ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton is asking several of his agency leaders to help settle unresolved issues tied to the proposed Minnesota Vikings stadium in suburban Ramsey County.

Dayton sent a letter Friday to Metropolitan Council chairwoman Susan Haigh and Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission chairman Ted Mondale. He says their agencies should work together to identify requirements of an environmental impact statement, transportation needs, total costs and the possibility of cost overruns, permitting and approval issues and several other concerns for the stadium site in Arden Hills.

Dayton says in the letter that “time is of the essence” and says he told team officials he wants to use the stadium project to show his administration’s commitment to a streamlined permitting process.

Dayton has said he’d consider a special session yet this year to pass a stadium plan.

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Comments (11)
  1. Gary says:

    Racino Bill

    1. Republicans, Where Are The Jobs? says:

      Republicans have yet to create a single job. This would be a good start.

  2. jan says:

    Danton, the governor for the people, bankruipt the state, shut it down but build a stadium for billionaires, what part of don’t want a stadium paid for by taxpayers do you not understand? Oh yeah, you call it a “peoples’ stadium. Is that like the Peoples’ Republic of China? This is so very disgusting and I know it’s not only Dayton, many republicans are just as bad. Bunch of crooks!!!!

    1. reader says:

      I am a taxpayer, and I see the stadium as a positive. Did you oppose it when it was built in MPLS? Taxes help to pay for that too. It will create jobs. Jobs bring taxes, working people pay income tax, spend money, pay sales tax. And, this cannot be sent to India, china, or mexico.

    2. Purple All Day says:

      I want a stadium built and don’t mind paying the very minimal extra taxes for it. What part of THAT do you not understand? I swear, the only talking points of people who don’t want a stadium are “move to LA” and “what part of _____ do you not understand?”. They must go to the same school of debate and discussion. I’m from St. Paul and would love the Vikings to move to this side of the river. Skol Vikes and “git ‘er done!

  3. SnowFire says:

    Where’s the Tea Party protesting the new taxes required of some taxpayers to fund this – MB should be leading the protest on the capitol steps!

  4. somethingstinks says:

    I think i might have soiled myself. Not alot, maybe a teaspoon full.

  5. DARREN says:

    Mark Dayton has his own agencies? I thought they all worked for us?

  6. MN is still in a debt crisis - don't add to it. says:

    Sprinkle Holy Water on it and let it die! It doesn’t take long for the regurgitators to come back with “it creates jobs, it makes the state rich, it keeps millions of people employed, etc.” All of that is pure cwap!

    Let Zygi pay for his own play!!! Dayton, you’re already in the mega buffoon class, you don’t need a taxpayer funded stadium built on your watch to prove that you aren’t a successful businessman – we already know that.

    NO PUBLIC MONEY FOR THE VIKINGS!!! Stop this madness!!!


  7. ORAVEN says:

    we need to spend millions for roads to a new stadium like we need a hole in our head we have a newly roofed stadium paid for and no need for new roads we need to pay down our debts not make more drive ways and byways for a new boondoggle stadium.
    This bunch oif over paid kids and owners have got to go. we are being railroaded by a bunch of elite owners and espn charge charge charge get a grip folks foot ball is a game not a right or a need. BOUT TIME TO WAKE UP IN THIS COUNTRY! ZIGI GO BACK TO NEW JERSEY!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m a taxpayer. I will gladly finance a new stadium because I love my Vikings.

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