MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 48-year-old Fridley man was sentenced to 10 years in prison in Minneapolis Federal Court on Tuesday in connection with a May 2010 bank robbery in Fridley.

Joe Nathan Michael was indicted for the robber on June 23, 2010, and pleaded guilty to the crime on March 30 this year.

In the plea agreement, Michael admitted to stealing $1,991 from the TCF Bank in Fridley, located on the 200 block of 57th Avenue.

According to court documents, Michael went into the bank on May 27, 2010, and gave a teller a note that read “Give money, I gun.” After he asked the teller if she wanted him to shoot her, she eventually got a drawer open and gave Michael the money, which he stuffed in a jacket before leaving the bank.

Fridley Police later spotted Michael at a bus stop at the intersection of 57th and University Avenues. In the process of arresting him, money fell out of Michael’s jacket pockets.

Comments (4)
  1. Mr. Me says:

    nice proof reading…”Joe Nathan Michael was indicted for the robber ” well when will they catch the real robber?

    1. Michael Clark says:

      Another fine example of the ( lack ) of proofreading that happens before these stories hit the website.

      I’m glad they caught him,anyway. . . . . . . . . .

  2. f the pig says:

    Joe Nathan Michael i shoot u now

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