ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. (WCCO) -– As many as six people were injured and a 16-year-old driver could face charges after a two-vehicle crash Wednesday night in St. Louis Park, authorities said.

Police said the incident was part of a “Flag Challenge,” where a driver tries to drive the length of Flag Avenue in St. Louis Park as fast as they can.

The 16-year-old driver admitted to traveling at least 60 miles per hour on the residential street before the crash happened. The teen was driving northbound on Flag Avenue and approaching Franklin Avenue when the vehicle struck another car being driven by a 59-year-old man at about 10:30 p.m. that was leaving Minneapolis Golf Club, according to a police report.

The teenager’s vehicle went underneath the vehicle it hit and caused the second vehicle to overturn on its roof. There were three passengers in the car with the teen and a 49-year-old woman in the car with the 59-year-old man. All were transported to a hospital with various injuries. Nobody died in the accident.

The accident remains under investigation at this time.

(credit: Tom Witta/St. Louis Park)

Comments (71)
  1. AF says:

    There’s another reason authorities will push for teens not to get their licenses at 16 years old.

  2. Treestump says:

    Both drivers should be ticketed, but the 16 year old should be beaten also, I know this street the guy pulling out should have came to a complete stop and he would have noticed a vechicle approaching at a high rate of speed just by the headlights, but when you leave a golf country club at 1030 you probably been drinking also, regardless the 16 year old punk needs a swift beating, teens drivers and old drivers are brutal id rather share the road with a drunk driver.

    1. the point being? says:

      why????? what did the 59 year old do besides have the nisfortune of meeting a moron?

    2. melissa says:

      how do you know the headlights were actually on?

    3. twskier says:

      Dumb as a tree stump. You obviously don’t know the road. There is an uphill climb approaching the driveway which creates a major blind spot. Mix in high speeds and you have a recipe for disaster.

    4. Melder says:

      Mr. know it all,you sound about as smart as the 16 year old!

    5. Melder says:

      No cop would EVER ticket the mature gentleman when it was obvious that the punks were operating a motor vehicle in a reckless and careless manner. There could be charges pending criminal vehicular operation,depending on injuries incurred by victims.

    6. TreeStumpsucksDonkeyD says:

      ERRONEOUS ON ALL ACCOUNTS! Maybe not everyone has the super hero ability you have to know the speed of a car when all you see is the headlights coming straight at you. I happen to know one of the officers who arrived on the scene and based on the damage, and the fact that the Lexus rolled THREE times, the estimated speed was closer to 100 mph. Do you know what the first thing police officers do when they arrive at the scene of ANY accident??? Do you? Because you obviously do not. The FIRST thing they do is determine whether or not those involved are under the influence. How can you really say such a stupid thing when you know absolutely NOTHING about the accident except seeing the news report. If anything, you deserve a swift beating. What’s wrong with you? Daddy issues? Nobody likes you?

      1. Wow says:

        3 of my friends were in that car..

    7. Claire says:

      the person who was driving didnt plan to hit the car!! they are called accidents for a reason. he is in the hospital also, he will live with this the rest of his life, i personally know each teen in that car and am so offended by what you are saying you obviously have no heart because each person was hurt and each person will be scarred for life. he is already broken down enough that people like you should have no right to bring him down even more after he is hurting so much

      1. nuh uh says:

        Claire E?

      2. Jenn says:

        Claire I agree with you…..I do not understand why most people on here think they are perfect and that their family and friends would never make a bad choice. Shame on these nasty, mean, judgemental people!!!!

      3. McKenna says:

        agreed completly.

        1. McKenna says:

          meaning i agree with claire totally.

    8. yughljftycgyhoinj says:

      “treestump” you are so rude, NO one should get a beating. that was really uncalled for. you obviously dont know what your talking about, cause your incorrect on everything you just said.

  3. Reasonable says:

    You are grounded young man!

    Gotta say though, that red car (which had the teen(s)) looks to be a volvo. Good advertising to show that everyone survived in that car.

    1. Nancy says:

      I agree. Not many cars can survive crashes like this.

  4. TwinsRAwesome says:

    Little Johnny should be done driving until at least 18…maybe 21. I do not mean no license, I mean NO DRIVING PRIVILEGES! Parents should also be held responsible if he drives, too.

  5. Mike D says:

    OK – If 16 year olds are hazards to the road, then I say when you turn 60, you lose your license too. There’s always some idiot out there that does something stupid, but it doesn’t mean they should ruin it for someone else. BTW – I’m 35 not 16.

