MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A dentist appointment may be on a lot of parents’ back-to-school lists. But for thousands of Minnesota families, those appointments may seem out of reach.

It’s why Children’s Dental Services meets kids where they already are to help them live better. The organization has been giving check-ups for 92 years across Minnesota.  At first, they only gave care to orphans.

Now the organization serves a diverse population at 250 sites across the state. They bring their equipment where families are since some new citizens may not realize how important dental care really is.

Sarah Wovcha is the executive director of Children’s Dental Services.  She said the overall statistics are staggering.

“Dental disease is the most common chronic childhood illness and it accounts for losing 51 million hours of school time per year,” Wovcha said. “We bring the care to them and that makes a huge difference.”

Since last year, the organization has served 25,000 kids. Children’s Dental Services also works with families to help them get dental insurance.

Liz Collin

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  1. easyrider says:

    “Dental disease is the most common chronic childhood illness and it accounts for losing 51 million hours of school time per year,” Wovcha said. “We bring the care to them and that makes a huge difference.”

    The Health Insurance Industry does not consider dental problems or diseases to be worthy of any consideration other than cosmetic, which they won’t insure. Dental Insurance, different than Health Insurance, began in the 1950’s, at $1000 per insured person. Today it’s risen to the dizzying heights of roughly $1500 per person insured. A permanent replacement tooth costs roughly $7000 per. It’s a good idea health-wise to correct possible problems early in life. It’s great they are doing this for compassionate, altruistic reasons….

  2. Kathy says:

    I am always comforted to know that good people are in greater number than it appears when we walk into the dentists office and the first question is about how it will be paid.

    I live in St. Cloud, MN. The friendly pain sparing dentists wear two faces depending on the depth of your pocket and /or the insurance plan you have, or don’t have.

    This article presents a real opportunity to reveal a shameful fact about every dentist in Central Minnesota. In every cloud there is a silver lining. Being jobless has it’s benefits, but seeing a dentist in this location is not one of them.

    I can tell you about who the real man behind the drill and friendly advice. Not so friendly when you have a swallen face because no oral surgeon will take out the broken teeth. They work together – this group in Central Minnesota, specifically St. Cloud.

    Oral surgeons’ receptionists are instructed to inform callers that a dentist referral is needed before an appointment can be scehduled. Here is the catch… If you don’t have the right kind of insurance and money to pay upfront, you can’t see a dentist, because their receptionists (guardian angels) won’t schedule you in unless you meet the criteria.

    Dentists and oral surgeons are scratching each others backs. The baracade comes from both ends so nothing unwanted gets in. So much for idea of a profession. Money is the motive, not your dental health, folks.

    I mentioned above that I have an advantage. The broken teeth and swelling is still a threat, but I know who I don’t trust in the dental industry, and hail to the Smile Center in Big Lake, MN.

    They take care of the unwanted, and do it with tender care. It became necessary that I move into a subusidized apartment a little more than one year ago. This complex houses many elderly people and they travel to Big Lake where the outcome is positive, gentle and effective in every case. I was interested to know, so I ask.

    God takes care of those who take care of others. I’m relying on that fact, and I’ll help Him out a bit with this information about the dentist you never knew.

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