ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — One of the nation’s leading gay-rights groups has formed a political action committee in Minnesota in preparation for next year’s statewide vote on whether the state Constitution should prohibit gay marriage.

The Human Rights Campaign filed its “Minnesota Family Freedom” PAC Monday with the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board. A finance officer with the Washington-based organization confirms it’s in preparation for the 2012 vote, which is expected to draw large donations from both supporters and foes of gay marriage.

Gay marriage or similar legal arrangements have been legalized in a growing number of states, and gay-rights activists in both Minnesota and nationwide have said that defeating the amendment in Minnesota would be an important win for them at the ballot box.

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  1. alan says:

    HaHaHa!! Oh, are the conservidopes gonna blow a head gasket over this one. I love it.

    By the way, you DO realize that Jesus wasn’t white, and was a flaming liberal, right?

      1. Turning the tables on Republicans says:

        I’m glad to see the republicans’ weapons being used against them. This is exactly what we need, fight fire with fire. They created the PACs and SUPER-PACs in order to hide enormous contributions from special interest.
        Well, two can play at that game. We can support policies we believe in and fight the extreme-conservatives on level ground. This pac will be funded by the people and not millionaires and billionaires.

      2. EVOLVE YOUR MIND says:

        The people fighting gay marriage are the same people fighting the Theory of Evolution. They do not believe dinosaurs existed because the Bible doesn’t mention them. We must allow our minds and beliefs to evolve. Just as evolution occurs naturally so does sexuality. God creates both gay and straight human beings, he does not create mistakes. This fight is about outdated ideology. This outdated beliefs are similar to those of the Middle-Eastern extremist, who believe that women are inferior, should not be educated, and shall have no rights as they are property and not people.

    1. Phid says:

      Please show me the evidence for this whole “flaming liberal” claim, will you?

      1. Shannon says:

        He admonished the arch conservatives of the times, the Pharisees, to allow the unwashed and criminals into the sanctuary, so that they may receive forgiveness – against the dogma of the times. He decried moneylenders and usurers. He preached about sharing personal wealth with those in need, and working to benefit the general welfare of the community at large. None of these tenets align with modern conservatism. They’re quite liberal.

        My personal opinion is; the Old Testament is about judgement and penalties. The New Testament is about loving each other and treating our fellow men and women with respect and dignity. IMO (and I own that) is this is a liberal quality.

    2. The Architect says:

      My partner & I have a 7 year relationship under our belts..We will support any PAC that will allow us the same rights as any Hetro couple..Get used to it…WE ARE EVERYWHERE!!

  2. Dave says:

    Oh, Alan. You and Paul Wellstone are going to spend eternity together. You’ll think it’s heaven. But it won’t be.

    The message of the cross is foolish to those who are headed for destruction! But we who are being saved know it is the very power of God. — 1 Corinthians 1:18

    1. The Architect says:

      Oh I see, uh huh.

    2. Morpheus says:

      Dave, free yourself from the Matrix.

      You have been fooled by its constructs, and appear helpless against its siren tune.

    3. JL says:

      Hey Dave how about I save you a seat by the fire? Judge not lest you be judged.

  3. Real Talk says:

    LOLOL….how about Dave spouting off about some non-sense fairy tale. Is that supposed to scary people into acting how you want Dave…you threaten them with hell? Let me guess….Catholic right?

    1st) God created gay people, they occur naturally…this has been proven true in a vast number of species for a while now.

    2nd) Gay marriage LITERALLY does not affect ANYONE except the two people being married. So if you are up in arms about it…time to get a real life.

    3rd) How about you (some jurkoff named Dave) purport to know the mind of God and what does and does not please him…LOL….a little grandious dont you think? PS…if that really is the mind of God…he can get bent. I dont like my God to be a vengeful prick who hates and fears others for no reason.

    PSS….i know sound logic and reason mean nothing to these people. I might as well try to converse with the rocks and trees…i am just as likely to change them as i am the scared, sheep who hate gays. You know you haters are akin the Southerns infavor of Jim Crowe laws right??

    1. Mike says:

      Real Talk

      WOW, you’ve actually done some critical thinking. BRAVO! It is just ridiculous and sort of childish how Christian’s have the false belief that they are right or self-righteous because “I’ve got the creator of the Universe on my side” total and complete RUBBISH. It’s as silly and useless as “My Dad can beat up your Dad” mentality.

      C’mon people, lets grow up a little and evolve.

