LITTLE FALLS, Minn. (AP) — Morrison County authorities say a 17-year-old boy shooting at a squirrel shot and wounded a woman sitting in her yard.

Witnesses say the woman was in a yard swing near Peavey Lake when she heard a shot nearby and felt a pain in her side.

Deputies were called about 5 p.m. Thursday and found first responders treating the woman for an apparent gunshot wound to her left side.

The deputies found the teen who said he had been shooting at a squirrel. The boy fired a .22-caliber rifle, and the round apparently passed through some shrubbery and struck the victim about 140 feet away.

The woman was airlifted to a Twin Cities hospital. Her condition is unknown.

Sheriff Michel Wetzel says the case will be sent to prosecutors for review.

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Comments (13)
  1. lewiszepher says:

    If she was shot with a .22 why is there a picture of a 12 gauge shotgun?

    1. insignificant says:

      yeah,at seeing the pic right off i thought maybe she got “peppered” a little ,but a .22 wound is abit worse,eh?

  2. TL the alligator says:

    …LOL…MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY…….typical journalistic sensationalism…..he was shooting at a squirrel with a .22 and with no intentions of harming anybody….unless he was violating a law then this was an accident and nothing more…….only idiots would submit ANYTHING to a county attorney for possible charges when there is no law violation and is clearly unintentional and accidental……i submit that the cops submit their mental health evaluations to the people for possible termination.

    1. @Dork tl alleycat says:

      Wreckless discharge of a firearm is a crime, I submit that the state should take your children away from you if you have any children, I wonder if you’d think this was no big deal if he had shot 1 of your children instead.

    2. Anon. says:

      FYI, squirrel hunting season in currently closed in Minnesota.

      1. insignificant says:

        not if you are on your own property,eh?…hunter safety teaches to beware of your target and whats beyond it.shooting towards someones’ house is unacceptable!

  3. St Paul says:

    What a well taken care of young man!! Not!!

  4. Nancy Aleshire says:

    He shouldn’t be shooting those cute bushy tailed critters to begin with–clearly reckless endangerment.

    1. insignificant says:

      a little while of par-boiling,then frying in butter=delicious

    2. guns4ever says:

      Meat is meat and a boy’s gotta eat.

  5. my2cents says:

    She had no business out in that swing! If she was doing something constructive, this NEVER would have happened.

    1. guns4ever says:

      I feel ya…Personally, I’d feel naked chilling in my backyard without my flack jacket on and my .40 strapped to my side.

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