell. I am one of thi smas 6 siblings and i thank God every day that he is living and doing well. An injury of this level could have easily killed MY brother. So next time you jerks want to go off and make your comments without having the truthful information, think first about all of the people who know and care about this person, and also think about the person who “commited” this alleged “crime”. We live in a good world influenced by hatred and evil, not an evil world influenced by small amounts of good.

  3. liam Gilmorasy says:

    I envy the criminal..
    Excellent or at least good health care..
    How are you deductibles everyone… ?
    If you pay your own insurance or your company does and you have those hefty deductibles isn’t it great that the criminal gets just as good healthcare as you .. and you pay for him with your tax dollars as well as your own hefty obligations…
    I feel the criminal should at least be obligated to donate a kidney or something should he get subsidized health care at our expense…

    1. Jim says:

      So your answer to this problem is that criminals should be forced to donate a kidney to pay for their health care? We’re all lucky you’re not in charge of anything.

      1. Paulie says:

        Sounds reasonable to me.

      2. Guy says:

        VERY lucky… Liam only wanted a kidney. I would donate ALL of him as spare parts.

        1. Yes to Gilmorasycare says:

          Obviously no brain to donate. How about both kidneys?

      3. What a joke says:

        Heck yea…criminals get by too easy…this guy will probably turn around and sue the home owner now and win like all the other worthless criminals who have gotten away with that before!

  4. Abby says:

    LIAM! Great comment. It makes me laugh as I plug away at work…. to pay for his healthcare….why did I do the right thing andn go to college to get a real job to pay for someone else’s healthcare!!!!

    1. Jim says:

      What do you think should happen to a criminal who breaks his pelvis? Should the cops just haul him off to jail without treatment? What if he was bleeding from a big wound? Should they just let him die so you don’t have to pay for part of his care?

      And to answer your question, you went to college and got a real job so you wouldn’t have to be a lowlife criminal like the guy in this story.

      1. Jolene says:

        Amen, JIM! 🙂

        1. AMENded Jim! says:

          You bleeding heart liberal!

      2. The Architect says:

        Lowlife criminals are lowlife criminals before the decision to go to college or not to go.

        Desperation does not make good people turn to crime.

        A criminal who breaks his pelvis while committing a crime should be left to lie there in the dirt and die. F them all. Why should I care to help someone who was trying to take my property 10 seconds before? He’s lucky he didn’t die of lead poisoning before he even hit the ground.

        1. RetroDude says:

          I agree completely. An area should be roped off around him to keep observers from getting too close. People could come by and see the progress of his slow death by dehydration or stoning or whatever. Wannabe be criminals would be encouraged to visit the display.

          1. What a joke says:

            LOL Agreed!! Let the worthless POS die!!

      3. Abby says:

        Jim Jim Jim…….you must be in politics….you one thing you didn’t learn is common sense!

      4. Paulie Shore says:

        Jim! Yes I do think this criminal should be left w/out treatment……….maybe the cop should have taken one look at him and got in his car and accidently backed over him a few times, I bet it would feel better!!!!!!!!!!

      5. Deep Thinker says:

        Jim, I know that you think you are a kind hearted & fair person. You’re just not very sensible. Thanks to people like you criminals have more rights than the rest of us barely making ends meet….thanks for that…moron

        1. Deep Thinker says:

          Sorry for lowering myself to calling you names, what I really meant was that you are an idiotic moron that is probably borderline mentally handiicapped

      6. Guy says:

        Shoot him; drop corpse into nearest dumpster for proper dispoal. We coddle criminals way too much. You get hurt breaking the law; too bad for you.

    2. Alison says:

      Why are you assuming the guy in the story isn’t college educated, doesn’t have a job and doesn’t pay for his own healthcare? Seems like some people are definitely easily swayed by stereotypes. I didn’t read anything in that story that hinted at any of the above. But way to jump to conclusions! Should we require anyone who exceeds the speed limit to donate kidneys as well? They are endangering people’s life and breaking the laws too…or would that just work everyone into another frenzy because everyone who speeds is also uneducated, and therefore cannot pay for their own healthcare?

  5. curly_racks says:

    Well, some things cost an arm and a leg so he thought stealing would be ok. Guess not

  6. The Architurd says:

    Ha Ha.

  7. Andrew says:

    Why are you against letting him die if he does not have health insurance? By not having health insurance you should be risking your life… not risking other peoples money.

  8. The Architect says:

    If I don’t find a job soon,stealing might be my only option..14 months of being unemployed is beginning to irritate my partner..He just glares at me when he gets home each day..I try hard to make it up to him anyway I can,but even that isn’t working so well anymore.

    1. Jean says:

      I completely understand. I’ve been unemployed for 18 months. Have had interviews but never in 1st place. SUCKS! Saving’s is almost gone, COBRA just jumped to $1296 a month for our family of 3. Still have to pay our taxes and we get to pay for this idiot’s medical care! Soooo frustrated!