    1. Paul Solinger says:

      The problem with your argument, Mike, is that it’s a proven fact that 16 year-old’s brains are not fully developed to make reasonable decisions. It’s why they aren’t allowed to drink, vote, or join the military.

    2. T says:

      This is beyond stupid, It is criminal.

    3. MikeDsucksD says:

      Obviously you have never taken a statistics course or know a damn thing about insurance. I don’t care if you are 35, 5, or 105, that comment is probably one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. Do you have any idea what kind of driver the 60 year old is? Getting nailed far more than 60 mph in a 30 mph zone at 10:30 at night? Yeah, you’re genius 35 year old formula one driving skills would have adverted this crisis. Everyone is dumber for reading your comment.

  6. What I would do says:

    If it was my kid – I’d say – you’re done. You can save your own money and buy your own car now. I won’t help you with a single thing. You lost your chance.

    Sucks man… so little driving experience, and what a way to lose it too.

  7. Jenn says:

    Tom L…..what does changing the driving age have to do with this accident?? There will always be stupid people who break the law….changing the driving age doesn’t mean these stupid people still won’t do these dumb things!!!
    Some times people make bad choices and don’t think about the outcome!!!

    1. Phil says:

      Well this bad choice/dumb thing/ stupid law breaker can think about the crash while he’s on foot. At 16 you care about being cool to your friends, he’s real cool now.

      1. Jenn says:

        Trent…I agree with you….we all make choices that aren’t always the best and we don’t always think them through…..this was a dumb mistake….it isn’t like he shot someone knowing they would die. I am sure he isn’t the first one to race here or the last. Back off everyone and give the kid a break!!! I am the mother of three teenage boys….I always HOPE and PRAY they make the best choices!!!!

        1. MELISSA says:

          Although I agree that we all made dumb choices when we were younger, this 16 year old could have killed a bunch of people, and that is no small thing. I hope this doesn’t just blow over and become a “kids will be kids” memory. Thank the Lord no one was killed

        2. pastor bob says:

          Oh Jenn….tisk, tisk. gotta think them choices through. tisk! Tisk

        3. You're a mom? says:

          You scare me. You don’t think racing down a residential street with a blind driveway ahead leaves a possibility someone could get hurt or die? I’d hate to meet your kids.

        4. Hugh Jorgan says:

          Dumb mistake? You obviously never graduated from 5th grade English & grammar. This is no mistake – it’s preplanned gross negligence. Try that a-hole as a adult, and stick his butt in jail for a few years…

          1. Dumb says:

            Foolish and dumb fits — but dumb mistake is a stretch when they plan things.
            That stated – the same thing was happening in the late ’60s and 70’s on Excelsior Blvd in front of Methodaist Hospital all the way down l;ake St to Cedar Ave. Maybe a little more muscle in the cars then and speeds higher too – 100mph past Miracle Mile was common. Total idiots we were and a friend getting killed doing so woke many of us up finally

          2. Jenn says:

            I never passed 5th grade english and grammar??? Take a look at your spelling and english!!!!

  8. Ferris Lind says:


  9. Bill says:

    My dad would have wupped my arse until it was beat red. That’s the problem nowadays. You can’t discipline “little Billie” because he may go to his guidance counselor in school and claim abuse.

    1. Paul Solinger says:

      There are plenty, more effective ways, to discipline that “beating”. Take away driving privleges until age 21, send him to live with grandma and grandpa in Tennessee, have the police charge him with the most serious possible crime. Each of those would send an even more important message then, “i got whooped by my pa.”

      1. Dah says:

        Take away driving privelages til there 21? so he shouldn’t work or go to college, also you say that like the parents could impose that, I believe you’re an adult at 18.

        1. reality sucks says:

          Why would losing driving rights mean the end of college or earning a lliving? Seriously – I like the what “What I would do” said. I raise my kids the same way. Tough Love works.

          And, 18 or older, if a kid lives with his parents, they still make the rules so they COULD impose that.

          1. Getit says:

            Nice to know you don’t work and you have all that free time that you could drive them to work everyday, then to college everyday for 5 years, oh yeah city transit lol that goes to every job and college in the state.

            1. reality sucks says:

              Like heck I don’t work and I certainly wouldn’t be shuffling his fanny around either. There are plenty of jobs and schools to which public transport is available. And, if not (or in combination with) he could pedal his little heart out or walk.

              College – 5 years? Maybe for you. Smart kids get a bachelor’s in less.