    2. bill says:

      Re: “Gay marriage LITERALLY does not affect ANYONE except the two people being married.”
      And you don’t think their children will be confused? Who is mommy or daddy anyway or is their a mommy or daddy? I don’t think the neighbors would be too thrilled either. Gays would be a lot more tolerable if they would just shut up and stop whining. Very annoying.

      1. kilgore says:

        A myriad of professional organizations ranging from the American Bar Association to the American Psychological Association to the North American Council on Adoptable Children promote the right for gay adults to adopt children. Children with same-gender parents are no more confused than children with opposite gender parents. I also have a family with same-gender parents in my neighborhood. They’re not as frightening as you would think, bill. Nice people, keep their yard clean, great kids, involved in neighborhood safety watch, etc. Just like you and me. Amazing isn’t it?

      2. Woodsman says:

        Gay people don’t generally reproduce with each other, Bill. And in any case, it isn’t your business how they raise any kids they may have.

        Why would the neighbors be upset? How would the neighbors even know they’re married versus being single and together?

        Should gays not be allowed to be people’s neighbors, bill?

      3. Shannon says:

        Yeah, I hate it when the people I denigrate and discriminate against git all uppity n shiznit. lol.

  4. middle of the road says:

    Just what we need, more people not from here telling us what to think, how to vote. More hate and vitriol on the airwaves. Thank you outside groups for trying to guide us in your choosen “right” way of living our lives. thank you for spreading more divisive and abusive messages to those that do not think the way that you do. thank you for coming here and spending millions in advertising to try to tell us we are bad people if we do not support your cause or vote how you think we should. I can not wait to see or hear the first commercial and shut off my TV, Radio, and internet service until after the election, 2012. Thank God for I-Pods.

    1. Woodsman says:

      You missed it completely. Right over your head. Almost scary…

    2. Richard says:

      Just so you know the Human Rights Campaign group has a very large MN membership.

    3. James2 says:

      Hey Middle… thank the MN Republicans for putting this on your plate. It was more important than the budget.

      1. Richard says:

        Isn’t amazing what the Republicans will put in front of the important issues?

  5. randy says:

    I’m not religious or republican but I’m still voting for the ammendment because I’m tired of hearing people whine about their rights and I’m even more tired of our legislature debating this issue year after year when they SHOULD be doing REAL WORK!! ……… If you want to get married so badly, go to one of the states where it’s already legal …..

    1. Ivan says:

      It is REAL WORK! Why should I have to go to another state to get married, did you have to?

      1. randy says:

        No one’s making you get married anywhere and with the divorce rate over 50%, why would you want to ? Just more money for a lawyer somewhere down the line ….

        1. Woodsman says:

          “with the divorce rate over 50%, why would you want to”

          Randy, that is not your concern. Mind your own freaking business.

        2. Shannon says:

          Over 700 conferred (unchallenged) rights given to couples in a legally binding arrangement – which, by the way is a state issued marriage license, not a religous device. You don’t even know it because you’ve never had to think about it, it’s just “natural” for you. My favorite was a Star Tribune writer who complained on this same topic that “Gays have the same rights as everyone else!” Uh, what?

    2. meow says:

      Randy, honey, it would actually be in your best interest to vote against the ammendment if you are tired of hearing people whine. If the gays get what they want (basic civil rights, they, as tax payers deserve) then there is simply no more whining from them. Then we can all look back and laugh at how totally and completely ridiculous this all was… you know, like we do now about the ban on inter-racial marriage back in the day or who women couldn’t vote.

      1. Cindy says:

        No more whining from the gays – ya right

        Drama and temper tantrums is what they do best and they will never be satisfied.

        1. Richard says:

          Sounds more like you are describing Republicans.

          1. Cindy says:

            Richard, don’t you have some glitter to toss?

            1. Richard says:

              As soon as I can marry my partner of 12 years.

            2. jeff says:

              cindy why don’t you go play doctor with bobby.

              1. Cindy says:

                Are you sure you’re done playing nurse with bobby yet?

                1. Woodsman says:

                  What should be done with gays, Cindy?

                  If you don’t want them to have the same rights you have, and you don’t want them to be in the public eye “whining” about what you won’t allow them to do that you can do…

                  Then it would seem you endorse rights restrictions for gays, correct?

                  What else should we not allow them to do?

                  Should gays be allowed to be Elementary School teachers?

                  Should gays be allowed to run a Licensed Daycare Facility?

                  Should gays be allowed to coach youth sports?

        2. markH says:

          Ironically, that’s exactly what a lot of people said about 40 years ago when blacks wanted equal rights, integrated schools, equal pay, etc. Bigotry is disgusting in all its forms, and “whining” is simply the minority asking to be heard.