      1. Woodsman says:

        You are the first person I’ve ever heard of to exercise their COBRA insurance rights after losing a job. I didn’t know anybody opted for it.

        Why 18 months? Is it because you aren’t qualified for the positions you’re seeking? I can’t imagine being out of work for even a few weeks, let alone a year and a half. I have to assume this is more than partially your own fault, Jean. No offense.

      2. Try Harder says:

        Well, in addressing The Architect you got the SUCKS part of it right.

    2. What a joke says:

      I got a couple ways you can make some money! You’ll get a free meal out of it too!!

  9. Outdoorsman says:

    Is imitating another commenter and pretending to be gay actually funny in your eyes?

    Just curious.

  10. Murph says:

    If the world was fair and generous no one would be left without resources or hope! So as our section of the world becomes harsher and greedier,is it any wonder that fascists can hijack our political system.If you think things are bad now…wait! You will eat your dogs and cats and beat each other with sticks in the ditches for a squashed rabbit!

    1. Yuck says:

      My dogs name is Murph.

  11. Randy says:

    He was probably just breaking in to support his family with bread, booze, and items to sell to keep his internet, tv, and phone service. His multiple cars don’t fill themselves on gas. Just because he will always be a criminal doesn’t mean he should die. Somebody needs to break into houses to justify these amounts of cops.

  12. liam Gilmorasy says:

    you have a good heart..
    But in this case I feel you are wrong.
    At what point in the evolution should a person who choses to steal your time..
    Isn’t theift a way of robbing a person of his days labor… tantamount to kidnapping or forced slavery.
    If I sweep streets for a living …. no one has the right to my labor other than by my choice.
    At what point should the criminal be responsible for himself?
    When the money and care used for his injuries could be spent on someone who truly makes the good effort in life and still struggles.
    Your argument is weak. And you have no premise whatsoever.
    Should a person who gambles and loses big be given government money because he lost.
    Should a person who risks his savings to start a new business be given that money back should his business fail?
    Should a criminal hold the doctor’s skills hostage because he chose to gamble by STEALING the efforts and labor of another person and was injured in the process?
    I will be the first man to help out the unfortunate person who has lost his job or some other misfortune thru no fault of his own.
    You bleed for those who, by choice, chose to live by the efforts of another man’s labor.
    You choose to bleed for the new slave master.
    In the future Jim, and God love you, check your premise before you decide to share your “christian” charitable beliefs with those who make an effort to see the larger picture.

  13. us says:


  14. Twins FAN says:

    If he IS a burglar and he was injured while working……wait for it…. will he claim workman’s comp? Just trying to lighten up the comments section. So much bashing going on….. Hopefully, he leaves the business.

  15. tina says:

    They should just send this moolie back to Africa.

  16. drunk base jumper says:

    you know i was skeptical to read the comments and it actually really saddens me to see how unintelligent the majority of all of you are. so it is true that people believe everything reported by the news. I am the guy that fell. i know i know prob a ploy which you’ll decide. but first things first… i was up there climbing on the billboard not stealing anything… curious how no one noticed that the story didn’t mention that nothing was stolen. and i am a college educated white male (tina you racist jerk)with a decent job and good medical coverage (thank god) i slipped and fell cause i was drunk and not paying attention broke my hip and the police found me… there may have been a burglar or not i dont know cause i fell sometime between midnight and 1am when i was found unconscious after falling 25-30 ft and landing on concrete… again my point people are ignorant gullable and just plain dumb… but way to go everyone

    1. AlsoInjured says:

      I like how once the record is set straight by the person actually involved (never by the media of course) all you opionated morons quick to pull the trigger on my friend, find out he’s white, has a job AND goes to college, has insurance, and wasn’t stealing from anyone, suddenly have absolutely nothing to say. Hey architect, I could name a few places that are hiring but I’m sure you’re WAY above cleaning toilets…while you’re suckling at the government teet on unemployment. Good for all of you.

  17. kjs says:

    Agreed. The police report says alleged not convicted. But I do love how people just jump right to their own conclusions in their heads. People not everything that is written is true and there is always two sides to every story. Not that I am trying to defend but come on to post such comments as “tp bad it wasn’t his neck” and “watch him rot” really? Everybody has things in their own lives that they are not proud of (drinking a little too much and getting behind the wheel, fighting in a bar, not paying attention while driving, multiple other things) but just because you didn’t get caught doing them doesn’t mean you didn’t learn a lesson or worse maybe you are still doing it. Those examples may not seem as severe unless you do get caught in the act and i don’t believe people would say to watch you rot and die from doing those. We have a justice system and I do believe they take care of things in a good manner. I am sure drunken base jumper is in enough pain won’t attempt something like that again whether it was breaking in or just being stupid. Next time actually read the story though before you start coming to conclusions.

  18. Jim S. says:

    Heh, I tell ya, standardized tests never lie.