STILLWATER, Minn. (AP) — From her first campaign to her latest, Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann has used her time as a foster parent to bolster her image as a family-focused Christian driven by compassion and social conviction.

Yet the Minnesota congresswoman is careful about how many details she provides when she talks about the experience.

And now, with the national spotlight shining bright, she claims that her family is off limits.

Bachmann talks about foster parenting in mostly abstract terms and never mentions the children by name. The government considers their identities protected.

Bachmann portrays her entry into foster parenting as an act of faith. She and her husband mainly took in teenaged girls with eating disorders. She entered politics around the time their license to care for at-risk kids expired.

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Comments (31)
  1. Please Michelle ... says:

    Man – first she had a boatload of kids, very short term at that … so her self professed “expert” would be torn to shreds.
    That said – get used to the scrunity lady as it comes with the turf. Their is NOTHING that is off limits when seeking the WH. Absolutely nothing dear – you spearheaded more witch hunts in Obama’s past than anyone so you know the bar is set as low as it goes.
    Some ghosts hiding in there Michelle that you fear ?? 😉

    1. DJP says:

      I second that!! MB..look out…everything you say, or NOT say is going to be looked at…all part of being in the limelight you so dearly love!!

      1. Annita W says:

        She should do like the scarecrow and ask for a brain.

        1. I demand to see her school report cards. says:

          If there is anyone in politics who we should ask to show report cards it is this woman. Either she cheated all her way through collage or made a very good teacher’s aid if you know what I mean.

          1. Heather G says:

            She definitely got by on her BRAINS and looks.

            1. Gina L says:

              She definitely must’ve pulled a lot of *Monica Lewinskys* to get by on her low G.W. Bush IQ.

    2. Amy Malloy Whitcomb says:

      You’ve got that right. They’re gonna ask, and she’s gotta answer. If she doesn’t wanna take the heat….

    3. Jill T says:

      She did it for the money.

        1. Lisa W says:

          OMG LOLRO Does the woman ever consult her brain before opening her mouth.

  2. I'm just sayin says:

    Michelle, you better know from the out of state swipes and legal B.S. that the democrats pulled to get Al Franken in office, the truth does not mattter, these rabid liberals will do anything to take your seat and put someone in office that will tax the working class and rich out of existence. If you are afraid fo the truth, then you better be more afraid of what they will make up to try to unseat you.

    1. Lori says:

      the working class are already being taxed to death. Its the rich that are on a free meal ticket.

    2. The Jig Is Up says:

      And to think: they learned all that from the masters of the fudge, the mudslinging and the outright lies: the conservatives!


      1. Jerry McConnell says:


  3. markH says:

    I judge any candidate by what he/she says and does. What most concerns me is that MB uses her ideas in the supernatural to win votes with like-minded supernaturalists-going so far as to claim that she gets messages from the unseen and unknowable on which decisions she should make. I think all of this is as dangerous as a candidate that consults his Magic 8-Ball or Ouija Board when making an important decision-it should earn him/her condemnation and ridicule and not votes. Peace.

  4. Michele is an idiot says:

    Someone needs to pull up the balance sheet. How much did she rake in for taking care of these foster kids? Bet it paid for her phony degree!

  5. Kathy says:

    I expected to see the national story about her photo on Newsweek Magazine in a headline today. Ya know, She stakes her claim as being one of us here in Minnesota.

    So, where is the revelation in this news?

    This article is redundantly stated, and I don’t think anyone equates her with the image. The photograph on Newsweek? Yes, that’s newsworthy.

    Doug T., What do you think?

  6. Danny Urban says:

    Big deal. My step brother and his wife do that too. The only difference is they adopted 3 of them. BTW, they got paid WELL for doing it too, not that they cared about that. Must not of paid enough for MB!

    1. Crazy things when it's $$$$ says:

      maybe not but when it was coupled with the farm subsidy, Marcus’ income from the Fed and State programs for patients…..the pot was one hell of a lot.
      My bet is she sees Palin like pots of gold …. books, tours, the typical BS that she so badly needs to feel whole.
      She’s a nasty woman in many many ways. She baffoned me once and snared my vote. I guess God must have sent me a vision – No More ! lol

      1. Heather G says:

        That is Sickening, she turned Foster Parenting into a business. She should be ashamed.I’m totally disgusted.

  7. Murph says:

    Hey,soooo starving teen age girls is now a VIRTUE! While collecting government hand outs to do it! Maybe she is not as crazy as she is money hungry like a normal Republican! Hey Michele there may be some hope from the conservatives,you is definitely one of them,even if you do dance naked around candles and stir a big vat full of eye of Newt,and use a broom instead of paying airfare! Crazy like a fox,no wonder Rupert likes her! Maybe they lick off the same popsickle!

  8. James says:

    Fools out just to slam and slander. There’s nothing negative about being a foster parent folks. There’s no further story to it than that. Move on to something productive, like deciding which TV dinner to throw in the microwave, or whether or not to sit on your couch or your chair.

  9. slurpee time says:

    Hell James – she is a begging for it. On her knees and slurping “things” like she’s on Lake St soliciting votes.

    1. weird one says:

      R U inferring she’s trying to hook my vote? lol
      she cerified to be disease free by God?

  10. Ahead says:

    I know she is not very well likes by most in MN – which brings me to this question.
    Is the rest of the nation goofy enough to buy into MB? If so then we are maybe the crazy ones – or the sane ones I guess one may say.
    Iowa is not even a test IMO – she was born there, has ties there, and the real heavyweight have yet to eneter the fray. I guess she has to start to build a base somewhere but if she doesn’t here is she smart enough to cut and run and wait for another day? That is the million dollar question

  11. Ed Sulesky says:

    Her family may be off limits but i’d bet it’s open season for the other candidates.

    1. 2x says:

      It has been in past ….. from the QueenFairy of DoubleTalk and Spins it should come as no surprise.
      I admit I truly destedt the woman but I started out a huge fan. I just detest liars and truth twisters

  12. Heather G says:

    Does anyone know how much she may have made from her Foster Parenting Business? What do they pay per child? Whatever it is, multiply it by 25 kids.

  13. Bachmann = Brain Fart says:

    She’s a total brain fart. A very stinky deal in her own words.

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