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MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Voters across Wisconsin are receiving misleading information about the dates of upcoming recall elections.

Absentee voter applications sent by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity tell voters to return the mailing after the Aug. 9 recall elections targeting Republican Sens. Sheila Harsdorf of River Falls and Rob Cowles of Allouez.

And the Democratic National Committee has been placing calls giving the wrong date for the recall election against Republican Sen. Dan Kapanke of La Crosse.

Wisconsin Government Accountability Board spokesman Reid Magney says DNC officials were contacted about the calls with the wrong date and they told election officials the calls would stop.

The GAB is also urging voters who want to cast absentee ballots to not rely on mailings but instead to contact their local election official.

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Comments (18)
  1. just sayin says:

    More liberal trash trying to cause problems. Nice.
    Your DFL hard at work.

    1. name says:

      “just sayin” you don’t know what you’re talking about. Americans for Prosperity is a well-known conservative group. And the “DFL” is Minnesota’s Democratic Party, and only Minnesota’s. It’s people like you…it definitely is…

      1. American made says:

        Hey name do you read the article.Quote: And the Democratic National Committee has been placing calls giving the wrong date for the recall election against Republican Sen. Dan Kapanke of La Crosse. Maybe you should read before you comment.

    2. Jason TD says:

      DFL is Minnesota, not Wisco.

    3. me says:

      Why would the libs bother getting the facts right?

    4. Tan pup says:

      You are just what the GOP loves: the uneducated, jeasily influeanced by angry, individuals who can’t take repsonsiblity for their own actions and blame everyone else and those who have no voice for their shortcomings. The new GOP thrives on those like you who can’t think for themselves or have an opinion that isn’t written on a web-site that claims to be concervative without understanding what conservative actually means. To educate you, Americans for Prosperity, is a Wisconsin chapter of the conservative organization, who sent letters with an incorrect absentee ballot filing date who is headed by Matt Seaholm.

      “Seaholm noted that some critics of his group sign up for AFP material so they can keep tabs on the organization, which backs GOP candidates and causes and was co-founded by billionaire activists David and Charles Koch. He said he couldn’t be sure if that is what happened here.”

    5. THIS IS FRAUD says:

      I think that what is going on in Wis. should be considered fraud. The calls from democrats and the mailings from AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY with the wrong date and false address also used by other Republican organizations for similar mailings. They should prosecute this as some type of voter fraud or just fraud in general. That will teach both sides not to mess with elections. I hope that the Wis legislation moves on this, just like they did after that prank call to Gov. Walker from whom he thought were the Koch Bros. They made prank calls a serious crime in Wis. following that incident. By the way the Koch Bros. are Americans for Prosperity’s and Gov. Walker’s largest contributors.

  2. Al says:

    So when is the election date?

    1. name says:

      Aug 9th for GOP seats, 16th for Dem seats

  3. Incredulous1 says:

    Americans for Prosperity is a conservative group. More conservative trash trying to cause problems. Nice. Your Repubs hard at work.

    (And the DFL is a Minnesota democratic party – this article clearly says Wisconsin – that’s a different state by the way).

    1. R says:

      Its both parties this is one reason why people are fed up our elected leaders are corrupt and only out for them selves.

      1. Reasonable says:

        Is this an example of corruption or simple incompetence? BOTH of your political parties hard at self promotion as opposed to work.

  4. Mike says:

    Nice vanilla story. Get the facts WCCO!!!

  5. @r says:

    Thats because some of them are lifers never leave so we are all stuck with stale ideas, nothing new. makes me think of the communist party. We need term limits period.

  6. Undercover says:

    Political parties (both) stoop to new lows.

  7. Tan pup says:

    Keep in mind that the ONLY place one can get an absentee ballot application is from the City, Township or County Clerk. This is important because if you think you are voting for either cadidate, your vote may not count. Better to understand the process before exercising what you think is your right to vote.

  8. Nellie Bly says:

    Both sides need to stop this and frankly, I believe, this is a form of election fraud. People should be prosecuted, no matter their political affiliation.

  9. Stamina 4825 Exercise Bike says:

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