DEER RIVER, Minn. (AP) — Job creation and taxes were on the minds of constituents attending a town hall meeting with Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack in Minnesota’s 8th District.

About 200 people attended the meeting in Deer River Tuesday night. Cravaack asked the audience to be polite and not heckle each other as they talked about the issues. The first-term representative was one of 66 Republicans to recently vote against the compromise deficit-reduction legislation that increased the nation’s borrowing authority. He said the proposal didn’t cut spending enough.

The Duluth News Tribune says one audience member challenged Cravaack to admit that Republicans, not Democrats created the budget problem. Cravaack said he wasn’t interested in who created it, but just wanted to solve the problem for the next generation.

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  1. gdog says:

    Wish I could have been there. He is truly trying to help our nation go in the right direction. I hope he and others are able to press forward and get our country back on track. We are so far off now, I don’t know if that’s even possible anymore. Let’s hope we haven’t gone too far this time.

    1. Get the f'ing message Chip? says:

      I hope they rip him a new one at every town hall till he gets the message.

    2. Get in line or get out of town. says:

      People in our district realize what he does not. Whatever Republicans are doing is not helping at all. They have not created a single job, NO JOBS BILLS, but have eliminated thousands of jobs through their cuts only approach. In the mean time they are creating more WELFARE PROGRAMS FOR THE RICH, or should I say in Republican terms “THE JOB CREATORS”. You and I know the rich are not the only people who hire people. The RICH do not run 99% of Americas small businesses. The RICH keep 70 cents of every dollar the Gov. gives them while the middle class spends 90 cents of every dollar they get.

      1. Timothy B. says:

        Wait till those cuts he proposed make their way back to your district.

        1. frozenrunner says:

          He only backed the plan of decreasing spending. He or his cronies never proposed what to cut

      2. G S says:

        I would like to thank you and all Public Government Union people and Progressive party supporters who are doing my work to accomplish my dream for this country. Keep up the good work but please also work harder for me so I can succeed in my plan for America. Your comrade, George Soros.

    3. Chip back up your tax policy with some real numbers. says:

      A bit of evidence contradicting the Republican tax policy of: “SAY NO TO ANY TAX INCREASES ON THE JOB CREATORS. JOB CREATORS IS CODE FOR RICH. They figured republicans stand a better chance of selling their ‘Save the Rich’ tax policy if they do not use the word rich when referring to the rich.

      Ronald Reagan Myth Doesn’t Square with Reality

      Reagan Budget Director: ‘Absolutely’ Raise Taxes, Just Like Reagan Did
      By Alex Seitz-Wald on May 1, 2011

      Reagan Budget Director: GOP Has Abandoned Fiscal Responsibility By Adopting ‘Theology’ Of Tax Cuts

  2. Thanks Chip says:

    Nice post duh…

    As for REAL truth…I appreciate Chip trying to bring financial responsibility to Washington. If I were in such debt trouble and poor fiscal standing as our nation is, the LAST thing I would ever do is borrow more money to pay for the things I DO NOT NEED! Step one…CUT DEAD WEIGHT (there is enough here ALONE to balance our budget)…Step two…make the ends of income vs. spending MATCH (or dare I say, go in the black???) It is not that tough…just need the STONES TO DO IT!!!

    1. hard rains says:

      Cutting wealthy and big business loopholes might help at bit. How about borrowing money for the things you need? Is that ever something you might consider? What are the things you think you need? Explain please…

      1. louis says:

        Getting rid of free loaders, deporting millions of illegals, taxing everyone so they understand what it is liked to be robbed by the government, these are the things that will not only help a bit, but HELP A LOT!!!!

        1. hard rains says:

          So thanks chip louis, you want to borrow money to do that huh? Nice explanation…pointless but it’s an explanation anyway

    2. frozenrunner says:

      Please note that nowhere in the debt ceiling debate did Cravaak or any other of the naysayers promote one budget cut. The call for budget cuts and propose nothing. Why do they propose nothing if their goal is to reduce spending.?
      Notice in this town hall meeting they did not report Cravaak saying anything about what to do to cur spending or create jobs. Again, no plan, no desire to have a plan.

      1. Sorry says:

        I beg to differ, the Ryan plan was very specific and you complained about that as well.

        Doesn’t matter what they did, you would complain anyway, create a huge debt for our children while you got fat off of government handouts.

  3. C Potato says:

    Anyone notice how Cravaack looks kinda like the dad on “Modern Family”? I love that show.

    1. GOPSUX says:

      I think he looks like a republican carpetbagger who will be looking for some other way to lap at the public trough in January 2013.

    2. hard rains says:

      You mean “Family Dad”

    3. Murph says:

      He looks just like a shyster lawyer to me! He’s nothing but another hand in the government till for doing nothing for the ordinary citizen.Pure vermin from the top of his pointy head to the bottom of his deep pockets! Get rid of him!

  4. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    Call him a Carpetbagger? Oberstar the former conrgessman from the 8th district lived in DC for 30 years…rarely coming back. I lived there..and remember well.

  5. jeff says:

    when our country was in the depression what fdr do to give everyone a job and pull us out. (btw i don’t pretend to know anything at all about the economy). where did all that money come from? and why can’t we do that today? someone please explain.

    1. Reasonable says:

      Mostly because our sitting president has no guts whatsoever when it comes to domestic policy.
      Why we can’t do it today is a matter of opinion more than anything else since we certainly could do it today.

    2. G. Soros says:

      Jeff, I would like to thank you and all Public Government Union people and Progressive party supporters who are doing my work to accomplish my dream for this country. Keep up the good work but please also work harder for me so I can succeed in my plan for America. Your comrade, George Soros.

      1. jeff says:

        thanks geaorgy that was really helpful. yutz!

  6. Pavel says:

    Agreed! This chump is a carpetbagger! Send him out East where he wants to be. What a joke!

    At least we had a Representative who was responsive to the people of his district when Oberstar was there. Compare the difference between the two. He brought lots of Federal dollars to the district as well. If you had an open mind (as opposed to “closed mind”) you would recognize that!

  7. RealLife says:

    “Job Creators” = Richest Americans who move jobs overseas, buy another McMansion in Aspen and laugh all the way to the bank in the Caymans.

  8. Will-Way says:

    You do not want a job, you want a hand out. Be honest. There are jobs, but no one wants to move, or work for less pay than they think they deserve.

    B.S. Go to work.

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