        2. Paul Solinger says:

          Actually, courts could impose it. Plus, I attended St. Cloud State without a car for my entire time there. I worked and attended class. It can be done, if you know how you use public transit.

    2. tom says:

      thats right, to d@mn many liberals that need to move to europe and let America be the country it used to be

      1. Hmm says:

        too many fools on here who say liberals or conservatives for everything that happens, try knowing what either truly means, I’m glad you can blame every flaw in the U.S. on liberals, try looking in the mirror, im not a liberal or conservative, i’m a f&%^king realist, unlike you’re willing to be.

      2. Victim mentality says:


        What the hell does politics have to do with a dumb reckless driver? Your comment is pathetic.

  10. Rachel says:

    Good thing everyone’s okay. That was dangerous, but at least no deaths happened.

    Believe me, the 16 year old learned his lesson.

    1. mom says:

      We’ll see if a lesson was learned. Personally, I doubt it. If everyone walks away without lasting effects, he’ll be laughing about it within the month (if he’s not already.)

      1. Rachel says:

        So you’re saying a crash like that will be laughed at in a month? I highly doubt it. Just because he’s 16 doesn’t mean he’s going to say “Hey, remember last month I made a mistake that cost many peoples lives? Yeah. That was hilarious.”

        If he doesn’t learn, his loss, but this crash will definitely shake someone up no matter what age.

      2. Another Mom says:

        Really?!?!?! He and his passengers were seriously hurt – pretty sure this will have a lasting effects!

  11. Dave says:

    I hope they sue the 16 year old’s parents (using the term loosely) for everything they have…and win.

    1. trent says:

      dave, sueing is not the answer to every issue. especially when the teen and his family probably dont have a tone of cash since the red car when it was intact was probably only worth like $3000, and the people that he crashed into were in a much nicer car and were leaving a country club that costs between 40000-60000 to be a part of. the man leaving the country obviously has plenty of money already, and the 16yr olds entire family should not suffer for a child’s wrong doing.

  12. MNRN says:

    I hope that kid’s family has good insurance. I would be suing up the a**. One more example of why 16 year olds should not be allowed to drive!!

    1. MNRN gives Americans a bad name says:

      You are what’s wrong with America. Everyone is so sue happy – looking for a way to make money for an accident where everyone walked away with minor injuries. Did you drive when you were 16? What kind of driver were you at 16? It doesn’t matter how old they are. Do you see 21 year olds in the news getting drunk then getting behind the wheel and KILLING people? No matter what age the driving requirement is, things like this will happen. Everyone is ok, that’s what matters. I can guarantee you those who were hit will NOT sue, in fact, send me an e-mail and we will wager on it. Whatever you want, $1000, $10,000, $1 million. However, I cannot speak for the parents of the kids who were in the car.

      1. re:MNRN gives Americans a bad name says:

        totally agree with the first part of this, i doubt the other parents will sue, mainly because im sure all of the children were telling him to go faster and faster until they crashed.

  13. tom says:

    no more driving until he is 21 years old, pays for all damages and 6 months in the workhouse should teach him a lesson.

  14. Need for speed. says:

    It’s not very often they pull a dead body from a Volvo.

  15. JamieinMN says:

    Plain old idiotttttttts. I have NO sympathy.

  16. jeff says:

    there are natural consequences and then consequences that society imposes. just because he escaped a horrible car crash doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be punished. there is no need to change the age required to drive. it’s not like you see this happening every day. i think a lot of teens don’t take the responsibility lightly and hopefully he has learned about the power one wields behind the wheel.

  17. Kent says:

    Could face charges?
    Whenever things like this effect innocent people, the penalty should be double or triple the sentence. If I was a Judge, I would not care about the cost of locking him up, I would do so with the thought of these innocent people.
    Little Dweebs

    1. Pass the bar says:

      That’s why you are not a judge.

  18. we says:


  19. anonymous says:

    You people are so ridiculously ignorant and insensitive. I get that it was a reckless decision, but have you ever thought that the families of the victims of this crash are reading the things your saying?? The parents of these kids have been through enough the past few days. You’re not helping by saying nasty things. These are CHILDREN you’re talking about. You’re taking time out of YOUR lives to trash-talk a bunch of 16 year olds. I think its extremely unnecessary to say things like, “Light him up and watch him burn like a human candle!!!!!” Honestly? Grow up. You sit here and complain about how reckless and immature these kids were, but by saying some of the things that you are, you’re not acting any more mature than they were. I can almost guarantee that every one of you did something stupid when you were that age, whether it was dangerous or not. Everybody makes mistakes. And really, some things are better left unsaid. These kids don’t deserve a “flogging” or a “beating” or to be set on fire. They will receive proper punishment for their actions and they’re already suffering huge consequences.

