BROWNSVILLE, Texas (AP) — A federal judge in South Texas has denied bond for a Minnesota man accused of abducting his estranged wife and fleeing to Mexico.

Timothy Glen Caskey appeared Tuesday before a magistrate in Brownsville and awaits extradition. Caskey has requested an attorney.

The FBI says Caskey was arrested Monday in Matamoros, Mexico. Roberta Lynn Caskey was with him.

Investigators say Timothy Caskey allegedly kidnapped his spouse off a street in Virginia, Minn., on July 14, hours after being released from jail for violating a protective order she had against him.

Caskey, who has a history of domestic violence, is charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and violating his parole. KGBT-TV reports Caskey is being investigated for the July 16 theft of a truck during a test drive in New Braunfels.

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Comments (5)
  1. Northern Mn. needs Gallant men says:

    He shouldn’t have messed with Texas. That was a BIG Mistake.

  2. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    He’ll be in prison for a long time. Just glad the wife is still alive.

  3. Olga says:

    They should just send him back to Africa.

  4. Kim says:

    Just say no to Meth. What a freak!

  5. See BS says:

    Sounds like the “abducted” woman was aiding and abetting auto thief and a bank robber. It was her second “redneck” romantic honeymoon.

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