          1. Cindy says:

            You know whats offensive?

            Equating ones preference in sexual behavior to race.

            1. Richard says:

              Cindy, no one is talking about sexual behavior here. We are talking about human rights.

            2. Woodsman says:

              Cindy, perhaps we should review YOUR “preference in sexual behavior” and then get together and all vote on whether any of it offends our delicate sensitivities…

              I think spanking and bondage should be banned. Anybody caught sniffing a foot or a shoe for pleasure will be jailed.

            3. Shannon says:

              Ah, but I can be raised Muslim, convert to Christianity (a fully mindful choice) and be protected by the government if this causes me to be discriminated against. The “people are just one way” argument as fact fails just as quickly as the “gays are whiners” argument. See my response to Bill, above.

        3. kilgore says:

          Gay people are doing what any of us would do if we were not receiving equal protection under the law. The fact that others are trying to deny this equal protection ups the ante. Those are the people that should be vilified.

        4. Lucy says:

          Yes, that sounds like John Bohener, Michelle Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty… mmm… maybe you are describing REPUBLICANS

    3. Randy says:

      Spoken like a person who’s afraid to use his real name in posts ………..this isn’t about womens right to vote or the civil rights movement ……….. this is a very small minority of the population WHINING to try to get their way …………

      1. Lucy says:

        very small???? doubt it… really doubt that, but you can keep on thinking that

      2. Woodsman says:

        And they should get their way.

        And you shouldn’t even get an opinion on it because it DOESN’T AFFECT YOU.

  6. JL says:

    If someone out there can prove to me that marriage is a privilege and not a right I might take time to read their nonsense rants against same-sex marriage. By proof I mean what has to be done to earn the right to marry and what deed must one do to have that privilege revoked. I don’t know one straight person who chose to be straight so how does it fly that gays chose their life style? Were you anti’s born bigots or did your environment create it?

    1. GOPSUX says:

      Being a bigot is a choice.

    2. markH says:

      Excellent point JL! I’ve read many comments calling marriage a “privilege” but no one can say WHO provides the privilege either. To me it is all BS-put forth by those who cannot tolerate the fact that not everyone thinks like they do. Peace.

  7. Dave Campbell says:

    Marcus Bachmann will be the busiest man in the state by years end! Perhaps his time would be better spent trying to cure his wife’s stupidity and bigotry!

    1. JL says:

      And the bruises on his knees might actually be from praying.

  8. Cindy says:

    And you and everyone else in this country has the exact same “human rights”.

    1. Woodsman says:

      Why should you get an opinion on gays marrying in the first place? It doesn’t affect you, Cindy.

      Close your blinds and go back to your kitchen and quit worrying about what others do.

      Maybe people should be voting on what you can or can’t do.

    2. Shannon says:

      Oy, I’ll just keep pasting this: Over 700 conferred (unchallenged) rights given to couples in a legally binding arrangement – which, by the way is a state issued marriage license, not a religous device. You don’t even know it because you’ve never had to think about it, it’s just “natural” for you. My favorite was a Star Tribune writer who complained on this same topic that “Gays have the same rights as everyone else!” Uh, what?

  9. jeff says:

    hahahahah!!! that was sooooo funny! that’s some real original material you got there. did you come up with that all by yourself? you must have been working on that one for a long time. i mean that’s just soooo fresh. you must be really smart to come up with that all by yourself. i mean i’ve never heard anyone use that before. man, if you had an original thought, (or in this case a slanderous remark) i’d give you a hand but that shyt was played out back in the early 80’s. time to come up with something else instead of regurgitating the same excrement over and over…..

    1. Shannon says:

      What is this highly intoxicated comment in relation to? If you’re attempting a cogent argument on either side of the issue, umm, failed. If you’re on my side dude, you’re not helping. Just sayin’, “bro”.

      1. jeff says:

        i wasn’t talking to you or about you. my comments are placed, it seems, randomly. if it didn’t make any sense to you, it probably wasn’t geared toward your response. just sayin’ sis!

        1. Shannon says:

          I get that. Was trying to figure out what it actually ~was~ in reference to. I’m not nearly as thin skinned as (the other) posters here who seem to take every comment personally. All I meant was the 8/3/11 9:07 post didn’t seem to jibe with anything in this discussion thread.

  10. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    I do hope it will be soon legal for me to marry my best friend and her husband…my husband and I love them and want to share our lives with them.

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