    1. Alex says:

      As a family member for one of the children, I thank you.

      1. Sympathetic says:

        Alex, I hope your child is ok, and hope he or she is coping with this process. Moreover, I hope they do not read these derogatory comments from ignorant bloggers who have nothing better to do than judge others. There is no doubt in my mind that they say these comments make themselves feel better about their own miserable lives. I send my regards to you and your family.

    2. A Family Member says:

      You are exactly right anonymous. I happen to be a family member and saw the pictures before I was even able to talk to my family. I was a kid, I was 16, I did stupid things and I am sure I am not alone here. I am happy to report that those in the black Lexus were able to walk away with their lives. Remarkably, the only injuries sustained by them were some broken ribs along with cuts and bruises. I cannot speak for the kids involved, but I hope they are OK, and I can guarantee that all of them got an unfortunately rude awakening. I especially feel bad for the driver. I cannot imagine how he feels and what he is dealing with from his parents, friends and the friends parents. What would a “flogging” or “beating” do? What good does that do, really? You don’t think it’s astonishingly amazing that everyone walked away from this accident with only minor injuries?

      1. Trent says:

        exactly. anonymous/A family member you are absolutely right. I know all involved of the children involved and they are all good kids and feel horrible about what happened. people who have posted these hate messages are ignorant, they are acting as if there were multiple people killed in this, wanting for there to be violent acts of punishment to the driver. I hope and pray that all involved make a fast and full recovery.

        1. anonymous says:

          I know all the kids involved in the accident too, and all of the horrible things people have been saying were really starting to bother me. I’m so grateful that everyone involved is going to be okay, it’s truly a miracle. It’s safe to say a very valuable life lesson has been learned from all this. The most anyone can do right now is pray for a speedy recovery for those who were involved in the crash.

  20. Michael says:

    Thank God no one was killed. How sad the poor judgement of a 16-year old driver could have cost 6 people their lives. 6 PEOPLE. There is absolutely no excuse for placing the lives of others in serious danger, including a 16-year-old driver who knows better. And how disappointing that we are raising children who drive through St. Louis Park streets making poor decisions like these. I do believe the 16-year old should be charged and given an appropriate ruling, but I also feel it is the responsibility of the parents, teachers, and community in St. Louis Park to educate our children to prevent accidents like these in the first place. I’d love to know if the drivers parents ever had regular chats about safe driving, following MN-state law (ie. not speeding), and if the parents knew where their child was when the accident took place. I certainly hope that everyone can use this close call as a learning experience so that it does not happen again.

  21. Praying for all involved says:

    I think people need to quit acting as though this is the first person to ever make a very bad choice and do something very dumb. Just remember, this could have been your 16 yr old child that did this. Can any one of you that posted on here honestly say that you know for a fact that your children NEVER would have done this??? I would surely like to say mine wouldn’t but how do I know?!?! I have taught my kids well but that doesn’t guarantee they won’t make bad choices. Hopefully those of you that have bad mouthed this kid don’t have to eat your words some day!!!

  22. LuckyDucks says:

    An awful accident that ended in the best possible scenario. With the exception of a few broken bones and some cuts and bruises, everyone involved ended up being ok. For no serious injuries to arise out of an accident like this is remarkable. It is really unfortunate for the two individuals in the black Lexus who got T-boned to have to suffer from some kid’s reckless mistake, but hey, he’s at that age where he is not really a kid, but not really an adult, an age where we ALL felt invincible and were impervious to mistakes. There is no doubt that everyone involved and everyone who knows those involved will learn from this. This kid learned a harsh lesson, but got extremely lucky. Someone was watching out for these people on that night.

  23. bridget says:

    I am so glad I kept reading through these ridiculous statements and got to the one where he states the driver of the other car won’t sue. What a breath of fresh air.I know the family of the teen-age driver and they are all such good people. Teens make horrible mistakes and we all should be so grateful that this tragedy did not cause deaths. What happened was every parents worst nightmare and I am sure there will be many lawsuits, but I am as sure that this 16 year old will learn his lesson and forever feel bad about what he did. Shame on people who are so quick to judge others.We should all take your approach to life. What an inspiration.

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